The Chiefs don’t have a lack of offense, it’s the defense that needs to improve

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Friday, July 20th
The Chiefs have enough offensive weapons to move the ball even with an inexperienced QB at the helm. It’s the Chiefs defense that needs to improve so they can have more ball control on offense.

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I'll order out and got to Obama. Home Gary Parker burn this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shamed dad has sold Sports Radio yeah yeah K12. 40 AM 975 FM. Ten and our number two we go and actually kick ball brought to my Wii Sports. Holding it down reports today. Sheen will be back on Monday what's on tap perceive our friends from that side pocket to get a little into. Do you have here. Popcorn ready. CEO. Wants to make age. Return to football maybe through the CFL as a way to get back to the NFL which he's about to go into the hall of fame and I you just. It's it's got to be CEO he's the only guy can even. Concoct. Such a ridiculous scenario but to I guess maybe it's worth. Some conversation. That side pockets today York on Friday deal for quarter pound hamburger cheeseburger Fries replied 95 especially burger and Fries. 4650. That's what's on tap today all day. At side pockets great time for lunch. Or for any occasion. At Kellogg and if Tyner 8691240. As we continue to top of the hour 10 o'clock. Throughout yeah I guess you guys are gonna get a little break in the weather here over the next few days it's been a couple of tough days. Yesterday it was real bad. Really nice weather for this time a year over the next week or so so looking forward to that. I'll be working through it but. I'll be outside as much like canned after today's real hot again today and after that will be cut. But what is your focus right now you're kind of in that quasi yearn kind of that. Wading through the trying gain kind of. When you have that's that's you know we just finished for us we just finished or catchy awards that that takes a lot of focus on line this time a year and it's really. Sort of preparing for that that insanity of the fall I mean we you know. Getting ready practices start a couple of weeks this is. Traditionally the slowest couple weeks of the year but yeah you know we. We're going to collectively and it's sort of a gold. Tell a whole lot more stories. And focus on what people are do it and you know sort of outside the games a little bit. The games are our win they are they take care themselves who wanna talk more about all the really cool stuff happening so. You know it's been a lot of bad and sort of gathering that happened in trying to find that in plant that seed did it'll be a bit of a shift to get people used to but I think people really enjoy it. How ya it's important for for folks to let us know what cool things are happening. You know he ruined when the games aren't going on that it will I think really help us do what we wanna do so. If people know anything about it sure they hit me up about it. Yeah it and I always through the many many years that I was blessed to have that position. On it it was always amazing to me how much people thought we could read everyone's minds. Who ready we we need you to email or. To pick up the phone if you think two you've got to really cool story that needs to be told we. We have the right to disagree with you. But but eight times out of hand. If you think it's a good story and I'm talking about you the listener you the viewer. Eight times out of ten workers who agree with you in the timing works out okay. Then we're gonna try to figure out a way to tell that story so keep that in mind but remember. We don't have eyes and ears absolutely everywhere. I mean we we can't read minds we've we've got to. I always get a big chuckle out of people that would not take care take me to task for take the sports department to task for not. Doing something on something that the dam was so obvious but today it says to me was like well hell and high I know I know that if someone's not telling me that right. Yet he never even knew about it at first by Syria also is a mad man I Collison had a time in the snow cap. Exactly yet yet because there we wanna be is excited. As you are about about that that story and tell with people but at the end of the day that's what we do the girls' stories that that's exactly. I mean you know we're we're basically fireside chatters and you know here you re going a little. Mean a little story time here so well it it's the calm before the storm and on millions. And win here in this business and end to end and please just indulgence another moment. You're when you're in this business. EU you do cycled back through and about the end of July is where it starts to you know kicking in a map by the time did you get going in August. You pretty much up to full speed and then by the time an exhibition football in high schools are back in session. You know that it's right therefore you and and off you go and it's basically about a in nine months to cycle that you go through where you're pretty much. You pretty much going after it full speed so it's exciting it's fun it says it wears you out. But but he keeps you young I think and that's the great part about it so. So we wish you all it's a weird time brick is we want to be you know eats its him. Possible every year and and I think you'd probably agree we get to about. May and like I am ready for operate all my just couldn't see it I need a break in a minute we get at this time a year we get about two weeks of the break in my eyes it's football season yet. They clearly and get to the fall. They now. Yeah I eager. Yeah resilience has to happen and we want he did this didn't you know you I goal. Aegis can't sit idle for very long but for like all right all right now it's time death. You know this time to get this video when it. You've done it for even if you've done it for thirty or forty years and that's kind of where I imagine he's in that realm. Time and people say why are you excited about football beginning. My answer is always the same as well I I'm not overly excited about it until it starts and then it and it's one of those things like I don't anticipate it. But the second that it gets going which for me will be a week from Saturday. Com albeit camp. And and then it's and then every bit of the juice is slow and it never changes it. Never here to changes hot. What Bruce what in the world is gonna go on in the AFC west this year two great players in there could be no. Outcome in the division that would surprise me. Other than any of that eat any of the teams are. Really bad that's about the only thing that will surprise me like it there's a four win team in the division that would surprise me I don't think it's fair. But. Everything else like there any projected order of finish any way it plays out. I think it's all on the table at this point and in the AFC could have been thinking about this is is we begin day two. It written descend upon the NFL season and I'm like okay who who her. You know I I who's gonna be my Super Bowl pick and in particular Mike care really I really the vikings are picked that I'd like to make I think this year hard to count out the Eagles at winds is healthy. What the Packers are healthy Rogers is back are they gonna be in the mix. What do we think about you know some of these. AFC. Tall it's it's yeah I don't know who The Who who's the favorite I mean I guess it's the patriots by default the date they lost at current. So I guess it's the patriots by default because someone's gonna who else is there like. I don't know what about it in the AFC analysts are bullish on the Steelers I guess. On debts that but that's just sort of that same Mather kind of just always there Hannity in the Texans are trying to get some run yap. Yep that we don't wheels as it on its reasoning you look at Watson plays like he played in the sample well last year yet well but we don't know that. No. We don't know that but getting back to the AFC west are you buying or use selling. The Los Angeles chargers Columbine. I I say this do I say this every year now for the last I think. Four seasons. There's just no way they can be is snake bitten. To no big time injuries and no they were a year in they have been for four straight years media is remarkable. How old. Hair or pull their injury situation has been in recent years. It based sighing gates back and get that because they lost honor Henry at stake again now that really hurts. That defense these fall sick. 1 that I am this quarter and they've got the best quarterback in the division. It that one you trust the most right now. Forget her I yeah I want Cisco asked because we really don't know that but the one you clearly trust. By a far shout more than any I think they have to be the favorite. I'll hold an act I've you know the chiefs. You still run the ball. Aunts and commit to the run and help that defense out by doing that. They've got a chance to be really good at the biggest question for them by far it's not it's not my Holmes. It's that deep that it's my homes will be fine because they should in theory. Rely on hunt more than they did in the games that they lost last year in which they are is loaded offensively. Had they ever been more talented offensive Nellie being knocked out on the ever in the history of the franchise. But you just brought up an interesting point and I think it it it bears repeating I bet I've been talking about this. For awhile. Now and I really believe this. It's not about Kansas city's offense it's about their defense and the offense has got to be ball control. I don't plan because he dances and goes exactly. You've got to protect the defense is much as you possibly can and by doing that long ball control possessions on offense. Do isn't much for a defense as anything quick strikes firing the ball down the field scoring lots of points not good for a defense. Not good for defense and that's why heights and that's why I would repeat again my contention. Has taken a fair amount of heat from chief stands for this is that I think that they will be. Not only because he's young but because it suits and fits their purposes the best I think that they will be. In a relative sense conservative. With Patrick more homes and the offense and their development because eight they can be and because beat it helps the defense. Now I'm not talking about conservative like. Two yards in a cloud of dust but I'm talking about short controlled passes to keeps turnovers down still moves the football you can spread the wealth around a little bit. Then you pins you can stretch the field when you have do but it. There's just a lot of factors that the chiefs have got to play into it they can do that successfully and really help the defense out. Then and then the chiefs are going to be right there but yeah I kick it at 146 that are pretty interesting in the last I really do. That the Broncos. It 15 AM ET and will be better quarterback you've got it you've got to yes then what they've had. Correct me if I'm wrong that the offensive line much like the chiefs. Has just keeps getting a little better each year. Mean I am a little better but it's a little better each and now the GO questions are bigger steps but that but Denver's offensive line three years ago was laughable. So now you've got us that he's still got your loaded it receiver there. I I know that that the running back situation people are pretty excited about it Blair cabinet vote in Oakland is that they're just not going to. Repeat the performance of last year there's too much talent routine ain't. But the loss of Crabtree will be big and I'll be curious to see that but I'll put my money on Jon Gruden getting a better year out of their car Derek. Car. Is going to be a hell of a lot better. And I made the comment about the one that you trust or the one that maybe is the best quarterback in the Derek Carr should be the best quarterback in this division. In May be with gruden now he will be the best quarterback in this division he was two years ago I think. Com. You know would all due respect Alex Smith. Locksmith was last year and it was close Alex Smith wasn't yet wasn't even close why has escorted backs in the AFC you yes absolutely. Know when you still talking about quarterbacks in the division Philip Rivers is obviously did an advanced stage will say. Is there any quarterback in the division I keep you had your pick to start. With. Would it be my homes. Probably. People die I play I will tell you this I like the hell out of case Keenan but haven't seen him practicing with live bullets yet. That that starts. That starts next week then we'll see what it's like when all of a sudden guys are plastered around and and and pressure is real. Com I do like what I see from him I love Phillip rivers and the more I get one amount of time Fave Philip Rivers is. I don't know if he's under appreciated because I think he's disliked enough by people that may be he has the appearance of being under appreciated. That dues the ball our man that he's talking about ask slime ball. He's he's probably. By the time he's done especially ease the ease pretty good chance to being Clinton. All I can't sell me out and he he is I enjoy watching him play because you know always a good duties of the always a Stanley man. But he is so demonstrative. That well fun like he's gay he makes a game more fun to watch whether you love him or hate him. She makes it more fun to watch that game because he's so demonstrative it's it's a little like the Brett Favre effect. Where he gets in guys' faces a little bit in in in kind of run as I like that stuff I wanna see run. You know run your mouth a little and get up sad and fired up and all of those things. In in it we were in our crime certainly we take rivers peppers I can't remember a quarterback. As universally. Given the tip of the cap the nod then then my Holmes has been people. Love him. And he's an EED it's because one the physical skills are obviously there we all knew that but the people talk about. He's the game you know above the shoulders for him. You couldn't have had a better situation than to sit with Alex Smith for a year who's as cerebral quarterback is we have in the league. Danny lag getting the opportunity to the impact in Wiki yeah that he understood it and that he appreciated the opportunity to learn. Who which not all young guys would necessarily do I mean I like that speaks volumes about the Mitchell yet. You never like never peep about it never write about it and look at this coach. You've got is good at quarterback coach so. He's been given every opportunity and he's got more weapons and that offense he's got as many as any team in the NFL if not more. With a pretty good line. Yes he's at. At the beginning of the summer I was there I was if beyond the chiefs act that may be this look has talents and a 500 team. Somewhere between seven and nine wins may be. I'm starting to get a little more bullish on him and it and it gives. You know you got to depend on Andy Reid to do something he almost never does which is really dedicate consistently get the run port to work for the reasons we talked about sure but he's always bit that's always been a shop play often some mean they've always been a shot play offense and they have the you know the personnel to be that between hill. And Kelsey on third down and now Watkins added into the mix sort big time screen set apps where your. You know your sort of setting up certain plays per quarter and then you train hit one and they do as well as anybody and I think they can still do that stuff. I think they can still be shot play opted to take driver six shots a game. But conservative will be key which I know will drive people crazy is they always want the chiefs to push it down the field the winning now or real early you've got hill and Watkins and a massive arm under senator. People are gonna wanna see those deep balls. But I am which keepers turn turn overs this team will not survive all in the Bolivar who dat isn't it. They show her you're so want to target. He got a ball control and you've got a helped the defense as much as you can't now. Maybe the defense is better than we think in that possibility exists to may be their worse than we think he's also a possibility that exist they traded Peters. They get back in big time peace in the Alex Smith deal we don't know about the pass rush they're thin but I think they will work Eric garrison. But I I work take care of those I don't know Peter I don't know eight Mueller is not great I don't know here's here's what we set a long time ago. I don't think that Fuller will individually be better than Peters. But he might make the secondary better as a whole. What may be. Mate because Peter's which Peters was as good one on one is there was in the league now he people took shots at him to. Because he's beatable he'll he'll make you pay but he's beatable. Any and that's been his MO forever but they were willing to trade him away they got Fuller and Fuller graded out. As a third corner in Washington is is one of the best in the league so I don't know what they're gonna ask him to do. Are they gonna line him up outside on team's number one receivers is he gonna move around or is he going to. Continue to be a part of they. Secondary unit where he's sort of one of us several corners back there I wouldn't be surprised to see him be the slot defender. That's what he did in Washington and that's what he was so good. So that'll be wheat we don't I don't know which he can. Those guys any valuable commodities man nor are they totally arbiter that's just not what Peter's wise right. So we know that we're so that's what so that's what we look at and say well they're you know it's not apples apples and and we don't think now they may ask him to do it I don't know 'cause I'm sure he was asked that college cycle ever done that before. That their their defense is a huge question and I think there's a better chance that it's bad then it's good. Didn't agree absolutely. Having said that. I'm pretty bullish on the chiefs yeah and the guy there aren't really on my I. I'm pretty bullish on him especially any years that is somewhat transitional. I mean okay the chargers on paper should be the best. The Broncos are a bit but I think probably will improve but Al Green let's see from five and eleven. They do they get to eight Nate may be may be there that kind of football team there's still some pretty solid questions. The raiders are intriguing because of gruden. Bomb the chiefs are intriguing because of more homes. But there's a lot of uncertainty out there I think it's gonna be an awful lot of fun did you see that. That Brent must birders taking over the radio voice. Of the Oakland Raiders. They got rid of there and I ran great shot very ill nicely in the Las Vegas boy doesn't that isn't that the truth. 79 years old now Brent must burger. But he takes over for a he'd prefer approved I think Greg Pappas was there for what when he. Yeah 41 years and was kind of it was really kind of an institution. In Oakland but Brent must Berger takes over as the play by play voice. Which of course will help lead into their transition. In Las Vegas I didn't know that must Berger was in Vegas now full time. We are on kind of a fledgling. Essentially betting network. On on serious. I've never heard it but yes I need to use do America's night I listen to a lot of neck as I listened. Talk radio opportunities it provides a lot. Didn't. Got different weird stuff like right now Burris you call me nerd if you want like Tom nonstop fantasy football prepped right now. I'm really yeah Aaliyah here I am site here it is hers well. I mean. OK give me the 32 reader's digest version of what the big fan to see the issue is right now. Well right now and these guys it's roles in camp. Acting can sort of coming up with your. Geared. Dispositions of what to look for and where you have guys and then and then we need to see some roles play themselves out and how guys new coaches and things like that look. It's it's big court. Beats the greatest. Seeing. In sports. And in some football and sustain a hit where it. Did you just say the greatest thing in sports has been yeah and I get more X I get as excited okay that is anything and I know I'm not ashamed of it you know what I'm not ashamed of no I. And no it ignores should do mean. I might take exception to that fantasy football is deadly at the greatest thing in sports say I might I might want a re do. Fund that buys you a little aggressive step ideal for us I. But set behavior nothing if not consistent my friend you certainly didn't. In that position for awhile I get a look you don't mess with people's fantasy football that's for damn sure we're back in America.