Is The Chiefs Defense A Cause For Concern

The Drive
Friday, October 20th

Jeff & Jason discuss the problems the Chiefs defense has had the past few weeks and ponder if will be a cause for concern as the season goes on.


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This is good for. Style. Top. Whereas the drive a father's death Bob out today Jason is fighting through these 2000. I would say fighting the good fight and they're a little bit your field it a little bit you gotta battle mad got to battle. This is the courts. The judge had five it's brought to you by sugar since cafe at 430 State Street in historic. Downtown Augusta and I've been there or not they are announced bands have you lifts I've heard that I've been Altria. You know else's fans have Tellme Bob in the early disease. I know what Boston is gonna call me we're gonna go for lunch oh they're so what was that man ever get out there you might never happen we should all go on Monday. And vice what is it day I didn't know I know he didn't say he would call both of us reliance. He got Ayers Ayers kid you're about to go whenever rape I don't think that's how it works now I don't think so our fan I don't think so either but I'm trying to help you out here but it is it is how work in most families so maybe I can use that as a bargaining chip. Good luck I'm in people out to Bob in the weeds these people tell me I if I've heard him on your show pretty talked about a are they really that good I say yeah they're really Baghdad and in the next day it's like yeah they really that good. Trust me folks. Not only sugar chains cafe really that good while we believe he's really Baghdad there's couple spots brave government and are we wouldn't be saying this if they weren't really that good. Right I don't do that now is a gadget out that I still can't do that did. See another word. She'll probably serve I used the right I don't either but a guy I don't know what it is so it doesn't matter to me this just go. Does run the point being. An accomplice of hocker gamblers swindler who act as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others that's pretty much what is I'm not that. You're not that I will only direct you to the best good player and sugar shades. And baba Louie these are the best. The best theory. Thought my ass some of football game one leading the chiefs are in trouble because their defense right now yeah I mean it it's it would be unfair to say that says they're fine. I think even though I'm usually. They're fine guy I'm not press the panic button ever I don't really do that. What I'm on teams that I have still have good records and still mostly. Are playing well the chiefs defense isn't playing well that out Smith is great. They're fine. Mostly but they're gonna have the the problem they're gonna have to put up more points now. They're just gonna have to we're targeting of a thirty game though are they are they that bad defensively. Well what they given up the they've averaged the last three games they've given up thirty it hasn't been good Houston. Was 38 or something Pittsburgh was twenty something and and then thirty last night 31 last night now. The weekend that does the plot points not I know can they stop let a good quarterback I guess would be the question still Ali John quad car. Now on this John Watson wasn't good against them Roethlisberger name. I don't lady on bell granite re done or throw write all my all day long I guess and they stop anybody period that's that's the problem and usually we have these conversations with the chiefs the defense is the one we're talking about. That's good. And the offense is one rose worried about this year it seems to be the other way around it's they opposites someone on Twitter I don't know who but they say were back to the Dick for meal chiefs system. Fairness that I guess. Our I suppose. I think Andy Reid is probably have. When I was about to say the better coach and dig for golf ought to think about now while I do lets you take Bryce at the I got that attack ads locker room outlined what's up Bryce. Certainly. We're happy to have you know. Are on paper are kicking gradually in the league leading which sucked under or less we can sweep the Indy. Let people know they can you play uptick in hate filled dot com and look important. Reconstruct it. We get writes honestly I thought at first you're gonna congratulate me on my five year wedding anniversary. And then instead league leading up now you're gonna talk about my fantasy football theme and but it ended up not being about me and all that's disappointing. Up but I don't clearly understand just saw. We can kind of get in the air I don't know about that I'm not allowed to be kinder fan but I do they follow the team what you got to force today. Well after last week's game at college football wanted to go to could predict any bigger. That we can. Big upset this weekend Jason do you have any forests is K lobby TCI's aroused and engulf you brats who will answer this off the air that's okay. I mean you off the air that's what I mean. Well first off who schedules KUNTC. Use as a prime time the big twelve and fox. All look who's don't really watch that game passed the first quarter I don't know OK he's played TCU well recently you did you are tired you got played doubles actually play devil's advocate on this on up playing devil's advocate I'm saying that the stupid primetime game. But we've seen crazier things happen K he's been. Awful. They have time they have that they have not played awful. Every second of every week they've had a moment or two. So I think that they stay within forty. It's 38 and a half I believe is that I think that's all we did yesterday I don't know. I feel like such a big number it does it 45 the ferry could very well happen a 45 to nothing like last wallet Casey's defense good. So I don't off key used a scoreboard seven points and I might be a defensive team our special teams touchdown. Could be out of it's going to be a white washed that's not going to be an upset. There's no way I don't really see any upsets on the board Auburn and Arkansas I guess I don't think that would be a huge upset. No highly ranked teams are playing on the road or indeed dangerous games what Alabama got Tennessee at home they'll kill yes. So I'd the other games are pretty like USC Notre Dame braid Wednesday said he wouldn't be enough said it's three point spread I it is Michigan gonna go in the Penn State and well you are not he can figures. Thought I'm not a big fan of that guy whatsoever. That yeah I'm not a detail that Arpaio is the wizard he's gonna come up with what I'm not a fad but he knows what he's doing and there's no question about that I can see Michigan I can see. Michigan winning that game. If we're talking about just trying to pick an upset. Of some more than a touchdown that would be one that would be probably the top one on my list today. Oklahoma State at Texas. I don't I guess that's the highly ranked team playing on the road I haven't I haven't. Texas says that they still I don't believe in them and I don't either I don't lie I don't know why it got us like get Texas watch out that I'm not my own people talk in the bottom for the year ended and I are just conceded that just didn't see it and I don't think. I think Oklahoma State goes in their routes and I think Allen's ugly additive that's what that all seven my confidence points on that the idol blessing at 45 Monica's I think it's going to be ugly. Yet seven on KU. Always do every week and had seven on K you lost the first week and one the rest. There's a reason why. And it'll it'll be the same all the way through you write it write a mentally get bucked off man what if it's 71 and a half. Point that the into the season whether they play their goods that last game I don't know this pretend they can be anybody. Do you do you have trouble he's such a secondary school right now what do you just say that's where I'm from now's my school. High school watch your mouth sex not secondary school. Let's say errors I guess that is I guess it would be this secondary school that segment. Whenever I mean. This case you had this season Oklahoma State to 71 and how might not be enough you can see that game at Oklahoma State you could see that game ending 777. They'd cover. And if anyone at that point spread but it be darn close to be sled map out a little bit at that pat at. Local mistaken name their score against K you write basically yes if they played their guys for the entire game they can score. At will. Yes absolutely it will stadium be like Georgia Tech against that other school. Outlines worried you're enough that way back in the day. How does that happen I can really the that's the eighteen hundreds and nobody cares or whatever was. Eighteen hundred's because I think it's an out exactly but it didn't work on Twitter about duke coach X run up the score but. That that that conversation never happened. That game happened in Atlanta or wherever probably it never got out of Savannah for a hundred years and then now we're talking about it may not exactly I don't know why it. But we are the everything on the chiefs to wrap that up. I don't know they. I I really Colin lay way or the other not Grassley or decry their beer a little bit. No I just think I I worry about the defense after watching them since Barry's been out I really do end. If you're gonna have to score board and why do we vote yea was. Those at the last three games. Rivera gave up nineteen to Pittsburgh. Lance force. But still. Early one up more than what they apply is done at 34. The council to the last three weeks over thirty points. Share. The socket. Nine get it. Houston and then an Oakland team that we're Isaac and worry if you let off the former role tended to attend the Sandia and they got. Next Sunday. They got Denver. Well Denver better not year old nominee Denver following are gonna score thirty Dallas I guess might. Dallas cam. But and then they have the giants the bills that this got the giants scored thirty gays don't they better pass they'll get so easy but you conceal losing to the bills -- the giants you I mean it's probably not gonna happen well the bills got a pretty good defense though to salute your bills Abidjan bills will be tricky game and that's schedule guaranteed it would then who knows what the giants will be either the head coach Mack can do it stopped. Calling plays. And they look pretty good offensively even without all their guys. In in last week's victory. They had nobody to Denver they had nobody. Yeah and then knowing that game should have been not. I was actually shocked watching that game well that's the NFL for yet don't ever be shocked. That you ought to point there it's to me it shouldn't be the NFL it should be indeed did debt mostly. Dead don't ever be shocked. Without pain cooler interstate you know I think depth and it gets this weekend right that's better I think it can happen. Hey Kyle looked up any jet. Or they were good etiquette and I. Eat at all that. And Kyle you might need to start over or find a news by your your phone is cutting out. Personal bank know that they're still clock there you go. Our. Okay it's done that yet fouling and work out very well but it's okay where they use everything we can act that call you B Kyle. All right go to guys order what the Scott I'm holding out on that we're we're we're doing business. Go back to react out of the tab locker room hotline and Kyle is doing to take up. Big Jeff played on any good really good guy what's up man well you guys were talking about the defense and achieves is an hour. Yeah I know that I had mansion inner ear and show so I just want to. That is to let you know that they're defense that although they've given up thirty or 34 points and two of the last three games which Jason is obviously right. They're gonna correctness this is exactly and that's gonna go on how wealthy why did you feel the need to go ideal way to praise Jason over him. Knowing effect why do I just I just feel that say you'll give enough credit when he's in there so I just want to let him know that he does a good job motor. And actually got they got style that's Michael's now they are out by Mike Kyle are. Is the world ready Jason for a Dodgers yankees World Series are we OK with that it seems cute. The big yeah it was the last time it's happened. 81 I they asked so it's been what 3530. And tired every 36 years great except here's the here's the situation wherein. These are about to be the two best teams in baseball so this could be a like in 1950 situation they just might play every year welding today in the World Series. They could if everything keep all the players which are big the Yankees welcome they got all the young kids there right now and they'd for some reason I got a feeling they'll find the money to pay them Yao Wen made it's time to actually pay them oh there are only good for awhile if they keep that line which I can't see them not. So that they're gonna be good at keeping their lineup and adding to it that's and that's the other I think harper Manny Machado. Or is the release reagents that are about to come onto the market after next season. So the Yankees are going to be there for awhile maybe forever ago we got rid of them for awhile and now they're back. Yet when when you would you say that it had its finding great there the scrappy underdog team they're not really they're not out the window that you are with I don't like them being treated as the underdog makes me uncomfortable. But they were they want the wildcard they knocked off. I don't remember who in the first round and yet there are a a a on the cusp against Houston let's go back to the phone dates 691240. Nick. From a kick back go what's up. I radio show alone. Me and Jason together thank you we oppression. I didn't dominate. I wouldn't know there is a bit yeah I would've brought up eight. But beats of my grandmother believes he's. I'm out loud like go to. Dell and apple. I entered a medium pizza but there are. I'd miss you get the residential loan that they let get here it's road bitten under the bulk while we. Yeah you gotta love that Jeff I do love it. I've been on that I've been on that bus for three years and it's no longer. Outside uttered that it was a bumpy ride a hell. Well yeah it is littered they lot though is that you go re tool that. Publicly and yes seated at our next pitch today ditto. Nick before. Now again I'm sorry we get off going all the folks both today I don't know I hope nick is it in Chicago he's listening. So we can understand why that happened begins to beat out Chicago about it within the so if I could just hung up on me we didn't now it is windy out today I'm a windy city. Yeah maybe that's sit back of the NUMB in longer hours around a hearing to be interfering with a lot of signals there isn't there is that possibility yes the nationals violate parting ways with the other manager Dusty Baker. There's so many things that have happened that we haven't even touched on. But it's not our segments this segment for the collars and Bobby has taken at the heart what's up Bobby. There L when you yet so we should support not yet work. To support now. There in the Bill Carter with the ball. Mean. We do we've we've support all of them wholeheartedly. Are all right thanks Bobby we appreciate it let's talk about some good football teams we support you gophers. Well I can't say the Oakland Raiders but that no we support all of by the way I look. You ahead we talk of autumn because it's obviously what's going on as rebel relevant third time and we go yeah that's yet. We were over or not it's not late word bus now Walsh there now. And I don't think anybody claims to be we're just trying to get through me and that's that's what everybody's doing and we're doing it also we're doing it a little more entertaining really than I would think so but we're lesson that's still Argo by the way on Twitter today. You can vote in the Twitter poll sponsored by CN DO HRO. Which league has the better on field slash on court product. NBA or the NFL somehow the NFL's leading. I don't understand that I don't get it the NBA is way better. Then the NFL the main and that's not even really take anything away from the NFL is the NBA's better in what way. It's better it's more it's have more fun. Product to watch. Okay RRD dvd dot. More fun yes the players are more marketable lose their their bigger stars. I just think the it would you rather watch an NBA game or football know a thousand times out of a thousand NB AC and I would. Not a chance and that's not did I wouldn't I don't my daughter I like watch in the NFL but that's the thing it's a personal preference. I guess everybody has got a personal prep for everybody listening as a personal preference on what sport they would rather watch but two thirds of the folks think NFL. That doesn't surprise me at all okay I'm in the two thirds you're in the minority we we are in the hot bed. Not really but in a region that includes Russell Westbrook Carmelo Anthony Paul George who wouldn't be onboard with that. However it turns out I guess drink water I get Oklahoma's one would be meat. I'm not united united on NBA guy anyway and that no that's crazy. That's pretty don't get that I don't get it. Why because I'm not a big NBA fan or because you're not even paying attention to the a team it's two hours away. So that makes the original senate at all praised the exact it makes me crazy we'll bet. Europe launch let's take a break that's a good idea we're coming back we're gonna talk to. The head football coach addition fairly equal time. That's like today that's because that's the way we knew we run things it's dusty trail the jive at five broad view. Question your shades cafe for thirty State Street. In historic downtown Augusta an easy drive from Wichita. Hit them enjoy their food their karaoke and they're fun atmosphere and sailors and laid out their dusty trail. Coming up on the other side of the draw would Bob and Jeff.