Chiefs Chat With Adam Tischer

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Friday, August 11th

Adam Tischer from joins Bob & Jeff to talk Chiefs and the 2017 season & the fans hopes for Patrick Mahomes.


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This is the true. I welcome back pat she's gone bad Kaiser. ESPN dot com's reporter for the chiefs long time with the Kansas City Star but around the chiefs how long now atom. Are my lost count just several years ago guy. I don't blame in my area now hired Ari. Or count to about it and they're not that out a long time ago so. Well this is another intriguing is the night another intriguing season made even more and more intriguing by. Patrick my home is the rookie quarterback what are the expectations of one of the hopes wanna if what are fans wanting to see in this in this opener tonight against the 49 Ers. Well there there want the seat from M. If they haven't seen from chief quarterbacks and a long time hero or not. It also big plays so. Some you know just just some hope for the future than non you know a lot to put on the Chitra one night you know particularly in a meaningless game like there's been able being there enough. So that's so that's what's going on tonight. Is he won I mean obviously he's the back of is there any way that he outside of an injury. Good you know like we twelve could he be the starters that is that even within the realm of possibilities. Not I don't see that. You know I think the chiefs are committed Aleks Maric or not. I think they'll sink or swim it here and this year air and they're the only way at all it's certain to game is so far. Becomes a star insists that its own. But it has sealed the potentially get kind of irritating. With a fan base ride I mean that the oh sure and based doesn't have the judgment may be that you want to thrown out the front office and Andy Reid to have. Yeah yeah that's for sure but you know it does doesn't mean it won't get a little bit ugly in the stands nadir of the fan base that saw. It's the chiefs don't. You know Alex and it doesn't play well or or her out there the first interception he throws aren't I guarantee there's going to be that. Come and from the era come into the stands to come and look them in that you know it's funny give the kid and they're so yeah. Didn't just change now have a little bit about their luck ballot bowl era. And in order. Out of touch with the struggles to chiefs how you like this offense what have you seen in training camp the makes you think this is going to be a good offense. Well. I don't necessarily think that so a lot well more not solely on offense. Yeah well no I think they've looked good in the passing game and get our ivory still looks like he's the real deal and in training camp as the number one receiver read it opened consistently get big play consistently. Catch everything on his way about. On your definition of who we are number one receiver. On a boat that got the passing game has looked good that we've put it in court but earned him so. In other areas out there and you know I think this rookie running back achieve a clean up is going to be a nice little bit but I had to kill a lot. Still it is just fine and he'll be able to help the cheeks so odd that they got in Poland warm but you know I thought bet too. I'm bothering year's order to defeat it and hasn't been a great option to change so while. Well I'll reserve George Evans and feed but there there were right now I think there are leave the bank. That. You know the chief scared enough. Pretty good. All eyes you know gonna be on my Holmes who else though. Would you say needs to make an impression not necessarily tonight but just over the course of the pre season and the rest of training camp. Fell off my whole group is kind of bit the headline area you know he really doesn't have to make a great impression you know it is. There aero is placed in the cheeks are really secure as we know me either quarterback. You know no matter what he'd so a lot but but I'm very curious what you eat what he can do you know there's just a lot of curiosity and and this is a long parent that you done that I don't think there anybody blame them by. On the other linebacker and Kevin peer Lewis the chief trader or Seattle he looked pretty dirty it up on it he didn't win a starting spot of viera. The in place Wahlberg crease he's not one guy I'm bitchy about a round running their pop star linebacker. Unbelievable Kim made a leg weary who are looked pretty good here he's kind of gone beyond. What achieve. You might expect my rookie. Round draft pick at this point in his career so a lot there that's another guy who might. I would do well. Or adult geared toward older guys. And a touch it was us and we're talking defense side. I liked the back seven on this defense of a back hey what do you think about this defensive line is that is that good enough to make a big difference. Well we're all here that they OK you know I really like of course killed that night rookie he's last year. Thank you and if they aren't there any Logan has created. There are a lot. On our guard during a one outside the d.s got business it's a little bit. We involvement in the drive through them and traffic in the big traffic in the big city here it took me a lot longer getting here that you really got to be careful. Yeah Seattle airport let. OK we got to. Thug that he's getting to the stadium. Yes I've been of that stadium I know how one night American Media is not easy given Dara and when you're with me on the worst. Horse my barn rock and hide. Back to the offensive line discussion we were traveling. Yeah now I'm Eric day they did Blackberry Logan not the Philadelphia that's one of the bigger create an addition to the off season. I know the cheap server you know excited to see him but I don't think he's gonna play tonight because of birdies made it does mean air sort of look like he's gonna play so while. The other two that are better linemen were not can he unite so polite albeit a really good. Gauge for how the you know how they're on defense line is still an eagle. Over the Dallas cowboy is obviously not curious about your take on the suspension. Handed down today by Roger Goodell further Ezekiel Elliott. Six game suspension for domestic violence is the NFL wing and it here are they on its. Are they on track to have on a real policy for the us. What what's your take on. Yeah you know that's my biggest problem that it is it's like these things are all over the map. You know you get re right on video he gives what to gains slump then and then. But now are using Ezekiel Elliott gets on our I think they need to be a little more consistent. I don't think they need to. You know they need to. Do what what they do one guy what they do or another so it just. No I think they're maybe responding to criticism than in the parent there on the latest ordeal here. But under the understanding in my opinion at the same time it's a very difficult this year. For the NFL I think Kevin ball. Look no doubt you know here it is in you know you don't want you to meet you are saying either you don't wanna just there's been lumped into that. And they get people at the end and and all Barack you know to scatter slider here that. Wherever you wanna call on the trail ya they got in there sure. Collateral when when the homes takes over assuming maybe next year the year after you think that will coincide with a little bit of reset a rebuild. Or are is there enough around some homes and you know obviously this year moving forward that it can be fairly seamless when he takes over. Well I. This one. We won't know what I would kill the wall then and still alone you know theoretically they're getting better and Bob. You know that you still have a a number of good young player market Peters bill 125. So I think that the lingered in play that you wore. Literally I bought. It. We made it very network big war to do on my home so you know one thing that aren't there could be in store a little bit and they'll have a number one trip by our next year you know they gave that up. Problem but a lot if they want you are people who are actually got picked the right to choose them well yeah that. Have a lot of young I didn't I don't think it did not often that you can achieve and who hold them to be able to say there are. Propagated to another level. And Gardner they're going to be better Cordoba but what he outlook. I don't think that you know early. Take their what is the compared to a part. I'm even able to conduct an interview while. Fighting the traffic to get in arrowhead that's a huge effort. Congratulations. We'll talk to down the road. Already current art I'd Adam time share from Let's take a break what's on tap brought to you by mechanically sound coming up next our interview with Jeffrey Flanagan was we talked the royals. Jeffrey Flanagan from And later in the show. We got Jarrod Bartlett for five questions that's what's on tap. Buffy by the gamut wesun.