The Celtics play as a team while the Cavs play around LeBron

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Wednesday, May 16th

Whatever the Celtics are doing, it’s working, as they took a 2-0 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals last night. The Celtics are a young team, but they’re faster than the Cavaliers, and in the first two games this series, the Cavs have shown they’re a one man team in LeBron James.


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I'll order out and got to Obama. Home Barry Parker this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shaved down. What are you sure you update 12:40 AM 975 FM. And good Wednesday feel a midweek edition sports daily Sheen Bruce with you for the next couple of our word is 8691240. Got the I got to detach locker room hot line. James on the other side of VIO coming off a ball game last night that the shocker is needed to win it and didn't please talk about in the NBA part of what's on tap today courtesy. Of our friends from side pockets. More. Reason to be concerned if you're the Cleveland Cavaliers. Moving forward. We'll talk about that we'll talk about how they are constructed compared everybody else in the east or at least the ones that matter. Warriors and rockets play tonight level look ahead there. We know who's going to pick up where in the NBA lottery in the NBA draft those. That reveal was last night. So we can talk about tell all in me the first hour worthy of first segment rather. As these Celtics defeated the cavaliers in game two and oh by the way. LeBron James had a triple double and had forty points. So your over under 37 was pretty close and sure enough he blew by and sure enough they lost again so you know we can talk about that. Your first segment. There apple mentioned shocker laid an egg last night against Kansas State in baseball in their home finale. In addition Robinson can no failed the test here how to ask ended for eighty games a little baseball talk. And second segment. Twitter question coming up at 940. It has to do with all time great NBA senators. And who was the most lethal in the post sold revisit that. Coming up top of second hour per forever headlines. As we normally do. We are cross our fingers that we'll have Jeffrey Flanagan at 1020. Reporter for the royals they do have a day game today so that's why Jefferies panic if feet. At ten Tony may have some. Clubhouse slash dugout issues and responsibilities. With the the royals plan a day game with the race so we'll keep our fingers crossed. Hopefully a chat with him just a little bit at least the very least 1020 and on this day come up. At 1040 that's what's on tap and sponsored by side pockets where it's why not Wednesday. When I grab a juicy court pound cheeseburgers served with Fries for just 595. Today. The more I've bear down on that. Eastern Conference game to last night Bruce the more I wondered what the problem was with the cavaliers. Because LeBron did what. You would hope and know that he was going to do Kevin Love was actually really good. Kyle Korver got to double figures. You can't just blame it on JR Smith zero that he threw up their Kenya gnome I mean I probably not all just boils down to the Celtics are younger and better and more team oriented. Team. Yeah. Yeah out. I think you're right com. I I think it's. It the very nature of the way that the cavs playing. Allow those guys to watch LeBron kind of yeah I'm in now that that's oversimplifying it. But you know I felt like that that was kind of how it was going last night near Wright Jimmie Kevin Love. Contributed and Kyle Korver was buying enough. But it was kind of LeBron or bust. And even LeBron going. Full clip that full speed. Eat do you just didn't have enough to hold off dead Boston team that was. Moms. Did there was just much more diversified. And much more my team ready to play basketball I mean it was kind of like Cleveland was ahead. And they were in position. And then Boston just kind of reel them in having to worry really to edit I think. Guys it was after the game with van pelt and Tim leg there was put him and many. Like they're broke down. Just so how many times. Force felt the four cavaliers were ahead of the ball. Back on defense and they still couldn't stop them like bright couldn't get all the way back big wooden identify or couldn't identify. You know if Jason Tatum are Jalen brown we're gonna blow by you which they did a couple of times. And just illustrated the fact that the Celtics are younger faster. Better equipped for a series. LeBron James any team that he's on can win you one game and that's where it comes down to but these are series. And while I don't think that it's this series is over. Because the Celtics are only one in four on the road in the playoffs so I've Bob wouldn't be a bit surprised if they have Cleveland does what it's supposed to do. At home. But in the first two games of the series. These two teams showed what they really are and to me they're not polar opposite but they're pretty close and all comes down to one guy. And what he allows. On his teams. That he plays on and that's LeBron James. He can't put up where it. Younger. You know energy guys younger role players. He just can't seem to. To wrap his mind around the fact and he needs some youth around him the only guy who. Who knows how to play with LeBron on that team right now. Basically it's its JR Smith love and pride to some degree count quarter. They know what LeBron is they know what he expects they not play with them. Tristan Thompson decides to some degree tryst and Tom bright and he's the only one of that group that's below thirty years old. No. No you're right. You got a lot of guys willing to set she gave a community you know kind of give of themselves. Swore our. LeBron. And you know really we've seen here and you hear a lot of those guys best isn't good enough payroll on the right. It's kind of interesting that we've seen two games back to back with very similar signposts. You've seen Harden. Kind of dominate. For Houston. And just be the center of focus and produce. And an incredibly high level but his team doesn't benefit from that yep. You saw the same thing last night from LeBron. And a and and he couldn't help but sitting there watching pink wool LeBron is great. But Boston is five is better than Cleveland's one. And kind of like the warriors for worth three were held a lot better than the rockets won the night before. And call it plan call it or rhythm call it school did you know spacing and moving the ball that. Whatever it is and it is the plan is better in Golden State in the plan is better in Boston now that doesn't mean the Boston say the plans are planned there in Philadelphia to even though it did yes this yet it is better. It's better it's just that they weren't ready to edit an active role on but I don't know who. Food you have more faith in winning a road game I I guess I have more faith in Boston winning a road game because I have more faith in their plan. It's a 85 had it planned it. Instead of a one handed plan. So. I I I I would prefer Boston's chances to get one in Cleveland. Com although they don't need to get it. So I mean it it's incumbent upon Cleveland. To breakthrough in Boston entered they're not winning this series without a win in Boston so Boston hasn't lost at home. So what is four on the road in the playoffs but they have lost in the playoffs at home. This is just the case and I'm not trying to criticize or take away from his legitimacy yours greatness but LeBron James. As he gets older in his career absolutely takes hostage of whatever the franchise to. Point guys. Yeah he does it and you know and he's won championships. So it can be done. But I don't know not anymore not now not wet and oh yeah now right now. You look back at Philadelphia and how their roster is constructed okay today they're disappointed assault. But they also have to oil and be bin Simmons. To lesser degree Robert Covington Marco Belinelli guys that. Are going to be there. For the long haul. You calm. Now. When I mentioned the the draft lottery big order and who picks where that was revealed last night this kind of goes in conjunction with. What we're talking about here. Howard the Celtics. Constructed. And the present way that we see them right now. The Celtics. Made that blockbuster deal with the Brooklyn nets. And ended up getting inquiry Irving. They got the nets pick for three straight seasons as we know Brooklyn's terrible so. That was a coup in and of itself gives them net optics. He knows picks turned out to be besides serving. Jalen brown and Jason Tatum. On man he kept now the cavaliers. Will get to become really good pieces of there are going to be there for ever to have Danny couch. This mark which I think he has cavaliers by the way this year will picket eight. It the NBA pick at eight is not nearly like the NFL pick at 80 mine is now they're they're supposed to pretty good draft but. If you're not picking. You know top three or four riders are not yet and yet they're not leading an influential a little bit of better player. Yeah right I agree and by the way the Celtics will be taking the Sacramento Kings pick. From the 76ers. Next year. Yeah so they gonna get another horse. And then you go to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Basically what they do because of LeBron. Is acquire older veterans. Instead of developing young guys. They signed. Free agents to large contracts. To not only play with LeBron. But to stay there enclave in case LeBron leaves. You've got that to consider every single year you can't just have. The roster put together. With players will one year deals because you're afraid LeBron beliefs we have to cover your backside there and then. When you get draft pick Q trade him to get veterans or as a way to dump payroll. That's how the cavaliers are put together basically. End the trade that that they do make to get players. We neither never heard of them or they haven't you know what a drop. Here's Vega George Hill and Rodney hood Jordan Clarkson Larry Nance. What have they done in this playoff. Or for that matter not a thing down the stretch in the in the regular season George Hill rod Rodney hood riding hood was again it wouldn't get off to bed wasn't. Right Clark is Larry Nance junior that's too big guy and I just look at their roster I think who can handle playing with LeBron. There's only three guys. Korver yeah that's right. Love and JR Smith and to a lesser degree Jeff Green. Yet and they're all old guys look at how cold they are. Jose you all girl 36 Jeff green's 31 George Hill who they acquired is 32. Quarters 37. Love's the only guy below thirty he's 29 buddy old 29 Kendrick Perkins he's not on the active rosters 33. JR Smith is 22 and I guess the exception is Tristan Thompson's. He is yes 27 years all those guys. Built. To. BD. Ancillary parts and role player for LeBron to. Cavaliers are constructed to fail as soon as you pull it's like today it it's like jango. You you move one goat the one part out which is which is LeBron and all of a sudden you look at that. I mean look at where Indiana who would you rather be right now Indiana. Or Cleveland. Now it seems like a stupid. Question although was a seven game series between the two in Cleveland has LeBron. But if you are set up for a longer haul. You rather be the Indiana Pacers. There's at least three or four teams in the east you rather be exactly. Yes absolutely you'd rather be that because. You pool LeBron out and who knows now maybe LeBron ends up staying and it at all the so I just even I just got all yeah rosters of these were right with so yeah does he it yep yep so they're fifth in the east or their fourth in the east and they try to make a playoff run. But as we can see right now they're now look there in the finals. And they're going home for the next two and end the complexion of this series is. It is at least could change. It really could. However I think that Boston is clearly the better team and I think that Boston will win this series. Having said that. It's not out of the woods LeBron as possible it's possible for a lot of things with LeBron. Tom and we've seen this team a couple of times in the post season played a pretty high level with LeBron. In the middle and then the parts around him producing pretty well. But it's for the long haul they're not set up well I mean needed. He'll look at Cleveland has Celtics roster Bruce yes you don't look at them they're getting production from. And in how young how young Jalen brown has 21. Gordon Hayward barely played a minute he's Tony eight. Hi res 26. Marcus Morris is one of the old guys at 28. Timmy oh July who's not. A big piece but he's a rotational players 23. Terry wrote here's Tony for Marcus martz only warning for he seems older. Jason Kidd and Jason Tatum can't buy a beer he's twenty. While that's that's to their winning ways and yet the only old guys on the team and cavaliers basically have nothing but. Erin Danes the big white guy that stands out there and bombs from Washington State he's thirty ran. And whom I miss and Ole Al Horford 31. Those guys really team. And they're not old old guy earlier still don't know there yet they're just over the course around the corner. It's not beginning to be old guys and they've got arguably the best coach in the NBA and argue that doesn't hurt either. Now that doesn't her now I mean how. They in this comes back to with all the stuff I just said you'd think I would brainwash you understand the Celtics in four. I don't think that's necessarily the case. And I'm wondering. Not that I would think it would dip be defined as them stealing one in Cleveland. But you know that crowd's going to be ramp to and LeBron Hoya do more of LeBron thing and so I think it's it's doable that they survive this because. They survived a forty point triple double by LeBron. At their house and it really didn't intimidate them. You boys be boys do and lottery last night where they get and like 101904. To fourteen. For I thought the one threw really ten. Was nothing really earth shattering the suns for the first time will get to pick first so good you know go along and sixteen. They also have two picks in the second round so's son's. Will build plug all holes the tenth straight year that the kings pick in the top ten. Bless their little party still suck yes. Then in my god the suns have won kings and hawks get two and three. In the grizzlies and mavericks next. Followed by the magic the bulls and cavaliers who we mentioned got eight and I suppose that's the the one eyebrow raiser. Where it's just not a scrub team pick in the top ten then the next take nine sixers get Tim pick. Yeah that's that's that picked and now and then the hornets in the the clippers at twelve and thirteen in the nuggets had fourteen so. There's via draft order. The end. I mean you know it will pay attention to it on draft night and have for the nuggets institute they're not gonna get anything that moves the needle at fourteen. And Josh Jackson the it was the he said quote for me personally I would have to say we take the Andrei Eitan. Big kid I've been knowing for five or six plus years I watched it grow from freshman to senior in high school and I've seen improve every year. Dot dot dot dot dot so. Well I like him highlight of a bunch and and and I know that you've got some interchangeable roles in the first three picks. But I really like eight and there's this did for Real Madrid whose only nineteen that they people is more NBA ready than anybody. Now that's. Wow. Now the highlights of him doesn't mean everything I know for France for Sheila who's of course the great. Voice of the European player and does a great job with them. It just raves about him but I don't now and the night. But when was the last time we had a Euro taken number one. So well should you Darko Milicic maybe wasn't number one but he is like two or three. I mean when they're desperate so he had a little sway up there there's. There's been some of the top five I don't think we've had one as the top. As the top Corzine Disco 98. And what we was something like that I want to and one was no I don't think so anyway. They got Marvin Bagley he's also in this draft so the price go top three or four. They were talking about possibly. Trade young slip and all the way eight. And if he did with the cavaliers take him an eight. I mean if if Jeremy I would because I'm again I'm not banking on LeBron. Not only five years from now but even one year from now so he can't and he can't draft me I'm scared of what what would happen if LeBron still on the T. I mean I know that that we live in a world that were one and guns are else. Have done a great job and end it yeah but it is train young NBA ready. You know I don't know the you know the comparison SE is drawn to and a little guy but that's but I don't own. Maybe so. It may be so I I just. Some late night he's somebody does anybody at an event Damon first round. Should they always what they are absolutely. Have no question about it. So well we'll see how it goes but but I think to your point earlier. I will say this. You wouldn't we've kind of gone through that cycle. Stars aligning with us. R.'s yeah. And I still think it if you didn't get that you take it in and I'm in for an NBA team. But. But I think that the the what the warriors have done to a degree. Spurs have always done it. He has just from the importance of really good team basketball. It sure it helps when you've got Warhol rose. Lining up side in Golden State but they do not mean they still do it unselfishly. And there's. The Celtics thirteen that's good that try to do that this sixers thirteen that are trying to do that. There's there are more and more teams now that are actually trying this base paths. Ocean. Looked more like a basketball team instead of just this iso stuff though it's hard to get everything everybody buying especially when they're young. C it is everybody wants there. You have the boy I tell you let if you look at the teams with the championship dreams. You can see other children were back in a minute.