CBB Blue Bloods Could Be in Big Trouble

Golic & Wingo
Friday, February 23rd

Mike and Trey discuss the latest fallout in NCAA FBI investigation. Plus, Hilary Knight, U.S. Women's Hockey gold medalist joins the show.


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This is the best and only game. Mean go podcast. Good Friday morning everybody today welcome enjoy another edition of golden window glad you're here with us on ESPN radio in the is used to. We are is always presented by progressive insurance phone guests join us via the shelf until performance lime tree when you go Michael and Michael junior we made it. Friday it's Friday and is it not it is a Friday around these here parts and clip art. Our cook master extraordinary with the music playing it perfect song count the stars because we're getting up close to the end the Olympics in all Jiang and and a late surge this week Mike has brought us within reach. Within reach of our medal count from Tony fourteen and so she. More within reach of the gold which listen. What what's are saying for now first realized that there are gold your lap we are ready drubbing last Olympics we had 28 I love you Ricky Bobby routed 48 medals we had nine gold seven silver and twelve. Rod right now we sit fourth. With 21 total sore back and get that a 28. But we have eight gold seven silver and six bronze or lacking in the bronze if you do you break that down. What were were one away from having as many goals as we had in the last Olympics. But the one thing is going to be for sure now we talked about this win is a joke one of the prop bets of a Super Bowl. If you bet that was the total first quarter score. And gold medals for the USC had to wait 2 AME Olympics but if you took the Super Bowl score. You're gonna win I I did there might have been have been up. All I'm a number two and added number plus I'm not sure. But you're aware it was it was twelve total and and right now we're sitting at eight with the possibility of another at least at another couple of gold. But I don't think for more ought to ties so. Yeah if you picked the super ball I'd love that prop bet that's one of the most foreign ones ice well it's one of the ones that takes a long time did yeah yeah. Did you put you on that bet for a while you're riding that train for a long time it's her. Because depending I can't imagine that surprised but were you threw down a ton of money and so it's one more especially if your debt and other areas it's easy forget about it for twenty dollars you finding your pocket coming out of larger world a sudden you turn up now and you see the medal count eagle. Wait yeah it's found money there's nothing better than south moss sum and by the way we can both work. Our Jason fit to fill them weren't for him and add that what you're on. He bought Mike can I call Owings watchers USA curling sweatshirt. And we will be wearing them tomorrow morning because the men's curling team is to further goal about Europe pop out that we're gonna play Sweden for the gold it's going to be early Saturday morning. Hurley is one of four Winter Olympics sports where the US has never. One goals all you guys cared yeah I let him gutless wonder this Phyllis try to make some guesses on what the other ones okay we've never won gold either men or women and any event right I said if it's one you know one of curling is one of four graduates all four winner Olympic events worthy US. As everyone thought that must be men and women and on the go on a limb pick. I must say Bob what are you would be incorrect. Nominee goes Skelton. You would be incorrect lose wow luge is one bank luge are now we have curling luge or two more I asked one by Athlon is another well we just had a cross country's gold so that Ryan Crocker idolized by the bit of the women with that amazing finish him. This event there was a movie made about it. All alive is it. You guys have. It's is had a downhill no doubt without so we play all the big deal out of there was the big air effort and all this he's not yet anyway you look at a yoga and I didn't move yet could plays on the offense I like Biggs he is in your life in our you're always existed no where you're story in my own thoughts. Soledad the curly part yeah curling lose why can't curling luge by half a line. And ski jumping we have never won a gold and that's about to change Saturday morning we re all so did the funny thing is and this'll begin to be generational differences are. But do my right boot to my left if you're watching on ESP into. That he remembers the movie is the you probably remember Eddie Moore every overrated in Calgary that's rewrote the actual guy do that us literature storage Def. And and mr. millennial over the as I saw it and move I son abbreviated and I can. The over is okay and I was a got a I there's a little guy access seeing him do it was crowd out there or there is actually is that there was a little less access. Oh we got a lot going on your golden windows presented by progressives home insurance getting a quote is easier than ever. Among the guests we've got coming up today woes will be here a reward to now ski trying to explain what's going on with the Antonio spurs in coli Leonard. What's going on with how the cavs were sloppily may be talking about trading carrier urban in the offseason that may have led to them actually trading carrier ring. And everything that's going on with the Dallas Mavericks in light of that sports illustrator article will join us at 730. At 810 Michael. BS in New York 97 FM will join us walked him like we're in studio at 830 and it 930 Damien Woody. Big man is beautiful annals will be in years we get ready for the underwear Olympics next week yeah at the combined. Always a big time for the for the offensive lineman Bela via an aura of busts like clothes are all my love the onto Ireland. This is great time right now listen we've seen some big athletes over the last few years right now I just need to see one add pop out. For one of these Limon like a really start just losing my you know impressive odds always need is one guy and that we can hold him up in front of everyone else for the rest of the time you you won one Ab I don't wanna have. I remember you you do and you drink only crazy disagree over 300 pounds only way I just find a way that. If the ebbs and flows I'm in the top minds even such a different animal the physical and mental told these guys are put through there. You're deprived of sleep you're deprived of a lot of food water and expected to go out there. And performer you're absolute best. And listen we knew that hydrated a lot easier for the after show right one app very well one map quest for the alignment. We all have our goals in Arizona jurors good for you will also have an amazing story it's going to happen in Australia. Which you think you've seen in movies it never works it actually worked. It actually worked for this one couples would get into that plus. An amazing accomplishment by a former NFL player. But I find it's absurd I think we we have a doctor doctor Lawrie Tony to Retief does the chiefs Lyman is an actual doctor and a former NFL player. Has done something that he'd just got in and wire and it may be as the president and very cool talked about now or heard about for a long time. Sold get and all of that as we continue on a Friday morning here on gold and we go but let's start the show as we always do. It. Okay. Off the top feel like it or not it's just that we go looking lean down. Are we start off the top with the grown missed wall will come back in division one basketball history for the man. Drexel beat Delaware 8583. Why is that impressive. They overcame a 34. Point deficit the previous largest comeback to win on the men's side was. On December 30 1950. When duke overcame a 32 point deficit so good about two and a half minutes ago on the first half. Drexel was losing his came 53 in nineteen nor talk about thinking it's over and how you're gonna view coaching bidding with the second half this game. What Drexel outscored Delaware 5627. In the second half. Of this game to pull off the Victor I mean that. What an incredible feeling that it could what you play lock up your game for you know it's over you know you come back and this had to be one of those feelings at what do you what do you do to halftime. Third there's no Knute Rockne speech at halftime this game I think that's gonna motivate anybody yet here they do Drexler comes back to windsors. And in the midst of the regular season right now at a time where it's probably easy to look up and say. Are you waited just not our night hi how are you even get that started you know this is was anyone else's. Is just taking it in these little small moments next possession next defensive stop and managing to string together that many of those is insanity. Well you know I think this is the second best coaching job we've seen in college basketball this year the other one. Was Avery Johnson general Powell malveaux when they play with three guys there with three on exactly rivals won the game right down the stretch Avery Johnson my favorite voice in sports there you go he's my second favorite voice and sports are my favorite guy with the cameras but. That would be your fastball that is area and it's our second straight tops in some thing. Compared again and other comebacks remember the bills in ninety through overcame a 32 point deficit. Against the Oilers NBA in 96 jazz overcame a 34 point halftime deficit. To the nuggets. August of 2001 the Indians overcame a twelve run deficit. Against the Mariners were just incredible. And October of 2006 Michigan State. In football overcame a 35 point deficit against northwestern so some other big dud comebacks put congrats to Drexel. I think you need three to 1953. Duo to all and I have. Off I mean I guess I guess the cell they have is they we still got one minute to turn this time around now but I'm sure all the players like you whatever. Kudos to the coach man who sold out isn't leading out of the year anyway I got a dog play was a chuck it up there are guys I think that's Internet an article Drexel dragons congratulations good for you. So are we continuing college basketball on this is a a weird story. Arizona wildcat guard Alonso Trier has been declared in eligible by the NCAA. After testing positive for a banned substance well. Any tested positive. Before this he had missed sixteen games you suspended nineteen games on tour last season. Protesting positive this has been weird because he's been testing a test that a lot ethnically and now we test again we're called remnants of what he got popped for the other time. So. Their true dirt and I don't understand enough a enough all of the science of this to say no or remnants of the test the first time. That or in his in his system now so which should count against them yet he tested find some times in between that. I understand all of it I I honestly don't. All but obviously there's going to be be appealed a flight to try to get him back on the court for Arizona there's obviously with eight and be in the top player your church right there you're just just just. You know right behind him and scored but also that 12 punch is fantastic. I was I only took one semester of graduate school so I can't claim to have be requisite knowledge to be able to break that down blight ides. It's just an interesting scenario in general because. When we talk about PD's basketball's not authorised sport tickets brought up for a number reasons were just because. We are very concrete ideas about what we think the benefits of performance enhancing drugs aren't so. For this to come up at all is is. Unfortunate its interest it's certainly interesting and right on the heels of a time where we get Michael Porter junior Missouri cleared to come back. It's a very needs uncomfortable moment you certainly don't wanna see anyone involved in this but. You get one of the marquee stars in the sport. Coming with a chance now to get back on the court for the first time and why. And one of the complaint series and how miniscule was heaved it did said it was in January the results were confirmed revealed the reappearance of a Trace amount of banned substance the amount detective who's miniscule. By scientific standards and appears to be a remnant of a substance. Which the NCAA agreed Alonso had unknowingly ingested in 2016. Sell. I mean. It took until it limit let me let's get this straight out because this is so bizarre so many levels so. It was a remnants what's speaks extremely small some eBay thinking ingested unintentionally. So they're still declaring him ineligible. Yes okay I Amazon knowing graphic or some of put tuchman is drink I think that was where the Genesis. This stepfather. Put something in his drink and this was the Genesis of this. A year ago we tested positive for PD in the pre season wasn't cleared until January. Of 2017. When tests showed that all the traces on the substance. At left to system her said he never knowingly took. The banned substance and yet it's it's so weird was our attitude that doesn't make any ball that those two sends is don't seem to make any sense because if that sentence are what you just said. It'd been you've been cleared of his subs are cleared of a system how can there's to be around and I don't know right denied that those two things don't seem to work. Now it doesn't and usually with a lot of testing and I know this has come up with a marijuana testing policy work. They raised the baseline and mountain needed to register and something's so you would think that something that qualifies as remnants wouldn't be enough of a sample size to even register in a way that would pop up on this now is it different because you tested positive before right I'm not really sure in this area just because this seems so atypical now well look the bottom line is the school's appeal yes then suitably decision and this is why he's averaged nineteen point six points in a three boards a game three assists in that you know walk answering fourteenth so. Obviously he's a big part of pick apart wherever they are going to be going forward but that's just a booze. It really is I mean that they're talking to the tiniest of amounts minuscule amounts. And seeing remnants of of the last time it tests as to where they get enough of it were I don't. Understand just decayed into the science of this you will come out on shore in good in this appeal to figure out. Whether yea he's gonna come backer Ney he's gonna have to to sit for awhile and he subsist on benefit if he doesn't it's gonna lose. If you would you do is second time who's a year do you not in college and trying to I'm trying to remember the that the laws on the butt off. Now obviously coming to the end of the season he wouldn't be there which would be the most important thing right now Leo or Arizona and certainly for him himself to be a ruby play. Just as the difference of it clear his system and its remnants of previous thing it. I don't know I just doesn't make any sense to me but look hopefully they'll get it straightened out and if is something that's all related to. What was in their before you certainly seem to think that it would make sense that they would. Maybe be able to Clinton replied I hope that's not how remnants work by the wayward stays in your system that long because if it is I probably got remnants from Thanksgiving last year if you cut me open I'd be shark with car tires and yet it's just seem to be a long time there's been a good to bring that up thanks we appreciate that it is visual and disturbing area it's certainly something off and continue off the top and Tiger Woods. Overcame a double bogeyed by the way on a par five if he had a double bogey on the par 45. The shooting even par seventy here in the first round of the Honda class you PGA national. Woods it was a very windy day tricky conditions but his best opening round in four appearances at the South Florida course that is near his home near he hadn't finished under par in the forefront of an official PGA tour event since the 2015 Wyndham championship. Thirteen pars three birdies one bogey one double blow you we walked in it was Leo was playing live while we were doing the show when he was got to two under then as you mentioned. That double ball he so. Yeah I don't know I hate I start to lean more and more toward units at my when he first came back like you know it. Don't want it and really not really paid attention until we pass on to pay attention to yeah and I just I had asked is do you tray because you're the only one year of the Tiger Woods folders just do it for you right now well look I think it was pretty solid but. Score was the best score was four under so right for strokes off the lead is tied for 21. I'm gonna par five he mystery he missed the he missed the fairway off the tee in the missed the green with a light on eight and it's like 34. Four for bogey and that's why doubled or yeah well it was easy. Yeah I was actually tricky I mean it was a downhill putt and yet he had like a three footer for bogey and it's live like eight feet past the hole so I'm like oh god he's looking at a snowman here. On buddy Pete played relatively well. The I think the issue was he was certainly finding more fairways and we didn't want to open it's it's just one round he needs to put together. He likes that overall the death just as of this excited you because I know you worried big Tiger Woods stand in the way that I was a casual viewer of the phenomenon you're an actual fan is a lot of this giving you exciting giving you back to any of those feeling I just want it well when he was two under through four as yesterday's decision is yeah. Yeah god. Look as Jeff Darlington bill put up to read you had on. While while I was away he's a big tiger fan too and he was always and I said ivory Tweeter with this yeah I think we might be getting suckered again but I'm all in regardless. He was the most dominant athlete in a sport that I've ever seen that can't be dominated this the best way to drive you know and and so this is doing reforming no but every once a life or come get a little hit. The little statistical data stolen just on just a little sun just a way US I don't little status and afterwards you're tested you'd be positive it's a remnant that's I've got a Big Dig you gave me a remnant that's basically the best way to describe it but. He's got to back it up. Got to back it up and then being in contention on a weekend so oh he's only four strokes off the lead that's the that's the best case scenario the wind was tricky right I think he was the best of his playing group that is nothing else. He was one is purely one his group Ariel views are Snedeker and and one of the player and having they were both over par so he's got that going he won he won the dairy ago he won his group on Thursday animal they've got to go forward. And we continue with off atop the cavs well. You know their first loss in their last five games and ending their four game winning streak in the first with this new bunch of players in their first game since the all star break. Yeah they were in this you've always interest things that you finally learned a little bit about crunch time here. Over the last 930 of the game LeBron scored off fourteen points while the rest of the team didn't score all they were all for can all their shots. Were threes just about all of them contested as well. And all LeBron sportswear more than six feet to the rim to LeBron going to the rim and what is not Sudanese Qichen and the other guys to shoot threes and miss him so just like we said their first win when they were shot like. Or ridiculously high percentage from the field and from three point land said this can't latch is gonna come down to earth. The new group for been averaging what 48 point two game he scored 29 there were eleven of 28 shooting the year to come back to earth until they find their level where they're going to be. And especially from three this is a team did in the last few years in the cavaliers have done well. They've done and that dame but it is about situations and I and as one of the things. I wonder with this group was how they work through some of those that's why I think last that was important you're down the game is within reach at the end. And LeBron got to figure out who you can trust in those crunch time moments because he doesn't have his normal rob diary no cover a lot of milk I read no Kevin Love no Dwyane Wade like he had Miami doesn't have that guided he can look to in those moments in talent on. Yet and they've got to build that trust before they get the playoffs because we know LeBron is a guy that wants to passed for some dogs everything else what. But one thing I think that LeBron that after this game was true is that look we just didn't hit our shots. You know I mean I had they played their gained death that it was a much more cohesive game that this new look cast team is playing together. Above my viewpoint and I've been the first female shot 56 out of the door what they shots I happen every night that this team just didn't make shots last night was us like three it was an effort there wasn't ever on the defense aside there wasn't cohesion the aged and make shots right that's a different dynamic enough functioning together exactly the most it would have been going for over the cavs as a lot of people still think they're going to be the team to beat these with the with all the trades they made at the deadline it's critical off the top of this Russell Westbrook. Maybe game winning buzzer beater BB king's 110107. The thunder blew a 23 point lead we're down by three before they went on that eight to run the F triple double seventeen points fifteen rebounds eleven assists urban four game winning buzzer beaters in a triple double performance by active players. Only two players though for type two spot LeBron plays by Russell Westbrook not shocking not shocking and release of that group and not just going to be another team down the stretch we talk and about the test in the Eastern Conference and everything to look forward to a damn boy and Russell Westbrook Carmelo Anthony now getting the benefit of that break is he's not getting any younger and is going to be expected. To be one of the guys to help keep contributing to this group Oklahoma city's kind of a wild card in the west right now I don't know of anyone puts them. In these chain with those top teams. Are out there I mean even San Antonio for all the trouble third in the western confident right now at. I'm not sure Oklahoma city's quite bare but they've got a hell the ceiling with the reigning MVP. They do and we'll see you again. Russell was for doing Russell Westbrook things and that ladies and gentlemen was. Off the top I hope that's not how remnants of war by the wayward stays in your system that long because if it is I've probably got remnant from Thanksgiving last year you've cut me open idea shark with car tires and the residual disturbing areas. Its goal Italy all all thing about now is like cutting you open and finding like a license plate. What are elegant jaws is exactly right that's exactly what I pictured this whole meals America's really fast anyone who's ever eaten a meal with me. I always find myself looking up and just seeing a shocked horrified face because I finished most of my meal before the first persons even picked up a bit of their side. And I didn't hold that apparently that is not good for your digest of track. And things tend to not work as well just as quickly gas so I I kind of do worried that I have a great white stomach. Well I can confirm over greatness stuff. I I'm. That's certainly sent us a better team. While the layout make it make it harder for me come full time oh that was that was my gold medal for a while while speaking of that. We we have a little issue here with width one of the half the dominant members of the US a we're. But Mirai Nagasu 24 year old figure skater. The again the team portion of the silver medal it won a bronze medal and that was first and then they had obviously the individual and Nagasu who'd inner individual. She did that what were you do the first rule Axel triple Axel the first a move US woman to let her little black so she didn't your inner individual program. And basically the reason she said. Halfway through her long program she was actually says she said she actually all police started smiling thinking. She's she's auditioning I'm auditioning right now for Dancing With The Stars. That was her goal to be had Dancing With The Stars she basically said I got the bronze medal I put that in my pocket and this was an audition for Dancing With The Stars. Her quote I saved the team event. With Adam and ships the I can conversation tonnage of Chinese and I like the should sit job like that there's a war or about to lose our metal. And she said I saved the team event when in actuality the Americans were never behind the Italians during the course of the competition. Beating them by six points so. You may have dollar she saved back competition. And then when she was confronted with well you know what there are other. Win out here who are winning medals in individual who were in the team competition as well you know they're able to do your talking about exhaustion and everything. As she said I love competing as part of a team which so many other commitments we went to the team USA house on the lunar holiday it took four hours. I haven't taken a warm shower because a lot of people and team USA. Are showering and take all the hot water. Serious and serious. And I think I 124. But you're you're you're not a kid anymore. And that is what you're doing you're gonna give his excuse about why didn't give that given a shot in the individual all. When others did as well you're exhausted and I saved the team when really you didn't say the team. I don't know well. I've taken scratch for the medal. Vet nauseated me a little bit like a knock a lot of your millennial generation there of that one atlas and Allman assays are we issues out there with choir letter doing. Jews out there she is made it happen all exhausted its exhaustive list and you'd like our own at all I mean was it. We've all had teammates they're divas especially in the sport of football we understand the further away you get from the ball usually the more more the Eagles come out that's why we call them wide redeem that is at this seems at this seems sort of par for the course every group has got what it. What did she can definitely understand his listened. Coming out of this we talked about who we're going to be a letter winners and losers who's going to capitalize on certain days does it not like a lot of these sports are inherently going to make you a lot of money right about you know what is. Dancing With The Stars you know it would make her a lot more money more medals. And then just a bronze in team meanwhile being honest about you you it. If you win a medal which gives you waiting the F if you want a medal in figure skating in this country. As a woman. You you're gonna do pretty well and I know she was going to war not two but for the fact of her coming out and saying it had got my bronze in team and I'm put men in my pocket well good but to your point look obviously. There are some issues here like this line stunt was me I smiled in the middle of my program which is very rare for me. I thought of this as my audition for Dancing With The Stars I would like beyond Dancing With The Stars because I want to be a star now you be a star. Winning the metal you know winning the metal as an Olympic figure skater from the United States. Economy can start maybe should daughter Beth and her best avenue was answered the star should you could do. What do you metals great. Winning them battled really hard you know it's easy smile a smile on seizing in on dancing the stars apparently even easier sorry I bet she gets on Osha's. And get under no point she understands how the game goes in 2018 you have to be good to be famous she did play that she did play the game right but I didn't like how the game is now we idolize not a not a great she's she's not the best team that went. Huge abilities come once every four years. Given your bash now. Yeah that's all resources are you put that one of my plot all I stood the novel concept and Jeff and that was straight talk if you buy straight talk wireless nationwide coverage on America's largest and most dependable four GL TE networks. There are micro here support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes you worked your hobbies your life rocket mortgage Guizhou that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan rocket mortgage is simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. Your getting the right mortgage for you to get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Jimmy had a drink a dream of joining the national bobsled team. She worked relentlessly and that if she just refuse to give up one day ever dreamed would come true. And she'd stand William bleep up on the food. But when her kids remind her that she was 52 and she lived in Texas and maybe she started dreaming this dream a little late in life she gave up on not giving up. But then she heard a guy who could save your money and car insurance so she switched and achieve the dream instead. I want to know. What you're seeing you you'd be used a trombone in the horns. I want to know what your music news the public wants to know what they're used to accuse. Are there messages by golden window with you on ESPN radio via. Paean to present about progressive insurance all phone guests join us via the shell Pennzoil performance line and if you wanna call it and then ask your question leave us some information. A call us in an 8605065505. Are once again it's 60506550. I am word answer questions that you're that that question was. Where did we get that theme music awards he's right it was trombone studio and I mean that it's a great question do we know absolutely not do we know what that music you don't know what happened I have no idea is that someone came in my office and say here here's a few opens were thinking about I I I don't I like that why I don't want to and that's it. Yet that's the story. There was just made up so would come from somewhere I don't not. It's a much how many office with a trombone like my game and I am already I've recorded yes. So I guess I definitely don't take it somewhere showed that sent to both of us we're both yeah I invade they sent out to have it. People come up with ideas I think its original on the gets stolen from anything I mean that are really rubber handle it probably we probably stole it or probably only had he run as the ones seller that we probably owed them out an idea. Does play a hundred grand every time we get that somebody is hearing that it's going. I'm bracket of the bill for so you owe me I'm on now to check that somebody else does the cat dog got an answer your question we have no idea that. It was the end if you could sum up the show up. In one sentence it's we have no idea Arrigo but that's the music it's old Ramon hit so thank you keep getting us at 8605065505. By the way. I'd have to mention this you and I both go to war with this guy yet I think I think he's doing stuff on TV for fox now. Former Pro Bowl quarterback. Charles Tillman in that film as we all moments idea that out peanut grew up. In a very very strong military family. But he's done something which I think is really cool the thirteen year out of all of that entered 828 week program. At the FBI's training academy in Quantico Virginia. Passionate. Finished it and is now an FBI agent music FBI agent and why do you have to do right now get it over we had to do it because he had until his 37 birthday. Because do you have to earn your badge due to a stipulation that a new agent must be appointed before he or she. Reaches that age by the way. He reached that age to date now so we got a they've just under the wire great is that peanut Tillman. Is ladies and gentlemen a certified FBI agent that is how great is that that is really regulations. So we've got to tell former players and FBI agent we have a current wire the guard for Kansas City law saying his name yup all the great. Or attorney thirty okay. He is a doctor is going to be a doctor isn't he's he's completed that he did completely okay we do have 88 recently former player John Herschel who's now going on MIT and and getting his masters in mathematician math math math. Met ms. delusion Herschel personally I think John Mercer or monitor doubters out. Unbelievable so. Lot of Smart people. A lot of Smart people what do nor none of them have. A gold medal not a bump and then ladies and gentlemen our next guest does have a gold medal we are delighted to be joined on the shell Pennzoil performance line by one of the members of the US women's hockey team who finally down those nasty people from Canada and a stellar night US gold medal winner joins us Hilary congratulations. Thank you the great thing you have. That's the right feels good and it stays forever that's the beautiful thing about it so I mean for those of us that we'll never. Get to experience that moment now here wasn't. Well into triple zeroes hitting the it in the scoreboard. It was your goal keeper had to make that one last stop so just take us to that moment she makes that stop you guys have the gold. Absolutely I'm looking the Bruins didn't. He's going at it out and you know the continent that we happen out and shoot you click mark they. Thank you use it strapped on top classical battle. Well certainly did it and everyone talks about the triple Deke move. By Jocelyn Lam wrote David send that that's that puts you guys up and up up by the goal that led to the game winning save what were you guys thinking when you when you watch ago Deke fake back in back to Deke up on the Canadian goalie. I aren't there it's not about companies than they did it does. You can't let that take. We should put together but it was incredible. For me and now are you Marvin unbelievable seeing Ali in Egypt doesn't. Well we don't we start our. I go and seek out people so really got a phenomenal. Obviously you need just some time but and I'm very happy that we keep up but the went. Yet you had a goal as well we're talking Hillary and I part of the gold medal winning US women's hockey team. Now look let's go earlier in the prelim you played this team you lost to them two to one to Canada got little chippy again which I love quite honestly. So from from the end of that game when you knew there was a good possibility that some work to do but there's good possibility you could meet them again for the gold what was the thought process after that preliminary game. I'm honestly to and we had Greinke on the ground and it's really hurt equally Q how many times. You know never did you have a doubt that we won't watch that game and I think that this scale. The whole concept that have and it was she happy here the past. At Tommy. I the senate pentagon. But yet it had to be an amazing feeling and you said as Hilary Knight is whether the US gold medal what winner from about women's hockey one of the members of that team. You said you had no doubt that you guys we're gonna beat them and I think that's an amazing thing because let's be honest. Canada has ID a stranglehold on on gold in these Olympics go winning four straight. So knowing that at and knowing that they had been so dominant how did you guys still have the mental resolve. Having just lost them early in the points to distill think hey we can do this we can take these guys down. Yeah I think the they're reminded us that can't let it out. You're creaking and Ronald did you plant that when you eat your job and I Little League that would add up they went. Just out of curiosity Hillary because it happened on the same day 38 years later. 38 years later that the US men took down the Russians at Lake Placid was that ever mentioned it all these guys that have before that before you guys took the eyes against Canada. Yeah I was definitely in the back about sure sure but. You know and to get the same time it can be done to our. What do you make in that moment and how present he. But accurate to teach you know when you get all the history all pitched into what that he'd need to opt out. When he called out out now over Iraq alone. The it's great nanny and you are he had hockey. And are actually. So awesome I mean it's so awesome of people everywhere on this country going nuts when you guys want Hillary and I US gold medals than a women's hockey a team youngest player to make the 2007 national team 17. World championships with the US won a couple of college national championships as well okay truce or mirror really wanna norm really open I'd I'd the Santa goes way I want to. The latest Canadian team locked. Back and forth with these guys you guys have done while the world's against them they've kind of had our number your guys' number enough Olympics say for this one here. You guys not like them is they're a lot of good rivalry dislike going on the ice which you guys. Dad didn't. There are your immediate. Credit credit crunch is it the biggest border battle not to elaborate or. I mean when you're winning their crops I have accomplished in. Oh the game giant flag next generation but when you're on that Jersey not matter. It is go time. Well it certainly was go time for you guys and look at all of will be on street the game was started at 11 o'clock eastern time here. We get up a little early so we we didn't see it but actually was re played yesterday. And I actually DVR and watch the whole thing anyway it was one of just you know Hillary I'm sure people told you this out so many people were so inspired by what do you guys what you guys were able to do. Dan Jansen a legendary speed skater who won an Olympic gold medal of was is a friend to my he was at the game and he texted me. After the game will rule video of the celebration of all you guys on the ice saying this was one of the most amazing sporting events I've ever been to live. How many people have said something like that you over the last 44 hours. Aren't yeah a lot of people and I don't think accomplishment million that can't you know we're we're rocking around to date in all the major. He urged out on the body gone. Not doesn't really. Insure me under a plaque in fact I think about everything is certainly accomplished. You know Hillary everybody has a story and certainly part of yours as you were skiing Tim McGraw are appeared skis on the age to. But he started skating and and endure and a good for hockey important for a play hockey at five. And you said at that point at five you're gonna play ice hockey in the Olympics. So I'd imagine that got an interesting response from your family at the age of five communicated talk about that. Absolutely. I don't my grandmother at a different hockey but they seek medical my momma. You know and yet creepy they'll knock. And I'm taller than ever. Where I didn't. The create. Oman on my back on a plane I journey back at the same and that's not only normal. Child I just thought that. They have a Turkey at eighteen years later and that the Iranians are Olympic Games. But the reports not serve so much on the roads that got a. Well mission accomplished so far Hillary eyewitness view one of members of the US gold medal on women's hockey team. And listen I I know you were born in Sun Valley Palo Alto and you've spent Saddam some valid Chicago would just say you know we're claiming you. Because you went to choate Rosemary hall americanize it's it just say well we're we're now officially calling you but Connecticut's own Hillary night ended tick everybody is that the deal without Arafat. Absolutely it did despite what did you see the tweets from the L Las Vegas golden knights have you as someone told you about that. A lot oh not at all. Yep and those that didn't see at a Las Vegas gold knights of the NHL. God put a tweet a picture of Hillary and saying look at our. A golden not very cool very it was a very cool thing to do so Hillary what what's what's the future hold firm for Hillary night. All right I don't know how about a lot of confidence a lot to do that aren't appreciating. Think about right now a so ecstatic with everything he's accomplished during the tournament and I. Immunity to go to much opportunity now to. Golden. Literally all of its golden well well play well he's good at this so well played SF I'm not us I guess the point where I was going you're three time Olympian is has anybody asked you are ready to ensure they have are you looking for a fourth time in the Olympics. I don't like questioning your a game that. I mean I don't I really glad I'm not hang up to shine and why not or even solve. I'd have to sort Middleton among the public eagle from capacity. Don't look we came back out here on the right. Well it's been agree it's been a great story and it's nice to see it pay off Leo Vancouver silver Sochi is over and now. Yung Chang taking down the committee fantastic in the gold and a joy to arrive Hilary congratulations. Again we will now refer you always has Connecticut's own ego Hillary night. Gold medal winner for the hockey team thanks so much for being with us this morning thanks Tyler yeah. I was great Hillary awesome I. I can't imagine. You know me in the Olympic blog play football my life in the goal was always you know either national championship in college retarded getters Super Bowl which I didn't get. I were taken out an Olympic gold medal over all of it. I items sold in I don't care what sport wise. I would just love to represent the country stand on the top of that podium have our National Anthem played and just. Just like at the end of a Super Bowl or admit arts college championship when it for my sport anyway. Just when that. Happens and you turn and find that teammate hug him and realize the sacrifice you went through. My god this is free country you know and you're hugging that teammate of your country. You know you're grown up on top of the order of what an unbelievable. Feeling that has to be oh look it's it. It has to be the greatest yelling and all yeah. Ports are real big a lot of players that play an individual sports like golfers and tennis. Talk about the different pressure. When when tennis players play for the Davis Cup. Which is for your country or right when gold rally for the Ryder Cup coffee out or or the other presidents cup that it's a different kind of pressure because it's not only about them anymore. It's about representing a country and teammates. And that feeling. Of this team. Having come so close so many times against that Canadian team yet to finally we got you on the biggest stage and we did it together as a group. I don't think there's a better feeling a sports. And I really did want there to be so much dislike. I tip well I would I mean there's UCL a lot of the same people up you know I mean I'm telling you played against each others as much as they do. And all that and again we saw how mad. Ant and said the Canadian team alone but only took her to rattle the metal down or apologized and did the meadow Laporte on and she immediately took off she was told by rule yet deported back god and she apologized for plucked. Listen I get from their side yeah that's four times are warning for Olympic game winning streak. Four times straight gold medals I get why they would be upset. Where that no doubt about it and certainly conceit. I'll why we want our our women were ecstatic about this is absolutely the coolest thing on the war I mean to sit there. And and again that because the clock and run down on that side it's going to count down and you believe in miracles are just looking through. The goal and see Manny ruin me. Who the last time the women won a gold medal in 98 she was seven months old and seven months old used here as a whole. And she's in between the pipes having to make that she made the last to say shop the last two shot. But that last one. In all they stared at the story year old English yet to feel anatomy and other days they offer child well that's that's the beauty of it yeah they've accomplished so much already in their lives it will never get to it's gonna depressing. Kind of depressing way to turn euphoric I had to order credible I don't know I feel I don't know my son my I look at her she graduated from college and in 2012 and I said. In my canard left us at all that's in my graduated from for Notre Dame and reminder to bleed together my unit at the plate and national chair Richard to import she's been a three time Olympian and dollar gold medical it's what needs area. It is there's nothing better than that I just think it's so cool. And especially to do it against your arch rival yeah I did actually deference that's the difference when when. In 1980 when the US men beat the rush they weren't our arch rival week we were a chew toy and we were we were nail they were the head. That's seriously that we would the thing that the cat and that's all I wouldn't go that bad rap. So that would there's there's two different ways and I'm not sure either one actually. Is he is more or less euphoric when you pull off the unbelievable upset or when it's again a team that you feel very compatible to. What you alluded to might in the world championships right we figured guys are buddies now that we ever been able to do it. On that level when you finally break through on that level against a bitter rival now. That's be great as you so much sweeter absolutely so I completely agree has to be so much sweeter because you sit there look at that eighty C music they played Russia ten times. That may be the only time we win right right he's out to the US and Canada I mean I know in the Olympics having candid about as you mentioned world championship these two teams go back and forth. So all you know this time it was it was our turn and broke a great streak of of Canada's in the Olympics which was a great treat for them. But you know what Alex is over this and as US history now. We do bring be that we just talked to Connecticut's own. Yeah he'll be with what we know I didn't read a nice dinner. Movie night of choate Rosemary although it every night is this Connecticut's own forever how gradual overheard telling her grandmother five years old I'm gonna play. Hockey the Olympics are there of her grandmother polar. Hillary's other side instead. Because we're in don't play hockey but the best part of it he says yet with the tie next that would tie that's playoff so he. And now they played on up to a gold medal level for the first time since Nagano in 1990 congratulations are what a great time to have Hillary night on the show as we continue here on Friday morning on goal can we go. Presented by progressive insurance and let's get to what is stress. And one of the things that is turning to starred what's going to be out later on today the Honda classic shot a seventy even par the first round of the Honda classic. Describing it as his best ball striking round in his brief comeback Tiger Woods overcame a double bogey on a par five beltway now. The shoot even par PGA national very tough course the winds are tricky. But as we're watching good in the fairway more he did a farewell more fairways and that was the best part about what he didn't. For Jack he hadn't finished under par in the first artificial PGA tour event to 2015. In this in this around yesterday thirteen pars three birdies one bogey. And that double bogey that cost him so we'll see I think he's tied for twice 121 121 worked for a little even par seventy but is I would start yeah but everybody else in his threesome was overbought and make the cut men get yourself to today's for a player right just yet. Reps and now what happens it was it was a nice start because the driver been mute he got the army golf misled us right. Can't win that way with a two way miss he was able to corral that a little bit and outside of us the one sloppy double bogey on par five. Played really really well. Meanwhile Philly continues to play really really well it doesn't seem to matter what the sport is. 76ers and flyers are still unbeaten since the Eagles won the Super Bowl. The sixers are six you know in the flyers are 8011 now to be fair they lost in the shootout Brett Myers did but because it was a shootout it doesn't count. Write a law right exactly a point they gotta like that. Do I even when you lose you win I sort of even when you don't win you don't don't lose thirty to go Phillies sit in the seven slot right now but a right we know won't last forever boat ride as long as you can and you know for a off the Eagles went so it's a cool stat. Which we know like I said it's going to amber has cooled talk about Philip does well look you could stats can mean something they can mean nothing. But the euphoria. What cliff was there our art our our our board Coker as he's now cliff was there on I just out of curiosity cliff. The whole city had to feel like we're the greatest thing in the world right it just seems like translated over to everything else. We're getting ready for two more per region aren't you look at it on a clear Rico you know is laureate enjoy this one. And then move minding get prepared for the next one but just savor the flavors all in front of guys is ask us what happened in that shootout. Of Joey asked cliff what happened in that you know what app yeah wanna hear the word via. Art Soviet loss and issued on both lost our national stat model also because. Technically if you're right and you don't know tease of the points that's exactly right so don't count it is it is a weird thing is and it's yet even when you don't win you don't you don't loose from shore today I'm all about it however where a lot of words that I school. Bottom line is it's all working in Philadelphia right now I just love the sex games played wins loss overtime loss I mean it's it's the dog collar its its stated it's it's certainly aid it's certainly a unique way to look at things I think Vienna to do that to incentivized you know trying in instead of audio cues. It used to be if you if you lost in overtime what a beating at the point right you get the point now goes to shoot out so I think that's I think that's a good way to look at. Collectively goes up podcast and great weight going like all the senior. Five we continue here on golden window on ESPN radio via. Paean to. We got the Oscars coming up march 4. I think. Debbie Sunday march 4 the Oscars are enough Tom Hanks is a perennial Oscar for her I don't know the other communities. Didn't even remotely close to being Oscar relive it every year they Dominique is a for an Oscar for something I guess he is in the post I was in the post docket nominated yeah it was in the Buckley Ben Bradley in the post I saw Emily by the way stands vigil like it. I did now that was pretty good actors from like our time that for me my two favorites Tom Hanks Denzel Washington correct totally agree. And one of the movies atomic I think was nominated for was castaway. I think he was nominated what a performance it was great didn't win the Oscar a lot of alone time yes well. The move it was basically him and I'll just a note and he was stranded on an island this you are one of the things he did mark was when that plane went down he wrote in big sticks on the ground on the beach help help if they give that never works no. Apparently it does yeah how bought that. A couple rescued former mode desert island. They wrote they did the writing of the massive help side. In the sand Yahoo! they actually did that and of course Masur Australia yet this can only evident Australia right yet that's exactly right. Be scrubbing scrawled a giant helped sign on the beach and in the morning they shut off their emergency beacon. Are rescued air aircrew men said the helicopter crew was about twenty kilometers from Alan when they picked up the distress signal. They were able to pinpoint the exact location of the beacon. Thanks in there. SOS plea of help written in the sand unbelievable look the the hapless pair were stranded are among the Percy islands off the coast of queens on after a freak storm overwhelmed their dingy. As five meter highways and a fifteen feet in the but that fifteen feet twelve feet waves like that. Really big waves. I only go meters or kilometers through I'm I'm just did it by the way too much easier just to freeze of ten as opposed to twelve yeah they do about it but I mean I don't quite understood. But yeah I and other personal says though as we QE a regular yards and feet and that's why fat tell lives but I hosted then. But they scrawled a giant help on the beach. And then he said they sent their beacon end of the rescue crew said our crew found a very relieved couple. And we can clearly see what they had written help in huge letters in the sand a toss up bright army militia that's it you're gonna do right what are you gonna try to do your try to make a fire yeah right you're gonna write helping the Sandia flare gun shooter in the exactly how you do have an emergency beacon that helps also help that's a good thing to have but once. Once over you know you you do that thing in and what you do that they need a visual the Dracula Dallas or outside work. I know am I making you think on the fly here and I know you struggle with that no if you found yourself stranded towels under Tom Hanks and you're on the silent the first thing you do. I dance I'm finally some good alone time. Is debts finally it's just. Finally it's just about me bigs just about had the they're out now I got a pretty good what would you do look for a hotel. OK okay good. Good with your apps on your cell phone doesn't go to its Smartphone market environment are upbeat Percy islands on the goes to agree with gonna find a five dollar delta go to work out on a buffet they have just follow. Lo read mercy that's not happening never all right so kudos to these people by the way Tom Hanks was nominated for castaway has now been nominated since that was in 2000 Russell Crowe want to live here we're glad I get that degree people should know when their Concord I love gladiator. Week ago the podcast what are daily show let's just dots Iowa great sports died last night filled out about this. All you're going go with you on a Friday morning glad your here with us on ESPN radio ESP into presented by progressive insurance. All phone guest join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line and you know Mike this show is just continuing to evolve and it's yellows just in its infancy and when we had out. We to swear jar when we started back in November than we did bodies had mine in my right right and use use that one I got it X a couple times good times. And that that was to be expected as all eighteen years your dad and then you get slapping in here and they change a little bit. So that's that's understandable. And every name of that show for eighteen years was Mike and Mike and Mike yeah I know this or his cola can winged correct like you and I have even known each other ever. While I was doing Mike in my era in nine NFL live Umenyiora and stuff you're always you know you're the host of the show you bring us in and joining us on the showed today Michael Bryan Cox or Michael look at whoever and right. Social centers for the apparently I didn't even know this happened this this this was a what came out of my mouth the word vomit they came out of my mouth earlier today. And he was stranded on an island mystery why one of the things he did mark was when that plane went down he wrote in big sticks on the ground on the beach. No cut in case you missed that and he was stranded on an island this you are one of the things he did mark was when that plane went down he wrote a new sticks on the ground on the beach. Call me mark I did you want explain the reason why you call remark probably so. As we you know we all like to multitask right and enjoy as I was good doing the show with you my good friend my goal like. Yup I was on Twitter. And I saw a picture posted of my good friend march Lara right. But helping his friend out in an operation OPEC so I was texting was to wait a minute are you actually. You are you getting the operation right. Or you helping in perform the operation let's hope it's not helping her perform these before ACL surgery that's that's about register waiting it out questions so that was going on at the same time. As we were having the discussion we just be honest here for a transpose my remarks remind me or just the answer from Munich due to higher basically in a in a relationship Rihanna right are there. We annual earning a long relationship with march Lara and another alive and score just admit. Here's your first one. I. Aren't talking about your and I feel bad idea don't I mean you I love Donald you don't have to try and sell that okay. I know you you're talking may be thinking about your first love I just like to say one thing down a bit huge distinct. Don't terrorism and I'm very sorry mark will never happen again I promise to look I think it'll never happen again I was really mean. I never ever have. All right here we go we move on. Don't what's trending here and how about this we had the first Olympic of gold medal in cross country yesterday amazing relay following spread through Santa hats unbelievable sprint call Lotto was just incredible it is we can't play it obviously because we don't have the rights to it but basically as. Jessica Diggins was digging down the stretch to win the gold. About the color commentator on our camera what's NBC network new challenges screamed out there. Was W. And yet these cross country races we dig into the last sprint I can't even fathom. Because when you see him cross the finish line Mel hit the deck and I don't blame them because. Very legs had to just be on. By your boy we just want and their legs are man jelly yup so anyway it was an amazing finish the first ever gold medal for the United States in cross country skiing. And because of that Jessica Diggins who crossed the line to finish with a gold. Has one more big moment waiting for she has been selected as the flag bearer for Sunday night's closing ceremony of the to have firms that right very cool yeah very very cool choose. I saw I see her a lot these Olympics watching the cross country. Are skiing which is another bout between that by at five really kind of grown to like this Olympics. I understood I'm quite a bit. But prefer that sprint was one of the great moments especially for your Sadat used to obviously were hitting no medals in that situation level on the gold. So that was fantastic to watch him that racing good first carry and Michael have absolutely she did so congratulations and it was a great moment and she gets the honor of holding the flag in the closing ceremony. Meanwhile it's also what's trending Tiger Woods back on the course that it 1245 at the Honda classic. A very solid ball striking round an even par seventy only four strokes off police. Yeah he did what thirteen pars in this one had that double ball we got her a note out about it tied for 21 or is it a pretty good position said the greens. Are our only good are are gonna state tough a lot because of the wind but he said they are tough greens but as you refuted the fairway a lot more I mean he was all over the place. In the last tournament tell and he keeps talking about he needs tournament reps already get more termer wrapped in need to make. The the cut. And I know he was asked or somebody asked Andy North yesterday you think you can be in contention for this tournament and Andy said. If these shoots high sixties today goes it doesn't need to come out with 6364. But it didn't get like a 68. He said he thinks he can put himself in a decent position for the weekend Woolsey we'll see how tough the course can did you play with who the weather where is gonna be like as well. Well it's would go bill swirling winds make that tough very course I've actually played their courses PGA national it has the famous bear trap 151617. Couple par threes are really long par four. On the backside he played the bear trap at one over yesterday who's better than used to playing partners who both shot four over par yesterday we'll see what happens November Tiger Woods again. In good in good position tied for point personal Forster. In the wind I just try to you know club down knock it down a little Vick go to low line a little more trying to place the ball well zinger you know talking about that I don't want him to hold the beer just enter your eye whatever work got to have a plan brother Tori tutorial or whatever it takes. What we are right and all else you want here. And to the people it's 8 o'clock in the morning I got stuck. As the industry didn't wash them spend it well I don't think this happens in your house. Budget of Georgia mom was hiding all the really good treats and snacks and treasure frozen more public this according to a new new survey she was two thirds of American moms. Christmas is you were accused of. Heavy stick its neck supply that they keep hidden from the family. Now. Didn't see it from the kids know it's that hidden from the family. Thought I knew you know from my wife and kids who grow up what's next to you live from the three of them. And more importantly for me. The survey found 66% of bombs polled admit. They hide the really good snacks to avoid sharing them all with their. And their children. I had huge. Are guarding guards checked my kid man we know rates. Says that the I don't know what China Iran and very snack friendly camera where you're at the house what what I was always amazed debt at is the house is where. Don't let kids snack on anything you know when I know she'll ever know cookies there's no chips and all of those kids came over to play my kids are house what they did. Ransacked. We're ransacked our snack wells did you giveaway to big full or how exactly right I mean you should there ever neurologists say you're not eating any of this let me tell you what. Parents when you do that your kids are eaten at the church is going Jones and somewhere else so you think you pour off sudden Q. By saying it's not in our house. They're going. You're just gonna have them leave your house a lot quicker a lot more to go to Johnny's house or Janes house to say I'm going to my friend's house when they're really going to their friends snack house is what they're doing. As they're getting their fix it. Don't you kid yourself. They are by the way the most popular places of for the snacks to be hidden in the car. And in the bedroom. So they go. Well I am so again bedroom out under the bed somewhere anywhere in the I mean we've you know had snacks in the that suffered their worst that I know were over weeks. Chris. Yeah I again I don't think that really it was a part of your elbow I don't I can tell the threat and let me tell you some parents out there I can startle you. Right now. As I know who you work. That the Niger kids' snacks that came to our house. And left and left crumbs everywhere in our house betrayal on things they were shelling in their mouth the shooting given to your house what you know we didn't we were the fixtures you know what I'm with. You will once by the way you startled me so much this morning Nichols to mark so there you go whenever this hour to go doing go brought you by linking to inns and suites Boca LQ dot com and win at business. Mike we we talked about this whole lot of levels when the story first came out. Our and it's just gotten unbelievably bigger and it is going to really change college sports landscape. This. But according to documents contained by Yahoo! Sports by pat forty peep them to. Extremely well versed well sourced authors. At least a dozen division one men's basketball programs have been identified as possibly blatant breaking NCAA rules. Through recruiting violations uncovered by the FBI's investigation. Into corruption in the sport and these. Mike we're talking about the gold standard. Of college basketball programs the names in the Yahoo!'s report identified the schools are duke. North Carolina. Texas Kentucky. Michigan State USC. And Kansas now. Pan and a host of other schools as well also basically you know that FBI investigation that's going on. All records obtained in discovery during the federal investigation. Into the underground in college basketball. It has incredible. Detail. Of expenditures. Are prominent former NBA agent Andy Miller. His former associate Christian Dawkins and his agency ASM's sports. Gang wanna read discussed for getting even a college names UVs on the blue blood college and players that are mentioned in getting money here. And and how so because if these records that they have the SM balance sheet in the hands of the federal investigators shows accounts. Through December 31 2015. With the sub heading. Lawrence. Players. It lit that would make it pretty easy did listed several poor and high school or college as receiving forefinger and five figure payments as well. Also all us some of the things that this guy Dawkins was going through to get reimbursements. You wanna get reimbursed for his expenditures. And and it's it's lines like this for example his expense report has hundreds of lines like flight for Bryan Owens mom. Advanced apple Jones Josh Jackson's mom ATM withdrawal advance of Fred van fleet. Redwood lodge a launch would miles bridges parent ATM withdrawal miles bridges mom advance. And giving 400 dollar seventy dollars for 83 dollars seventeen under out. The names or names all over this thing. Of current and former players I'll be there then being given money or parents being having things paid for or given advances. It's unbelievable. What did the detail is being crazy and get a lot of this goes as you said SM sports and former NBA engine agent Andy Miller and Christian Dawkins his former associate but this is just one agency. Right day and let's let's just be clear about one thing. Let's not pretend like it's just this one agency that might be doing all without without because you you. What's hard to got to have a skin in the game yeah right so are. While this is what we know about this one agency it would be extremely naive a boss that think that this is the one agency where this happens and you mentioned some of the names let's break down according to this report. From the FBI documents. Current college basketball players as opposed to former players. Among the current players named Michigan State's miles bridges Alabama's Colin sections and Duke's Wendell Carter to specific potential extra benefits pride athletes or family members. Former players Dennis Smith Dennis Smith as you said you're received 43 over 43000. Dollars according these documents are Isiah Whitehead au over 26000. Dollars or former number one pick in the draft Marco faults. Washington I mean. It is really. Amazing. When you start to read the big names attached and this is schools attaches as you mentioned this is one. Agency one agent agency grew and and so they're trying to get people in you know others are trying if you're going to be in this game. In the game of knowing what you're doing is illegal when you're gonna go to what ever. I means that you need to. Made it L hundreds of pages or documents from the yearlong probe that a federal authorities monitoring multiple target intercepting more than four. Thousand calls. Across 330 days. And and it's gonna go even more in depth than what we're just reading your right now off the first couple page this is the one hey aren't we out. This is the beginning of this it's nowhere near the end by the way Yahoo! Sports also reached out to officials at North Carolina State Seton Hall Maryland Kentucky. And Washington they all declined comment or did not return correspondence. Look at some of these things are talking about meals. With players right run for families with by the way. There are some bearish acute care or other evidence listen here's the thing this is going to walk that this is going to expose a lot of schools and players. But I never assistive. Have less interest in the NCAA tournament or their college team I don't think so. I don't think it's gonna affect viewership I don't need people are gonna say all my god these players what is your real a lot of this. They're giving loans to parents are paying for meals are paying for flights all stop I think most able going to be gone so worked. So who cares it's illegal. And told the big well we're gonna get in trouble for I get that. But as far as is this gonna hurt the sport of college basketball in the billions that they bring in between the regular season the conference tournament and most importantly the NCAA tournament. I don't think it well. I think it's good to be great for talk shows horrible for schools and some of the players that are gonna get named. But I I don't to meet I don't make all the sudden some who's gonna say well I'm not watching the NCAA tournament 'cause one of these players' parents got an advance that's. Completely separate argument you're exactly right but the bottom line here and you hear is it get it started with a Yahoo! Sports com are marks live off me SPN dot com. On our website instance of follow up research as well. The bottom line this is an extensive. Abuse of the current NCAA rule yesterday and to meet the bigger question becomes. Well what is the NCAA doing. They heard this is their job bright. Ball whole point of the NCAA. Because the school president's give the NCAA the power to do this and control college athletics. If they're not doing this what are they doing how is going to mean we talk about school what combat and as a player in bad in this. Quite frankly the NCAA. If you really think about it may come out looking worse than all of this. So that listen this is a huge story. For more on this let's bring in Jeff Goodman RE SPN college basketball insider. He's joining us now on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Jeff when you read the Yahoo! article on the follow part of Omar marks like Barney is conduct come. What's your initial reaction of how deep in an extensive and how much this permeates college basketball and maybe all college sports. I'm not surprised one bit I was surprised seeing the actual document. But I'm not surprised one bit I mean we've known this is god. Andy Miller has been a god that either coaches have the load because they've got relationships with him and they've helped. He came get players. Because what Ian Miller have which he had controlled its stable of these coaches. That could help. Facilitate 88 recruit. Going to their school and in return. They would then make sure that. That player and upside in what many Miller. Pop up out of college when they left. So some coaches love David Miller they have great relationships there was another side to it absolutely couldn't stand in the Miller because he would come on campus. And you deal would their players or their players' parents. Without really going through them and and he would again he would try to get these kids to go slowly. Went a lot of ball. If you look at the track record. War lottery picks awarded him first round picks but he gimmick come out about a lot. So Jeff as as we go through this and and all of a scroll while that school while that player wow that much money. What in your mind because let's be honest agents Arkansas given money players are gonna stop taken money so what. What's gonna happen out of this what do you think the long play out of this will be. You know I think a lot of play out of this could be wisdom let these kids have agents. Letterman agent says and baseball players are able Ab what you know advisors agents hockey players. Why not just what that's what I think that's going to be done at the end game and all this. For the NCAA. Who's the most reactive organization on the earth. And that's what's gonna happen here. A Jeff. Jeff Goodman was our college basketball inside a Jeff you mentioned the NCAA the most reactive institution on earth the other question is. This is what the NCAA is supposed to be doing right is not the whole point of this is to governor gray. So why would why would be NCAA. Wanna hurt themselves all the money all the revenue comes from what. The NCAA tournament college basketball they're not making big money on the other sports they're making big buddies up from the TV contract. From from again from the final fourth from the NCAA tournament. So they're not gonna want this to come out they don't want to investigate. Carolina. And duke can keep talking Candice and all the other big board programs. Don't want those programs not in the NCAA tournament in hurts their product and the money coming in their revenue. Right so so again I don't see the point in what is the purpose of the NCAA. Money fidelity answer. As subtle but that's when this goes right. I thought it was to help kids. But you know we see like a log or Trier last night he's ineligible for Arizona for having a Trace amount. Well PD's and assistance of the NCAA has suspended. A larger career Arizona junior guard. For the time being he killed eight PD guys a year ago in which. Be at W ultimately cleared him there is a Trace substance in his system right now. Yeah point 015. I believe. And then they'd deem him ineligible right now when doctors have said. This can hang around for years. And the little last year took out like again. But the numbers went way up and it's clear he's taken him again. So. I don't know the answer to that is quite so what is he would go we're supposed to do I can't figure this. Although let me try this because they're too big money makers obviously are for schools and NCAA is. Is the is basketball and then you have football as well so what you just said about the NCAA doesn't really want to investigate. Does that mean that while this is going out of basketball you think a football programs are holding their breath but. If you're saying the NCAA doesn't really want to investigate that. And not have to hold their breath as much and just maybe wait for some outside entity to get them in trouble not the answer. That's always the way it happens right amid very few cases do you see the NCAA. Breaking an investigation. It's usually somebody else media outlets. In this case the FBI. Breaking the news and then. Then investigating and now it's going to be Richardson to see how quickly they moved which has been their Forte exactly. With some of the players that are still eligible playing college you know these. They took meals. Who cares they said they took a meal from an agent really we're gonna worry about that the parents. Katie are sitting down when an agent not citing what he can yet. But put. Letting the B agent paper a seventy dollar 150 dollar whatever it is mile long ward who cares. No you're right and that's that's one thing I did the electoral one point you can have a bagel given to a NCAA have a budget couldn't put creamy cheese on enemy we don't know how ridiculous some of those rules are. Then there's the idea of cash payments to some of these players which are totally different dynamic but you brought it up Jeff is now approaching the end of February. March Madness is on the doorstep what's the likelihood that this FBI report affects this year's NCAA tournament. Com. Again knowing the NCAA you don't know which way they can go based digital team these kids ineligible for the time being until they dot killed or they could not. Talked home for the next six weeks and neither would surprise me I didn't. We don't know what it comes to be instantly so like it's all speculation. Because as I've been saying for years. The NCAA if they really wanted to clean misting up. They would've went out and hired like five FBI agents. 510 years ago between misting up. Instead they've got a bunch of people and enforcement that really are scaring anybody they're not trained well enough to deal will put. Great open investigations. And gather information in that matter so now again and he EU China. You looked out I mean you should they've got a accused nobody's scared of them you'll mention anybody scare right that was why. This the FB I got ball doesn't it. Well Jeff this is the beginning of this story nowhere near the end but Woolsey were goes from here thanks for jumping almost really appreciate Jeff thank you. Look you know that investigation starts yeah April 3 were gonna look and yes we'll plug him in April 2 we'll dig deep and hard and I just again the names of the schools and malls here North Carolina and North Carolina State duke Kentucky. Michigan State this is the who's who enough of college basketball programs and this is just the beginning of this story. He sees in the best of coalition we go podcast mutual to subscribe on the ESPN. Coupled podcast to listen every weekday morning at 6 eastern on ESPN radio. ESPN