Catching Up With Wichita Thunder Coach Malcolm Cameron

The Drive
Tuesday, September 12th

Wichita Thunder head coach Malcolm Cameron joins Bob & Jeff to talk Thunder Hockey and the up coming 2017/18 season.


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All right let's go. Yeah. Five you hit your heads out Clark whose school. They've lost 45 I know you don't get it though again those of us who do get that are enjoying the heck out yeah. Incidents and supplement Strawberry Alarm Clock stole it and number one. In the great year was great here. 1967. Which is by the way year the cardinals. Yet the number one. Here's Malcolm did ten years ago Wichita thunder head coach Malcolm Cameron joins us season fast approaching. Malcolm I know you want the season to be a vast improvement. Over the last one felt about some things that. You've done the organization has done to improve this roster. Well first foremost we're gonna bring I didn't like that while succumbed to that one well I was born but a as one in the sixty story out. I'm glad you liked that Malcolm. Yeah well if they answered your question. What we wanna do is we wanted to be able to. Just saved this success but we have at the beginning of the first twenty games last year we're pretty good darn good hockey. Even we're playoff team that line and obviously we got decimated with the call. Soul does all these and we we looked at alternatives to strengthen our line up in the first one was. Perhaps changed affiliation from the Ottawa Senators to the Edmonton Oilers which we dead. And that's not a knock on Ottawa they're just not in the same position that you Oilers rim and herbs to death. You're in the rock European NATO level the American League level. And beyond. Would drop their and then call the findings so. I'd connections with yours. What are the GM. Used to work in the UGH older Tripoli culture is my neighbor down or. That we've known each other a long time and we looked up with Oilers and we're very very pleased I actually just got back rookie camp opens our British Columbia. Last evening and got a chance to see some of the potential players that will be heading our way that you've done. And you know we may have a people who lost European NATO and NATO what all that means bigger market will lose if you're always gonna lose what are the call up. But to lose as many as we did in such short period that content though getting any act that's almost unheard of by and there's no way that'll happen. That coming in you can what he Oilers and then we've got a veteran players. We get more younger group while you're sure I would know have a veteran players that are bent the American League. Kind of been there done that and will be the cornerstones of our team here this year and and always be here now barring injury. Those of you guys would blow your line up together would you do that guy called up and injured. So win when you get into an affiliation and I guess how careful do you have to be and what are some of the on ice factors that go into a do you. Dude do you want a team that drafts players. For the style that you play already out how do you kinda have to match up on. On style of play in development and what this guy is doing how do you line up all those things in an affiliation. Probably the development partners is key European. The only job you invest money in these players so they. If they want them to play in the NBA they would like to have a coach bit of the development background which argue. The Edmonton Oilers own the western hockey league team yet to oil in source familiar with. Some of the out there were familiar with might work in Regina soul. If felt confident that they're young players but learned and then it'll be held accountable in half and everything and not to be given out here so that would. That's an important factor for style like old. That's not even really yeah and it didn't even worried it's it's more voters that are good debt. And really redeemed early this year is affiliated is not one independent team. And it's such an important thing in recruiting and our league that the league is. You know 70% of your rockers made up or 60% of Iraq in some cases that made up both order that you glow more crew. And without the veteran player. Take them out of the equation all the players want to move out so you have to have an affiliation to recruit. Or you don't get good players become. And because they all wanna get a chance move up the American League. They all wanna get a trial the American Hockey League I think every team in our league is probably ever book five order scored HL camp. We have between ten and fourteen. So it really what I did this summer they're really worked hard to quote you go back my relationship with people look at triple A level to get guard guys opportunities the American League so we. You're the best. Freeagent go out there come to a stop. Listening to the drive on care -- happen to be joined by Malcolm Cameron the which topped thunder head coach. Open the season just a month from tomorrow on all against Indianapolis. Who wanted to ask you I'm sure you peruse the schedule when it comes out. And I am I always get a kick out of the league it's has this many teams and is this widespread. I want to ask you about two road trips okay Marcum. Now one starts on Saturday December 9 at Indianapolis the new go to Kalamazoo. Then you go to Colorado and Idaho. Before you return home on the nineteenth. How tough popped up is that and then to cycle one out. You viewed her you here's the cycle wanna I wanna ask you about get it from march 10 through march 28 that's a pretty significant amount of time you have a nine game road trip through toe also. Rapid city Kansas City Kalamazoo. Fort Wayne and Allen Texas. You know I don't wanna join me on these trips. Well it to be honest living in respect on the water mark will be played also against just go there. Goalie you know we won't be overnight they'll tell you won't be on the whole lot in practice time here and which died guys to be sleeping in their own bad. You know they're the ones were at the same room when we break up that we had no less the Colorado. And that is well wolf boy actually come home per day or two here are gonna wrap recovered and laundry and and that tackle the role again. I I go back Beaumont Texas one year in and then for two years in the two years Fort Myers, Florida where cold rolled tripled eight hours away. So what you would away in the world you've got to two and a half weeks and I'm straight weeks at a time and then you came home you're almost significant on the the schedule is what the schedule is not new voter. You just hope that your healthy. Police are you go on the road. And you're trying to manage your time your rest is best that you can you don't practice as much when you're on the road certainly. You don't have the guys that the rank and much. Certainly Asia new Europe home. In order to mental toughness thing when you go on the road starts like that so regularly those little. They've been due to view this. We got to find ways to win on the row. Imus worked you have to you have left to do this offseason outside of obviously getting some players from. The Oilers organization what what is left on your checklist before opening night. Well let somebody in the long right now. They're really not my softball. Were done Mercury. We're not as of today actually. Up nicely we had some good news we have good news in the morning the I would say we're done recruiting him unless. Nobody said somebody come along that you just couldn't say no to. Note that the numbers from the Oilers obviously here. Both very premature because the NHL I have their camp but they play exhibition game but numerically. As your captain plays a couple exhibition games so barring injuries. Bubble or is he good chunk employers here down didn't daughters assure. Which I saw a number of them just this past weekend. And I'm really excited about soul. I think we've got a nice blend of experience this year. Some veteran guys that he and you know we won't be allowed to help for those players and in the league on anyone he. We've got some guys that have two and three years' experience to get some good young players and we've got a good blend of talk this. Are back in their defense of course huge like we have a rule that huge defensive core element there's anybody. Maybe one guy that understood export to. Our back end. We've got big goaltender. Door rumbled 12 gallon tops in the league in the goal can we get the Oilers. Will be a big goal tender boat six with three excellent for. And our forward group who is dynamic with a mixture of grey and paper cup and skill. I'm not when we appreciate it thunder opens the thirteenth of October against Indianapolis. Home for the first four that a road trip. We look forward to the season thanks for being on. No problem we start training camp a little bit later this year. Because America league camps are starting later than they did last year so we actually get yet except over the second. And when will release are training camp schedule by the end the week up everybody Nabil coat check at notre DH had a. Now skip thanks months ago. That's Marcum Cameron from the Wichita thunder as they prepare to open their season soon. We're a month up from their first match their first hockey. Game while the game but I know he can't tell game that's a hockey game. Yeah hockey. Now the hockey game believe they're not crazy idea managed no it's not soccer. Not boxing. All right a thousand dollar iphones. Coming. Packs. Here in my want to know because the cheapest. Found they go up to eleven under why. I got the new features I don't know. Not a thousand dollars and one can rub your back Hannawald neck about the iphone's well we will be back. The drive on care phase.