Catching up with the Royals and their worst season in years

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Tuesday, August 7th
Alcides Escobar is in tonight’s lineup with a .201 BA, with a .251 OBP, and Bob doesn’t feel like Escobar should still be playing in the majors. Escobar was just re-signed him this offseason for $2.5 million.

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Is that true. Welcome back dad talk our number two the driver Tuesday edition bobbled it takes to do the lift you Max our. Engineering this and you're handling is our producer on the phone numbers 8691240. A pretty much covers it doesn't look needed a good job there. I I enjoyed Ryan Roxy wise idea to be a thought they almost lost me when he says he's run his kids to soccer exactly. And love that I did I and I should ask them about it I was going to and I think you knew I was going to add to your neck okay were not. That's exactly what I think app away that was your next question yup but what was the question going to be. I was good I was gonna ask them if fee he plays are there any other sports. Or is it just soccer. Right there patter of allied. Should we call back. Well maybe we can do that another kind of I really enjoyed talking tonight it too nice nice guy got knew would stop. Yeah just Wednesday you know as guys get to tour and play those groups like I'll ask do I mean there but he immediate we can ask them thousands of questions. I mean it's if these bullies. Playing golf with Alice Cooper pretty much every day it sounds like well maybe you're up to the Colorado Springs country club. And play golf today. Now there they got to show up there and out and they know that I held out grated is that. Go golf and we'll perform for what a few hours few thousand people. Just enjoy the day. It again tomorrow that's not a bad thing lie young parents. Get your kids involved in some kind of music. I'm serious about this. And the and you don't do it and I and I don't do it I want your wife to listen to this show more often than I think I think. She and I have a there's a connection there with music you and I don't happen now when I just your eyes rolled back in your head. Get your kid what you mean no I didn't but I think it's great if kids take up music my daughter's MP on all OK now I'm happy to him that well then that's great. This he liked it yes. Yes I regret more than any thing. Not doing more music when when I was a kid did you end my parents my parents dropped the ball. Those sports sports sports point 47 sports sports. In June and in schooled in Jihad let's take saxophone in third grade. I mean that some people almanac you know. I shouldn't be in the back in Chicago. In another band was not formed. But I played the saxophone for a year. I obviously have the pipes. I mean if you've ever heard me saying I haven't unfortunately. But I didn't get inquire. I didn't none of that stuff. Those shorts. Well sports for me to go in school we had that we had to be in bad we had that we had to go play and who we have to you had to be inferred. It's what three years that was you apply. The drums. Well are you any good no. This out around plan beaten on the bass drum for that that's not banned. All it's bad back in Canada. I mean to idea of those people would do the bass drum nothing against them we need to based around. That's not ban because in the bad if you get the base from Indy can use one hand. But the based on the other hand you can have beer bellies fell mind and that's how we did a high school bus doesn't I think all of music why. I'm just gonna be honest with you. We've done this all out on up to lie in the air Lithia Ella Valero. What Italy and poke in the bear today on values that applicant. I thought back in my area. But let us guys start out playing the drums. Liked it decided you know I don't think they'll learn to play the guitar. Every musician that we have on the show has a similar story they didn't missiles clearly start when there were 45. A Ryan rocky start planning now eleven or twelve. And took two. And I just think every kid and when I hear about cutting funding of music. And those kinds of things it drives me bad. I just think every kid what's your son do it means he doesn't he's not in doing yet. But he's only going to be I hope he's there I think the bag Iowa wouldn't be so good yesterday we traumatized by plays in the music drama students to a degree I now have a choice these these these body ethical of that. Devastated because of his soccer enthusiasm. Yup and today analysts say the if he doesn't take the music. Hanging out there and into an academy. I understand that the over is not either or kids not to know where he's gonna sleep. Ever again. Four ruling feel bad I feel bad for the care it all. NBC world serves. Ongoing. At Lawrence Dumont stadium in about twenty minutes or so. We'll talk to Howard Palmer the manager of the San Antonio angels they are unbeaten not only. In the first week of the term what they qualified for championship week. There are unbeaten in their bracket there as well earlier today the Wellington heat. Beat Pickler and Iowa a's eleven to nothing Wellington. Finishes its pool play unbeaten. Right now we've got the lone star team out of Texas. Going against Dodge City at seven Seattle. And Santa Barbara and to be a do nothing pretty good stuff now. They've they've met in more than a couple. NBC championship games over the years they will play at seven in the nightcap tonight at 930. Behaves Clark's. Against the San Diego's stars. My wife texted me earlier. With with this line. Which I don't quite get. So be ninth. Or here in trouble. Now I don't know what that means she said. From an earlier call. That I was on not being nice to Jim. I don't I don't really likes Jim. About a blow to our listeners do enough. Generalization star. All gear of the US there's no question. Absolutely none whatsoever I said yesterday I look forward to his call I really do. I never know what he's talking about that's the best part you have no idea what what he could ask what what what these bring in up. Or sometimes you don't even know what he's saying. About the best part about you know. It's the best. It's fun he's a fun collar. And I appreciate we have as I've said numerous times we have the best scholars in talk radio. They're get there really get. Always good to get phone calls electing hear from people. Cubs beat the royals last night what we. I guess royal suite cuts on the royals wants on here's what drives me nuts about the royals. And I and I'd like to hear from royals fans about this I know how I feel. They weigh all the time on social media I see it day after day. Here they are. Forty what are they 34 and seven the day 44 games under 500. They play the cubs again tonight game two of that series you can hear right here on KF eight. Outfielders those tomorrow's in the lineup tonight why. He's batting 201. With an old PS. One of the worst in the history of the game. It's I don't get it. Why don't they just play they're young guys thinker slam. Ends call up some guys from AAA. See what you have there's no need to play. I'll see this Escobar. In the longer. It's just it doesn't make sense. 201. With a 251 on base percentage. And a 273. Slugging percentage. This guy has come to bat. 400 times. Rihanna and almost 300 depth close to 400 plate appearances. He has. Nineteen extra base hit. Nineteen. That's hit. I don't get it. I don't get why they play him and no offense he's had a nice career Althea says tomorrow's a big part. Of the royal success. When they went to two consecutive World Series he still only 31 years old. He should be better than he is but he's not no he's not and so we've seen enough of Althea the festival are. Let's putting down. Not to outline not not at the terrible things I. Well I expect barely alive shortly and the way to put it put him down good grief what happened to me I have no idea. I know how to lower your goal without all those put him on the bent again that's a better way to put it. Yeah I totally agree with you mean why not play the young kids. Just east got to got to move on. An iron off he's got some want everybody in that organization that's why he's still there making his money in plain everyday I don't understand why. Give they are like you sit there 44 games under 500. Give your look and say if you stop look and see what you have give these kids some time. And see what they can do call up some people from triple some sand let me give these kids a chance and see what she got. Do something out of the ordinary Ned Yost. Is he the guy that royals fans want leading this team next year or do they need it. They need a brand new guy don't pay taken out the Steve's going to be awful next year. They're there they are going to be forced to play many more young players. I like some of the pickups they made. At the deadline I think Brett Phillips says the chance to be a pretty good player. But the Gallup they got to play him the lesson that's that was -- is that they gained about I think he's hurt but night he'd pinch hit last night and game. After and an impressive beginning he's kind of come back to Europe. But I this I don't get it I do not understand what they're doing. It doesn't make any sense to me now as far as I'm concerned they need to call up just about anybody that they think is going to be a serious prospect. And give them the last month of the season. And played one of the problem that the royals have with a don't have a lot of serious prospect laden the bus flipped the higher levels than they than they got some issues. Yes they do they got some serious issues because this isn't gonna happen over the next couple years it's gonna take awhile before they even get to the to the point where there. 500. 500 well that they're not a die close take years is only takes handle gonna take a lot. Mean they're not even in they're not even in that round via a B and 500. There are 44 games from being a 500 team that's out that's hard to 44 games under 500 their 22 games. That 22 more wins and 22 fewer losses. They'd be a 500 team here's what you have. Down and in the farm and Oman. You have a guy named frank swim now he's he's got twenty homers 75 RBIs. Batting. Got a good average of 283. Bring him not why not you have to match is a little older he's he's a little older guy he's he's been in the system. For a while now. But bring him up or not you have two guys were able to hit the royals have two guys in double digit home runs this year. Salvador Perez has nineteen Lucas dude has ten. That's it. And Major League Baseball now is all of all of home runs they had wrongs they've brought Ryan know her or not. He was batting 232 and triple. And he's done it it looks like he could be okay. Any news or is another guy that I believe is not yet necessarily one of those young prospect feast only five but it. Imminent 25 you can get a lot of years on him if he. If he can show that he can play. And right now with what they have why wouldn't you that's the question Bob why why not like what do what do they have to lose. Absolutely nothing I don't know. I to me. To me there and aggravating organization. And I get a that they won a title. And that the royals fans are rightly proud and you should be and they should be but the slipped this far on such a short time. Shows of that team was not built for the long hall. And I don't necessarily give de Mora atomic credit. For allowing this team to get so bad so quickly. You know what I'm thank you and I agree with via. A room. I I want I follow a team every day in the St. Louis Cardinals that time has its own struggle. Right now and has had for the past couple years they're trying to figure out how to be a championship. Caliber team again they've floundered around 500. But they keep trying to be the best they can be they don't ever sell off. Start over blow everything out. That's the team that is trying. To be relevant all the time right I don't know if I can go through a complete rebuild. Break it up. Do something and completely different will know address the absolutely bonkers as I'm sure it does to royals fans I mean this is good it's gotta be tough. To be a royal span. And watch and see them not doing anything to sell and everybody off saving some money. We'll get somebody on this week you can talk about royals prospects. Will look at the Lists of top thirty prospects for the royals who might be on the cuffs. Of helping this team but it's not a highly regarded farm system right now. Now it could be in a year or two a because they drafted five pitchers are very high this year college pitchers I think they they all have. A chance to be successful. They're gonna have you first to the second pick in the draft next year. So bat bat even though that there's no. Perfect science to the draft if your pick and one or two you are if somebody who's in Asia and who's gonna contribute to your organization. So little wolf fueled happens pastor Mike is on the phone pass from Mike are you. I'm not a bad thing that is on our person of Islam can oil situation. That it can just go out there. And in concert that actually at first six that are nearing their plans are yet they're both at worst it's ever existed baseball. And this is straight though the bitter ethnic groups like the equivalent of anchors. You're on the news again so tiger and that's support it is in the senate and he's had a good run. And you'd better figure what they're gonna do not think on that he's established as well. Where you establish themselves I think those are because first date on him correctly. So. Well record you know don't measure has a chance. But I'm of the I'm I'm of the belief that if we'll see about dozer. I'm not I'm not totally sold on those here but I'm not totally sold on Mondesi. They don't have anybody. That I'm totally sold upon the mastermind. Yeah Merapi a bait like go out and he's not a prospect I'm talking about how. Yeah but tackles that's what we're talking why not play these guys every day now he what you got. I don't you're clear way of first grade that not yet. Well and pastor Mike you like you said you watch them religiously and even watch them you know you watch them all year. At this point in the year would you rather just see a bunch of kids and see what you have. Who would you rather than seeing trying to straw sees us tomorrow there every Dre and like you said drew brute -- Chara and just watch in these guys who aren't going to be around anyway. And that melanoma with or without scored even even though they got that. He's contract he likened the future. Future put struck we discuss that. Any and if you have any thing in in in. If you have any Iranian accesses outfielders so let's play some of these guys and we don't need to see Alex Gordon. No I mean we just don't he's there's no reason to play Alex Gordon right now. They have a lot of history would open up tickets attract the reason why well it only got one more year left on that contract. Yeah so even if you have do cut Alex Gordon. Do it. Didn't bring it up and Pam match I know he's meant a lot to the franchise I'd get it. Alex Gordon was who was an integral part of of make in this organization a championship organization. But. If they go in the next year with Alex Gordon as a as an every day outfielder. That's the failure on mine and my estimates. He had a lot of the security I think they needed just. You can you guys players so the pitchers were correct we have you know potential that the principal in his chest. Horrendous and just as it related system that can actually just. Thank you almost six when they. When your return the still wanted to gain and they just give it away and make sure you have a bucket next to you the next time and lots of now like to watch out what is it. I don't make a mats on the corporate so. They let this that too much information at that aren't are being currently get second try to watch the cardinals. Donated at Dhahran that she's sites faster mine are the cardinals have our own issues but one thing they did they blew up their bullpen and they said Greg Holland. You're out of here we know we're paying a fourteen million this year we're gonna have to eat about five million. They put Brett Cecil on the DL he's been terrible. Now they've done all young guys pretty much in their bullpen except for the clothes or bug north and the results have been outstanding they have some pitching prospects. They put a lot of them and their bullpen. And our bullpen has been significantly better over the past couple weeks while Madison and Morgan sees some young guys play for the cardinals Mets. Aroused gonna say having you get to see the younger guys to get to see what you have as an organization in these guys on guys you wanna keep or possibly keep and the royals for some reason. Keep rolling out the same guys. And their 44 games under. I've wondered why does why I'll lie. And select clerks and yeah. That or. Not and you're all bull. She injured two. Years. There. Are. I. Just. Bull. Computer. You know most. Are small market. Guys. Back up again helping people and. Thanks I I agree now again the royals would not be considered a top. Half of the league farm system. Right now. But I think it's getting better and the more they draft and these positions remember they built this thing by drafting a guy. With Hosmer and stocking up and they made some of student trades to bring Lorenzo Cain and so I mean that's how they did it the first time. They made some great acquisitions. At the trade deadline. The year they won the championship. By getting bends over us from the cubs and and that to a lesser degree. Johnny boy though he wasn't very good for the world but he did pitch one great game in the post season so. The royals have their work cut out for them. This thing is not gonna get better. Until it gets even believe it or not probably a little worse yeah there's not a Muslim reduce our plan the young people. They're probably not don't succeed at first. But they're not succeeding now right and that's the whole thing what we did talk while they're not succeeding now so why not see which and I just garnished I don't understand it maybe. We need to like you said doctor somebody that's closer the royals and those little bit more about the prospects of stuff but to me as just the fan. I'd rather just see a bunch of kids role altered she would she got. There's just not gonna be any worse than what we've seen so far this year especially in their bullpen. Well her bull pens off funding when you lose guys like Davis and Soria in Herrera. And Holland and hall hall London and Guerrero are in the Washington Nationals ball exactly nationals picked up Greg Holland. And Wade Davis has been struggling mightily. Of late yeah as the closer for the Colorado Rockies. Well EU. Relievers you kind of just hope you can get two or three great years somebody. And if it's more than. Thank goodness but it's hard you don't find too many marry on our Rivera's Null or or Kregg Campbell's. Roaming the roaming the earth. This doesn't happen. All right will be back in a mobile talks amend CNBC baseball and our Palmer of the San Antonio angels. Team is on a nice roll over Lawrence Dumont stadium. You're listening to the drive. Bob loose Jason do that.