Catching Up With Malcom Cameron

The Drive
Friday, July 20th
Wichita Thunder Coach Malcom Cameron checks in to talk Thunder Hockey and expectations for the 2018/19 season.

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I don't know why now. The drive with a bow and Jeff Daly 691240. Left. JFH. Green got so well. Why did. Dusty doesn't. Stefan. Bring them softball and in my head. Danish call it welcome back soon let's just what drugs this is because I'll. But Cassidy and the Sundance kid and Tommy's favorite or Tommy my favorite movies songs from the movies it's. Sleep this is BJ Thomas from the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Tommy's. Second favorite movie of all time that must mean Tommy that we're gonna hear from your very favorite movie. To close out this week next week we start to global do my music. And then in two weeks Bob's top 100 blah blah blah deceased all over that as an easy it's crazy it's absolutely crazy. Malcolm Cameron the Wichita thunder head coach. In airing his third season is is that joining us right now coach I'd go down in Florida I hear. I'm doing well and narrowed. Related to tiger today is a bit which guard the other weather this morning you look pretty odd they're. I think it goes like Death Valley at Wichita and like the Sahara Desert doesn't it not agree. The hottest climates today. There are a good body here that surely get the humidity could very liberate the Gulf of Mexico. But there are all big big humidity over that dry heat. Absolutely Malcolm camera which stopped under head coach. You break a playoff drought of I believe five seasons for the team only your second season of course last year bad. I'm sure the goal every year in recruiting is not just to get to the playoffs but. Now you have billion a little bit of a bar to clear after having made itself how does that change if at all what you do in the off season and how you prepare and recruit. Well and it overcrowding. Got a golden agers that you don't put your mutant over the first thing you wanna do it. Try to renew your affiliation would be SH OP which we did it. And then the next step is. In all the qualifying offer period. Where you're prepared to right or lawyer or your rock dirt. And you wanna try to get as many guys out that your interest it didn't. Dying. It'll prior that I have a good ball farther murder getting in the late like we are right now would we accomplished we aren't there. Everybody started people know we have now everybody that we tried to do they do. We got everybody side that we wanted to bring back thoughtful masters roster. And and picked up if you knew guys aren't always stole. All we're doing well dug out you ought patrol. Are we won't receive ten but at duke players from the Oilers this year in Bakersfield. And I'll probably more than we get our secure. And download that spot you don't report it until I like a lot to wage a cup. Now Malcolm you keep talking about obviously the affiliates insanity players down. Does that change any way you look at the offseason and bring an end certain players do you have any idea. What type of player or how many. Players you could possibly get from them and to fill certain situations that. You know as it as trying to find a guy in a summit even keep all year. And you might get a guy for members not board would fill that spot is does that does that play with he recruiting at all. No doubt going to be I got a good number are good idea who were adding. You know from had been done right now all. You know loyal wife position why but arbitrators don't training get up at the Gillers only disappointment that there is no surprise that Nowak could change. To assure all right I putted really good goaltending situation you're Elliott. Our goal voted there or not getting everybody. And Campbell we got him. The wire work around there. Tucker with Wichita thunder head coach Martin hadn't. Malcolm Cameron they're season starts October 12. Are the decisions coach a little bit it got tougher in some ways we are coming off the playoffs season. Which can't be deemed a success a successful season. Is it is it more difficult it to figure out which players to keep it which to not because I'm mad to win when it's rougher seas and then you can have more turnover but now those decisions. I would think theoretically become a little bit more difficult is that accurate. Not really actually pretty. I liked our roster especially at the end of the error the guys that we out in the playoffs. I mean there's some guys that are movement aren't due to Europe. And all I'm a markedly duties so obviously you'll lose now. But the core group the guys that we had at the end of the year were guys bought it out. On the air gap debate and even then I Alain coward Jeremy poker goes thank you guys that we party and now. They'll be at even got the belt do. The pin number of other guys do that we developed over the coming weeks. I mean really we had a younger group clustered at all common intercept a third import your old. So every now you're extra year of experience. Will make out much better next year. Well what we did it is we've we've built around the core guys that we brought. And you know the guys that we lost but mark nowlin. You know I'll applaud her you know guys like doubt we it'll go vote Bolden we've done a good job without go far. Our Edmund didn't helped immensely in the recruiting process group giving your training camps. Spot further in all our recruit to the American way to actually huge part of it. And I like they. You mentioned that the they affiliates and in nine getting them two spots on on American League teams and stuff like that. That's got to help immensely I I and I remember that from when we were going. Gone through this when I was coach in there and a lot of guys would ask you know can you give me into it. American League tryout Kenny can you find that spot from. That's got him that's got to just be kind of the icing on the cake Korea when you're dealing with a guy that's comment on if he's gonna come here somewhere else. Well everybody want to camps Bartlett are veteran player. Everybody wants to go to jail but that bleak and you don't doubt you have spot. There's really the thing that he'll draw recruiting and being able to get a lawyer. After we got fourteen guide to America Italy yeah. Mr. relationships that I built over the years will probably up close to a similar number this year. That not just all in Bakersfield. You know what guys in Chicago and Utica and different places like god. By the give them opportunities to get team but really this is a league where you have to provide that. And that's why it's important however relationship and and it's important Evan affiliation. Deemed that don't have an affiliate. Really struggle at recruiting you know good young players and he can't have all that's because we have a salary cap so you don't eat as much you like. Don't want guys that they have three and four years experience in that can make against Hillary why he got to have good first protecting your border. Talking with which stopped under head coach Malcolm Cameron. Do you look at it you pay attention to what other teams are doing most teams. You know tried to keep their core intact much like you have but there he always constant moves being made in this league and at every level of professional hockey. So that's something you pay attention to during the summer you just focus on what you're trying to accomplish. Well we get at the league sent out an updated let them who everybody has started every week so I've got a pretty good handle on it of course. You know any good players stock at a multiple teams right. But I just go our business I'm not worried about what other teams are doing. I just try and sell our program. We've been very fortunate. The Oilers are Bakersfield and particularly our dual players from last year American League east mostly due weight contracts. I'll ride them straw in and out mark so mark Olivier Olivier Laurent to burst your lawyers. Are gonna be doubt lawyers in that he'd admit the system and keep them on our roster is well dole we're pretty pleased with the I didn't we do expect probably anywhere between three and four more opted out. Bond and like you said you know he. You know I I went to a couple of playoff games are against Colorado and and he started off so strong with the new got guys pulled up and yet some injuries and and trust I understand how that works. And it makes it pretty difficult for a coach but the guys they end up to have them back I mean not to finish the season off like he did against it a team as good as Colorado was. You gotta be happy with that coming into this year. All right argue would mean are in all honesty I watched Kelly cup final down here in Florida. Colorado and Florida I think we gave Colorado the biggest out. Even though went seven games here in Florida think the dip into the trouble that got them. Obviously we're four playoff round but in talking to some of the Colorado free agent this summer they ultimately didn't adopt this series. We let every game of that series. It's too bad we gonna got a guy like golf want to god playoff. Unfortunately he got injured nickel out of they've they have big experience government got injured two weeks before playoffs. And yet we have had those guys we we probably would have played in the second or third round. There you go coach we appreciate it good luck as this summer continues and and toward the season I'm sure we'll catch up with you again soon enjoy. Your home down there in Florida hope it stays there relatively temperate down there. Solid in every day every time you get the brackets right now. Why why did well here in Florida but. Thanks guys then there are you know we're we're really excited about the roster so far and we've but I hope we hired a player assistant coach might likely last year would dealer being. This guy's got a even more experience including NHL experience soul that I now will be forthcoming here than actual waddle and. If you wanna make it on this show your more than you're more than welcome. Well we typically get bad guy it'll probably be about the other two weeks. And all have bomb he's got that these guys. I sounds yet we appreciate just thank you. We have we have. Boss sounds like they got some stuff going on and they can build up a lost year Amanda he's a bit coach is going to be. I've no idea. Aren't powerful player assistant player systems so is obviously a veteran that's gonna play. With some NHL experience now so could be anyplace sounds like Joe Sakic you think it might be Joseph but Joseph might come back if ever I think it more like Teemu salami acted acted gay I'm that's not doing any pats my gas. Or maybe looked Roberta Longo but he played in Florida he's gonna fly they not a good thing he says the young are you think. Yeah I could be they need they don't it could be a guy played with who played NATO for ten years rat Warner that is defenseman from Florida pretty much does that frisbee he knows there. It's I don't think it's drastic step that I don't think it's Mac. But it could be a UK might hit it could be at last I heard uses the statue went so well I don't know that's gonna work that doesn't. Because there's a few minutes outside of Florida G-8 elbit bill that might might be a drive. I don't think you walk there now deftly and C drive exactly our multi will not come back Purdue a five questions. Well another Jim Rome sort of personality I guess we'll figure out Ryan in what decides we're gonna localize this thing. Stay let this our photo full slate and hope the week. On the drive with that. Bob and Jeff.