Catching Up With Keitha Adams

The Drive
Friday, July 6th
Lady Shockers coach Keitha Adams checks in to talk the Lady Shockers off season happenings.

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All right let's don't. Okay. Have Douglas Williams moves like Mac some music. Why NCAA. Summertime grow from 1985. I've never heard. And we'll never hear again Keith Adams joins us what does save women's basketball coach K are you. Forget it and they've summer of 1980. I was gonna ask you this had to be riding your wheel house summertime girls but why and TV you know. Well I recall that but I graduated like eight. A lot of things happening here. No question about it 1985. Except for the royals went over the cardinals in the World Series lead to break. They're. You you've got to you've got a lot of new players on their roster this season. Kind of kind of hit the reset button to some degree how exciting is that in this does this kind of feel like this is really your beginning to top that. It is an exciting time. It out we're gonna have a lot of say it will probably have a a forward Ernie layered. It's going to be a lot of it is obvious we did here we're gonna. I it act of it and we're gonna have a lot of diaper dandy that. Actually the beginning at being let out Portman the bad days you know the future for our program. And now. They're a lot EG had a lot of ground now and I. He it would begin though but. Definitely I. I'm reading her a brick and hit it you're not get it all. How much do you do you welcome that opportunity today you know you you obviously want experience coming back you need to have a little bit of that but this to be able to kind of start from scratch and build the team you want to build basically from the very beginning that look at that that do that kind of enjoyed. Yeah. You'd actually. It around and haven't a lot of freshmen heavy handed out in there we get our. Laying I have cracked and they're gonna probably. You don't doubt you could learning and get that boy there. Yet I've got artwork and it. It really played early in their careers that. But I admit I hit it the beginning here. They're very very deep in well there you know you like the back of their there he added you don't go well but it. It can really be a bit opening bell route they eat yadda. You got to go earn big big get their bella. Yet no happily been dining at a don't you had a lot. Player Larry and that it candidate Bret did admit it rather act when they leave it ain't here. Black in that direction I've been apart and at that pretty pretty op when he being out it can really rally batter. In that very in depth and Malia will pay out. Am sick shell I thought that would be every building you are being hit that. Quite an MBA here are broken. And getting damn support it. I think they're that they're at the art of our. Foundation down bird bird micro. Keith Adams with those which I say women's basketball coach noticed in a recent story in the and we saw you feel that Taylor elders wrote. One of your goals in a cruel joke arena. I and now what happens one would seem to be a daunting goal. Tell us about tell us about and I know you do that in your previous opera at Texas El Paso and drew over 121000 a couple times there. Why do you think that can be done here with us there. I every minute you're definitely not stay in. Not. At the basketball city. Now. And we love that ball in and the I act that. You know at the gold or no Urbina. A great back the ball rule and and I think it's there at any good or soccer. It would not even without luck guy. Out yeah I worked really really hard. You build a program and won an apple product not coordinate. People are. Really enjoy what leg in early night that it part I'm. Not gonna work early art. Enact the community where people. You know I don't welcome that needed it wanted to give art of the program and adapt. It it can't pick a lot of work. And get stared at amateur. In my third year that was probably not a hundred people on the end and that. You know. Well people want there gonna not that they're not a lot of cry I'd trade and that. I'll let you know a lot kidnapped. Yeah. Yeah I think that qatari and I think we can get out or go out there aren't a lot of people fired up body up. Then you've got a hundred yeah I think going to be. A great up are there any problem at the limit that all. Label it a lot with the end. And then go sell it period a break and I didn't want it back. And now we got to work hard to build it. How do you look at UConn I don't even really know how to how to kind of frame the question. Because there their thoughts on a different level. But you you look at them as a barometer we wanna be that some day or just that's kind of a model of how you want to develop your own program. I let you you know. They're not yet you know the best program are embodied that program and and so you know daughter. I think you look what they've. The record broad than that it is unbelievable what they and manicure that there were these LA than there. It's unbelievable what what we don't know but god got. I think the thing it it it definitely did that something you work part word that. You know what degree it did not about you know. That soccer league to play on. You know worked aptly gets ready and that they help us build our program. And work toward EL one they'd been able to give giving I had. A lot all of one did that habit. And name. They. There it. It is Bob Brinkley. They're you know they're they're about what we're definitely. Happily working hard to batter at the and you see that will you'd rather than let it go. Talking with the keep that in Wichita State women's basketball coach too poorly you go keep just a couple players mentioned and they have permits an article by at Taylor Eldridge. Data Hampton the the miss miss basketball. Signed the state of Michigan last year this year actually. And Donyell layer. One of the best players in Los Angeles now those are pretty and they incredible credentials. Not just on paper so lucky tell us about those two. Well it outdated. Really it's boring guard. Can't let it yet Laney sometimes singularly. In NN. We're birds could could blame them all the very athletic and Larry. I'm here now. The nominal act only had died ill. And it's backlit led. And now ladies. Don't feel like at manipulate data it. That grant Hulu app Cattrall. Category at the items ala the home side. Got a little bird I didn't let her the number and turned the blue work it out or. I think he's yet great. I don't. You're at it week in new York and they didn't. Internet and Iranian. That they're willing and able to get they start. Very good coastal we appreciate it sounds like you're a recruiting right now. I'm nearly flat and it being played out at Villa. Economic. Outlook. Would it be all over the country in that deadly day my whole outcome so depending working hard and you're. Built the big Gator won the war and now and one day war low wolf we're all that every now Ottawa. That the big gold. Absolutely well very again we appreciate you're time is always. Probably gonna catch up with you again before the season begins travel click okay. It they plucked he had me on. I thank you keep them out of Wichita State women's basketball coach will take a break I'm right solo right now this is amazing I feel like. Yard when Wayne Campbell. Left in a Huff on Wayne's world head but I but do way better then then gone and I'm sure I've made that reference on this show before but it's always apps we'll come back. We'll do a little five questions with a mystery guest you won't want to miss it. Stay with us it's the driver bottled up my hip thing.