Catching Up With CJ Lufile

The Drive
Friday, April 20th

Former Shocker CJ Lufile pays the show a visit.


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I don't know why now. The drive with a bow and Jeff Daly 691240. Left. JFH. Little more Moody Blues boy it doesn't tall question no reason induct you into the rock and roll hall of fame. I happen to be joined now by C didn't. Feel former shocker who have played in 66 games for Wichita State including thirty in their final four season. Of 201213. Was. Starter in eleven games the following season course alum started at 35 and now I don't see Dick good to hear from you. There. Create a good. Ride and I and we noticed your. FaceBook post last night obviously it's been spread. A lot here. In Wichita monks shocker fans. Lou last night and again today. Your mother is battling cancer and do you were thinking about. Selling your final four ring to help defray some of those costs where do we stand with that now. Tom you are under a lot of people are which I'm I'm not so there is a indeed it stated to a lot of people are not. Our elders there don't you know me out there you know this is not old old artists are bigger picture that you want to do it but I can't support. Now you. Yeah. Lot of people to question he's been really into my arms it is pretty seriously. Compete. And a lot more attention and it did come. It's kind of they're due what they've been. He's not about you people. But it. Up to our blog you can do whatever you. Call arm. It is good that the days some days to get yourself. I'll try to check in just about something and more or apple or you ought not. Yeah it. Pride and now obviously he's like he said you would not drop. I mean. I have hard time believing anyone would be selling its final four ring if there was an absolutely. A necessity in their mind. He'd say it if I would just to get that bet on it are you. Bought it. I look at it looked pretty good now but could really benefit. You don't need not been a bit memories don't. Knock it blueberry Monday too long so. Not. I could re respect and support. Ma ma or. There's a lot of people in my corner I don't. It scored that much more clear more of the money they didn't date. Yeah I mean in my opinion but overall but it did and certainly you'd you'd be. Vietnam. And big. I'll bet it did not as much and you don't. I'm mark French oil but at the new day and getting better but that appeal it. And it today. It. Yet you cure CJ. Tell us about your mom what kind of a person is she what it what. What means a lot to you about her. Are my mommy what you see Harlem. She Thomas yeah we got bought out. My territory multiple schools and our pastor. Moms signature Pollack also there's also if you worse shape by wolves to church Burris column. She definitely. Column. Some merit not support. Our younger brother or sister. A boat. Traditional. You admit yeah we got to. Obvious and Bob Sutton that's at which they are no work no we're trying to do best my mom is it that Burt. We want you know palm. Margaret. I'm not really. Too sure what you want problem. It situation where Arnaud. This is going to be that don't cheer. About what progress is not going to be a good idea or my mom and not enough in my yeah I mean they're not. What's going on do not contain. I'll ask you first found out there and I'm like OK you know just get better you know and. No she ended up at bear ad is great because it occurred about products your parents there Erstad she added. They're a graduate was prostate it to the tree up. And it turned down couple overseas contract could be a home I can that be very. Then didn't know. There that they they're too much issue edict. No absolutely ecstatic that should do it will be. The problem. It now our children either in. Our. And others but I guess oh really hurt you could seat about. What. And it'd be about oil problem. It's not. Hold the department. Of our markets are all right. So ball. You know good news where are. Bambi. Doll. To commute it is not I re out there and got it. Most dictate your mute did you guys do. But don't. My suggestion that outlawed. But I shot it our but it worked out to get enough so. Talk on the CJ who feel he's in Canada caring for his some mother who's diagnosed earlier this year with cancer. 127 now on according to us Taylor Eldridge his story in which Ty eagle Kansas dot com. You're trying to get back in the basketball shape. You're also working out factory job again to. To help your mother there's a lot 427. Year old for a guy that to take on that at a young age how are you coping. I noted that there are no rear which. I'm close Marshall. Not. I mean it the. Tough minded debate. Burst into that. Golf. He's not a crime. You bet it is and the doctors being squeezed and beat. Him there but it would have been mitigated. Yet literate they dispute that are so. I. Thought. I got to basic nature and it worked out. In the local or which back is not up to create you used all our kids. And and that big labor now. This didn't change the porch and just educated big but. I just heard some also also. Up. I thought our troops back. You know it's not a jot. Study really is cheap. You go back and just wherever they need got 08 at two week. When did membership what are it. We've got opportunities. But not he'd be home better be good TT way you know out of it. It so OC CJ just real quick the go find me for your mom it's raised about 7000 dollars of a 151000 dollar goal. That was set up by Connie severe and that just didn't win. Putting he everything else just about that in just don't stub. What are you wanna state of people who who have donated or can donate or or will donate. Can't donate but I don't give players into the day but it is what is it money off. Right at you support. Nobody here and there that it takes their 5 digit but I am. Appreciate it we don't there's gonna be digital back. Mom are eager to describe her Bieber into your bloodstream and declare it dead. And it it's not. Actually. Chuck made all the while I'm at I looked. At least you want you guys. I just got so much in need. You guys are back. He didn't feel those final moments I did wanna ask you something about basketball. You were part of a final four team and then the following year you were part of a team that started thirty. Pardon me. You were part of a final fourteen. And then you were part of a 35 and no team which you remember most of 35 MO or the one loss to Kentucky in the NCAA eternal. Most yeah. Which of those sticks with you the most the 35 wins of the one loss. The third the final or there. I urge you all know what. Start cheating by decision a model it all the coaches and players. We can't be shot and it probably shot. All the guys get out to this city. Kind of put. I'm at bat the next year to go dispute that it go to our pocket bellows. Pretty tepid post. Give a competent to be like you now you're going to get big debate so I don't usually get. It to date. Our. Bidding. War. Also. Absolutely. Wolf we appreciate talked to a few see jab prefer your given name of Chad rack I've always told you that I love that name. So weak we hope everything turns out. Well with your mother and thanks for spending some time with us today. There are you so much are. Us and argue like that sported beat. Are you grow dark I am big into. So much about cantaloupe and the whatever happened that day pocket god. Among us appreciate it great also our state. Yeah thank you we'll talk too soon. That's Chad rack who feel former Wichita State's starter. Started eleven games as a senior. For a team to win 35 and one average about six points and five rebounds. So he he made his market Wichita State in basketball. We hope the best for his mother back in a moment jive talk right here on the drive KFH radio.