Cardinal’s take down Indians for 10,000th win

The Drive
Tuesday, June 26th
St. Louis is hosting the three game series with the second game tonight at 7:15 with the third game tomorrow also at 7:15. It was the 10,000th win for the Cardinals in franchise history.

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This is the dry bones. And Barbara Wallace played Tuesday of this in the drive kids age radio right here Bob groups Catholics with the U until. But the clock. We got the great Max power isn't airing the show in the them migrate and you're handling over there. Producing this show I think I'm taking shots and handle forty. I don't know I Andrew Weil he's it it appears of these on a path to greatness you know Max really well I'll Max of his middle name when my birthday that some million. Jefferson power. Don't think oh this. I ago. Are you of your weekend haven't talked in awhile. I've been a laying low blow floor. Does avoiding confrontation confrontation and confront and putting them on what you've been up to got a TV and really excited about it. Wonder get a big one of the they want a big one. Did you have you seen mine. Yeah I'm not that guy not a materialistic. I just wanted a TV I didn't let don't want something new couldn't sleep I can see it I'd love five minutes. It's funny plus five point five inches with considered a big television I did I don't nineteenth I don't long hair and I didn't want a big TV. Did they laugh at Hewlett. Like one year not an hour and a smaller I can just put on the low end table wobble I'm surprised they even had a word you shop best buy. Live to take into the closet though aren't out there and fifteen minutes if that. The road used television well how far how close do you fit to have to be able to see over there and then back to the window autumn on the couched. It's good that's the surprising purchases not wanted to do you have for awhile. My gonna give huge TV this in the little room and and they've mine I'll ask you don't care about your TV. That's experiences as governor Ryan. You know that like here and unnecessary it's like here in the scene man it's like. It's like when you say car chase you feel like you're right there you have ESPN plus by any chance know of Manny needed. What the FBM reply yes in places like Netflix for ESPN. Got all the thirty for thirty's on an all these I mean literally all of the thirty for thirty's every single one. Goalie six these this guy the Kobe should it's scary to watch live ESP and it's it's as astounding for five dollars a month. Five bucks a month. Yes I need the 140 mocked like I am now really that's not a follower pan. That's close. No I have now I got food. I'm out of. But he may. Well as a the but he did it at the TV without our TV yes. You get it roku device apparently about it while that one of the TV of one of my naps on let's go. I don't got levied heavy network MLB. Hulu Netflix ES PM plus done. Right there that's all you need and what you Panama. Ten for Debbie Debbie traded for MLB you Robin somebody's password now we train Debbie Debbie for MLB. When you mean. I use their debit they're MLB they use my dad read heavy hands and bay. The Griffith. Well up though that's illegal. Illegal or not athletic Atlanta confessed to have federal crime well I think at the federal if the federal what do you think it did. A problem any anything is is up at the first load before the final good I hope they come in Guinness. The ten dollars for Davey Davey about eight for Hulu five for ESP NA again. What you paid for Netflix. Thirty million you know. This is not good your confessing to a crime house though. You just so happy you changed. You traded the everyone on earth does that so they come for me they'll come for everybody at some point wolf they restrict that. Well it's been years and they happened so I assume that by word association. John game go change. Have you guys with. Off now blamed on say hot after a travel day now cities standing for Foreman but then again and I had an old little item outstanding performance by John. The he did fine wasn't that. Seven innings one hit. And that hit bounced off the third based bank. As the nice it. 10 lead with stock that scenario will in the next to him who can't you got clover goldeneye. You'd think you'd win not one really well Arnold's Martinez needs to ride his rise to the case who have tomorrow's that chain beaver this. Against and brother. More or less do whatever you need to to make fun of them and they'll dominate. The that was wonderful life Paula good and I'm I'm glad to have that everything's gonna change and I. He's by not leaving you want to hit it man man not the last some the cardinals face Lugar. He struck out eight team. Though I'm not I'm not exactly optimistic. But hey we got one game. Exactly and I get about an earlier war games out and as poorly as this I don't know I don't know listen did in your knees give me a chance to have some level of excitement. I'll have it but did the Indians even care I mean the game's delay and they're out in Saint Louis. Humid there ate up in the division that's a thorough way and have fun limit congress throw it. The O line we did. I am will take it you want a thorough look formal letter that we'll take it reliant and will still win because clover is on the it doesn't matter I'm happy. From for a rare time this baseball season on the on the way over I'm listening BK updates. A little loyal. Loyal part time employees. Here and will Cain is on there and he's got some idiot on. Talking about baseball with this moron can't name five players out anyway. I don't know who is one of Jeff Darlington. I don't know rule was. Thumb thumb. Offensive linemen from the NFL that they hired to come in and talk about the NFL because the only thing you have to be able to talk about. On ESPN radio in Vienna now if you can talk about the NFL you have a job for life seems like it. It's it's maddening. Below talking about the at the conversation turns to Mike trial. And well this guy doesn't even know opposition replied well it's it's bad radio. I I know is not a pitcher operator issues not a catcher because of the pictures that we need not. In catcher's gear and the end and look at eventually just like him up and says. It was third day. And any ghost of our five point. Well okay. I waited all obviously was joking these sadly laws but it didn't flow like a joke that between back I don't. It it didn't it did not sound like a joke. Okay that's really that's what he said. He set I was joking. But I don't. Yes he tweeted back. There's airs between exchange does anybody care yes. Hold on. Did will OK just say Mike Trout as a third baseman. While I think I heard that will gain tweets back and I didn't hear that. I feel your pain but you could element I say. And he does something has tags they mean seventy. I don't know have mean I had no idea. Well by now that you click got it no. And no idealists Davies seventy mean. Yeah why don't you know. I don't care that's the only and not the only reason on the show. But a primary reason your round on this show is to understand Pakistan. Gary good to will Cain thing and I don't know what it means you don't know what that means. While what what going have to know what it may and de mis seventy. I don't know. I don't know what it means. Because when he came back from the break is that all you guys think he got me. And all this and I was joking and I don't believe he was joking book get on the show he's doing his own show right now. In a court of law. Raise your right hand will okay India promised to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing about the truth. Were you joking. When you said Mike Trout as the third baseman. Under oath he would say no. I if I messed up I know nothing about baseball. Via you know us Davies I don't know remains and I don't I mean it will Cain and what if courts Phillips hit land. It looks like a gap in the light. Through you do otherwise what I don't know what it means somebody asked the now. We need gave me seven hello have you done the Google floor yes I don't know what it means. When you click on the hashed out what it worded take Q. Will Cain fell open and stay mean 70. Well it. Not 70. And as I don't know. Rather. This is the alarming. Stayed me seventy yeah fairly young of alarming and we talked about your Twitter poll today. I'm alarmed that. Maybe we'll get to that later we'll talk about it. What are poll today is sponsored by stimulate pharaoh should the royal de Mello. Ha stay mellow. There's solidly and apparently. That wanted to stay mellow has then what's the slope on Carmela I don't know I thought oh. I let the Anders demand to your phone calls 8691240. This show is a phone call oriented show. As a veteran and agree it has been from the day we went on the air Jordan you're the first up on on the drive today what's up. To be the first one. Just gonna come any chime in on the navy. Eddie and yet. And barely that is due to Carmelo Anthony. Apparently we need to stay mellow. Running back yet outperform these are all ought. A get well. They've now. So were okay is telling me. The mellow out. Ignore what you ought. Did you hear. Yeah I'm looking and is well. Much. About. That did not come across is him joking did it. No I didn't like it bodies if you are there but you know. It. I'd thanks Stuart. I did not Elisa I've known he was absolutely joking of course on nine tweeting. My did my interpretation. Was. And I third base I would have to guess because you didn't he didn't really jump in earlier in the conversations say much about turnaround. I don't think he knows baseball pass the palm of the blank probably doesn't. Pass the chain. And it's unfortunate that. We still have to be having this conversation about Mike Trout who's one of the greatest players in the history and and it's this moron excuse me for lack of a better word this guy it and barely heard of Mike Trout. I don't wanna hear him. He has no place on my radio. Now and it's still today and this just availability deserted by drone up lately John I hate some midfielder for Paraguay. On and in the World Cup I don't know. I don't really happy yeah Mike Trout get he's got the exact same number homers and Jose Ramirez. They must be again but. For someone to get our radio and T and talking about it and now it's it's it's disheartening and and then look and said. I'm about stories and there's just no stories in baseball. Looked a little deeper. Makes me angry baseball's. Oh you were out there and root Richard justice Sonnen said the you are tired of the game come tired of the cardinal. They have not been an exciting team this year well there are many Jim Muir on the show. What are ordinary your resolutions aren't and you call. But did you in out vehicles spring by the court less credit effect rocket parts Delaware and well well well well Lashkar area got it right the cardinals blogger trench out of game yes the dude. Until that may have Bateman group little workbook if you guys have big news like that on the cardinal will ornament that now. You know you guys or other drink anymore you don't write about baseball or something I don't know I figured out. Thanks them but. Well what we don't like to drink anymore we don't know anything about baseball or something I know something about baseball I watched the game virtually every day. I'm I'm invested in the game. I'm not that invested in the American League because we are you know what's gonna happen. So count me as a National League even more so the news on the your favorite teams in the National League. Ride but I mean there's not exactly American League lease fault that all the good players and teams are in the American League has not tanking. I don't think I liked it. There's nothing worse than a bad baseball team because with every day the royals know this. And and royals fans know this guy you want a championship. I give via congratulations. But. I would question. Do you wanna win a championship once every twenty years yet to go third horrific feed them for twelve. Yours yes you do yeah I didn't. What about my team this good every years just to what degree are okay. Other good every year I just love to what degree. Other good Arnold good. This year they're 50 or five or six over 500. Is am I mean RI that there are they're not great extent but I fed to what degree right. They're good they're they're more good than they are bad. Okay right I guess thug of that though there's a degree of good. Yeah I'd love formed to be in the playoffs ever year and Lyra the American League that B thirteen out in like they work from that it. From 96 to 2011. Virtually ever year there and play out. That these get hooked on that that the plan. I need to check that well they missed a couple of years 96 they went. And they had a couple down years under LaRue is but I think they went. Twelve of his last fifteen years. Some ridiculous thing like that. And how good is that. Good. Let's grain. They were in the playoffs in 96200010204050609111213. Fourteen. In just. That's almost every year. Elephants are negated much easier to get the half share. I'm any theories that they when you you know you could not handle the success that I've handled. In my line have no idea what that means fast. My cue on the show. I. We're good almost fired up at scenes mastermind. That. Diet. About you do it. Articles but he got out or based on its. Actually it will. It's quite in her somewhat recuperating at a faster but are expected you'll agree it was very artery. That Milan to give it doesn't use big words Al bill than it does newspaper probe and talk about. I really epitomize. Something different for America out the other sport. Football or soccer. Tradition Circor. It. Credit if not my point is class in my can Obama listened to my radio on the way over here and they're gonna denigrate baseball. I'm not gonna listen anymore. They have no title of the period your Ryder Cup ESPN should probably dispute you know well. I mean that's. Are now listen Amani FOM station there's a lot of good. The charts from the I'm just land mine and my deal today it was. I don't I don't need to hear some ex offensive lineman. Who doesn't know any thing tummy doesn't know about baseball I don't need to hear that. Right now. And they talk about the inner city that the thing part of that you earlier. You heard him talk about about. Giving those from the inner cities like they all. I certainly will make an impact you're given you preacher now. Others to try to recognize that maybe expand that it. Clearly higher by volunteers who are there as in this article like Obama take you out. While naturally it. I and my plan pastor Mike and I want your opinion on Dennis. My plan is to become a little bit of a nuisance to people about trying to get some. Recognition for league 42. And the fact that what we're doing here is trying to lead kids to baseball. We're doing the job that MOB says that wants done. Are you if you expanded them believable later like preacher well basically provoke people come back to church of the notes could. And so all I'll put a little. You know for the little lot in the back in the somebody surveillance that you need to do this it'll make sure like better and I are record effort currently where you can do with all the. Cheers Eric spirits are out there on the diameter. So are. There out there are built here than it should be wrecked it. And our biggest should be spread out. Throughout the country is that the case is based certainly be good to have purpose and direction we know that you guys. Olympics albeit on the order teams is better than being in some gang that is out there are cute. I mean are you I'm your biggest order. Awesome figure. Not look at that necessarily for personal accolades on a canal and as for the own organization. That is that was put together. To try to lead kids to baseball and in so doing. Helped him and other facets of the lives as well the last. I boarded the other board of directors that are very talented patch it. And that helps you and you had the location every atom and I was irritated to that is no fool those Kuester who law. DeVon and you'd like to say to Jeff because. He's nodding our guy dating thing to me. That allied jets says this new young generation needs and I think god I got I got two young men to borders they made of that nature. Are very focused on what they're doing don't it's a cop out but the good old at least that's likely. Maybe it will be kind of like cool and that's why. You know we have the album cycle time gesture than a year whether that's behind. Yeah that's fine so that. But an epic its. The procedure has matured throughout this. You're on the radio I'm I'm really proud of interest radio commercials they are pastor who should. We've got a good show today Denise Neil from the Wichita eagle Kansas dot com. Joins us at 440 to talk about food and dining here and with the at 545 today we'll talk with the media forced out from reed for bread he covers. College basketball the NBA the NBA draft. Certainly a lot of topics cover. With and three or very little bit later in the show hang on the air here on the line will be back from the moment that some good drive on cafe.