Is Cam Newton Back?

Golic & Wingo
Tuesday, November 14th

Greeny & Golic talked about the Panthers win against Miami and how bad the Dolphins have been lately. Plus they talked to Mark Schlereth, Mark Cuban & Tom Izzo.


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Was a dominating per allies I'd say they looked good you know a lot of people find they looked like you're starting to round in two. That form we saw a couple years ago as the question was who are thing you know what does it have already surpassed the win total from last year in this six wins out they have seven. There were no the previous year how far they got. And so which team wasn't. And they feel like there may be rounding into that team a lot of it has to do what health who's who he clears on the field and still diagnosing and reading every single play before the snappy and happens. And offensively. You've heard you know Jonathan Stewart had not been running well he did last night at some fumbles that you had earlier but last night he got the other Christian McCaffery he's doing his thing. And can do it like cam play. You know that what we. He has been such kind of an enigma since he won the MVP of he won the MVP doing cam things and that it was like well we need to protect him because he's taken these hits he's back in the flag which she wants and we we all saw that. And all all scratch our head about that so it's like for his survival he needs to run a lot slower Iran last. It's not camp. You know on that offense doesn't move efficiently so can needs to be camp he needs to run designed runs not just scrambling but designed runs as I said the the read option is not going to be a staple in the NFL. But some players can use that to their advantage in cam is one of those guys. And he doesn't and he does it well so. Letting him do his thing got to you have to do and oh lead on a wrist injury all the time which can't panic caged act I have to kind of let him. Let him go and when he goes man he has he is a big train rolling downhill and fun to watch out. Especially on a long long run off had last night and got it running people want half I thought it it does bring up an interesting question which is. For him and for them what is the priority is the priority. The short term which is being able to maximize what you can get out of every play every series every game or is it the longer term which is you wanna figure right away that he can have a longer career you've got a player like this. It if you can if you can get. 90%. 85%. Of all the good things he can bring you. Over the course of fifteen years or a 100% of all the things he can bring you. But his career is gonna be limited to eight or nine which way do you go I understand the thinking behind that which is. We keep allowed to take this number of hits no matter how effective he is like it kept country for years and I was just not gonna be walking the same is not going to be running the same. You Saturday million time what don't you ever seat. Old running right quarterbacks in the NFL he's a running quarterback and he's going to be old relatively stone. Comparatively speaking so I understand trying. As time goes on to develop the other things in his game that will keep him from taking that number of hits but there's no question. On a play by play basis he's at his best when you allowed to do all that stuff. Every year viewers in the league yet over a hundred rushing attempts. Even the BM VP year 2015 was the most and a 132. Last Syria had ninety rushing attempts. This year ardea 74 so he's gonna surpassed the nine he'd probably be over a hundred again. I just like that fought an egregious can be smarter about it but if you're trying to both India Q you do when neither. So at some point is gonna leave them I think it has to be all the one where it's gotta lean one and I think it's gotta lean one way of saying we have never seen a quarterback. Of this and I played with a quarterback ticker run and was an unbelievable. Athlete in Randall Cunningham just amazing some things you do. What can't house compared to Randall and can run a new haven't seen. This type of player with this type of ability at the quarterback position to throw and to run. Let him do. You have to I I get trying to be Smart but don't try and outsmart yourself well last night they certainly did offer and I doubt I'll start off the top right there the Panthers. Had almost 550. Yards in offense last night. Any game in which they blew out Miami on Monday Night Football yet 294. Yards rushing five short of a franchise record they have rushed for 200 yards in each. Of their last two games of first time in franchise history they've gone back to back of that as well. This is a game that was a ten. Seven game. At right before the half gap and our reception at congress returns all gamer look like Luke weekly was running the route again and it it would normally what he does. And so all of a sudden now they score at 92 to go to seventeen to seven and then. The train just one dollar on the tracks in that second half they just steamrolled. Miami but that was a bad mistake. Before halftime but listen they haven't all gone a Christian McCaffery first were multi touch on game one rushed one receiving he has really. Getting into his groove it's a second consecutive game. The rush DDT touchdown he had no rushing touchdowns in the first eight games so. He's getting acclimated more to that offense and all the different things that he can do you'll hear from some of the winners and and it's kind of towel. The cavaliers were down 23 points at the garden last night on a night where there was. Fascinating stuff going on between LeBron any news Canner and everything else in the end. The cavaliers came back and they want to get in the win duration Torre three point deficit fourth largest comeback while LeBron James team in his career. They outscored the next 4325. In the fourth so let's dive in that one of those 43 point LeBron James scorer assisted on thirty. Seven of his eight assists led to three pointers Kyle Korver scored nineteen of his 21 points. In the fourth quarter cavs 43 point are the most by any team. In the fourth quarter this season and you have a little dust up with frank need to cue that music scene the rookie. What war did end of that yeah what went on these he has but applaud. In the game if like me be really a drug used him to get that fell as he did that and then used him last night I like. And I got like a tackling dummy but I ended at a cantor did exactly in my pick noting his character should have done under you're gonna say that I I actually agree will talk about I guess I'm out I'll if they had not given Aaron judging Cody Ballinger. The rookie of the year awards they might as well to stop giving rookie of the year awards and they both won them yesterday unanimously have. Ballinger at 39 home runs most ever for a rookie in the National League third most behind aaron's judge now and Mark McGwire. He led the horn for when Dodgers in home runs and RBIs. He's the first rookie since 1920 when we are we hours officially recorded. To lead a hundred plus win team in both. Categories eighteen of his home runs with a seventh inning or later so that clutch guy. On down the road judge the first Yankee run a rookie of the year since Derek Jeter. In 1996. He's a third acquired a post that this is interesting player to post at least at eight wins above replacement war in a season. Where they are rookie year eligible since as the war was first handed out 1947 the other two Dick Allen and 64. Eight point eight and of course Mike Trout that they're the key of war in 201210. Player both players were rookies of the year so you're right this was the easiest awarded about. Cy Young forgiven out tomorrow and BP's given up Thursday I think managers tonight right today or advises the itself managers VP multi valued position and closer toward. A little later I had the college football playoff rankings come out tonight. 9 eastern on ESPN for the exclusive presentation and a lot of things will get sorted out from here on and I'm just curious to see where they put Miami yup added that we we talked about Michigan State jumped like twelve spots last week. Miami could go all the way. I don't think it's inconceivable that Miami could go you could legitimize but it Miami all the way up to number one according to a one no go to a jury put yeah I think they'll be two or three I think we have the right teams Alabama Clemson Miami and Oklahoma are going to be before. To me were they putting Auburn. The two loss team I think Auburn is no more than six. In this one but it also doesn't matter who don't know what exactly right Georgia head of Georgia was Scott is exactly right it doesn't matter I think just you know two to gas and hopefully be right I think Auburn will be at least a slot about Georgia. But yet it doesn't matter because they're playing Alabama the big winners over the weekend. Miami Oklahoma and all Byrne also I think Wisconsin was a winner because Notre Dame lost I think you know and ancillary way so. Going to be interesting still a lot of it may not matter much a gamma climbs in a Miami worry we already know they play in the ACC title game but. Could Miami be undefeated and lose a close game that could set some things up. As we mentioned Auburn's already playing Alabama that round Robin with Alabama Auburn and Georgia that's gonna if you were up to me and it is a delicate Wisconsin five that put Auburn six and put Georges I think that's what's gonna happen I do the first four I think Alabama is going to be number one but again the first Ford had to do order doesn't really matter and then. I. How to troops. In order guarded Ike ESPN has got a spectacular double that are. For the seventh straight year for the top programs in college basketball in one building on one knighted in Chicago tonight Paula can look at the team you Alameda kidney number one duke number two Michigan State for the 41 time in the AP poll era. And the eighth time in the last forty years put the fortieth time warning against two and number one has won 21 times Torre won in nineteen. In this one as far as coach K and Tom is all it's gonna be the twelfth time. That they've faced off as head coaches you know the records don't tell me. That way you said that makes me think you're gonna tell me six and six but no I would have guess you're chef he owns it. And I feel like I had Michigan State in the tournament at least three times. And that they lost to duke. So get head coach K has won ten of the previous 1110. Of the previous eleven and then the other game number seven Kentucky number four Kansas. I Kentucky and Kansas are the most all time goodwill number one number two winning programs in college basketball since cal Perry became head coach Kentucky. The wildcats and jayhawks have met five times when each is ranked in the poll Kentucky hold a 32 edge in that art should be terrific to. I'm not sure absolutely you earlier Tom Izzo on the show a little bit later this morning. As we get a chance to doctor about the game tonight and just thank him for all the gun salute Betty has been our friend on the show Mike in my presented by progressive insurance. More independent agent so progressive insurance and any other brand find an agent. At Now that's progressive. I think in last night's numbers again the Panthers rushed for 294. Yards Cam Newton. Had four passing touchdowns and 95. Yards rushing. It is the third time that a quarterback since the merger third time that a quarterback has run for over ninety yards and thrown four touchdowns in the same game. Two of the three have been can't yes the third who was Randall county so watch for you referenced a little while ago ran a cunning embedded in 1990s that we had embargo back all at noted that throwback I remembered it perfectly that game there was week nine we destroyed the patriots 48 to twenty fire recall. I think I shared a sack with Clyde Simmons I think reg yet another sack. Two quarterbacks play meg came animal farm correct right Mark Wilson. And Steve Grogan I think Randall threw for over two hour and forty yards and rush for over a hundred yards if I'm my memory serves correct. You crack me up a bit this is what I noticed the no clue at all it will never ever America came out existed. If you're what you are handled put me up today say higher up I waters others that the first play I saw the sell when I came and I just had no idea I know I went a lot so but somebody just get a that is the comparison if you made an it is. We're we're seeing there have been other quarterbacks if you would set others might have done on this I would have said Ron Amadon in theory could have done a French Harkin did in theory of. Guys that were runners I mean Elway read these guys were really good athlete too but they were throwers first one Randall came into the league would Buddy Ryan. And basically Buddy Ryan told him early on look for your primary may be the secondary if that. And then take off. Rotten so that was kind of aboard you know kind of drilled into him early on to take off and rotten usual athletic ability and man he had two athletic ability what he had a whip. As well that'll he had a great. Arm to boot so when he. When he became acclimated to that and coached along those lines were solid that we went to Minnesota. I mean to be or the ability to throw the ball and run the ball at that time he was the best passing. Athletic quarterback. I think there was with the ability of throw the way could but man he could out run you. And ju Q. Again cam why you Solomon that long run last I cannot run a few. I mean he's just a freak. Watching what he does to throw the ball and then the run the ball and all that yardage game last night was on designed. Runs which is something you definitely can do them and got the definitely something you should do with him. He actually as you mentioned 95 designed rushing yards last night. He's averaging a career high seven point three yards per rush that is the most in the NFL. Among players who have qualified to we will most definitely put Cam Newton in his own and brought you by AutoZone gets his own with AutoZone and our Louis Riddick was watching last night and he was impressed. It's. Things are starting to look up in terms of health cam looks much healthier. When Greg Olsen comes back that gives him his weapon between the numbers that he hasn't had for a long time three straight 1000 yard season that's hard to replace. And it would no Kelvin Benjamin in the row proven receiver on the outside they need mile tactical field as much as possible and when he comes back he paired with a guy like that Ed Dickson. Now you've got to match up problems and as sponsors continues to grow into a role as the primary has cancer. As Christian McCaffery gets. More comfortable as far as his role as a dual threat Jonathan still can stay healthy and hold on to the football. Now you startled look now it's certainly looked like that team in 2015 that didn't go to run for sure. You sit there look at him their tour one in their vision and have a bye this week by comes at a nice time. They're lamented their tour wonder all the early lofted a division knows is not a good one they lost at home to the team they're looking up at the saints ranked so they do the saints one more time but they have the saints in the not at in New Orleans salt. They have to buy them at the jets and there at the saint so that the jets and then they do sort of the saints. And then finish up Minnesota Green Bay Tampa Bay. And then at Atlanta for the last game but they're starting to hit their stride and you've always said it doesn't matter where you start. It matters where you finish put yourself in a position to get into the dance. Certainly there would love to win the division they'll have a chance. You know if football teams when the next week New Orleans and then to or they have the spyware I'm missing after they play the jets if they. Mean only one game down may have a chance evened it up in New Orleans in playing them. Woolsey but they're hitting their stride at the right time both offensively and defensively and that is Lewis that you give Greg a guy like Greg Olsen back. That really is gonna help predict and I think he's doing a nice job and a steady a touchdown catch. Last night so Woolsey were girls but but they are definitely rounding into the form more of a couple years ago than last year. Yeah I and and from two years ago you look at the difference that year they led the league in scoring offense that was near the camp right in just destroyed everybody. This year they legally in total defense and a time of possession. They're running at last night they obviously rant like crazy and I'm so it's a little tiny bit of a different formula but warmer and how they look awfully good right now it's a Carolina. Is worth paying attention to and as far as the Miami Dolphins a concern. A strange season now takes a turn in the direction that probably seemed realistic if they trade. They were above 500 team. When they may go straight up they traded away Jai and they were talking about trading going Landry in Macon all these changes. But they didn't feel like an over 500 team and so here's Louis Riddick again with his thoughts on what the dolphins are looking at. Adam case has a lot of work to do right now there's going to be some hard conversations with Mike Tannenbaum the front office. As to what the heck is going on with my football team here I can't cut everybody I can send a message to everyone someone's got to play. Maybe gotta give you some different player. It's. Straight talk about this for a team after week seven green that was foreign to. 420 yeah I mean I I do agree with you I think people did think they were exceeding expectation but the bottom line is there were four to. They were getting the job done there weren't a three game winning streak. Tennessee Atlanta and the jets before they had three losses liberal Baltimore Oakland and Carolina. Saul yeah I I think we're seeing now more of what. We thought they were going to be remembered that Jay Cutler was not their starting quarterback and and the kick up reference thing last night. I on the broadcast that you know after that that Cutler came out of the blue I ever got into both the if we drill we never got him the boot the door to him before he was called got rerouted from the boom that's exactly right so. You know and and Cutler had played a couple good games. Yet it did that interception right before have definitely heard a Mel. Are gaping Carolina do great job by taking advantage of it. Defense not living up and all to their expectations with guys like Ndamukong Suh and and a guy like Cameron Wake Cameron Wake boosters befuddled with your heard him talk. After that game what's going on just just they're just. So frustrated there not only of like what he said what's going on the field but off the field as well it's not good there you know it's not on the New York giant ask. Because it hasn't gotten as public. Would what's gone on there but there seems to be some some real disarray there but everybody every team the giants whatever it this year this team was four and two at one point before they trade one of their best offensive players away. And and the coaches calling people out and it's turned ugly but it was a barrage even then I grade and they were still there if you're player go to that locker room and you're like you know what. No matter how we got here where four and two so we got a shot but reality is really said ferret out but. A statistic it'll just jump out the page at you if you look at the standings. The dolphins overall point differential this year they're four and five is negative 87 and outscored in total by 87 point the 49ers. Point differential is negative 86 there one night there. They're one and not given outscored by 86 points the dolphins are 457 outscored by 87 it is particularly crazy come from behind wins against the jet right in the falcons and all this kind of have a look you're right they won the game right right so they were in the position to get 208. I think realistically assess themselves tiger as being a paper tiger the first thing they'll have to figure out to lewis' point who's their quarterback going to be. Arrives and Helen Gerri will heal and and are they going to an Al with gays. Hitch their wagon to him going forward right meaning starting next year and the clearly meant more isn't going to be the guy clearly Jay Cutler is already a guy and so are you are you have you decided now okay we're gonna go it's an L and see what happens or are you going an entirely other direction. And I don't know what that might be yeah I don't either you know what what what's going to be your deal at running back he's hated traders drive away offensive line you had he would do some draft pick which you've had injuries. There that a virtue as well how much help can give on the outside. To the receivers we thought this office would be way more potent in the defense. I'm not doing very well either so yeah it's up it's got a great situation that they they they certainly have some reshuffling did all right we're just general here we got a ton more football. In the hopper where this morning including the issues between Arthur Blank and Jerry Jones was continue to be for me. Incredibly interesting I'm fascinated by that dynamic. I you know me and my sternly worded letter as well I don't know sternly worded letter written yesterday's heard on how we can't just have enough for the players don't like the league and the commissioner and head of the union go get along now we got owner on owner yeah I mean holy owners don't like each other and help. Oh yeah. The measures might get might ought eighteen outstanding years a couple of my favorite moments from the show one is when Oleg had to get naked. The other was wearing green he milked the cop. And Kyle wasn't too happy about. And lastly. On the record sink in for the young OKC thunder that featured. Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant and James Harden at the term. I had to busted up but they made it to the NBA finals. They may be yum but their red. And. A listen this off first Jalen thank you very much agree he's not your problem palm. What is the worst singer in the world is always the other night I was gonna say you know you gotta you were with him you have a step up in celebrity and in professional athlete and college and what his. His. Career was to mine and height and height. But singing all downgrade. You Andre I mean colossal got your a very good singer out he is a terrible sing them I reminded him of that the other night but I had forgotten you have to give them credit he was singing about I didn't remember yeah hosted the show he's up and down. He was talking about the Oklahoma City Thunder at a time when they had Westbrook Kati and and and Iran. Use that Margaret hardened yeah and they were all incredibly young and I don't remember exactly the conversation that basically we were saying. They're too young and he was he saying they may be young but they're ready we had no idea what are you seeing about as we're too busy trying to cover career he song it's so horrible horribly so thank you jail now thank you enough please stop saying her to go much about her right here join you in touch with us. Traders that Michael Mike threw the one at a far stuck on Twitter feed. Show her how thankful you are this holiday season beautiful bouquet from one in our flowers dot com right now you get 24 multi colored roses for just 24 dollars. To order court awarded under flowers dot com slash ESP Angela gotta read you one of these streets okay we were just mentioning a moment ago that we we have. Brought a lot of babies into the world escalator up idiot dads are sitting in these delivery rooms trying to get their tweets read on television. By tweeting at us and leaving out the name weeding out the name of the but the person doing all the work they here's a perfect one OK Jeff Jefferson left get person because he spells it would two g.s. Treats because a lot of people have you want in the delivery room my wife and I made a baby while watching your show and any acts at Mike and my granny. Green yeah. Ray player that music that is the deliberate and you know read attic and slowly. A lot of people have you want in the delivery the delivery room my wife and I made a baby hey did. I don't know OK I don't think that's what he may may. So instead of other people do that and deliver instead though they weren't that much they get Holman said of this music played all the seven or. All very well I don't understand is single we have you want to live room my wife and I made the baby while well I'll let you explain the birds and the bees are making a baby so now I'm reading that I'm sure old. Is there a lot of music. Well try that one on. There's some kind of sexy call him. You remember the time that that there was like I'm. I forget what they were but you gave me these lines to read that similar that it expects a and our China prided. Schroeder try to read our members try to be cool for snoop results in Ireland has had to that was put these people. Use our show. As their turn on music. About facts and yeah that that one I find kind of hard to take well well one way or another he does he still doesn't add the most important person. He adds that might get my caddie has been gullah Getty is being greedy leaves out of prison with no meaning that let's be honest it took Allard a tweet that the do the accent probably true road OK Mike in my back to business here yeah you got the grind guiding us cantor. And again or frank Billick you know becomes just collateral damage would do that runs in about a merger is. Rolled out so. Guess just above them. Do. There's a terrible French accent. Anyway the point of it is that merely keep is he just try to go to the ball and really does and that's what I thought they want to do LeBron is standing right there and listen. This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened many many years ago. I Jerry Krause was enamored with bringing Toni Kukoc to the balls. And Jordan and Pippen were resentful of it for Friday reasons and they played against Kukoc in the Olympics and they annihilated them they humiliated him. They do is destroyed him so this is not the first time we see I collateral damage of current stars but whatever so the point is they get into it yesterday and then afterwards the in his cantor says basically you're not gonna do that to my got. Here's part of the problem is currently I would a lot of energy. Well I'll tell you one thing systems through special and in comes from my house and that water bottles of chemicals and an army and I'm sure sure. Jean what more you put yourself ten grand princess whenever you are. We know what we're gonna fight and no nobody out there and upon us so just when Arthur Clark games and I think there's gonna give. I don't know better and better every day. For him toward points sixteen rebounds last night again I lost a game in the fourth quarter but. I think he wasn't overly bright good coaches about interactive big tough guy thing and even in that moment he just ran down there and got frontal overrun. In between his player LeBron and has gotten its face so. I ads were issue and actually I'm happy someone. Did that and said that and and does and they shouldn't care who LeBron is in that particular situation you're defending your teammate. Yeah I grew view I think he. I wonder if LeBron if he had it to do again would do it a little differently realizing that no matter how much he tries to say I didn't mean to dis the kid he did dizzy because the kid needed. 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Two of our our best friends over the many years of the show we're gonna Jonas in his hour mark Fuller than just a second. And then Tom Izzo coming up. At the bottom of this hour as he gets at Michigan State and do it to best of both worlds we can talk reminisce with both these guys but then talk sports you know marks to a great job. Over fox call gained just fantastic with that. I cannot tell you every time that they go to his game I watched most of the NFL Sunday and red zone as an you do too. Every time they go to his game I get excite yeah so excited to hear him talking and he's got he's working with Dick Stockton he's terrific great job or what Cynthia Ann and Tennessee that's that's why they had a game and that's great and that obviously is so you know how long he's been on the show and they have obviously a monster game and I took the festival or the year that I had to do the dance and I. And I see this now a trillion time right at one of the things that saved. That my first my last words before I did that it were I I blame you Tom Izzo. Because that was the year that Michigan's right played duke and incidentally tournament UN duke I had Michigan State that team decided to wager. And the theory is so famous they came out and said his son a son who picked duke to win. Which are pretty funny to think about it. And as far as LeBron and again there's definitely gets sent to bring thinking here. What we'll get more into that is as simple as he made it sound but at the end of the day. Can be as simple as. Is this it's never the wrong thing to do to stand every August exact. Right and I think it ended in a general sense too long were you we ask mark who lived his life on a football field with me. You're always going defend your teammate even though there are times when his team he how is always have a great line when his teammate. Usually it was a chance sharp sure talked a little too much is like you know you're right that check that I got to cash right now but. Either way you're defending your team. All right I've been looking forward to this we retired this song and the song was never going to be played again on my kid like me but for this occasion I'm. It is our delight to bring mark Clara back to the conversation the only bright way. You know he's movement volume up like you always get that far and look on his face. I wish I could say it is now an NFL analyst at fox. I bunnies and is back and better than ever good morning Marshall Jarrett. I'll give glory you know they were looked at it warms my heart got a warm smile art beg you so much great to be written yet. I miss you under will be got so much missed the whole crew over there. Now listen we may issue as well and and we love don't play that song yet we end up another surprise here in in a little bit as far as something to play but. First you don't know what you're doing now calling games how you doing a lot of studio work obviously when you're here but calling games every week how different has that been it looks like you're having a ball into some great. Operate you say it is so what you do it forever by it is. It there's so much crippled corporation worked it goes into it immense. Our WI RE dot ever backlog grew and I talked all gone gaga called Troy Aikman about it. Because what era at Booker so what so look at even if you look at the game mark look you're. A replay monitor to a regular martyred dog producers try to almost Purdue game. While you watch in the game. And there's just so much I do any summary bank line around and other preparation or news it's amazing how much goes into it but our governor out black I think one thing. That has that at that I've just got to learn from this is. As you're in the stadium and as you're at the practice facility that you talked to players. Palm Beach technical perspective you know most acute you'd you'd better sense of empathy for how lord this being true we waited and sometimes. When you're in the studio. Pro economic. You know stating he's not played very well whatever. But when you're there in just. It just reminds you how are the game is in power these guys work and you know how much they put him how much state poor into the game and over a little bit about empathy Buren studio and you're not actually there at the site so I've really enjoyed. You know being there talking to coaches didn't have formation but just really watch in the guys play and watch them work and and that's epic its that's really good eye opening tip from me it's been a blast to be in the stadiums. So we have a better chance to check in with you really through this. Football season or at least not for for quite some time. I'm so as we sort of work our way here through November stink give us just a couple of top line things they're standing out for you we see the Eagles right now having the enormous he's and they are Brady at the age of forty. Do what he's doing on the opposite end of the spectrum. The giants have felt like almost had a mutiny in a revolt and and all the other things that are going on one of the top line things that have your eye right now. Yeah no doubt all those days are raising Tom Brady in the new book agent state parent ever shellac the bar codes and you know I've been wanted to go to Colorado Springs but I'm afraid that ready so that that restraining order on the record you know government pressure on him. So I have you know got to be careful about travel and stop the Colorado Springs or about a mile area around where they're practicing down there at airports. You know it's been amazing I got a chance to call rams game. Talked to Sean McVeigh and is soon aggregate that. I would hire him right nipple whatever I need our import I would hire them. Such a dynamic personality. Such so he. You know tied into the football aspect is not just about what we're gonna do it's. What we're gonna do how we're gonna do with why we're gonna do it and why we're going to be successful doing it that way. And communities seldom positive. And he's he's been such a dynamic guy. And then surround himself with that would equate those weaknesses like that man. I truly believe it's outlawed surround myself with smarter people. The meat because that was gonna make our football team great so an opportunity bureau that guys see Tom. What what that has done and what programs have been able to accomplish it's been eye opening I dare think for me. Green is you know we always ask about when that network then next Europe great young quarterbacks that we're watching. Great young quarterbacks developed. Portland Shaw wants a circle got to see him what to. What that press that's been able to do other course of words jerk off but it just talk about. You know all these years we've been we've been talking about beat these guys literally the breeze in the Rogers in the breach and are still doing and it's such an incredibly high level. But we've got a group of young quarterbacks. Who are already approaching a beach status in their first years here. Third year and it's pretty amazing to watch his group young quarterbacks develop. One of the other teams you know would be young quarterback jerk off obviously immunity team we just talked about but then you get some of the old timers as well one of the other surprise I think the two biggest ones. In the NFC are certainly the rams. And then the saints and could talk to a from your perspective as an offensive linemen can. I know you guys and I know you guys would much rather run block and pass block and here's a team in New Orleans now. Look at last year when when drew breeze through and through its 674. Times and they ran it just about 400 times. This year they're almost split 5050. So not only are they more successful state but Howard imagine that group upfront which has to be the local most cohesive group prop there. Pass me very happy going forward out of their stance is that a background of their stance more. Well there's no question about that you know and but nobody asks about past prediction we saw. You know Adrian clipboard with a lot of options you'd expect the of the day and apparently they don't. It just goes to show you have guitar announcement this right because apparently they don't have. Anything that says in their play book here's how you help your left tackle because apparently they never help their love Darren Lavelle want to go what I've built start predicting it lightly even. He got to have and I have a chip or roadside and over their what does not throw global. And you know the best way to protect quarterback that never throw the damn thing and at this stage are they're war Sean Payton loves to royal couple will remember now he's got from the call vote Bill Parcells and still consult with Bill Parcells that he's always wanted to run the ball back to their Super Bowl year. They were like sixth in the league in rushing up three different backs stated in your degrading thing. They're they're doing that and a rubber bullet irrelevant and they got right debater and actually you know you're not you know how do you stop it here go away or to do with these guys and and it's a thing of beauty because to really protect quarterback and to really be good pass protection you've got duke duke shorts you got duke you know that the sides that drops in the all goes in those things we did the bawdy and quickly but you gotta be able were on the ball that about the threat. Oh brought in third out of four and you know how frustrating it is like the but the one that's what it stir four. And you're ready you're licking your chops in direct to on the argue record to have to rush the passer and also get short trap and it. Eat your whole body opposite guard Annika right up underneath you and it gets five yards on third out of fort bird out of three. And all you wanted to do was drag it to the quarterback and so. That's the frustrating thing and it's a way to slow down a pass rush. And it seems to understand that Anderson Danish remember wherever rule was spent towards quotable also it was a lot of excuses most opposite corners don't all of the ball. This is refused to run the ball is not that they can't and eager excuse overloading their policy you know a long long way out that would go to Berkeley now. You don't have to throw it. You can run the ball and you're committed to doing it doing it the right way it's amazing how much more like Spain and the value quarterback. Doing it that way so. Tip of the cap to two sharply in ignored since they're playing ripple well right now and they cute they have great balance. That's marks Lara that for fifteen years on the show has advocated running the ball just he did a heck yes it half of her all these guys have won more football that I wanna I just wanna get ended reminiscing a little bit. But obviously I have a personal interest in one of the quarterbacks there in Denver for those that Dan obviously stinks to lives that is the local show there as well. And Trevor Simien have that starting job for awhile and struggled and and they replaced him announcement out while or that hasn't gone well and maybe it'll be Paxton lynch. What is your what is your gut instinct of what the future of the quarterback position is for the Broncos next year we won. Are any of those three guys the starting quarterback for the Broncos. Now now other move you're a movement in a different direction and it looks it looks for more accurately do ordered move golfer Paxton lynch I don't know. He's injured right now you know it was starter opposite to be injured it was six week injury now to eleven week injury. Investors is that he's still moderate ago. You know it's it's been disappointing because early in the season rivers and and I really like tremors and I think jurors in institute quarterback. Good quarterback good. You know like a lot of quarterbacks like twelve acute when it recorders and honestly. You got to support that guy you can not just that that guy to drop back forty times and throw it. And it beat does he did it take to race sex and eat it too many times. It's are too many critics regard as the house Mort the guy is. And and they've gotten out of bounds and part of that Burmese border for profitable. Quarter reform law that's coordinators. There there comes time went. You know what you feel like are argued are called again for. What you said which is we gotta support corporate got to run the ball got balance we got to sort of play action. Or you barely play caller could see a lot of play easy a lot of places that Libya coaches. Opportunities to become head coach. And you know we're trying to are you try to make you do something but he can't do. In order you know so you can say look what I do with this seventh rounder and you know look at the numbers he put up but now we've become a head coach. And and it is completely backfire because. You know servers and get beat to pull. Look what we're you know and when you have to check your progression has rejected due over left tackle objected doodle right tackle now go to your progression. You know you're never gonna have success and and it's unfortunate you know talk about a world time earned ever able to run the ball assembled play action really buffalo. In you know and a big game I believe in its route 46 start in the next week you throw fifty times and as you did 3740. You know. It is it is it's counter intuitive and it's exactly the opposite of what you said. All along and and so it's disappointing. The personnel disputed we thought it might be and and the play calling has been. I'm shoddy at best the coaching stint shoddy at best and it's a disappointing season here endeavor book you know I I think to answer your question. None of those guys are going to be starting quarterback position next year. Mark Fuller through this on the shell Pennzoil performance line taking synthetic Motorola performance to a whole new level make the switch to pens all synthetics today is okay now. That's that's got the football out of the way up and we'll work our way over to just a little reminiscing over over the course of something in the neighborhood of fifteen years out now march Lara probably hosted the show more times than anyone besides one of us right posted it with me hosted it with the two of us for years. I am and at one time was most famously known on this show and from his role in the soap opera. As rock Hoover so one last time let's hear this. I'm writing there is just incredible imagine this thing up. Pamela I would absolutely. Unbelievable I ever heard that in forever. And you know the old nickname rock Hoover. Or the Guiding Light came from Dutch show we nicknamed me on the show 1 morning and then netbooks from the Guiding Light. Ended up putting it in the script rock Hoover and and so. That name very much like my my name is a grandfather poke poke was also. Created on your guys there's joke but everything I did it was created on your guys to show and they all started like in new main bank. You know once you get what you dealt with a nickname like stake there's no going back out embraced it and move forward so yeah. Luck Hoover was what the brain trust of yours truly on. You'll program and that tough battle going happened. In well I've won among other things that I will remember fondly forever where you always had these fascinating expressions. You read this way of summing things up and the one that I remember the most vividly was. You can go to sleep and a bale of hay which are gonna wake up pitching wedge and in my getting that one right. Yes absolutely. I know where a car. I don't know where that came from you know let Maine mother a lot of things look around my head it is all out that you go light. Amount where that came from and I don't remember the context we used and but yeah absolutely that's still rings true statement you can it's like my daddy's spin milled about on the kid you know there's no right way to do so but wrong. And and you know it always resonated with Mayo though it got to be dealt with more. In India. You know in the forefront of my brain so there'd come a long ago were doubled due to open a figure shortcut. I was or my dad's voice or in my head you know hey you know org there's no right way. You're so wrong and yet you can't wait you go to bed and avail lately you're gonna wake up Regina it's just that there's guaranteed airport. You noted is so what what time does it gives you wisdom because you you throughout all those jams on the show and then you finally figured out. Taylor reported on a shirt and sell her back. Or repeat the music. I'm not broke boy did they allow. Mike your liken march Larry at the guys to tell him they wanna hear that there's that toughness story one last time right. So one of my favorite memories and this is when we were Mike we were doing the show. What is the building on the other side of the cafeteria. The one that we used to do the show when we're like temporarily in their building holding finally caught and that was apparent apparent medically that was the one that we used to run out during what our longest breaks to the cafeteria you and I guess just who do what time you like pulled out YouTube Neufeld and hurt your hampers it yeah I get all the sudden I I'm behind a vehicle ago I got a and I figured out I felt out but anyway. So state guy doing the show together. I've always been fascinated by his toughness to take off man. Like he's got the porcelain skin of a China doll yes he's handsome as person you've ever seen you like but he is tough. And so we we would walk into the men's room during a break on time and I said to a mistake I've never been tough what's it like to be tough. And it goes greeting I will tell you right now I'll tell you exactly what it is to be tough and he walks up to the journal. And the pants go down in the ankles and the short Gaudin vehicles. And it turns him and he says anyone in this building can walk in here right now and not gonna say it and her husband. That is the best explanation I've ever heard in my life that there's a 100% right if I look at that have been like stick nice vodka does it how are I do that forgot about it. So that that state was a moment element to forget. We you have voted upon way ahead in the movie idiotic things right do. Yeah it was it would go despondent and being with you guys it's just been had a blessing for me being a part of your program forever. As been a blessing to me and in my family and you guys are your friends and some of the best moments. You know that that might broadcasting career happened on your show and you know it is from from moments like that duke no critic out it out to be dump on you don't want the greatest thing that's ever happened to me in my career. Did not all saying the whole thing has been awesome and and oh you guys a debt of gratitude and and I just really appreciate the friendship been appreciate all the years manner we did that show together sixteen years certain years the end fifteen years it started. You remember building but it started every Friday I'd be off for all four hours and we're just going to go around in that little tiny studio. Haven't blastoff at football and and it's just been like guys that is gonna true blessing it's been so much fun. Listen and any successes showed it has had viewed your gonna hit a big part of it there's no doubt about that we will never. Forget that as we move out from this and and you moved on and now under a great job in the boot. For fox all wheel well lots of great memories node out about it and friendships alas so we we certainly do appreciate you and lace and Alex and Avery and Daniel on the whole family. Hope well we live via you very much Dana thanks mark. They're guys that love you man you've you've truly blessed me so I appreciate you guys love you guys and we'll talk soon. All right I think the C assume marks Lara put us. After all these years that's ME is such a good guy isn't your guy yes and and that that story is one that is so indelibly burned into my brain. And because it you know what can you say it was always great poorly ice and went when he pieces pants on the sideline which a number of offensive linemen do but when he had actually going out at after after paying his pants go back in the game and the legendary bigger helmet thing I forgot all time now the kicker. That idiot kicker got a record up as well yeah all that we should add that Mike Vanderjagt department casting totally crazy now and then members think was mad men and we're now I'm remembering all these things. He was mad they didn't have a sponsor. So what Keane came up with a sponsor called school wrote yes you're over the hump. And we can't tell that that the punch line no hurry to add we're only allowed air that want. Let's once it aired we were told never to airliner that but it was very funny. Oh. OK I mentioned that we got a good college hoops tonight Michigan State and duke leads it off number one against number two and of course the Michigan State coach. Is Tom Izzo who has been a great friend to us. Over many years I know that he's constantly texting you mad things yes it is that he doesn't lock the finger at me every other data. Who else who isn't. But I knew we had a chance to chat with him yesterday about tonight's game and just to reminisce enjoyed. All right coming up 7 eastern on ESPN as the college basketball season is under where you can ask for any better than this number one against number two it's two against Michigan State. And here to Chad is our law I'm kind of the shall the beloved Tom Izzo head coach of the spartans back with us on Mike and Mike good morning coach. Below is my place that's sort of sometimes. It's a game but thanks guys it's great to be on great days for us and kind of vote. I'm out discredited that you guys my son and I grew up watching him and Michael the concept which candidate you on this that we your family that you sent my god I mean I grew as old as you do that that's scary. Dad that really is we're gonna Ellis from 1990 we're gonna recreate that went on Friday and leave it you're such a friend of the show we love you know and so we're trying to have our shine all we can here you go door warn against too. You know all ought in this in this game to kind of take the spotlight off us really appreciate that. Crop up now. That's a good hopefully you guys who do relied on it to us that's so we're looking forward Brett we've gone back to your. Adopted city grainy and you know Chicago's been a great place in the didn't. Credible elected fine. Crowd there with all the alarms from all the force schools. Let's talk about what you get out of early season games like this we've we've talked about it a lot as were coming to the end of the college football season. And how Cigna how much weight we should put on early season games because the teams are still figuring out who they were and all of that. Covered in north or what do you get out of a game like this against a team like duke. Well I think that it would get a lot product but the public kind of stability and different to football and I know Mike. In bird and I are kind of struggled there because both teams got beat this weekend but. Yeah I think we're in basketball. Everybody still young but it seems like too you know I'll I mean it can't happen until probably not to the level doesn't basketball so I think what it doesn't point any thing is that it kind of shows you argue that a place whether you win or lose and it shows you what your warts are any future so that works for you know what to the attendance surpassed both the football is you know these one or two losses doesn't cripple you like it does its football. If you lose a if you went up. You know that you kind of got to build on what you've done it too cute guys level at its. So in this situation all in your opener. That that you yard fight against nor Ford you had your five starters raw freshman and sophomore so. Are you the type a coach who's certainly had this done and be over years if you get a win in this game you kind of knew addicted to use your word and kind of maybe be extra critical just so you know they don't get a little too big headed to kind of keep them down. Yeah that's what you Nick Saban and that's. There's there's not a lot of noise so that the president into this it's an old good we are. Yeah hopefully. Even though we're really young we got of course up poison freshman starter but. You know we've been took some steps proposal or is Lester struggled to get him to determine. I think partly because all the injuries so did the other side of the court and you know they know what it's what it could be. That there was blood visibility of our program last year some big games we lost and so I'm open that there are gonna handle it either way but I I think the big thing is. Our bottoms but this year we get better retreat daily that we might be pretty good to lose we might be pretty that it went you know but can we get better we're preparing. Because that's pressing him basketball. You know the goal is to get because dated march. Coach because we have here and an edgy you're well aware it's our last week together. You know one of the things you want to reduce or take a moment to reminisce. You've been such a great friend to both of us over all of these years always so much fun as I think back on my favorite memory of all these years. There was a year that you what a huge scam against duke ironically. In that that was that was set up in the NCAA tournament that was going to decide the bracket wager. Between goalie can mean you're came out and you told us but your son picked duke. In that game and that's it remains one of the funniest moments we've ever had in the history of the show. And he. Yeah I'm but I can admit that would have missed. You and I wish you looked in the way you're doing that but. When ice I. Grew up much more on my son did grow up normal 6:30 in the morning but it but it would be added and watch what I can buy it to you guys have brought so much to this forty Wimbledon. I take. Couple would sit and appreciate. Everything you've done in the way you've done an enterprise can get that you agree neat. To get that picture that there isn't the most important bench in the world that would do I think that I remember the most about you do. Then we're gonna have a better put it stowed here carpet. Our love that is how many times as he yelled at all how many times this time as you told that yes he had a social media it's big and now we love having on the show on amble to continue on each of our shows ahead yacht as well but you know what about you 23 years in Michigan's teacher in the basketball hall of fame you won a national championship. What what do you look to still accomplish what what what is fair for Tom Izzo. That there's been so much accomplished on just my opponent and I hate to you know in group coming in every item I think I had done something you know. Together potent weapons because they've added duke it. It's like call my win two games. Impact this it is. And it and the Internet browser admitting also that their group but I kind of felt it would it be known he's going to be Bartlett one school which is just incredible so there is that what it's. People that you looked at you know why it's a good play mixed didn't know what he's accomplished so many cities. Yet to do it would need and I'm just two guys don't get a chance to put put the steps at a depth that the drug is still that aired we get a good team does not a good teams out there and that's what makes tonight. So exciting just like for you guys should know your you're gonna have different years now but they Yabuki very successful because the judge Donald over these years. Well that's so nice and it is analysts and again we can't think you an outdoor. All the years that all the fun and and it will continue but it seemed at the right time good luck in this game and good luck with a terrific season. Hopefully we'll see in the final four if not before thank you very much for everything Tom thanks coach. Equities. Yeah yeah played Notre Dame is the second time and best broad thirty years here. But it that you would you sit up at bet between me and garlic all the state eat you know player breeding dragons or something something good with two Moehler. Something on that night which you do that. John let's do what no. The line in the face and that's it just. I guess yeah what planned published. I'll they'll put the word endless series there at baggage and a note I gotta tell you guys. Love that man is great and I was targets that we. Court that yesterday and again big nights United's number one duke and number two. Michigan State the state farm champions classic in talking Kansas in the later game and it's all on the ESPN and ESPN who's a guy listen you just didn't bat against when they were the term you know I always had them going pretty darn far each time because. And he was he was money you know when you needed that he was money is a great coach and he's a great person he has now we have both gotten a normal little bit off the air and he is he's. Everything good I remember when there was a flirtation. And I don't there was on his part right that they're pro teams have gone after him heavily particularly Cleveland. Went after him heavily. And I and I said the same thing about him and he said about my Jewish ASCII. The world is a better place with those guys coaching in college up. In all it did that we need that we need Tom Izzo is in college we need Mike to share he's in college in those kinds of guys and against staying at the one spot. You know there is something that I mentioned yesterday you know what Tennessee opening up a four opening up. What coaches mover on a brought up a guy like bill Schneider who has a this and I cotton you know all these as I said in Kansas State. My son just did that game you'd ride to the stadium at a road named after him you look at the statue of him there in your plane a stadium with his name on he chose to stay there and is it a living icon to that place. And what he's done I mean it is good for college when you see that and he was elevated and he wasn't a guy who came from someplace like it was cut his coach assistant. And he got was the guy who legend early coached magic that championship team and everything else. And so he had a lot of it has but Izzo was taken into an entirely new level. Heat Michigan State basketball game. With the exception of the Johnson and cal sir that team and other really good teams but Tom Izzo has made Demi national. And gearing year our national powerhouse. In an entirely different way and he's been as many final fours is just about anybody besides. Coach K okay I am Mike and Mike I'm we go with the with the news of the day and we'll make him a little more fun Mark Cuban later today. Durham and as the that's a little bit Lewis critical join us our money Jones will join us a busy Monday Tuesday. It's it was a really busy Monday there was vouchers now it's Tuesday at all works kind of work and badly just say summit ends in a wanna be close okay. I just stayed hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico. I'm so happy feel like I can fly a disclaimer you'll be able fly by switching to Geico this is against the laws of physics and major if you find yourself flying policing professional handle medical help immediately in the unlikely event to point to a flying you might be a superhero or did you or superhero named page woman who was bitten by a radioactive pigeon if you or indeed this woman like over things always in publishing rights in the event it's woman the movie becomes a top grossing Hollywood blockbuster Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. A pleasure to welcome some mood Hulu into the studio Ludwick and you should know Louis last week sitting in that chair. Ryan Clark described you and I'm quoting this it is the black James Bond that's what he said and I am and I saw it right but I thought about it thought you know what. Kind of works I thought Qaeda works. I just nose was to be the next like I thinks he's he's just the now I'm a fan and I almost from like a like your group he frightens them. I would if I can do it didn't hit I just barely tolerable they'll be and and quoting your friend and an eagle and Clark I would like to watch in this is sleeping somewhere and trying to undo all the bracelets on your recite the updated for a this is anybody were more those among married I mean. I think this was the day after Halloween and I had commented that I'd seen you guys in your costumes. And and you're you were very serious and yours at C you don't let. I think it was just like the helmet maybe looked that way but I kind of was gonna get into today's alligator you guys talk to both had Manny how I ultimately that allows it a little man and he would oh is Olga. He he had some he has some issues that mask right he's I was used in the speaking of superheroes Cam Newton was at it again last night and so let's start our football conversation. There and alum you made a comment that you think he just looks different than he did at any time last year. Yes he's he's healthy now and now even though you've lost all season the whole plan was really. Theoretically get the ball Christian McCaffery get the ball to Greg Olsen even though he's hurt he's companies coming back get ball quickly tore play makers hands. Curtis Samuel who got hurt again. Last night as well and kind of take some of the pressure off of camp but this office really. It's at its best when KM is the focal point and then everyone else is kind of secondary from there. And last night. The coach gruden said that a couple times on the broadcast he said that the Miami Dolphins coaching staff was worried about him getting comfortable is camps are smiling cams are thrown in. You know how that got me he's very much so momentum player and once he started getting things going. The Miami was done you saw on you saw how we show vote them out and it all just runs through him and now. If if last night was an indication of how he's real feel really. Feel about the season and residency looked out to Carolina maybe back now for real 95 yards rushing on five cares all designed Roger we're talking about this earlier Lewis and I was saying you know I know people want to. Wanted to protect him a little more make a pro from the pocket little more you know be a little safer because we don't hit two cakes and doesn't get the flag storm. My thought is he's got a plan in place I eat no matter if if it because one thing we say is. The who want to you know say about a running quarterback has a long career rarely but can't got to be cameo you you can't really harness him too much. Yeah you would like for him to develop his hockey game to the point where that's where. You know people. Armed and willing to elevate him into the status of the great because that's where all the greats really are that's what they most of the market pocket passes some point in time. And like Russell has become a little bit of that although he still Brussels always gonna be what he is which is a great at cleans and also be able to extent place. But you're right you're absolutely right if the Carolina wants the win let ago. Does let him go and take the risk or if you want to try and force him into a box in trying to save his career CP and tacked on 45 years the other one football games because he's just is he's a momentum player. And when he gets rolling like that it's beautiful watch. Which is now you can hold your breath every time because. As much as he tries to protect himself he's such a big target there's so much to hit. He's not he's gonna take some shots and he he may get hurt but so be like Mike Lewis critics are how good that. Or their defense in the way they are now pressuring people from a schematic perspective they're gonna put the heat on you that way the girl special teams. In a ball pencil Mikey continued gel and talk to store continues run the football on the in the young receivers. We'll developing Greg Olsen gets back. Although legit contenders for the NC I. Cam has to say hi camp has to stay on it because of all of the it all flows through him it makes that and see all the more interest in much more to say I believed in the AFC. Diving into the weeds a little bit and as I always feel like I I I should because it. He gets a lot of it anyway praised Luke equally you know and what he does and he's comer in the league is a leading tackler in the years apparently. But Lou just to watch him in a my son saying this when he played against him at Boston College. When my son was playing a whole line I think senator that you're the department said. Luke which sit there and call out the place you know. And they get mad because his teammates wouldn't be able look you know make the tackle you watch him I mean for people that that that really led to get down in the weeds. Watched Luke decree before play watch him pointing watch him talking to his teammates almost all the way to the snap. It's something to behold how Smart this guy is and how he dissect plays well let's talk about the quarterback giving a priest nap read yet I don't know that anybody better than Luke can eclipse during pre step reads to get himself and is. Players in the right position from a mental standpoint outside a quarterback linebackers the most taxing and others because of the conflict pitcher in the united every place toward run past. And you're right those guys have to be so you you can't have dumb linebackers and have top level linebackers. Those guys have to anticipate as much as anybody and I'm remembering Cleveland when we use that signal caller meetings on Monday Tuesday word of middle linebackers. The guys were called at signals and safety is always have to get together. And pepper Johnson was our little darker than in Cleveland and the stuff that he knew. The way he was able to give you a jump on the play. And we're using committee was front seven I mean it's some might have never seen in Luke is just like that without that and no he's not the only one that football teams like that Palestinians and Syria is one of the best linebackers I think to ever play in this game it's doesn't it's a critical look Lucas special. That team. That team is about as blue collars again you know it there's some Carolina's never the flashy team the big stats team. But they are the blue collar team on absolutely just knock you teeth out in its good to see them put a weapon on a team like Miami last night. Who really needs to find out what they're all about because they're there are two different planes aren't. Michael Michael with Riddick is here without for the straight talk brought you read straight talk wireless. That's phoned best networks no contracts so that's the good side of last night you know then there's the bad the dolphins fall to four and five. Remarkably they've been outscored the season my 87 points that's a worst differential for the 49ers have the 49ers are one enough income so well they've won some games they've generally been bad what are you seeing as you watch them play. You know we as a Sainz before we came on the I I do I do don't I do. Hate to start venturing into. The area question guys competitive America I do because it's hard there's no way to really measure. But there's enough evidence that would watch tape and if you played the game you'll understand when a guy lacks talent. The also understand when a guy when does does not pass the eye test as far as how hard their point. Totals people. I believe you were those people too who survived in the league because of how hard you played there was other guy's wife to sit and watch it go man I'm not that affect all I can't cover it like that but I'm Smart. And I absolutely will try to break your face all I try and it's. And that's how I survived in the league when you watch guys who were sold so talented. Standup with a point of attack. Didn't his shoulders turn not chasing the football and you see the body language you you know when you when they may not be quitting. But their debts are not fried. They're not trying way that they should be relative to what they're getting paid. And who's a who's out of its gonna cut now the US is suspend now who's gonna sit down now when you have too many of those guys you've done. In my hip in the NFL this is not Oklahoma vs Kansas 1980. You shouldn't be getting the ball rolling you for almost 300 yards and haven't 500 yards of total up to the NFL this isn't college. When that happens there's a problem on your team ways put together there's a problem in Miami with the waiting. Put it a problem there and there's a problem in New York that became absolutely anonymous to talk and then players their own teammate to these anonymous players calling their own teammates power for being anonymous. Then you have other coach in back you do saying things as well. So take it from two sides as we came with you as a player in that locker room then. When your management know how you deal with something like that from both sides darker force as a as a player as a team in a lock. Yeah you know what one of those things that that's word now and you know that the best teams of police from the inside out you hope that there's some kind of leadership. Structure in within the locker room there right now to kind of really identify really who those guys are. What the issue is it kind of bring you reinforce the message to him as this isn't like college or high school where you William do you fight the Brett could take him outside the open and say look you burst our truck. You the kind of tell look. If we if this coaching staff is not here futile plea from his coaching staff guess what. Management is probably who may be here may not be here Weber is gonna come in here they're gonna see this stuff. So you may think you're sending a message to your coach not to like him. The descended down the road menace the NFL there is no more patients in the NFL anymore with the weight before turning things around so fast new coach has come involves and you go from worst the first you're at a here. So you hope that the leadership structure communicate that from any management perspective. Look quite honestly when you have guys who displayed that kind of lack of competitive character it's your fault. Somewhere along the way you missed about you waited some. It's a you're you're kind of a passenger now there's no in in. Personnel there's nothing you can do at this point you're work is January February march April when you go on Senior Bowl combine draft pro days that's when you do your work your. Right now. You're kind of looking at the fruits of your labor in your book on. It got messed it up the picked the wrong guy. There's such a fascinating way of looking at it and let me ask you this because that's a team. That much of it was thrown together yet there are a lot of teams they're out the the acquired a bunch of their players in the draft and they've been together a long time and maybe those guys will have the ups and the downs together the giants went out not this past offseason but the one before. They brought in a whole lot of guys who spent a lot of money on upon people who were essentially strangers up to each other so when everything was going well like it was last year that all good. Things start going in the wrong direction and you don't have those relationships for them to fall back on. That is a great point that is the danger of comprising your football team in the free agents because what they are mutant their hired help necessarily they don't. You know and in the analogy I always used I heard this. This was told he wants is when you draft players these guys are almost it's almost like a college atmosphere you come in in the same class the same draft class. If that's only team that you know. You very much so invested you bleed that color this is my football team as garlic if I go to university Pittsburg you go to Notre Dame you're always. Fighting Irish it's always your school when the team that dressing if you stayed there awhile with those put your draft class this is my team yeah I'm getting paid yes it's the programs this is my team with things are going bad. Then you start talking about this is not how the Eagles play this is not how the browns play is not who we when your freeagent. I've been part of teams and we comprise that way from the front office perspective. And all the sudden those guys it's winner and fracture and all of a sudden and it's just about a limitless refresh my app and make sure my direct deposited. As a matter here and when they say when a team meeting starts at 9 o'clock am walking that 85959. I'm not down in the train in the weight room trying to get in some extra day don't invest the same way. The why you think everybody's emphasizes dressed the way they do because that builds that camaraderie and that togetherness free agency it's dangerous when you have too many of them I think you're CNN now. Man that is a great point and that's the part that people don't see. When you should get that lift him before the meeting. And all the sudden you don't know you know we used to watch a little bit extra film who got the fellas in that to watch a little extra film after practice when you came in and all of a sudden you don't. Those are the little things that add up on the though dealers are to smaller draw that that is a a great point. Well I was just one more on the giant jug I brought the most interesting thing in goalie you brought it up earlier. I think it was this morning it may be yesterday's certainly everyone is talking about it there's this season is hopelessly lost and we'll there will be significant change there and we expected to happen. Both on the sideline and and may be in the front office but how about the quarterback position as you evaluate that situation. With Eli at his age and everything else what is your best guess as to how that's gonna play itself out. That's a tough one. It really is because. When you start venturing into the area of what is the next best thing for us if it's not Eli that you better have a great answer. You better have a great answer because right now look Eli still capable of winning games in the NFL and winning them in double digit numbers. He has no help anymore. His guys are gone. This is not that this is not the giants of the late 2000 where guys like Sean O'Hair and Chris Snee and them guys there. In Tiki run on the ball Brandon Jacobs is running the ball and mod rats that this is not it doesn't have the same character feel to this football team. And I don't think Eli was ever a guy who could. On a long term basis is put a team on his shoulders like his brother could in this make it about him. It was always about the group with him and then he would get hot at certain moments and next thing you know he's when it's Super Bowl which is fine he's made a heck of a lot of money he's had a great career. But if you're gonna start talk of sending them down the road you better have a pretty good answer and right now. Meet you only one you don't even know who's going to be picking who would be the next quarterback there you'll know what the philosophical direction as franchise going to be in a couple months so. I have no idea what the quarterback position looks like from New York. Well let's let's stay on the quarterback position let's go to which humor that we thought a one point and a lot of us and I did. Thought there get three teams from the AFC west in the plant the divisional winner and then the two Lockhart. One of those scenes there's really spit the bit has been the Denver Broncos season so we Estes of march clarify earlier Alaskan if you win next season rolled around are any of those quarterbacks AM on the roster and be starting this summer of. Well I think Texans on the roster but. I was never big Paxson with fan and that's not to be disrespectful I just like I was with you I don't have art wrestle think that's the franchise so I think now John has directs where one maybe he doesn't think he has to. But from the outside looking in I'm thinking that deposition is still that's priority number one that did dolphins once were away CJ Anderson is is a good enough running back the win with. Gets a blockers affront solidify that team tried they clearly haven't seen they are they in the draft and you know what they're trying and they are you sensing about that it's like when people say Ryan bricks and never really try to do. Global markets a line we tried. Distant work they've tried and number it just hasn't work so there at the keep tried but I don't think their quarterback of the future is on the roster nominal. I don't know. Mike and Mike presented by progressive insurance I can test drive snapshot even if you have insurance with another company TM much you can save before you switch how much have you and your current role obviously you were for a long time for those who don't know. A full office a guy and so you would be very much in touch with scouting and all of that and and you will be sitting there. When we get to the draft for us at ESPN but right now it feels like. This quarterback class than the guys that are going to be coming in this year where the giants we'll have a high pick and a lot of these other times well. This is gonna be like 83 all over again that was going to be John Elway and Dan Marino and and Jim Kelly. All over again and it feels like a little bit of the enthusiasm for that has waned you know what is your sense of that and how does it go. From that feeling at the end of December. To work again in April where you just know everyone is going to be killing themselves to try draft one of these guys. Well I think I think it's because that you know right now everyone. No I don't really want to put themselves out their right now as far as. How they really feel about people. They wanna kind of gathered the data so to speak and wait until it gets a little bit closer currency where the consensus is and then people kind of weigh in strongly one way or another. As is the wait goes discount no one wants to be up front people kind of wanna see where the moment instead and then opted out like that guy to. I think what the thing though about about quarterback in general I think you've seen this over the past couple years is what you think you may know about what they transferred to the NFL a lot of times really don't know cause last year. No one really thought it's people like disarm Watson. No thought he would rip off the leak the way he started. People like Patrick Holmes the very entice buyers arm no authority to look like he did the pre season like I know how he's looking down their practice right now too when they take their. When they take the current of the car cover off of him looked up. He's in blow this lead up. The quarterback position is changed what we thought was the prototypical franchise quarterback I don't think is a profitable franchise quarterback game I think it's gonna be I think it looks much different. At the very much so now that. The quarterback of the future may look look more like. Carson went to me look more like the Shawn Watson and less like Tom Brady endlessly Drew Brees. It may not be the stalled pocket passer anymore the game's changed. College offenses detained pro offense is the best for offences are adapting outside of New England where they don't run the zone read everybody else is doing that kind of stuff. Everybody else has the mobile type of quarterback so that's why now you're here and momentum gather in built for garlic baker mayfield. Whereas before you didn't hear any of that you're right now you war because why can people watch Russell Wilson ago. We can win with that. In the job and you know what the other guys to Arnold Alan Rosen Rudolph or a pocket guy that's right there ought and bakers the only one that kind of creates some think may be. That's the question I guess can you rely on creating yeah that's why we always say I guess since it it just banged him nor had. You gotta have some fundamentals in the pock ya can't just rely on creating outed. You if you wanna be a quarterback at the very highest level when you listen to the great Ron Amadon talk about it. Who was the Qantas and he was the original to meet the original multi dimensional quarterback. Who was with such a huge cerebral capacity to be two in the pocket but when he wanted to take off he'll kill you that way too. If you wanna be one of the greats of all time greats you're gonna have to stay in the pocket at some point in time and be able to dissect people if someone were to just put your feet concrete you have to be able to do it. But. The days of saying that guy who runs around is a guy who at that's not the prototype this maturity. The prototype is changing the prototype is very much so fluid now which I think opens the door up. At the quarterback position in a way that we didn't wanna open it up before before was like. The positions in trouble there aren't a lot of pocket passes on many guys who look like Dan Marino. But it doesn't look like that anymore so I I think I think that makes it more exciting and makes quarterback evaluation. Very intriguing to him that address. I think that's really interest and if you if you think about it if a guy like. To Shawn Watson who as you mentioned he was he should be maybe should still be the rookie of the year even playing for questions or whatever it was. He kind of looks a little bit more like. Looks looks all the more like Aaron Rogers and Rogers disorder that's what he is right Rogers is a guy they'll kill you from the pocket that he brings multiple other dimensions to it. He doesn't have the propensity to take the big hit all the obviously we say that right now while these kind of guy basically does seeds and a with a shoulder while Lewis I cannot tell you how much we appreciate it literally as I say late night. Last on the Imus say that someone at a wanted to make sure it's a disguising of when you start working here it's funny. You get a schedule and you looked at UC which user on and you taught us our gauge public word Y stand in the hierarchies forest you know. On air talent for me. One of the biggest moments for me was wants all the files that you might you might at this is true store it's okay. I'm certainly get a little bit of credit from start to get some respect tonight and it did show with a one time it is when we're over an old studio up this to me look this show. I don't think people many people relies on is is on in many people's offices in the NFL NBA won the first thing people turn on ice and listen to you guys every morning. Whether it was in my car drive and in. Put it on when I got my office and now like I learned you're in the league when I got here is that you guys alls like okay that this is what it's all about so you guys have had a great career. You can go out and continue to have a great career. I play don't have a relationship with the until going to be here you guys are still going to be here. So I just want to make tried got a test coming here and say. You were the standard for me as far as my broadcasting career as young as it is one finally got to be on your shelves like him doing something. This is this is a great show and I respect Annika do you guys I appreciate. We appreciate that and art field it'll be on both our children into going forward. And I told you when you first your name came up preset I don't want them at their abilities or yeah I do an article and add up here that's our. I think that as a catch everything don't let. Yeah I reacted yeah. Wolf thanks very that aren't we and given what you've been great fondness we'll continue to be all right. I I made the comment earlier this morning as we wrap up what has been eighteen years together. There aren't that many people who last eighteen years in sport right as it's just not that kind of a business and one of those who has been may be the most consistently interesting through all of that period of time. Joins us now the owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban is back with us on Mike and Mike good morning mark. What got you hey we're all old. I pretty much man I mean if you're sort of the stories of people how long they've listened to as I was in middle school and I start to listen here and I'm 27 married with a kid we're like. Oh my god how old are we intend. You know I noted crazy I mean I hear that they've stored my dad took me to my first maps game when you bought the team now it's five. I'll call man. I remember one time you came here very early in your tenure and and are you were guests on sports center and I was the poster we were walking around ESPN together and I learned a lot of stuff about the business of it from that so let's talk about that. It feels like we are NA a golden age of the NBA right now wants so many different levels that feels. As though from the star caliber of the players the TV the relationship if you will between. The league and the players so so clearly I am distinct from what we're seeing in the National Football League where it feels as though. The ownership meant I'd love to hear your thoughts on a sort of embrace. How public the players are in in the in the issues that are important to them how would you describe where we sit right now with this week. I think the MBA has been brilliant start with David Stern and at first we're counting it leverages social media. You know where other other sports I think it's a kind of downplayed the value of the individual player we've amplified if we we've really tried to. Kids are our players to embrace it and use and accelerate. Our business with their social media accountants and their own personal brands. And so it's been some idiotic so as any given player Turks social media bought brand grew. Abroad after the capture up so does the MBA and I think that's where we've been unique if you look at the social media presence. All of our players individually starting at the bottom up rather than top down you'll see it's much more significant. Than any elderly and I think that's paid up huge dividends. It's a great point was very tip report was an error point in the NFL now will we we see the dead between the league and the players and some of the things going on did you guys have to work through that where there are things that maybe we didn't see publicly that. Players and and a league had to kind of worked out as you were going through that hole yet. I mean if you go back to the early days of Twitter where you know to act would be up late at night they did they were pitted a private message. Edited come out of the public tweet and everybody talk about how they were hacked to whether in Boca the Phillies felt. But that does the growing pains of of all social media. Armed and so yeah we've we've operated that and look we we went through our cup ties when there at the mallet and the policy you know. Win win people were talking about the league being too hip hop. That those were challenging times for us not because those people were right it but because they did understand up and who are players war because our players did have a voice. Social media gave our players of voice in our players took advantage of it. It's so you've got to know who each of these players are and not you'd look to see what's deaf or in the broader even Dirk. Have to say when something happens. And that's made our league so much stronger would you know because our players are are unique and and have. Their own individuality. And in any sports. Professions. You know. Talent drives everything if you compare that to the NFL with all of the controversy right now. They don't have their platform if the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers Mike two teams walked in front of me I might be able name. You know readable by seeing in the otherwise I'd have to produce myself and that's a significant difference between us and other sports. Mike and Mike and Mark Cuban what do you make of all of that I just mentioned your players are it feels like encouraged. To be as public as they wish. With the issues that are really important to them. It feels like right now that is the opposite in the National Football League where they're having enormous issues from a business standpoint and otherwise what what is your take on the. Well I go back to the social media and the lack of visibility of the NFL players there are only platform is when the cameras are off. And that's when they get that's when their voices to stronger. Itself they've taken the in everybody's watching for a band. You know whatever method they wanted that even though they can't control an air of the elite start a conversation. Without LeBron James has what two or three times as many Twitter followers of the president of the United States. When when the cameras are on the door to any one given game. There's there's not as its. That's not a necessity for that we don't have to talk there we have better platforms to send the message. That's the difference between the two and so I understand what the NFL players are doing and why they're doing it that way and in. The NFL owners and just have a challenge in dealing with that. On the court you know the league as we said isn't a great place she'd been in the headlines so much in the offseason work where football usually takes charge but the NBA it was their butt. On the court and for you it's a tough start this year for you and and we always talk about Golden State where some of the other players have moved. So for you and the frustration level of you trying to bay and getting Dennis Schmidt junior everybody loves this guy so the building back up. Credible to get back to the top where you wanna be all owners wanna win but man you'd certainly word on your sleeve or how frustrated are you head into getting this team back. You know what I'd do was just a matter of time that that we have to. You know pick stepped back in order to go forward. And I didn't think it becomes painful hole the you know we're just came out that. You know after the spurs we've had the fewest days of a lot column. All of any team in the NBA over the past forty years it's so it's certainly new territory for us. But we we think we're going to be it would turn around relatively quickly we we went from all of last year much younger this year and are they being younger with Dennis but with terrorists and he you know we with with Seth Curry except for a we we just got a strong nucleus so I think we're gonna get back and I you know watching our games now. You could see were used as Curtis and magically Dennis is going to be phenomenal but when you put your hand the keys to a nineteen year old. That you know it's going to be there's going to be challenges that the in the games we've lost some close ones at the end but. You know that happens now but it pays dividends off in the long run and hopefully you know by the end of this year will be on a roller or Dexter what have a turnaround. Mikey Mike Mark Cuban as well that's another thing we were talking about this morning that. You would have I think unique insight into is that dynamic right now there's an issue between Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell and Jones is very sad. And and I was making in the the comment that is just as strange dynamic because at the end of the day. Goodell worked for Jerry but he can make decisions that Jerry doesn't like and I go back to the earliest days of mark Cuban's tenure in Dallas. I don't know if you know the exact number of dollars that David Stern. Finding about it it's familiar and then there's Adam Elian not so can you sort of explained that I frequent when you aren't split Internet yeah. Yeah. Buckets up on one hand the commission are supposed to be a buffer because you've got thirty in the ambient 32 owners that you've got a proper or they compete against each other. Buffer with the bigger picture because not your business that trip as an individual team or an individual might not always aligned with believed that that's the business side. On the competitive side we all know as owners that you know. It takes them locked and it takes some happenstance to be at the top of beliefs you know whether with the mavs whether it was BK have whether it was the heat. You know whether the warriors pick up to go right and you know that you had. Guys are gonna age out guys are gonna get hurt that you at this point in time to quit football guys get hurt more often we've got to take advantage of the opportunity it doesn't last forever and Jerry Jones knows they're not about a lot of speed problem just. Talent from my perspective Jerry knows that would stack it would seek he's got this moment in time that he's got to take advantage of and because we don't want bad tackle and either one of them to be out and the entire future of the organization competitively changes. And so he's fighting to get his team on the field what he's got a he got the opportunity to really be did good you win a Super Bowl. And that's what put them at head to head. Because Jared got to take advantage of this moment time he's got to fight report no matter what. And I think all the fans respect and and recognize that that's the case Roger Goodell on the other hand got to balance everything else out it's so I've been in situations where I've had other owners try to kick me out. And it David Stern walked me out. Yell and other owners you know came and spoke positively for me. And and Jerry's going through right now he doesn't like the way discipline in his hand ability he knows more than everybody. All about the circumstances behind beacon that situation. And you know the end of been at Roger on the other side is trying to manage the at the end of felt brand. The fact that there's issues in terms of domestic violence. The fact that there's issues in terms of CTE Roger Goodell would got a very difficult job right now and Jerry Jones wants to win it. You know he wants because he wants to get back to the Super Bowl for the first time in a long time and that's what creates the tension. And it's certainly really NFL while they make a ton of money we've all just mentioned some of the things going on right now lord of the things you had mentioned you think. It is coming to fruition that the over saturation. Overall could hurt the product. Oh yeah I mean it's you know like talked about it you know a few years ago and I think that's been the case. Our look in my opinion the NFL is ready to implode today because of Brady's you know TV ratings are down across the board. But there's just decked. There's just a lot of different circumstances that we put them altogether. I think get a felt very challenge I think you know getting to the top is hard to Spain at the top is even harder and I think they took some things for granted and has backfired now. How we're always appreciate your time and hours laws have to mention my were my favorite shows and shark tank I just love that I appreciate it I look how how has it been with with A-Rod on their army that that's. You would call. I mean honestly I mean an activist Alec I was little bit concerned because I didn't know the depth of the business experience. We'd been friends for a few years and we talked and had lunch in but we talked more about branding him and talked you know about sports or whatever get really scared to death with his business and when he came on the show you just nailed it he did a great job all the dog ala I was really happy in and I think it came across them in the episode he's been. Not cried at fantastic charges love it love love the time is now with us to mark remark of a great candidate got into. Graduation got a great run its. You know it is like anything else that if it goes by quickly and and it did at the end that you always reminiscent it's always tougher so. You know to grasp on on your run and everything you've been able to accomplish it's always. Fun to come on the show you're one of the few shows not travel for get me go to Fort Worth or wherever so. You know it is it's really been special to be part of it's like I thank you for that. Thanks for everything and I thank you very much we do appreciate it Mark Cuban one of the most interest young people. I'm whether we've always agreed or disagreed is always got something to say Hedo is worth a hearing. And he did he got up I remember when the Super Bowl is in an hour worth that was the coldest of Everton was so cold yeah he came out their fourth through very nice on the do a man it was coal act.