On The Bullpen Phone With Anthony Capra

The Drive
Friday, July 20th
Wingnuts pitching coach Anthony Capra joins the show to talk Wingnuts baseball.

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Bo loses. Who liked him before. So he's. Brought him back the drive and about a jet Jason data. Into a man on death lives. Game this week the songs from mud Tommy favorite movie. This of course kitty hawk and I'm all right from caddie effect giving your greatest. Soundtrack performer in the history of the he's got this he's got footloose highway to the dangers on the birth of the three as iconic songs you'll get from movies are at their. The pretty get obviously Tommy is a very Smart man you know to get the US aren't British Open happen and right now the open championship Goldman's championship. Any dosing caddie shack of course why not re talking brilliant play Smart math. Smart and speaking of brilliant one of the great pitching minds in the United States of America Anthony Capra pitching coach for the wing nuts joins us today. Anthony what's up. Ought coordinator Rex and I have to. Are off pit he is better have a good performance tonight cap yeah he that'd be yeah exactly you can't tell you can't be out there given up runs today after that up. Oh my brain though it working well we've got to Benedict the US. What have you learned cab about pitching. Since you became a pitching coach because you know you that was your first time this is your first time coaching. You're you obviously don't know everything you know a lot you've got a lot of wisdom to pass along bit. What have you learned the most about your job and about pitching in general as you've had done in ninety your second season. The thing I've learned the most honest clear that less is more. You know every guy is different in every guy understand their own bodies and their mechanics. More than I do. Party is not separate or are really just I try to do and I enjoyed being out guys way. Letting them do their thing and just kind of making minor adjustment. Dated today if they need it arm. Target that everybody understand their own body or but I do I'm not I if you got a feeling the lion out what I or. I'll ask questions got prying if they admit that it church they missed spot. They what do you feel they're in usually tell me in the right there are they are all that credit event. And I don't want to the next bit so that kinda that's kind of been my daily glass appears that less important. And go do your own thing. But don't you think to cap as you know as a coach but is looking back to when your plan mom don't think that sometimes a coach doesn't understand. A certain player the way that they need to be understood to get the best out of them and it's those little things like that that that can possibly help down the road. Absolutely okay this global palm you know he knew it'll be the younger guys who who won't be built on rejecting all don't all have a guy like car or work or crippled. You're out dominating the league I don't really that's well remember much like cattle let him do that thing on offer it. All want the guy. Who may be sort of consistent he we will work together on pain but it never. We're not wanting ever it's usually not being. Bringing your event but what I hear repeatedly and I asked the court or west look for them to answer what I party now. And if I don't get get our want at all leading up okay well that's what I see and you guys or that it kind of approach are still. Anthony Capra the what stalling that's pitching coats joining us on the show today is is is that Rafael Palmeiro in town this weekend with cleaver Ernest did he make this trip. He didn't think he might be dinged up a little bit even where are our record in the dugout about circle the op. Well. I've I get that we can make you know the jokes that the performance enhancing bad for a 53 year however that all of this guy is. I think it's got an incredible that he's from playing professional baseball at any level he looks amazing for his age or for any age. Do you share this the same sentiments about Raphael Palmeiro. I love it our I don't I don't know why anybody would not want him supported go out our what are your order affiliate all wherever you. I didn't read your 91 of the best hitter monarchy we get the ultimate goal back up there. On the only part that may be got a penalty based people L aerospace a box like oh crap that's Rafael Palmeiro the Sutter home run lately got. I hit you know it's. He's sort of the boat called and so why would resort unit or it also speak any. Any doubt about or he talked to guys in Italy eat up now. But superstar would a level Americans are or your cold ball court or Parker or where you can approach these little guys eat scorpio. Hitting team in 91 with six homers in modern five at bats that's amazing. 942 OP yes. Right yeah it ought to be what would you have. Idea much like I can argue with yet I've not argue with the argument Jeff. But I won't argue that you count when I don't that if I had at the exact same thing he would he'd be all over me that ploy exact you know your talking about well yet they key of course you guys. Pace is so you know we're talking double Palmeiro on that sort of thing capital who's the guy that you can remember somebody that you played again Easter played whip that's. That's planned thing in the and in the majors right now that. You remember or was it tough out for you is as a as a pitcher. Coming up to the ranks. All that easy route out on this one Mike Trout. Yeah that would be a good one. I think that the law not wasting my ticket is only about a public statement double play irked that that. Pop post about looking on and it buys out all under but it. And they had and we want everybody can we put up. And yes my god he's not that and that they can get it by the arc tunnel wall well he Tenet and about backward grab that won't be out. It's on east and Africa rear guard mark RY a worker well you know week it's not your great. Don't expect you struck out who's in your book and not got a lot of people that got. I got harper got. You know the guilt moderate better prepared but it. We'll open. It in Italy actually battle. Try it out yet and yet they don't you're well aware like you were Vietnam. War. Well he struck out Manny Ramirez. I hit a it'll expand its spring training we're we're welcome duke aren't. A stark amount not what I thought of oh and get an update only. Yeah absolutely and beanie cap per are guess when that's pitching coach you brought up Mike Trout. And the easy you've been in them in the press box a couple of years ago when when you've been injured with the wing nuts and you know the kind of frivolity and just inane conversations we have these are the kind of the the spot exercises that I go through. I'm looking at at the pay the pecos league last year just the first team I clicked on with the team called out Alpine cowboys. They had to re young man named Chris Byrd Adonis. Do it for 26. In 244 bats. What would Mike Trout hit in the pecos league which is essentially the lowest level of professional baseball is he had 800 hitter in the make us late. How what what it would have been hit. And a number that tell you what he thought that it yet at least eight. You know he's gonna get himself out of a better all our crew like that well but yet he's not he's not a different planet a couple of games go to it in the paper the he's followed in order a bowl and or at I think we all ever known and amber yeah he would dark. We were almost double what how many pitchers when he literally kill. All of them. But at the back up at. So I have listened for comment among Mike Trout. Soggy here. What do you think above all this stuff over the all star break vote him and need to market him matter I don't think he's one of the guys that really wants it. Andy do you think that that's a problem for baseball. I don't have a problem with Major League Baseball way to market player. But if you don't wanna be marketed like that. Don't be coming out of joint if you go if you want before under the radar spark him you know some people don't want it such an. You know not stated eat but it'll without people can't handle it that's not what they don't want I think he definitely can't because. For years and Eric regain get our current markets in both. If you don't want be splashed across bill Orton then tomorrow. You know that it ordered it but. And in Major League Baseball doesn't do justice but some of their better players I think they pick up guys an outlook that you don't like every sport. But. You know Major League Baseball has an up superstar that they could or they. Anthony Capra joining us for a couple more moments off that for seventeen days on the road coming up after this. After the end this home series against Cleve burn you deep packet for that I get outside that some them. You always I imagine have to dread. I'm not really hurting and yet. They get a little tough for every year the purposely. Older analogue. You know we're still can't Kirk and eight straight up though I'll. Actually Politico. Me and my girlfriend are gonna go to a late for help they forward it all summer recharge a battery or that or backbone that. It's absolutely pit bull Goldman wrote that long it'll be a you. Apartment so I lived here but don't bet your. Oh it'll take off the oil only if you don't want you all eighteen early in the war on the order group well. Current account the Arctic regard pretty well. Hopefully it figured there are gonna do with what went about it. The call AA. Though capital but not stepping on deuce question here but we just made a bet. Regarding the Cleveland Browns I have I have them in the playoffs that the crown but that's a drug that I've been beating now for a couple months relief on like their roster. I think whenever a good team on paper will see out translates. But the bed is if the victim browns don't make the playoffs I'd buy him lunch. And if they do if they do make the playoffs since that's far more unlikely. It seems. We're gonna go on a double date with our wives and he's picking up the tab ID think that was gonna shake out. I'll. There's breaker there are are. That record your I think you're better than that putt at it feel love look at their team cap. Can't Oprah owner Rick Hendrick report out you can't according to Jeff you can cap hit easy you do it cat you can't if you had Taylor mayfield they may say that again gore went well lap Gordon for a whole year Jarvis Landry Carlos Hyde knicks job and you have do Johnson and David did joke you have another good tight end usenet but yes you can you not aptly defense to write their defense is fine. A cap. Are there were your own and they have made improvement but I don't know probably make it beaten up I would pick a number we're at the oral. Five 66 and ten would be a huge improvement this. Just that in Matt bedroom but it could still be happening and not on Tyrod Taylor you OK but baker made bill have a lot learn. Our Karl aren't going to be much mail like Landry I like order to an LT. Don't promote sixteen and even when it is is going to be out. They're going from the literally eaten. Nothing act quarterback did Tyrod Taylor. Who's had some success in the league so that's a huge upgrade that regardless of how good Tyrod is Tyrod Taylor actually is they're upgrading by infinity percent despite having him behind center. 0% to twelve is not is not great jab at a. A row and I'll unlock your parent support it yet but what do all about Dick take the lead spend a little. Check out Aaron here we'll get our own back. Yeah exactly talk about leap and sells yeah available we appreciate it that was that was negative beer question that was it plus the fact that camped in calling that we gotta go golf and yet man. But their server got hurt her or might wrap up you go. I got to wait a month not not not a popular got to play them honest gotti's cooler that's true likely begin overnight because we're talking about. You have to make that apple get out there and happy days but he I can't be elected I'll see you later thanks for your time as always. Our guys appreciate it. Garcia quick quick guys debrief their since that's your job on the show got its cap I loved out he's gay he's a great guy knows he's talking about. He just is is he's agreed to unite I don't rely on a speed after this you know what the season and obviously the wing nuts not going to be back here. I'll be finds himself somewhere is it just he's one of those guys that. Danica chair formal things rebel form they go we'll take a break or. Now. Coming back in talking to bidding. In with go there should be does that mean anything anybody may mean nothing to me but he finished fifth in the smack up today on the Jim Rome show it was her riding on can't fake. And on many other hundreds of affiliates around the United States. And billion lists though the luminaries on that show we'll talk to them when we return stay with a Jason did Jeff Lewis the drive with Bob Woodruff.