The Browns have had 22 starting QBs since resuming operations in ‘99

Sports Daily
Thursday, October 12th

They’ve also had 9 coaches since ’90, the most of any NFL franchise, and one of those coaches was Bill Belichick.


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Here's a quick quiz for you what he's Ty Detmer spurred Jindal win. Doug Peterson Kelly Holcomb who. Luke looked down Charlie Frye Trent Dilfer Derek Anderson. Ken Dorsey Bruce Gradkowski. Brady Quinn Seneca Wallace Jack DelHomme. That Lewis who can forget that Lewis Brian Hoyer Johnny Mann Zell. Connor Shaw Austin Davis all have in common Sheen danys. Brown's crates. Brown's grace former the leaders started games it up guys who have started games. At quarterback. For the Cleveland Browns not in the history of the browns that since 2000. Since 2000. This century but it is the most curse position. In all of sport by far and did more by far ended ended ended it reflects most accurately. The types of seasons that the browns have had since 2000. They are the poster child for ineffectiveness. And ended straight out losing in the National Football League. Not coincidentally since 1999. And since. Kevin Hogan's gonna start sending. He'll be the 27 different starting quarterback since the return of the team to the NFL in 99. They have averaged. 2.4. Starters per year. Which is from ridiculous and stagger and they had steady roar. The war in 2008. The aforementioned Derek Anderson Brady Quinn Ken Dorsey and Bruce Gradkowski all start of the game. In 2008. And to magnify the importance of that position they're winning percentage since 1999. 306. So what that we would expect anything out of the browns. Would be foolhardy yes because they don't not a yes draft well develop a quarterback you think the chiefs had a bad. The Indians are being Indians beat the browns. A sense. 1999. Tim Couch is made the most starts. 59. And then Derek Anderson and thirty just in Crennel that's that's the subject to the Twitter question there by assistant UH RO. Who's your favorite browns quarterback over the past ten years Cody Kessler Brandon wheat and Colt McCoy or one of the other sixteen. Ryan on Twitter said Derek Anderson went ten and six and 2007 that's like 115 in one in Cleveland. And maybe between the mayor there it is like on fifteen and one that organization. I have the Texans this week in what a cute curious. I don't know I mean does is it I mean you know some franchises are just that way. It's just kinda how it goes in they get bad management. They start chewing up coaches and that no mountain coordinator hue Jackson is yet coordinator hue Jackson is the latest in that mill. Non there's absolutely no indication. That hue Jackson will be the right guy to get this done. No indication. Whatsoever. Time. So I mean it's just one thing kind of leads to another I mean Bill Belichick coached the browns. From 91 to 95. Yet the big guy that we generally. Defer to do is maybe as probably the best coach in the history of the NFL and I know. But it got a good Vince Lombardi apologist. Tom Landry. I get it there's a lot of guys chuck know there's a lot of guys you can talk about but at the end of the day bill bella check will be one of those guys. He was a coach for the for the Cleveland Browns room. Back in the day. Hey you forgot about Sony man's own Jason Campbell and Doug Pedersen they've asked started game has been to. That this list is is. If it wasn't so sad to be funny. Jeff Garcia Charlie Frye. Oh my god. Here's your list of coaches. Since 22 since 1999. Chris Palmer Butch Davis. Terry Robiskie. Romeo and now. Eric Mangini. Hatch Shermer Rochus in skinny. Mike Patton in hue Jackson through nine I mean to losing and that's nine coaches change up. That's nine coaches in the last sixteen years. How's your continuity work and there. I can't imagine ridiculous in a fan of both the Indians and the browns. And before couple years ago the cavaliers for that matter. We caught talked about this by the way is a for this this a pretty proud franchise. You go back to Paul Brown. From 46 to 621214. Games Blanton collier from 637. When 112 and 76. Forrest Gregg went. 41 and 18175. To 77. Sam particularly on up. Cowboys' fifty games more half one time seven a one time to time. The time. The same Dick Uliano. It's Marty Schottenheimer went 71 and 44. Then he might goodness. Back in a moment to close this thing out.