Bob’s Dynamic Duos

The Drive
Wednesday, December 6th

Top Ten Wednesday concludes as Bob reveals his list of the top ten sports duos.


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I don't know why now. Good drive and bulb and Jeff Daly 691240. Dat dat dat da da da da da da de. But. We're. Reflections. From the supremes everything ahead. Everything you've heard everything terrific opening there. Good stuff. Tremendous. 8691240. Sports do those the topic. Top ten Wednesday. Phones. Bull market in Europe. OK I got shot now don't let that car want to opt out Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon's that you just part owner. And also actually appear to excel at that spot or more. Martin you could live at least 500 years old and not hear us for the NASCAR do on this list. And that he wanted to talk money and stuff like that out why not that I know love and I mean numbers is. They were opponent Allison a putt that word opponent long time. Air attack that aren't you carrying the thing is these breezed right past our couple Martin and keep going on a roll. Go go go go a little bit like could the backstop and out. Actually it stopped it almost all going to ability to make sure their best punch in on which golf golf. Unbelievable techno pop what are they don't try the caucus that plant. We're gonna talk about that to momma I'm an agreement would feel it makes me mad to mart and other GeMS switch it over to put golf for good. Jeff. Is a serious topic to a lot of people. Most golf thanks Maarten and you making light of it is not make a line a bit lot of don't go probably a better house community. Want your next on the drive. Hello dawn. Yeah I disorder pharaoh in England standards abroad by our own opinion. Yeah thank you celebrated. Their kid are. One now customize their name's Joan though the goal line Juan you Graham wanted Unita now Juan come on Juan. Borough or do I know you do that's why that's why I'm alarmed. He's he did Bogut and saw. A story that's where everything is conducting. Protecting their own leaders saw. I want thanks for the call. The disappointing. Takes him to mainlanders shammond has one of the quickest releases ever. Yeah and it's kind of smooth looks like he shouldn't. Twenty footers from sixteen feet. And illegals long arms Senator Clinton also positioned. Will I would like semis chains Jones. Is not Landry showed not the best player on the team he's very good track here on the drive. I have boys we're good so we're like limited cool and Otis Taylor and. Not so nice. That's nice check bag goes way back they were eleventh on my list thanks for the call are. And here's Jim hello Jim. Yeah I did acknowledge or bodyguard were adopt a more important but I let go or patient. Great sport Bert base and are out in an ornate by today. That's exciting news to us pretty our resident Jimmy seriously should be older. Every dollar anyway I agree it all looked at and where they've. Between now and then there is a note Ali are like there are no nor are they in turn that or think about the news Yankee rally here. Darren does a new Yankee manager. Right better to have them to have that man. There's a new thing out called the Internet I'd like you to check it out Jim. All I've been eating at beyond the Internet I rented. Well then that's how a lot of people do that the gym they have a FaceBook page I'd like to lift you up. Well I gotta say I pray that though look Brea. How do you relic. I saw some I'm gonna find you on FaceBook thanks Jim. Let's get Patrick gambling man I only get the mileage that's Patrick here on the drive. About. What you Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal levels mentioned by Jeff I believe yeah there were on my list method that's not that's a good on Patrick. Also. And then broke up. There's nothing better than a divot that makes a great deal though that a dramatic dramatic break I'm gonna go a little different because I scratch some lol you know a little William. Number ten my most lethal do those although. Dre mongering thanks were the most lethal Abdul. Dole he says in Wichita. Number ten dual. Drysdale and co facts are good or bad is a good ones go back and look at those youngsters. Number nine Stockton and Malone note titles. Don't care. Their lethal tool. Number I gotta make ledger cadre of violence. Right now I'm one and points we'll Max power now we'll know bird's tale. All day week off Matt Matt's tail come on Max Berger Mikhail. I hate having liked that also. I can't read that Max first of all of a 109. And second my vision. And third that glasses of something I can read third. Number seven Kobe and Shaq. Today number six. Beauty here and I hate me for this month but I am I'm nervous steadfastly. Defend this pick Eric Kerry and Jack Buck. Time now they have their own right but I hate you for that they're the Blair a big reason why I love the game abate I would say Harry Carrey and Steve Stone but all Mike. Thieves don't couldn't carry eve Jack Buck Steve Stone enabled Harry Carey it's time for Hillary better than Jack Buck ever gonna dreamed of I didn't want Tom cooler role in it Leo we didn't. We ought to drunken hairy care number five. I was gonna I'm I'm trying to win Macs over. I'll look at my original number five it's Kareem and magic. Bottom and across them all on animal to go ruffle have Willie and door Russell have attacked. Taught us Max. Does does Macs have a supplier for the us about red and Russell Mac suggest parish and Mikhail. Number four they're bad Maris and mantle. Number three. Ruth and Gehrig. Number two in Jordan Pippen and that's what my actual. Number one. Brady bella tech number one number one yeah let's get back to the phones quickly Ryan you're on the drive. I grabbed me guys and glad they kept you picked the wrong beta phase ball on to number seven and you've. You yourself that the public Berry. And I think gases that's a one man that's a fair call back ride and I appreciate it. I think they're natural progression. Sharp basketball is to. Put somebody in not only in BA but also spoke. An all star game and certainly she Emmett. It has that elevated game two. Yeah where where hey we got somebody drafted and then. And now got embedded in the NBA with Britain Iran and and I think I think you know open about it that it can't get a real. Take it all went back in 1948 all migrated duo. Let's build on and the I can't buy what made that happen was over a matter of too well today there were eight complete game victories. Propel them to that 48 and blood that showed that brought out. Thank you China both slow and got to get quick now on these next three calls we need a break and we're gonna talk to Jeff Flanagan so three more calls but before the break brat you're on the drive. They weren't. Summer on mad night as the go to Brett that's a good immortalized throughout time in games like Madden 96 and I'll tell you why I loved it it just came in the senate brat good kudos to you. Boy that now that racquet. Bottle. Do you follow his lead job anymore what is that hello chuck. There become mayor he told me where rumpled pom pom on both girls do. Please see you over the Internet but would return Trammell. Oh I don't think you're turning in. Those guys should both be in the all about K lining cash. There's a lot of what you hear that a minute out there and now. What are current Trammell to. Have they were just very good for very long that's a good one timeout you know out there and let's get there after I don't bskyb by Allen and before we take a break. Mallon. But there's about yours. Yet. Good automatically. That are in Irish figured I'd grow about Eric had to look sure Elway and drilled Davis. Got a couple of rings I don't have a problem with that didn't make my towel and was sixty when he got Terrel Davis who that's fine balance won't go with that thank you. We appreciate those take a break Jeff Flanagan sorry customized. I would never. Not listened need to your faith. But we just have to take a break to get to Jeff planning MO we did dot com. Stock in some royals when we return.