Blue On Black: Waiting For Kenny Wayne Sheppard

The Drive
Tuesday, September 12th

KEYN's Jack Oliver joins Bob & Jeff to discuss acts that have yet to come to Wichita and the state of the music industry as they await in vain for a call from guitarist Kenny Wayne Sheppard.


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I don't know why. The drive with a bow and Jeff Daly 691240. JFH. Little. It. Wow the wall but I heard that wants 45. I guess magic from pilot. How cool is that these are all these plus forty fives there MP threes now. The Jack up until lap at that Jack it's not funny though as a result Jack Oliver from K lions class. Tickets with us as we await. Kitty wind Shepperd we expect him to be calling. Shortly he's coming to the cat two million on September 21 and I continued to be blown away jacked by the equality and a number of shows we're getting in Wichita Kansas it wasn't like this five years ago wasn't like this ten years ago certainly. It's a credit to everybody is out there but senate to bring these facts to sound. And people showing up. You know that's you know thing because they don't bring acts analyst people show up. Two buy tickets and people consistently here have been showing up for the shows and they. You know they have a thing called polls firm places they know how many people go to shows across the nation. How many they average all those type reveals they look into that so as long as it's viable when somebody makes a little bit of money off of it turns out the good deal Jack is that accurate was it not like this five years ago now not even close June. Because they'd bring back out tonight yes a little because we're getting everybody so it's like kids who have we're talking to all these people are coming. So it's like yeah we see it now we do we get it but I don't know if it was like this five years ago because we weren't interviewing people or at least I wasn't that can. I've always I've always followed what we're doing musically and what's atop its just. Mean just yesterday it was announced that Kenny Rogers movies coming to town December 3 Hartman arena. That's huge Kenny Rogers 79. By the way. He has then still does a fine show is kind of semi retired just as a few years. Which is really good. But he'll go back what Jeffrey said I think put another reason we start getting shows people are shown up of course that they don't then you don't get shows. But because of the MP threes that downloads. Artists make more money touring back in the old right they made more money off record sales you know than they did touring. So we put our great stuff they sell millions. A record I have this week I think the end of one selling song. He ended up selling 46000. Pieces. When a band like in sync years ago or sell a million boy later they would sell me and then we can write me and half of the week. But with doubts downloads that doesn't happen that's crazy yeah so these people are turning in are making modern video with switch in the way to make your money. They still makes money portal for writing this and that but it's churning is where the money. And and like we talked about several times you got Hartman arena he got that billion you've got the orpheum. He got in trust bank arena you have several other of them who borrows some NBA clubs around town that. Work to bring in these acts and it's just this remarkable. How well or don't. Like so what the judge that that hasn't been to Wichita. That you would love to see here besides making and I besides nick humanize less sleep in the past few always in reality army Bruno Mars and ignore the best shows Golan Bruno Mars with snow laden eleven fact I agree with the you know we hope it really mean we. Our hope. Well there's no doubt about it. I mean there continue to be that flying and I want the guy in the eleven I'm just say yeah I Asia you've got Jack Oliver who probably knows much about. The local music scene. As anyone in the world would Bryant Barr is immediately so I was that because the scalpers who buy health could not okay give them the you have to surgeon there on the fast in a different one when Bruno Mars. I'm a sellout crowd yeah I what he's back now in trust bank arena yet know who else would. That hasn't been here. A policy yummy beyoncé would is she get a bill. But she did know I don't think so better off early got a big enough and you rile the exactly same thing with room mailed until later on. When you get guy's been around for a long time and you know how long it take Paul McCartney we'll see when he's fifty yes how long does take from the stones to get here years ago. You know people like that snow takes a long time BO because they. The other muzzle Latin if they're making money off turn Amy wanna go places sell the most tickets in the bigger venues and. It would be cool somebody had a than maybe you do because Europe and the store and a swallows a lover of music but just to know the people who have been to Wichita. How many times. What venue they perform that what date it's too I don't know that there's anybody in town who's kept that list. Do you Newton. The things you can find their renowned computer but not everybody I would imagine it be fun we could call Richard out to you and because that's a great place for yell acts that start. As likely had Huey Lewis out there twice before he played. The he just like go one up them coming down the latter type do your big places. Now days with ticket prices were. You know you can charge for smaller venue just charge more for the tickets nearly figure that one out a few years ago so it. I don't have to sell 50101000. Tickets I'll discharge under Bucs take it and sell. All pals that. More equality Illinois while we await Kenny Wayne shepherd. We're talking with Jack Oliver classic hits KEY and have a question for Jack 8691240. What's that band group. Individual. That you'd like to become the Wichita that. Maybe we haven't had yet I mean we've we've had so many over the path. Several years it's really hard for me to think of bands that haven't been here the move comes to mind for me. They've been to Tulsa they've been around here YouTube. Which I believe our pay in Kansas City in a plane to football still either to not rally don't have that big of a band Green Day was just in Kansas City they had Mariah Carrey. And Lional Richie I think in Kansas City, Kansas city's. If ever I know the sprint senator's office and they should get everybody and they have arrowhead float they have about an act that. Is even bigger than the spread so they have a venue for that is I guess we should be thankful that they aired within driving distance yeah. You know the good news interesting places being bill the Coca performing arts center OK on rock road. That will be very interesting may have the Kauffman center up in Kansas City. And that's another place words unique because you have so many seats a little higher price and they land some acts coming into that menu at some point. It it would be that type of people you just. Normally don't see and what you again and so you know whether it could be a little bit more class goalie could be you know whichever. What's auditorium they're going to see you know. You know one point herded up to 5000 wryly so one of those things have to check I drive by and look at it I'm not sure Saddam may it's going to be a great. Structure great. Addition to. What we have journalists to come. Scoop stuff what I did the best rock shows add interest bank arena we get a lot of country companhia in the harper but I'm okay. I'm not even classic rock we I know we had. Who is with nickel back nickel back was not a great for her chill by any stretch of the imagination. But I'm trying to there was another one around the same time. Bush performed as an opening act for someone I thought they were good chili peppers really that's correct birdie here Foo Fighters were here so there's I don't view younger fighters fighter have to be right at the top whenever I think so they're coming back you know will be here again so. You know this is just interesting there's less rocket up these days it does seem like it that can really draw some big action on the classic rock bands as you know keep drawing more Mickey Golisano. Start many. What you would term. New rock bands now it's our other. They escaped my memory Eric Clapton has the I think that PBS special coming out in May actually talk about. The Qatar is dead. Okay electronic music these days guitars totally you are now to Marseilles in the United States has dropped to an all time low. In also in the world guitar or sales has dropped less people were learning to play donate instruments to mellow music anyone other girls some Austin for Kinney wind shepherd now he has that I would have to send him off. This is the guy who's. Learn to play the guitar at a very elect early aid to me the guitar. Signifies music more than any other instrument. I'll check me out of this and other guitar and the piano motive but if you remember when rock first started. The lead instrument that time was the saxophone. In the fifties and early fifties boy and I will turn out I don't know about chuck Barry county hit up the guitar runs book before that. Listen those songs from. 515253. Up to 5758. It was as it can saxophone lead that was the big brewery that everybody dance too weird this is cyclical I guess we've. The guitars been around for so long as the focal point of music that it's a tough to imagine that it wouldn't be. Jack Fowler who's been and radio. Which is tough for how many years I'm extract wealth since the sixties and so sixty sounds cute are you aware of access television. Oh yeah okay I just became aware. Like two or three weeks ago and it's not I get home I've recorded bunch of stuff. The latest blows an interview. The cash Sheryl Crow. Dan rather of all people that they're doing these interviews with the use of these musicians. And they got Linda Ronstadt. Olivia Newton-John. Recent interviews on the last 23 years sometimes as a recent. As just a year ago on new season set to start and then all these concerts that they put out there then it's unbelievable. I can watch it all that. Well unity you know others more more of that type of contents is they say going out there are so. It is good stuff fine things all the time here's Jim Jim are you on the drive with Jack Oliver. Yeah. Quite separate Jack Oliver and a couple of leak really killed my electric outside. That they. What do they the US open tennis tournament all they got to look like the guy that all the other. Whatever art. Well that went. By. Jim do you need help let's just cut to the chains over maybe for Carlyle allowed him. This isn't a question for Jack Oliver. You know. Please thank you got Reagan but we can't cover or I look at it for a thirty outlet you're pretty hot. You know who probably either have me hot the summary your eyes but if people think of Brazil might not hold up during the whether we have little to reflected here. I don't know look Plexiglas. Is wary is really hot item. In the building of stadiums and Arenas these days would not last through now on me but Jim wants it plexiglass wrote. Over assess the stadium for the authority US open style tennis turn at bat that's all right that's what I think Jim wants. He likes tennis in your extent there's already grass out there SI guess it's okay what you have to remember about flushing meadows is that there's. 45. Courts like that. For the US open so they go to Jack will ankle or try to fix that thanks for taking on that question. It appears let's look also be honest with ourselves it appears Kenny Wayne shepherd. Has stiffed us. I think so I think so I'll have to call back there and try to find out I'll call is dead but you know it's harder and yes I do those who have. Deeds day in Shreveport Louisiana or Kenny went separate us from that's right. I'm promoters shows at that time and we're Kenny actually got excited was oh watching Stevie Ray Vaughan play Wednesday it shows. In that kind of turned him on to the guitar. In the end road and he's learned to play guilt by year he he does not read music or anything like that. Even though he is written like ten or twelve songs whose new album. As he writes differently than neo put the notes on the paper put them like that so. There are a number of musicians whose say the same thing that they don't read music they just play blame Campbell played but I never could read music. You know and wanna guy you know he can play anything just amazing that's amazing. Our will give this a shot again maybe okay our own prior to chaser came down and now third wind sailors that Thursday. These are all we all the more depending on these folks call yet this the first one that leads. That we've lonely you know that we are a lot of phone of course or Thursday we will talk now patrolling. Right on the trans Siberian north of Powell called who I know while he loves to tell. Now done a lot of stuff yeah his career all different they have boots mega day after orders. Barbara strides it'll be interesting you know look good to see what he thinks of the death of the guitar yeah. This time we'll be back this is the drive and can't face.