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Monday, July 2nd
The guys heat things up as they switch gears to Soccer with a World Cup goal total update, Brazil vs Mexico, Japan vs Belgium, Vince McMahon plans to spend $500m on XFL, bits of breaking news in pro sports, 100 greatest songs of the 21st century  

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Welcome sports daily came to us Anthony capital would give respect. Tomorrow. And then we'll take the fourth off and hopefully you have at all to. Shoot off fireworks and spend time to family and friends have barbecue and all that. Please shade stuff that you do on July 4. A couple of bits of breaking news. One from the world of college basketball Wichita State. Will face Providence on a neutral floor. At the US Naval Academy as part of the 2018. Veterans classic. That'll be Friday November 9. Held annually around veterans day to men's college basketball doubleheader. Will honor our nation's veterans and showcases the US Naval Academy. In addition to Debbie issue improbable it's a game that we'll tip at 5 o'clock central time. From alumni hall in Annapolis. Navy will play Maryland. Immediately after. Those two will be on CBS sports network. So Wichita State in Providence. Move swear off the 2018 veterans classic. In a bit of unrelated news but it's fascinating to me I almost laughed out loud Dennis Dodd reports. On Twitter that the Big Ten has asked the NCAA to help develop legislation. Mandating weekly injury reports for college football to protect the integrity of the game in the sports gambling era. That's fantastic. Integrity of the game yet in the sports gambling and we need to make sure be transparent about all of our college football players injuries we got to make sure to get our bets in the right way yes so we can have them probable out doubtful and whatever that LL float can warms we've opened paths fantastic. Bill Snyder just. Switched to English he's of these old. Very. Okay so there's that bit of news that mention in the World Cup there's been a gold there in the second half they're the seventieth minute Brazil. Leading Mexico. One nil Anthony and I played a game of more less. Com. On Friday by the time this thing is over the World Cup they'll play fifteen games week I've we had the more or less number at forty goals. He said over how is pulling for the over as well. As of right this second there have been fifteen goals in five games. An average of three again. I feel good about the over the well so far we we got a lot of help on Saturday. We need a little bit more there was a 43. Matt shadows of the ones who goes on we need to keep a handle on what we need yeah burden on soccer person through that makes it more fun for me watch. For sure I need I would imagine that I don't understand the nuances of the intricacies of the game. It's just running for me now Royce told us to pay attention to the set pieces on Friday. That's Greek to me I don't know what that is done and done make sense to me like when I watch a hockey game like this it uprise I can see things developing. That you get a good view of the field and soccer even when you watch on TV so things are developing I'm just watching the ball had. I don't see much going on here and that's what tough passing then we'll do it just to watch for the Balkans. It compounds total the over help or some high scoring games to keep an instinct for guys guys like me but. Who knows you know there's there's so many won no games and 00. Young adults yesterday brought us kind of backed down to earth because Spain and Russia played 11. And Croatia and Denmark did the same thing has haven't settled on on kicks. Penalty kicks. Or not penalty kicks shoot out whatever are you OK with the shoot out sure how she got to settle. I don't know run until they die and somebody just. Deluxe first standing can score the goal this is a budget gladiators Anthony OK either pretty good athletes it's never made it kind of says to me to play for ninety minutes then play the extra sessions and then it goes down to a shootout but. Bob what's different between now and hockey they do that hockey bode you well they you used to be like pending India now they play well. 144. On four for five minutes and then they go to the shoot out. Do but connect. So we're not hockey and soccer guy I think it's been established in the last 45 seconds. Pay. You're music guy yeah you're cabaret Amazon's guy. I'm far older than you but you're kind of an old soul you've pure open and welcome to all kinds of music love at all. Well. We are only seventeen were the years removed from the turn of the century but Rolling Stone magazine. You ever. Put your hands on a copy of Rolling Stone I don't think I've ever read one now. It used to be the deal right on the world's prizes still around. Now along with all the rest of the mega ball but it. Rolling Stone was is was the authority on all things music. This side of Billboard Magazine which. Hasn't. A listing of all the weeks and years and everything else that's tunes and different. Genres but Rolling Stone is pulled down a list of the 100 greatest songs of the 21 century. So far. There are many many in pristine. Timmy and I'm not us. I'm not as open to and into all the different kind of music like you are. But at the very least it's an interesting set. From 100 to one. You've taken a look at that at the list. The top five has Jay-Z and it twice. So I'll give you the floor on Jay-Z. Does he deserve. To the top five. Of the best songs of the 21 century so. More. He's very relevant. I'm looking at the songs and 99 problems as one of them at number five according to. I would not say that's a top five song of all time of the 21 century. Your thoughts. 99 problems in the top five thumbs up or thumbs down thumbs down because it was definitely. And that was when I was in high school it was definitely. A huge song kind of just. An aerosol when are people still go back to it. But top song of all time I mean. I must not of all time with 20% interest century. And but I'm kind of read the criteria on how these were picked and it's you know they reached out to a group of artists producers critics and industry experts. So it's not based on airplay your billboard charts serve sales. So it's kind of an opinion they OK then how did Carly Rae (%expletive) and get to number 71 with calming may be. I mean that power. That's that's kind of what I'm saying that that song for slush funds terrible. The song was on every fifteen minutes when it was out though it caught on like wildfire and you couldn't get away from it yes but the song itself is terrible so. I don't whatever you think about the song itself this notwithstanding hair that's not a bike and I don't put the list together but it. That's the seventy. Best song of the 21 century now the number and you transpose the number 7171. Okay mantech seventeen what are really made you fall out but. I guess I can anyone I think best I think. Quality. For as much. For as much as we heard that song sure maybe it does belong on the list. I guess thought if I'm taken my opinion out of it David does belong on the list. Rolling in the deep by Adele as number eight that's probably about where that belong fantastic between airplay and allowing it to deep here because I'm not a deep. Keep thinking musical guy but. For as much as that was on the radio and for as much quote unquote a claim that god because Dallas supposedly. Are really good singer I assume she is everybody can sing better than director anybody can I think is a good singer but a Dell number eight rolling in the deep. Mariah thumbs up thumbs down parents thumbs up sort agreement yeah and then mommy mommy go back to 99 problems. That was the last time you heard nine and I'm problems I couldn't tell it was lost on your rolling in the it's probably been within the last month. Rolling in the deep you can turn on the radio still here 99 prompt you're gonna have to look for that's one of those thoughts to me rolling in the deep that you're gonna here for a long time. If you wanna hear nine and I promise you're gonna have to go seek out. Doesn't mean it. Doesn't mean it didn't have its day no right he can't get an all timer and he sure it gets buried. Can it be an all timer and be buried. So by your definition for it to be an all timer we need to at least it is ms. circulation you'll still hear it every now I guess staying power would be yet has that's and staying power for me. Columns have been since you heard seven nation army by The White Stripes every sporting event I ever go to to me it doesn't count aside airplane. Yeah that's in stadiums. Okay airplay it's been awhile. Number three. It's number three of the 21 century so far. Well hi for me little life remain probably belongs on the list again feel like there's a sliding scale here on the on the qualifications. Or. What it takes to get on this list. He tried to define it with failure explanation before but I feel like that. Some of these picks fly in the face of those those limitations they do and and as I scroll opener keep IC songs that are just. Number seven runaway by Kanye West I mean. Good song but seventh best of the 21 century. Kanye West is in the top 100 multiple times. Kanye West and Jay-Z seem to be pretty Drake power players in here. And there are some. There's some that I've never heard of honestly and this is me getting older I know that has a lot to do with it. Johnny cash's hurt his number 41. As a cover song. Kind of Johnny cash's last less overall raw Serbia on the way yet. Outcast with a K. Between seven. Not in his knees shaking in my fifth McLeod who goes by but you're kind of thing there. Well spit out cash through the K hey yeah number four. We all know that's on Daniel here that. Every you could almost hear that every day every day almost sold any wedding go to any sporting event again the you're gonna hear that song somewhere not what I'm saying is that. May be on the radio turner yeah it's still there may be 105 point three the buzz. I'm not sure that Ted Danson Don and jackal have been at 20103 point seven classic hits but it's borderline ya hey yacht. By outcast and that and that's kind of what I said earlier the staying power of that song. It's huge. Well the number 11. Is beyoncé and Jay-Z. Crazy in love. That doesn't surprise me that's a quote from Mariah. Our resident. Music slashed a pop expert is that a good song. You have to have heard that I have to hear it again you'd get that you recognize it. I'm sure I would put. And number one all time number one of sold on our century that. So far that that's a reach for me. And paper planes by MIA is number two. Another is no way in hell I've heard out on all you've heard that really all I guarantee you for that's all day. Everyone's heard that sound too good you can't sing and heavy single couple bars what started digging up during the break killing you that Mariah a couple of these. All right let's get out here will come back global on this day in sports history a little Vince McMahon talk maybe maybe not. Maybe some calls from you guys and gals need 691240. Foot Fredricka. Dig up a couple of these songs that are according to the Rolling Stone. Among the 100 greatest songs of the 21 century so far. Sports daily machine and Anthony aftermath of Monday's statement.