Bill Snyder will coach as long as his body will allow

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Thursday, August 9th
Putting a semi-end to the question of when he will retire, Bill Snyder stated recently that he’ll continue coaching K-State until his body gives out. K-State officials are painting this as a coach who is a great influence on his players and that’s more important than replacing him.

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Follow Toyota got to Obama. Home current partner for this is widgets on sport center. Bruce hurdle and shame Denis school Sports Radio he gave 12:40 AM 975 FM. Right off the rolling into our number. Too it's been a quick first sixty minutes our appreciation for those of you tuning in. That have been with us an advantage to the conversation we certainly appreciate it let's get to what's on tapping in our number two courtesy of our friends. From side pockets said Kellogg and Tyler a great place to go each and every day for your lunch special. What do we got cooked up forum on a Thursday edition out there are chain. They get their crispy chicken strips basket of Fries for 595. So lunchtime rolls around head out Kellogg in Tyler. That corner of Kellogg in TARP side pockets what's on tap. What's on tap here in just a little bit we can have some of Bill Snyder talked. It was an all out long ago we had a cancer scare and now he's talking about no end in sight so we'll talk about what that means for. I Kansas State not just for the fans obviously I think we know what that means for K state fans but. Recruiting new blood vs old blood start about that a little bit Jim Brown. Said that he would never denigrating is flagged by kneeling during the anthem one of the most polarizing. Black athletes. This side of Mohammed Ali. The canisters some surprising comments that he no matter what kind of social injustices he would have perceived have been going on he would not have Neil. Knelt also the NBA schedule out wouldn't get to that if time allows Saigon at the landing spot for Dez Bryant if time allows in BC World Series. Continues today and tonight it's thirsty Thursday. Four dollar twenty ounce which start brewing company draught Beers on featured ten night. And the games. Starting at 1 o'clock it's the San Antonio angels one better teams. In the NBC World Series has turned out takes on the San Diego waves at 330 it's Santa Barbara foresters in the San Diego stars. Feature game tonight the Wellington heed the Seattle studs and then in junior college national team takes on the Colorado cyclones at 930 Colorado eliminated. Cheney diamond dogs last night also all on the PGA championship leaderboard Justin Thomas Stewart Cink. Our three under. They are through six and five holes respectfully so tremendous serve those two guys. Four players blast from the past or Stuart's saying cat and her from him lender and ask me who who in the hell Stewart Cink. I don't know he's one of I don't know yeah I guy he's a guy thing yeah he's a guy. Elsewhere let's see. Get the scroll down a little further unfortunately for. Some of the big jumps you're Ricky and meet you talk about general from the past yak Jim turek with his. Applied swing looping swing in they're tied for third so and then if guide its familiar to us. Longtime veteran of which opened apparatus. At Peres 210 under par Jason Day one under Ricky is one under. Rory is one under so they're all doing okay. Tiger Woods got off to a dreadful start he went bogey double bogeys since birdied one of these. Other holes to get to two over after six so he's that kind of mired in a a lot of guys that are tied for 56. Davis love the third plus three my guy Tony being Alice third from last he is four over after ten. Matter of now. Our lives he just bogey well so he's in doesn't laugh yeah raising debt labs but you know what hey it's it's only day one to me it better pick it up. I Tony Tino is not a bad pick by the way like me and Tony Safina where there's nothing wrong with that pick I like him to ride. I'm with you them with so OPEC don't feel that's all what's on tap and now later on tonight. Course the cowboys and 49ers right here it's late kick at 9 o'clock Karen KFH. Over our sister station can't SS it'll be chiefs and Texans on air six kick at 730. Royals have the day off tomorrow they will entertain the cardinals soul. You talk about the cubs. Filled up Kauffman Stadium as the royals and cardinals and fill it up to starting Friday night Saturday night. Then Sunday afternoon you can hear all those games here on KFH. In addition. Saturday you can hear the nationals in the cubs. And Sunday as well the flip up times the royals play at night on Saturday in the afternoon on Sunday. Nationals and cubs play in the afternoon Saturday and it night on Sunday to hear all those games right here. On KF Fitch. There's an article in the in Wichita eagle Bruce about brute Bill Snyder. Yeah and the last time we talked about. Bill. It had to do not only were these health. But the wind is he going to. Figure out if he's gonna continue to coach. And for how long this was right around what was the cactus bowl. A year a year seem like you're. A week or so after that. After meeting with the Gene Taylor he decided he would try to coach for as many more years is a funny little. Now. That's good it's supposed. He was also. A lot of quite young men and how to put this without putting down bill Schneider but custom. Fired up go getter you know Gloria energized and guys you know Brian Norwood Jack Hanson Eric hickson. And those that those are newer younger members of his staff. Then of course you got Andre Coleman Collin Klein. And some other familiar names Blake Siler and out and bishop Carroll product Charlie did Charlie dignity. And he was quoted as saying Bill Snyder was that Eric hicks and flies around and fires up players and you know has. Tremendous amount of energy. K state in the coaches. Are. Caning this. As a type of thing where it's not about coach Snyder but it's about coach Snyder's values in the program. Yeah and the core values that he will leave here. Even after a long time after he's gone. That's all well and good when you go into someone's. Living room. They're big question they would ask not just Bill Snyder did anybody are you gonna be here five years from now. That's basically the length of my stay in college or my son's stay in college. Will you be there and bill Snyder's best answer. Can only be I don't see why not. Or I plan on. And are so MR is bad guy here from now you're not a bad guy running out that he's only eight years bull. No no not at all having set that. And and having been a in and around that program for so many years these are questions very similar questions that have been asked. For. Gosh the last. Eight years or so. I mean there's an echo in here when we have this conversation. It's a conversation that was had three years ago five years ago. Com I've stopped. Trying to have this conversation when it comes to coach. Because he's unlike anyone I've ever known. Com. If you keep thinking that that something is going to happen to slow him down you know what slowed him down his first retirement. And the realization that that's not what he can be he couldn't handle it. I shouldn't say he couldn't handle it he can handle it just Allan we know it shows that he Brett he it was not something that he wanted to do and it wasn't as fulfilling. He was doing a lot of different things. He was working on the membership program that he and and Tom a doctor Tom Osborne. And I have had that dinner very near and dear to them news very active in that regard he's doing a lot of different things. Com but he wasn't coaching young men and and and leading and up by example and and by his coaching methods and by message in all of the things that go with it. And that who was obviously. But the importance of it was reiterated. Dramatically to him during those three years that he was gone. I don't think. At this point I mean I'm with you and totally understand your questions. And their fair questions to ask but here's the biggest question. Would you rather take Bill Snyder. It with all of those questions at the age of 78 right now or take the unknown. If you're a case stayed well I don't think and I. It would be I don't going to be any question it would be the unknown in in by definition. But it be one of those guys on staff no records play I would think so I think your horse a 100% or someone in the family some has someone in the family yet I would agree. I would agree I think that that's where they would go. But even with that at this particular point and there are people that they're probably more people now then there were 45 years ago when I bad. Discussions with tennis and with. Pretty the hype placed K state football boosters that even would broached this subject on occasion Strom. I think that the answer very simply is if coach wants to continue to coach. And he has the energy in the vitality and the wherewithal. And the message is still being received. And then they will continue to do that because I think the feeling is there that he has at the very least earned that. No question he's earned a no no question about that. The one way to alienate your fan base would be. We have seen as something happened to Bill Snyder or he'd suddenly just decide to retire or his health took a downturn. The worst thing that they can do is go out and hire. Lane Kiffin or. Mike Leach or somebody you know. A big splashy name outside the program I don't all think K state fans are ready for that I don't speak for all K state fans and if you're K state fan. Feel for the weigh in on Twitter. Email us at sports daily KFH. Radio dot com. Forbes calls an 8691240. But. You you know you stick with Andre Coleman or whoever you think is capable via head coach at this time. On staff that the disciple of bill. And you keep you keep the machine moving as best she can without Bill Snyder. But look if the end is coming sooner rather than later for whatever reason when it comes to Bill Snyder and I just. Am consumed. Concerned. The odds are on your side when you make when you were yeah I mean at least 78 years old right. So yeah it sooner rather than later but I don't question about it I. Think it kind of it. Got to cringe when we get to the end of every single year and I know he's fired up now and if he's fired up. Six months from now. And gives us an all clear. You know early early. That he's gonna continue coaching good I'm happy and I'm glad to be these that he's healthy but for how long I mean people want. To know the you know coaches all the time there aren't 78 want. Job security at least for another three or four more years beyond where they are right now so they can continue to recruit with no no what no hiccups because that's. That's the question. And that is also something that. Negative. Recruiting or. Other schools or programs taking shots at a particular place. Will point out if the guys on the hot seat or they've lost or this is last year of his contract or if you go here will that guy even be there. You know if if if it's say known job hopper. You know for example negative recruiting happens all the time. And I just think. K state is walking a fine line by having Bill Snyder. As their head coach year after year who's going to be by the way 79 this season sure and it's by quite a bit. Oldest active coach in college football. Yeah no question about it. Has been one of them for awhile now. I don't know Sheen. I don't the more. That I was around him the less this became an issue because. Because the guy just. Just didn't slow down the main cancer. Kind of met its match wanted it to mean I could based on the conversations that I have and still have. With people in Manhattan. He says and it he's far better in a far better place than he was this time a year ago. He is. He is. It's the I don't wanna say far more engaged because even if he was nine you know on his sick bed. As he was a year ago the man is still engaged that's it that's just kind of crew years but he's engaged more freely. And engaged to more. Energetically. Just because he's feeling so much better and now. And don't get me wrong I'm glad I'm bomb blew all of course if we understood going Justine ahead Indy this year yeah but. Its stay in his case. It's unique from other coaches because it's the year to year proposition. Yeah. And he. Took a little while and I've kind of took him to task Ghana last. Winner. The win need. I hope he couldn't make it as minor just wouldn't tell anybody you know how much am I gonna come back next year and for how many and I gotta talk over my family in my career up and you fall by. I it bothered me oh yes yes I will say this much it debt would bother me it would bother me if I'm Gene Taylor. If I'm if I'm in the case state family and I am. We've got this kind of investment into their football program and facilities which Kansas State has made huge. Hi investment and obviously they wanna keep things going and I at a high level in a competitive level in the big twelve. You wanna know that you wanna know have some certainty. Could you gotta get out there and recruit it's the lifeblood obviously in any program. So. And I think that there was the Shawn component as well yeah and maybe that continues to be there may be it's not quite as much of an issue. Moving forward as it has been. I don't know that remains to be seen as. But there was kind of the component of whether or not done coach may have been trying to position. UK state. Two. Me you know I've been to follow his wishes in any sort of done. You know handing over of power in the program to Shawn never think Hillary agreed to a coach in waiting. He could. He could I think if he. Sure so why not. Really soon. Analysts he's not comfortable with. Anybody that he has on the staff. Taken the reins can't imagine that's not the case that may be maybe he didn't think anybody's. Capable of around the program that's on his staff right now but if there's ever time to have a coach in waiting I think it at K state would be perfect opportunity. Well you got some pretty strong a personalities. Now. You you've got some very good football minds on that staff right now. That are all seeds of the program. Under Bill Snyder at K state. Condrey Coleman I think will be head coach at some point. Com I wouldn't be surprised if Collin Klein is a head coach at some point. I I think Blake Siler has some attributes along those global along those lines I know he's extremely excited. To bouts. The responsibilities that he has with the defense. This year I think he's I think he's gonna do an absolutely great job. But there are open or some others there's some mothers out there around I mean the guys that always get kicked around Jim Leavitt sin that's. You know and Andy. I don't I'm not so sure that. You're gonna the claw away anyone from Clemson. At this particular point and Gary Patterson. Can't or Gary Patterson down at TCU although I hear things about Gary Patterson and in his. And end spin and TCU and stand in May be Mitch yeah I don't wanna see strained and needy. That's overseeing it. Maybe the relationships not quite what it was a few years ago but that every man beside the point one million still do a little old war on yes it does that that that Jaycee carry that out. You can massage a lot of things with five point one million dollars so. So I don't know I think the direction of Kansas State football remains pretty much did the direction that it's been an. Bill Snyder until further notice. And I don't know machine I would expect him to be somewhere in the eight and four kind of realm this year is something like that I think they'll be competitive. Com nothing worse than seven and five I don't think contests. So I mean I think that that I think that's kind of where they'll be again this year and in you know will be a couple of he gains to see if they can compete in it. That might have pushed them further up throughout the list and this time maybe they can avoid the ones that can push him further down the less like a Vanderbilt a year ago. Now and he turned that one around and that's. That's a pretty damn good seasons that that they would have had so I don't know we'll see we'll see it it it's very interesting but I gotta tell yeah. After this many years of having this discussion about Bill Snyder. Hi I'm it by its premier it's kinda done it's kind of like well eight DP he's unique in that. Regard he is easily no doubt about that but yet to have somebody on staff. That may be you can. Appease the fan base we have. If the fan base is concerned about life after Bill Snyder. I think it would go a long way toward making their lady's life a lot easier. Don't you think chain to that you've got general Myers as the university president now Gene Taylor who seems to be a very competent. Not athletic director. I would bet you dollars to donuts that they have had very candid. Conversations. Not behind closed doors I'm not saying that their might be. Pay I don't know if there's a hard plan moving forward but I can't imagine that they don't have something. The debt they feel like they can follow if indeed something happens with coach whom. I just can't imagine that. With with the leadership they have at Kansas State I would agree and with the investment that they've made in football so. Tom. I just don't wanna know what it is at all. Yeah yes I'm not recognize that they have contingency plan that guarantees that you know he's like yeah I just I just don't think there were gonna get that information anytime. Still assume that's a that's a pretty closed. That's a pretty close. Place right and then that would lead us to believe that you know the end right around the corner. For a couple of different sources have. Reported that Lincoln Nebraska police have arrested a seventeen year old girl. In the burglary of Scott frost house in south Lincoln. Police found one of the organ shoes. Taken from frost and garage. In the seventeen year old girls possession. Grant more arrests could be coming police said. Among young lady whoa boy come on now. Let's go back compact will be back in just a minute. Keep you up to speed with what's going on a bill reaping in Saint Louis. Tiger Woods off to a stumbling start his recovered slightly and is at least. Holding serve whose look tied atop the leaderboard on day one. And twelve games. In the NFL tonight is the exhibition season begins. In earnest back in a moment.