Bill Snyder’s Contract Extension

The Drive
Thursday, August 9th
A discussion on Bill Snyder’s contract extension that will keep him as coach of the K-State Wildcats until 2022.

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Bo loses. It's like him before. So he's. She's. Sounds good basket pass the ban Harry. In the lead vocalist this format fans Florida. Paul Robertson bat company. One of the best singers in the history Iraq at all by. Some good player. No question. Supplier base for plan along Ed so I mean I appreciate so I'm here Bobby number six and I want to lobby your raw editor Bobby. Robert the guy caught Bobby go for. All right now from free number 67 on my top 100 lists. And will be counting it down. The top four. On Friday August 31 will you be listen are you come and and I go well I you know what I'll probably just try to command that day. That's outstanding and a fight cat album and get on the phone I'll be on the phone with yet. For two hours we'll we'll be starting our pics soon. Are we were due under one repetitive and it's we got to come up with a date. We gotta have our our fantasy draft. All kinds of stuff coming up here on the drive Mandy geek and keep me busy and I know I do you enjoy so Thursday's what did Thursday's again. There's little bit at some Thursday that. We're excited to announce that that Joanna Chadwick from byte magazine will be joining us on Fridays. Throughout the high school football basketball seasons to talk high school sports perfect that's good stuff. So war war gonna it's funny how you get through the summer and then you get to the and August then they got everything no one is met. You know special effort like. Sports talk radio in the Summers besides baseball mobile in golf there's really not a lot that's going off. You know I used to feel like that affected this show are not that affects sports shows a lot that. We we just talk about any thing by now I understand that saw it at that it doesn't matter what the topic is. I wanna talk about a story Tommy told blog I would also we have on the hour we have to charitable guy yesterday we talked about our favorite things about growing up on our respective hometowns. I thought that was fun we've got a story Tommy told us. About his youth and they'll have that big idol that's that's I I promised the listeners we discuss Bill Snyder. And here is signing a five feet five year contract extension. He'll be 83. When this contract runs out in the year 2022. Everybody thought he was gonna retire like the question YZ is was not as last year. Obviously this doesn't tie him to coaching until 2002 point two he could still decide that. He wants to leave that's what about the way it works he could still retire. But he has a contract now that runs through the year 2000 point two. And the question today that I ask on Twitter. Again sponsored by same deal HR oh you can now get to it at KFH radio. Which of these best describes your reaction. To bill Schneider's contract extension. Keep that Roland coach. Or why build why. What's what what's why would you vote there. I am I think I'm on the why. But can't delay but I don't know I can I I don't know what I mean he tried to retire once and came back because he liked it didn't like it. And he's obviously still a good coach soul. On the other side and it's a whole line not. If you can do it then why not. A many maybe he doesn't like being retired and have enough them to do that's my guess. Is that he still wants to be involved and have something to do I think. Instances. This is his stuff thing this is his legacy obviously. It's what bill Schneider's going to be known for for generations to come. The job he did at this football coach at Kansas State he's literally built a program. They had a program before I got there. But it he's built a program no question but his legacies going to be the same whether he coaches and these next four years I'm not it's not I elegant gonna change anything. He's doing but because he likes doing that that that it has to be cancer. That told reporters that that the first media day that feels good he's battled the cancer is throat. And the wants to coach football wants to lead his team on the field. Wants to experience. The joy of being a football coach so my reaction would be keeper Roland. We'll have a guy who's 63. Now I'm not 82 her bills currently 77. I get that. But I admire a guy. Who's says. Hey let's go. Don't try to slow me down I'm not listening to all your talk about how. I should fit the stereotype of an older person now that's not me I'm as a viable and as vigorous as ever. And when you get a little bit older Jason do that. I'm scolding and now I haven't seen a guy your friend and ten days finger pointed out while. And it you'll understand. Things like fifth. All I'm not then I don't understand it. Because a lot of people you get in retired now I've I know lots of people letter retired they enjoy it I know some people that can't stay retired. They wanna be able to go do something they wanna do something. Now obviously. Schneider's in a different. Situation because. The whole nation knows who he is and what he's doing. If he still likes it I don't think there's a problem whether I have no problem without what why not 61 person. And where if you live bill why. 39% of what me and I'll guarantee of those people who are probably a little bit older and say you know what. If you can stay vital in this world. Man keep goal so. What I get irritated when people approach means that I like it retirement. I'm not retired. In an imminent traditional sense of retirement no he retired from the paper but and I admire the paper. To ease my schedule without may actually now that work out that's better way to put it. Not something had to give. It wasn't going to be late 42. There wasn't going to be my involvement there. So when I got to create right could do it. Where I could do it financially. And and make ends meet. I said you know what good run plus. The whole. Media things changing. I nest I wasn't necessarily adapting to that I have I don't know if you know this but I'm pretty slit my wise. I I've been I I've kind of felt that way and I can I can tell yeah well I admit that. So IA as I told you before you went on the air we were talking about Bill Snyder I haven't missed. Working for the paper. And that's surprising to me because there was a time in my life when I thought I'll never leave this job it's fun I enjoy it. I like be a part of a newspaper. Allied kept producing a newspaper product every day. I liked to have the fact that people go to their doorsteps of their driveway every morning to pick up a paper. And to read it and now that's not the case. The news is much more readily available. Newspapers are being phased out. And that's not necessarily the media world for me. Almost totally different for you when you started in this business. So I can understand. But when it comes to Schneider if it at the more power to a home a familiar one day it smell I it's almost like. You asked me the question on which one I would pay to ride I had two choices. I was kind of wavering on the fence but why why why in the and I said well why because you still wanna do it. You don't want you didn't wanna do the papers much anymore you left. He still wants to coach is his age that's great I got everybody's different everybody is gonna make that decision for themselves salute at the time. When they get to make that this is some people don't have the luxury of even thinking about the other side of things some people don't have a choice in you have to work. Some people get the choice where they can they can't some I would hire. I when they're 35 I think it's way better if you can if you want if you're fashionable some anyone keep doing it and do it do it until you can't do it in more why not so. People Roland Coates is your vote ultimately. Yep big. Third discussion. Simple discussion. You what say you were able to change your mind. Yeah because I would like I said I was kind of on the fence. But when it after we have a five minute discussion. On. Look at it this way I look at it that way you can see the other side and maybe the other side's right and I'm I can do that with anything with anybody at any time. Here's the thing it's not traditional look up and and see it coach on the sideline. Movie looks like your grandfather. Or your. In some case during Greg and pop. You know I'm sandy. If it's just it doesn't fit. The the normal thing that we see. But look Bill Snyder. K staters have developed such a bond. But take trust for that man. That I think it will be traumatic. When he's no longer coaching there. No matter the reason whether it's bill the he decides to retire. Or it goes bad or as. Heaven help us city. You know become slick hopeful hopefully that doesn't happen. But I think K staters for the most part. Embrace him and want him to be there. Well he retired before and I think that's probably what happened as well though there's a fear of the unknown. Especially with the Ron prince the joy down. There's a fear of the unknown like K state has never been good. Without Bill Snyder is the coach called very true. So what about what guarantees are there going to be good at the Everglades well there is not the tennis sport so there's no guaranteed. The never never in economic guarantee anything but his he built a program to the point where the next coach will just continue to. Prosper. Because all bill Schneider has built no I think. I think bill Schneider talked to these kids and parents and that's why they go there. Dean deeds. Listen I'm I'm I'm asking here you're not athletic kid but. How does seventeen and eighteen year olds react to Bill Snyder on a recruiting that's. But didn't really get him a couple of Siena and a let him so to speak what I don't work. It's kinda if if they're probably good kids they probably do because it's like you'd like you said you grapple walking in the room. Let alone not just gonna hold you responsible for the next four years so yeah up by I would hope Saul. And because if he did and you know that's probably can't even count on. Rather and the kid just sit now on the on the coaches you command these planes video games filled. If you look bill's focus be good so happy days here's Jeff Jeff you're on the show Bob nets' Jason do them. And it is a knock it not that yet by the way thank goodness I can tell Comcast. About cider I bet I check point economic first you know he is are they have played out that kind of wish he would. Move on and younger college and me and don't take or might it have been you know are you okay Stater. Not not a chatting greatly to date back almost seem by. But I don't you're not a die hard case Stater so while while your opinions certainly matters and I give it it's a die hard case staters Susie on an interim. As they're the ones that that I think as speak to this more. Yet detect that by a purse or when you do. Yeah out of all the newspaper your talk about like group we don't need our market eat. I know I ever more violent and let our guard we have nuclear Richie and greet at. I turned out actually I don't read it much much awaited match and tall auger to my lack Google which only by cute. Well you unfortunately are not wrong end in the Wichita eagle is won't be surprised by your a decision because there impulses is on their digital product. I understand that I didn't catch Dave I do. I don't even that I used you know. Your mind you're one of many many many people put could say the same thing. We need a break we'll come back and now we will get to. Com story about his use maybe best choreography. It's a pretty good story at their top five for fear the did say if if someone is it's a good story fits the alarming thought what a back in a minute this is not a campaign.