A big slate of highly ranked college basketball games tonight

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Tuesday, November 14th

#4 Kansas vs #7 Kentucky and #1 Duke vs #2 Michigan State both play tonight. The guys also discuss college football head coach job openings.


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Fit him lane starting it's up here. Making sure we stay on track to nine point six in the hammer was an honest with you on Tuesday edition. Finishing up little college hoops. Best win last night easily I think came on the road from Richard Tino and Minnesota at Providence. For whatever that's worth a lead you to determine. And tonight. You've got duke Michigan State you've got Purdue mark cat and you've got UK KEU. So this is pretty good night to settle on in. Watch a little college hoops if you are so inclined not sure what you're gonna learn from that. On. Marquette is a potential. Candidate for Wichita State you over in Hawaii. Pat Kentucky Kansas is good just 'cause it's Kentucky Kansas and duke Michigan State. Are probably did too. I don't Oceania I guess they're probably right now for whatever it's worth the two favorites to win the national championship so. Pretty good pretty good viewing for college hoops tonight if you were so inclined. An announcement this is trying to and a clearer and clearer minutia. When it comes to one vs two but that's what do commission stated that the first run in the in the champions classic. All time meetings. Between one and two. Number one K is 21 in nineteen. All time against number wow. And the point differential in those forty games is one. Number two that right at number two who has scored 1999. Points. And number one has scored one fewer. So that means nothing isn't that three more are pretty fascinating to be happy that written down. Can you and UK as you mentioned those two teams. The winningest programs in college basketball combining for nearly 4500. Wins. And they are among the most matched up. Eight. Kentucky Louisville met seven times but Kentucky and Kansas. While they're both. Since 20092010. They're both ranked if they met five times Kentucky's 13 out of five so. They actually mean considering their nonconference. Teams they get together. Someone often in. Really. Cool and important neither tournaments or get togethers like this one. Yeah and I mean that's what college basketball fan won't take a few minutes and watch some of this game and I mean no I want. It's fun when you get these two teams together and now on the there's no doubt about it so. And that once the prime time game now duke and Michigan State's the early game. I think duke Michigan State 6 o'clock central time yup not to tune and so. San Diego you've got to you get when he. Plenty to deal with let's turn the page now and I get into. A little college football. Butch Jones is out at Tennessee. Boy an out at how bad it was that program under Butch Jones. I'm just. John Curry. Who it was at K state of course and and done. I made the higher the reform and Bruce Weber in the basketball program. Now goes to Tennessee and shortly after he is firing Butch Jones in the middle of the football season that the University of Tennessee. Couple things that may be first things first that may be problematic in hiring a unattractive. Quote unquote coach to start live with what you just said dvd. I don't know that he's. He's all that popular among them the coaching no guarantee but when will that remains to be seen. But what. You go Forte in 24 in the SEC. Tennessee I mean you can do that Kentucky and get away with it and probably right now I do that Missouri or South Carolina and get away but. Tennessee probably not so much. You gotta be Florida. You have to be competitive with Alabama. You can't be losing games it tube should be doing you can't get shot out at Georgia. And you can't put up 980 South Carolina but that those are just things you can't do it Tennessee. Now that's not the only attractive job that's open obviously Florida is in that mix too because they've got to. In term there right now on Randy Shannon. But and I'm gonna go ahead and open up the Nebraska job starring Andrew. I know the the athletic directors said that Mike Riley deserves the chance to coach through the rest of the season. Don't go and come on but come on please all that means is Ali and he's giving till the end of the season before replacement. So exactly if your tennis C Florida or Nebraska. Which one of those is the best the quote unquote best job. What are those well. It hate you because you're. Is its terms of job security. Support. Loyalty. But that's a great question. I sort of was sure all got they've all that Downey they rolled out redirect or I'm not so sure they're not so sure that Nebraska is not the best placed to coach. When your coaching well. Because that because they do have kind of time honored tradition of being loyal to their football coaches. Now they that some in and out. Recently. To Fannie and end. And and doctor Osborne were there for many many years Frank Solich immediately afterwards been bill Callahan. And then you get to Bellini and Riley and there's you know there's been a little bit more of uncertainty there. But I don't know Tennessee and Florida. You get him at it it it's a different world in the SEC. And I know people get tired of hearing that it is a different world. In the SEC now at Mississippi or Mississippi State in Mississippi's probably not even. A good example because of the issues that they've gotten and then do some of and in some of the legalities that they're dealing with but. Like Mississippi State for instance. You go win eight games at Mississippi State that's that's your one program Vanderbilt Mississippi State there's a couple of bomb in the SEC that. Our low impact Kentucky room because they've just never had great tradition. And I you know you can go back to Blanton collier in the and and and but but not today don't have great tradition in the you do you know really at the at the University of Kentucky could you talk about Florida and Tennessee. Nam getting into Auburn Alabama LSU. I mean. Indeed the the standard there is winning 91011. Games and competing for national championships. And anything becomes. It that short of that. Makes it very difficult place to coach and I think. So. You know me and of Europe ornate and four. And you've got people second guessing you how much fun can that be for any of for any kind of coaching staff. If it's me. The poor and I'm up. For the or considered for considered to be worthy to interview at Florida or Tennessee. I want that to be my last job. Because you're gonna go there now and eventually you're gonna get fired. These other play show you that you talked about at Kentucky Mississippi State Vanderbilt old mass. If you do a good job there. And umps. Qualifying good this. 89 wins. And you hang around with Oskar an Alabama now and then and yet you beat Florida new. Oh you're gonna knock off. A ranked team leader and knock off ranked teams in the SEC now and then you stay there. Pretty much write your ticket. In those places you can't do that at the places that we're talking about and so if you're OK with going there getting quite a bit of money. And if you don't like you said if you don't compete at the ultimate. Highest level mean win 910 games a year and compete for the SEC championship. And to be at least in the discussion of the college football playoff. You're eventually gonna get fired. And so if you're okay of that oil and other anonymous I'm not saying that this disqualifies. Those places as being a good job. But inflict we go back to what you said Bruce it all depends on your definition of the good Joseph Cobb because if you if you're McCain hired to be fired. Then yeah those places are good jobs because they're high profile high pressure a 100000 people in the stands every night every game. And you make millions of dollars and and your program has more money than they know what to do it but. You know it. Joseph Paterno isn't and Bobby bowden's. Know there are no longer communion the the leash is unbelievably short. Oh totally (%expletive) let me ask you a question and maybe Andrew could prompt you a little bit there as well I don't know. If both Bellini who is a nine win a machine. That Nebraska. If hopeful leaning had been a little bit less socially awkward. Had been a little bit less. Of the grumpy old guy wearing you know a sweatshirt. And and you know and initiate hat. With no bedside manner would he still be the coach at Nebraska victories Ollie did was win nine games having a year any year out the guy who's winning. Nine games and now we have. Mike Riley. Who's in there or not gonna even come close to nine games what he might win what nine games combined in two years and I'm being a little bit. Over the top but you get my point. He doesn't mean mean both Bellini. May be that's what what. And admit that could've been a good end game for him it could have been a good in game four Nebraska fans but. I think the problem with the ball Bellini. Was that he was just. It was all the things beyond the football field that he just wasn't very good. Well frank show that would run Frank's coach wasn't like him but that wasn't good enough either. Now I see what you're saying it was great if I like drank so much yet I am. If both Pope leaning would have connected with the alumni much better and the community much better and I think he would have had a puncher chance. But. You know totally. Do you compare the W is in the Els and there's not much to choose from between the Opel leaning. And Frank Solich and yet neither one of those guys demeanor. How they acted to the public or the alumni didn't seem to matter because. They both did basically the same thing with w.s and l.s. And you have hopefully he kind of dug it's own grave Bobby in the way was. Not only with the media up with the alumni and the fan base and could you didn't seem to wanna be bothered by it but you can't do that Nebraska it's different you've you've got to be able. No count and make those make those alumni happy. But. To answer your question yeah I would help them. But as Frank Solich how that goes being a good soldier and went in nine games. It's inning goes back to. My contention that Nebraska Cornhuskers fans. Won't change they never will. And their expectations. Will always outlive what there a realistic expectation should be from a head coach nowadays in. The 2000. Teens college football landscape. Asking too much to get to watch somebody got ten and two. Every year and if they don't will find somebody they'll get us there. And because really at the end of the day. Who does that. OK Nick Saban doesn't. And what you know before nick Sabin there was gene stallings and there was Mike sure there was Mike Hsu and I mean you know it did Alabama has not always been Alabama that we look at right. Right now and the date the search sure they've you know they've both been did Bear Bryant knowledge that we get that. But you look around college football right now. And who are the automatic that are going to win ten or eleven games every single year I mean Oklahoma didn't even do it. Every single year. Under Bob Stoops you could pretty much set your watch to it but you know every now and then their. Then there had been then you would expect I mean Clemson is on a roll right now. But that you debts that how sustainable really visit in college football. I mean there are a lot of programs that are doing it Nam. All locked Tom Osborne. Or Bob if any before that or are Barry Switzer. John McCain as a big that back in the day. Because there's just much more depth in college football. And day you've got a lot of teams that that can go in beat you you've got scholarship limitations. They're totally changed the landscape. Of college football you only get 85 now where. In my goodness she could you know you could have a honey you can have a hundred guys on scholarship. In your walk on program you could. You keep players from other teams he nearly one at that stuff doesn't happen nowadays. That's it's awfully tough and all his stuff Nebraska fan all. We understand right there is old school Nebraska all that. It totally hundreds of guys on the sideline not going anywhere else because they wanna be in Nebraska. And Andrew brewer pointed out threw to second go even Tom Osborne took him twenty years to win one. So you know we have the yes it did we have this memory of Tom Osbourne is being in the national championship every year when noise like that Sean is joining us. No no no no you know. Exact morning. Morning got a got a bit ought not out about how the number of spam based. There are security or our sport days. You know it. The big well are big back it down a lap. Against local whole plan. Or urged my our. The big the bigger and out web copper pick the big wild man to rule on. Texas outlawed in proposition 48 Picchu they've added. Well did you have been ordered that bracket are getting those. Hot pro ballplayers that that Willie. Well yeah. In the well but not not necessarily but. But Nebraska was the first one that we knew. Once that merger happened. What I think we all understood that Nebraska would be the first one gone. That was a that was not a good relationship right from the get go. Tom Osborne was it was clear it as much as Tom Osborne can be. Verbal. About things calm that was pretty well understood. That the relationship. Between Nebraska and Texas who has at best tenuous. Yes the limitations. In scholarships obviously hurt. Nebraska tremendously especially in the state of Texas although you look at Nebraska. They're recruited national recruiting base was even more solidly in California and Florida. As much as it was in Texas. But yet when that merger happened for Nebraska that was the beginning of the end. Four Nebraska in the old. And it was just it was Texas he was the relationship the forced relationship with the Texas. That bush Nebraska cities they ten. No question about it we're back here there's just a minute much more coming on this Tuesday edition sports daily on these were stationed campaigns.