Big Papi & Other Possible Players For The Next Kansas Stars Team

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, August 12th

Jeff & Jamin banter about some names of possible future players for next year's Kansas Stars team.


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She sees she does say in how we can't then Jamison. On Sports Radio or the PA have yeah. You. Couldn't. Following the match slip saying well there's this thing and Jeff the game and the band is back together. August 12 27. After her weeks away we believe it's been that it's finally got to play Roger right. Good grief. How is that possible I have no idea plus some additional together it was July the eighth so much it's changed so widely I no. July the eighth because they won't get away with that I don't know. I don't know they'll let us do whatever we want well you had you know to be fair to the viewer we haven't even seen each other since I saw the Eagles yeah my two weeks are my two weeks away though were contained within a single vacation. Which I think I'm allowed at least once a year yours were on two separate Galley advance to two separate locale that's for the same for the speaker David yeah I get it but I'm just saying to be fair to me I wasn't I wasn't. Out for two different reasons I think I was out for the same reason I places mean not to ask me about the Eagles about Don and I already know. I already know so when I don't want to talk it's been a month. When you ask me about the good phone how is our main island muscles feel it was very well it was excellent they want a wonderful. What tell us about it guys hung out on the beach for several days win. Didn't go carts in bumper boats and went on a dolphin to war. And yeah that was that was it to hammer that out on a boat to see dolphins. You know bruised lose your tour guide tell. Hey if I tone belies name. I don't know his millions to arrange care you can and I think he was actually really can actually really did did he was a local you know we're ready and he didn't own a bit wasn't his boat he was rather work my boat. He was just lurking both he let. For the person who owned the boat but he was it he had you know everybody down there are sort of all the locals have sort of the down. Alabama. Draw all right mixed with impeachment thing it's a weird accent. I would recommend you watch you and Alabama drawing here's mine are good lord black. Iraq. Hoping to block black. I can't really do want I would recommend. It. Are you familiar with comedian Tim Wilson from the formerly from the bomb in times or he's actually power on a happy guy handles it I am he does a bit which you should look up. On YouTube on the ground Tom show where he does all the different southern accents. The fact Republican watch on the break because you'll die laughing well yes he goes through all of them including celebrities that have those accidents and Jimmy Carter and Ronnie van Zandt it's really it's really interest and so yeah but I can't do the accent they it was a great vacation. It was probably not as transformative as your Eagles experience most illicit stuff to come down from something like that. From Eagles and then Don Henley seventieth birthday concert is all great it was I'm right. I had no doubt about that it was going to be I would like to say I told you so about deacon Frye and about in how I was that's gonna act OK I told you so. You had doubts lest we forget you had Dow both courts and you're. You were up until the didn't day you left you were worried about deacon and I was. On these Airways telling you to chill out about the can he was gonna be fun and they start thing and take it easy and it's suddenly becomes best Panama exactly so. I had no doubt about it and I'm glad that I was right because I I wanted you to not have that experience where you go all that way and your disappointment. 8691240. The number if you'd like to join us. Jane that I finally back the other people that last week I've missed it missed us I know I was I saw that I was I was I was so I guess humbled. By the fact that we were missed I was inflated by it I'm sure you were part of the should Europe that makes perfect sense I've never been humbled that my ally and that you Oregon for the it and my basically the duration suite to. Right the national baseball congress right World Series. This Kansas stars just plow through it I could get way ahead great team Jeannie was very good. Now most probably there at their best opponent but rolled through them after going behind early. Not much to speak of as far as the quality of competition I guess for the most night but they Kansas started make quick work of it ever. Member tweet that you sent out. Kind of midway through the first game. And you said the Kansas stars and his dot dot dot. Can't hit her and I remember that very distinguish because they went on to beat the brains and also locked fifty time I. That's part of hitting I know when your Major League hitter that's what stuck ethically it's not necessarily part of hitting against college kids. But it is part of the but it is because they're Smart or not Major League hitters and I actually hit point that I made it unaided there that. They're batting high more than anything else. Separated them and when you have to throw strikes because day will not chase. Then tell all you get home runs and you get you have to leave pitches up in the zone and Andy LaRoche. Goes back. You know because he's Andy LaRoche I guess I will we know we will that I did. I think it was right. It was kind of like half I don't know I saw I I watched. Most of that the televised game are with our pal saint Denis on the call party do about he did wonderfully actually texted him during that the game and got a response that was nice to see other styles whereas I would do so we're about that accident it's nice to see that he was benefit because they're limited. And the end. He could but I I I watched an and that was what I was struck by it's sort of from his sort of had this. I don't wanna say it had a a beer league softball feel to it. But it was below where I. There that it wasn't weird okay. You you remember this is an ironic that in this story the game's story recapping the championship it's that let's talk about how strange that is OK so it was you and I have an experience that we've we've both shared a long time ago maybe 89 years ago or something like that. You stupidly and I can say stupidly because I have the benefit of hindsight. Signed us up for a softball league you were Carlos yeah okay. So you took a bunch of former high school baseball players and guys you thought were good athlete has to enrich them and kept her head and the head of every pocket cash. Clearly not as Brock. So so they and then me and then some other guys or not may be so great anyway so we we go into this softball league and I think it was like the B league. But you know you go that's way higher that we are wrong way higher than we belong in the women's game. And we. I'd aim we will I think did these guys were the Kansas stars to our college kid yet the best comparison I can make we were out of our league and it wasn't because we were out athletic. Or anything else that is because they knew how to play the game right he said that's an app and did not to Kansas stars know how to play the game and these college here we got to play baseball. Five years ago and possess missiles outside fifteen. And this was soft ball and so. The Kansas stars know how to play baseball these college kids are just learning how to play base that's the difference that's all the walks that's why. They grind it didn't they grind it out these ground out these victories. I was enjoying the coverage from afar he did an excellent us fun and I say that with all sincerity. He did a great job detected chipper on the last day which was which made the entire experience ever seem like he. Had a blast and was a good dude throughout I know there was some negative coverage in terms of a couple of the players treating people poorly maybe during an autograph session or something. I must saw that too but. Stars I can tell. Chipper treated everyone incredibly well. Seemed like it and everybody really you know he he may not have been I know your your dad or colonists he may not have been received with as much gusto as people would've liked. At the end he was which was great they announced dim future hall of Famer chipper Jones and there was a good ovation and any ground without any tripped. I can pursue a guy tripped. Over himself. We're going back to the dugout after after an out but chipper did. He can how to at least brought it was hilarious and they gave him a standing Elie tipped his helmet. And now is that it was malaria when he was not overmatched. With the I mean though he just. The problem was these guys through to slow at times Bret berg like chipper who just feasted on fastballs now you can probably gonna be able to get like 9394. Passed chipper. At 45 with when nobody throws that can be snow today so you can't. That's a bad start 86 also isn't great for try to change yet constantly and news out of pride in his swings org bit. He had the ball hard in the last game double. Now so I'm longer Hans the MVP yes announced hit like 500 yeah he was eight for seventeen with ten was good last year. He's really good I know he let off for the most the time last year to yes. And they didn't have Pete earlier this year who would've just tore up again you said Jack Wilson blows and tell nominal at shortstop yes still a gauge of what forty. 3838 and Arnold so at their secret Ers clearly some guys. Who. Have it in the bag for who who haven't for next year. Why is that why is Ryan wrong era because he keeps himself in shape I get that. Minnesota's Adam LaRoche and he's been awful. I am it's weird. All is so good obviously in the Roche maybe not keeping himself in as good shape of the US maybe he's thinking I'm younger and so unless were removed from the Major League. You got guys like long Hans who was a borderline Major League player right yeah you let it shows you. It shows you how good major. Each of the players are pure and around longer amounts. Order and Jayson Nix a little bit lower average Major League players' action right right and Jack Wilson was not a good hitter. I've been a great fielder Brandon Inge was at the end of the day an average Major League player right not much. I mean and so it shows you how good. It happened it you have to be to either on or around a little weather to 26 career Ryder at this. There in this thing that he was killed in this and how old age 37 OK so these guys and a late thirties who would not sniff Major League success now. Are dominated. Absolutely dominated so that just shows you how good they want on the MVP of the track let them we talked about like how weird. Would it be here's Jason Repko. We are not good at all able sort of weird because they announced that ms. Ryan Langer how's. That. I think it did showed that I hope they gave him some kind of a trophy with and his name. Like your house. The big grave Donna that would be amazing. Let me let me think now OK I had to ask you this because you're close to the situation. I was curious about this this year. So it appeared from the outside you could tell me if I'm wrong that the public perception of the stars was better this year than it was in the first year. Have gone the opposite things that make you feel that way it seemed like there was more positive does. Member last year it died. Like the yes I gave it went downhill crash in game they probably only do 3000 people. Hi yeah I guess I gotta more I guess I got a more positive arrive in the in that sense at least from the online pro are starting to lead a positive vibe well and maybe that's what I caught. The roster was better. Earlier an extent I well I think anytime you put bird and holiday. Anytime you poetic start twice anytime you put a definite hall of Famer and a probable hall of Famer on the roster and. It's crazy guys who have departed by the end you have staff the end of peavy who is gone Nathan was gone. Marquis was gone are those roles Ghana. All these pictures were gone but bin scenes comes out and throws five shutout innings night at nine scoreless innings. After 92 miles an hour with a fastball. Right just Dominic did he was the guy pitching game that was televised as well it I thought I validated I don't know that I saw sheets on the mound used by probably pits later okay. I guess we saw him throw and he seemed to be in command. I know guys departed that's just life I now but it's weird that it happened to the pitching staff. And the pitching did not suffer at all right which which we. There was a bit of that last year there was a bit of the depletion of the pitching staff being a problem. So I I feel like it's a positive step I feel like they have more guys that are may be interested now or going to be interest that it. And I when they say they've they're gonna be coming back bigger and better I tend to believe that because they came back better this year. They did so that you have to have the drive it's not chipper. It's gotta be somebody there ask to be the guy. Who is new and different and that I've I I don't necessarily agree with that statement but it seems like the public wants. A new different big big star people retire all. Time every year there's a new wave of guys just retired I mean it's not going to be that hard. I don't think to come up with. One guy. They broke the barrier they got Delmon Young. Some say we gotta get Torre I mean we got me follow we got again exact exactly exactly there's no reason why Teixeira should not have been on this team and could not be on next year's team. There's no reason why you couldn't give reach out to it even bigger names that have been rumored in the past there's no reason why you couldn't go get like I Griffey perhaps or and maybe Jones has some MIT reasons that they doubted the Johnny Damon whatever there are names there like he Johnny Damon account poppy. I mean there you know David or. He's is if you do I don't ask this clip of anybody's is CN American citizen that he get. Yes isn't ready I'm sure he's in the states I'm sure he has there's no reason that he's gonna not be in the United States now. I'll an almost guaranteeing that American citizen as of 2008. They get well but I'm just they would they would deal be allowed to travel for I don't know for that if he wasn't a citizen I ought to be questioned but he but he is Andy and therefore he's eligible I mean. You got to throw it open to ever but I did anyone not a citizen would be ineligible and has been more difficult to say I am going to play in the clarity in the Sierra OK so so. My question to you is should be anybody. Mike who are the untouchables like who are the this guy is not coming like Derek Jeter prince Derek Jeter favor hey rob Mariano Rivera whenever. Some of the guys have no connections to the people on the team so there are some of their cards too big for the better if you open it up beach just below that level like two years ago. Right. I'll defer the first stars' roster was announced if I had technology than in the summer of toy seventy. Next year chipper Jones and royal holiday are gonna play you would not have thought that possible now Chipper Jones you have laughed. So you can't really laugh and anybody at this point other than maybe just a few untouchables. Little Ortiz does not make me like laugh to think about him playing for the can't the stars oddly enough they're the guys who have retired relatively recent look at him AJ Burnett. Nick Swisher no reason why he's here but I stop you when you get to know about air and harangued share. C. J. Wilson. Absolutely LaTroy Hawkins these people work competent Major League pitcher Michael can dire yes Jeremy Affeldt. I'll alleged connection sir good Schumacher these are guys who retired basically like two years ago right. A bunch of those guys won't like a hundred games rank. I mean haranguing. Burnett via these are these are just the same guys out of you know that cannot priority on the team. Right now though he did Jason Isringhausen was about to Rihanna last year right he should be on. C. J. Wilson and Jimmy I felt a left handed. Or about or he heard what about. Alfonzo Soriano. Are absolutely yes Sydney via audio radio. Jason Giambi Cliff Lee are you mentioned he Westbrook you mentioned Cliff Lee and Jason Giambi before Adam Dunn Lyle Overbay J. J. Putz. Nate McLouth at all Farnsworth Adam Dunn might weigh 400 path marked clearly. Enhance our apparently there's a victory now. We victory a retired yes that Mark Burly now there's again there's again bright and victory now I mean yeah. The that the earth is larger than you think it it's huge. And and every player that you listed is more accomplished in the major leagues now and long are on or. Which many is they don't have it anymore. But it may mean that they're Brandon Inge. And they do have it or it can sheets and they do not podsednik you'll only have to find. How many of those guys that you want to appear to be on the console. How many how many guys you named. Like there were twenty somethings probably if a quarter of them if five of them still have left that's five great additions to the team I know I have to get it I mean it. If one of those guys has kept himself in shape if and how rang can throw 88. With some command then he's a good pitcher there's only aired a ring doesn't like to hunt I don't know anything about there and harangued. Well they've probably got the front there's now headed our way then they do is Delmon Young had done. That's how everybody got on this page and you know I would doubt it bit maybe a hint yet that everybody got here yet through the accounting connection. There are not paying pretty much. Okay why Aaron harangued signed it Kyle Farnsworth. No doubt about it how far Andre doesn't bring California what grow up. So that's the that's the key is whether our capacity bigger help in the in the you know in LA. India limited at Kyle Farnsworth. But he cannot anywhere I know they live they're not born in Wichita Kansas go to school in Milton Georgia OK okay that's shocking stuff like that pays himself. Kyle Farnsworth is already on the shortlist is the on the club and I. Being born in San Diego so probably probably not her anger and hate he belts from San Diego and he's on the teams I was praying city got a cup and sort. I'd Georgia. Flame throwing reliever come on now let's go let's get Kyle could probably still you throw 98 at two and when he was when he was in magically right there on the low ninety's he didn't bring in the heat may be if his arms still intact at. You've beat Matt might be the case does take a break that was that was good stuff which is where the biggest. Promoters and fans and and height men for the Kansas stars they should put us on the payroll they probably shouldn't but I talked to you petition person they started talked to me again Iowa. There is it will quite an ordeal I guns provide gone to pair I guess I don't know I was gonna media blacked out before the final. It it vertebrae Mike Haley come back of course that the new guys stay with us just say in Jeff and David back together right here on cafe.