Big Hits in The NFL

Wednesday, December 6th
The guys talk about the decision to uphold Rob Gronkowski and JuJu Smith-Schuster's 1-game suspension and also talk with Jon Gruden, Herm Edwards, Jimbo Fisher and more.

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So when you're glad you're here with us for legal Michael Michael junior and you would just don't forget to subscribe right now to the thirty to thirty podcasts and listen to have a BE SP an app or apple podcast. Brought him as a group the smartest way to hire tried for free. By going dessert recruiter dot com slash thirty speaking of that have you heard the new one of the 3230 about the Madden game. It's fascinating all I did hear about it yes it is an unbelievable listener and one of the things they say and I think is so true. A hundred years from now people think John Madden invented football absent without question we did they they will think of him as well he must have been vetted everything because everything in the game is now on the field. It is incredible. But that is a great third for third with your friends are reference like Darrow is interestingly there's going to be people who think ice cubes a guy from right along now. Like the weighed the weighed the advantage when you come out of for react John Madden is gonna look like the market like the archetype of architect of football yeah it's they way he was a coach exactly here's what coach what he actually did stuff outside my body was just you know the guy the put all the pieces together. And speaking of putting all the pieces together the NFL finds himself a little bit of a quandary right now we talked about this yesterday and very happy that the suspension. For Rob Gronkowski was upheld you miss the money may gain coming up on the patriots travel to Miami to take on the dolphins. But in the same time both a juju misuse of the Steelers. And Georgia look at the safety of the bagels were also given one game suspensions for their hits. On the Monday Night Football game in which the Bengals lost to the Steelers 23 to twenty. And we we sort of find ourselves Mike in this weird area now where what's something that ground did which was look. I get an EE we like Rockies. These are fun loving guy all of a kind of Seve has no resume of any of this stuff. But it was an egregious. After the play had nothing to do with football hit. And he gets the same penalty as a guy like juju Smith Shuster or Georgia logo what do you like it or not was in the context of a play in a bang bang situation. Those things to me are completely separate. There are completely separate social but let's break this down a little bit. Agree rock suspension. What do you agree or disagree with the length. Hit the Mike Evans yes suspension. Mike Evans after a play again it was a football play when Amos Winston did the two finger tap on the you'd be Mecca tomorrow. Marchand Lattimore after a play about a sigh line. And Mike Evans came flying in full tilt and hit Lattimore right in the Bakken well you know I'm wound when when was the look and and leaving get tossed. Just like rock got flag I'd just like rock and they got one game suspension. Just like rock so those were compare ball so in all honesty. Had they given Brian Gay three game suspension he just sort of said more work from right look what Mike Evans did if you wanna compare and he got a one game so now. Auto I woke and we go to Smith. Did basically the same stuff during a play on a field and got suspended for one game each so that seems fair. But then you put them together and it doesn't look fair so all I did speak to the NFL and one of the things they did say to me so tell me where you guys stand on this. Is. It basically that they are looking at things side by side. So all the third there's a hole a you know a list of things you know as far as games its up that I can go thoroughbred but that seems to be that the the position is. It they don't seem to look at things side by side and is that the issue because everything Brock. Equal and and understandable Evans got one Brock I want I can actually see that I woke up and Smith getting one each. Cool I concede that but then you put the two side by side. They don't seem to make sense that they all got one game suspension so is that the roar what what do you say to that. Really defense because it in the email it's like listen we know were open to criticism on this which are going to get is. The penalties for those four people are talking about divided Tutu who looked equal but then you put that together side by side and it doesn't. Turkey yet I don't know how many times you have to get burned by not comparing them before you realize this may be a system you want to retool a bit. When we've seen this happen much more egregiously with the NFL's off the field policy issues. But they've gotten into trouble with as far as the comparative length of sentences. Team wise for suspensions to how many times does this mean to shoot you in the foot before you look at and say you know what. Maybe we better start comparing because. What other means do we have because to your point essentially what's happening in the situation is you're punishing road rage in a speeding ticket the exact same way right you're punishing two guys that go a little too facile little too hard. An area you're asked to adjust right now as opposed to a guy who you can say he was frustrated he made a decision he made a decision out of frustrated the same way you'd make a decision to get out of the cards are beaten up on somebody so. Let me ask you to right now. Was the mistake made because whoever Mike Evans was some weeks ago so Richard Reid said he is sure when he gave my Mac you saw what rock did you almost you almost had to say. That's going to be equal punishment so absolutely you can say they go to light I'd have ensured they'd done more an average and the could've done more on croc or. Once you if if they looked attitudes Jon Runyan said they're wrong while we gave Evans the one we can't give rock more than one. Then should have thought event well now maybe you and I woke up and Smith we should just find them and not suspend them because as has also port in this that is very true you can't suspend for a quarter or a half right or three quarters of the game so should they have not suspended those guys who just said we're just going to find you because. We don't think who is it shouldn't be considered as egregious as what Evans and Brockton. Get to the point about a half for missing pleasure you can have the bagels southerners game and hold the Georgia local Jersey out there like yeah yoga this college traditional once there is you know that's not happening right but you're right and it's it's the inconsistency which is gone back to his junior pointed out to. Would with a domestic violence situations it's six games unless it is there isn't device depending on mitigating circumstances occur to make it more or less. Which was a problem when you have with the Ray Rice situation and also Adrian Peterson going back there. But that that is that is the bigger problem here is that I feel like in many ways the NFL is reactionary. Instead of ideally they they they they gauge the temperature of the room sometimes in making these decisions instead of saying. This is what we believe here is the line that was crossed if you cross this line this is a panel mean to me as a former player or both of you guys. Anything that takes away our happens away from the actual play is much more egregious because that has something to do with the whistle stopped. Everything is done here and Neil what. I'm ticked off so much to go ahead and get out my frustration one way or the other where's the I local play or the juju since Shuster play. It's instantaneous you know what happens right away and NI a was listen you go look on the way in your junior about you your everybody's trying to adjust to the new reality. In effect judicially Shuster probably isn't even what hit her sometimes you wonder that used to be those killed up peeled out blocks were. Part of the game they have come back completely said we don't want total water anymore part of the game now and and it was it's also an adjustment to the strikes on you know if your guy goes lower. Whether you were planning to target him in the chest in the shorting goes lower you kind of screwed it right that. To meet those it it's like apples and oranges and we find it. That the only thing consistent. With the NFL sometimes giving up these penalties is the inconsistency and that's what drives people crazy. Let's answer that I mean what I do you view port number on non play. Agree or you know an egregious thing that happens outside a play a football. I think so listen if you're going to get misses the lot the NFL's already dealt himself and life is. We're assigning game numbers to punishment right things right we're in the business event at this point and I you've got to operate with a mad you know this have you guys both know this the beginning of every season what's the NFL do it the rules committee puts out video and it shows the players these are the things were gonna emphasized this year we've instructed officials to emphasize these particular calls. These are the things as a league all gonna try. To really Har upon and they send those out you know that you've got things that you look at as. More important to you agenda wise and others. Why can't you be is dedicated to this process of punishment look at it before it's okay. We've got a very clear line of here of things that happened before and after the play things that happen off the field that are much more serious why don't we create more defined tears for these things so we don't keep getting ourselves in trouble if they're important enough do you. To show output up to the players and say we watch you guys to be aware and abide by these things why isn't going to be important enough to you to create a system that makes you look like shortly strong leadership wise we've seen enough of these situations with the giants and everything else that came out when you look wishy washy in situations where decisiveness would at least be roared and I think with a little bit more the benefit of the doubt and you're getting. I guess that's a question tree can you do that can you. Ordered the teens are for sure that the film that cordless and add that this is going out for our right were used to meet all the time before the season. Here's a film here's a new rules here roared trying to your editors or we don't want. You showed that say. Any non play action that we deem sustainable three games I mean it is network and can we define that in due Beckett Willis and there are those that are saying the rocket was different than the Evans saying because the grunt guy got injured. Well now you wouldn't do that would create cause they just jealous I actually can't do that you can't say except I mean just as easily Marchand Lattimore got hit blind sided from a guy running full speed add him. You know why he didn't get Perkins he was lucky right he didn't get hurt so you can't sit there and say what caused it so we're going to suspend more. Evans actions and Gracia actions were the same from an intent standpoint. So that becomes a question because. All yelling about it Lewis Redick hassle back every we all sports wrong. So all I always like to say OK we think it's wrong what can make it right because I've always our Marty said about that policy for domestic violence. They blew it by saying six. But it can be less. Or you compete more always bright but it can be last all of a sudden every year principally came out he was last until he galli at Seoul may be added got it they maybe they have to start putting games two things so players know. Well Jimmy yes I I would like to see situation or anything that takes a takes you away from outside the action of the actual play. That should meet to me should be more egregious as former players you guys know where that line is right oh definitely guys all understand the difference read. Hey man it was you know it was a hit they didn't intend to do it just sort of happen that way. Or it was a mixed it instinctual reaction as opposed to the play is over. That guy tick me off on the go get some him those are two different things would you guys as former players be all right with. That's minimum three and you may be able look to appeal down to two but that should be definitely more than some that happens within the confines of a play. Sold would do would that mean that am. Crabtree it we're talking about that yet bachelor degree and it came in there with a with a premeditated idea so after play he did he take the change to his body jazzy new I was government IR and if you know that going and you respond accordingly as a player right you like to know the rules right I agree doing what you guys are saying but then I guess towards it because you have voted both sides when you're gonna make your rule. There are always things that seem more egregious than others right right right I mean if Brock didn't. Why into the back of his head. If if Evan just went and grabbed him and room on the ground which sort of got a penalty. I've sort of been bad but was it is greed just as running full speed and hitting some of the back is it still three games. You just say this is what it's going to be no matter what you do just so players know that. I guess or something to that if you know as a player so we were like we know you guys are creatures are having now is you do this and you get flagged for this and it's after plans wrong. Then you're gonna get into an excellent if you really want room for nuance create a way. Can we get it it's difficult and there's a lot of the circumstances going out of it I think people want clarity I think people want clarity about what this means and what that means and it feels like with what happened this week. It was reactionary. And there was a lot of clarity from the the message the NFL was trying to send. Always good when we go to podcast. Freeway going right told senior. Kissed him on an affable it was John crude is now joins us. Hopefully not talking or Carter rising dear leg wounds on the shell Pennzoil performance line taken synthetic motor oil superpower is all new level. Make the switch to Pennzoil today John save us from ourselves first and foremost you're front and center for the Monday night game that you didn't like you were uncomfortable with what you're seeing on the field in terms of the hits in the things that rapid. What about the way that game played out of such as the most. All. Good morning guys. That's so harsh question in the morning here to answer right away but. You don't trade the emotions in that game were run under eyes are we knew that a natural rivalry. There's a lot at stake. And the emotions when Ryan Shea easier got hurt. Were incredible on both sides and then let's all prayed and hoped that he's okay but the emotions were running very high and that. I just want to say I love physical football I think physical football teams are generally the teams that win. Win big. And both of those teams the Bengals and Steelers are very physical some of the most. Physical individual players in football. But I also say this I think this is a great learning opportunity for everybody. That plays football and want to play football there are some shots. That you just don't need to take. And I think you know build on a great job. Educating people players and everybody there are some shots you don't need to take. On the pencils players and you do not leave with your helmet ever. And that's been well I think get pot we've emphasized that you do not leave with your helmet. Regardless of the situation. And you never taught a man that is now that's just good sportsmanship so I think those are great lessons for everybody. I was on comparable are worried about players or about people. Honestly. I played my dad played my brother played in my sons late night. I just did like some of those things that happen I think it's a great learning opportunity. No matter how emotional game list. You don't do those three things in. I won't say this to traded to Pittsburgh Steelers talked myself into they have a lot of football character or the comeback and win the game on the road down seventeen. What a fallen teammate. I was really impressed. That worker could not agree more with that I guess your general size John is that is this just part of the the education now in football because we know how fans love to win our players were back in today as they say I mean the rivalries the hard hits the taunting which. Whether you're ever like did you don't or not was always have been a big part of the game. Big hits have been part of the game but now we're learning because we're learning more and more we understand what needs beyond the game a little bit so is this just more of the okay maturation process of where we are and how that kind of the I don't hate to use this word the new way to play the game but the more educated way to play the game because of things we've learned. Not a one of the high horse here via preacher but this either my right I think these things that happened in the eighteen. Have been taught have been part of the game for a long long time. You'd you'd just have to learn there're there are some shots against pencils or you just don't take anymore and it just didn't happen the other night or last week or last year. You just don't need to take. And you don't lead with your helmet that's been well pot I felt like but that quality high school. And you do not ever caught a man that is down but I think these are lessons that we can keep emphasizing to learn from. And fortunately. I should say after the Shays here injury fortunately none of the men after that got hurt it appears. No you're right and that certainly it looked that with that first drive it changed the tenor of the game and we're continuing to follow updates on she easier and you know we're hoping that things continue to improve and we'll have updates hopefully throughout the day. Or maybe at some point later on today when she easier but did the other part of that game John which was interest in. Is the way the NFL has decided sort handouts and penalties for things that one on that game we also want Rob Gronkowski did. Out of her debut as white. After the play was over you know sort of piling his body on top of it a true Davey is in a way that clearly was outside the boundaries in many bank bank football player that we've been talking about. Yet the same suspension was levied for ground that both juju Smith Shuster and Georgia Lowe who got. We're sort of those penalties that we've been talking about it in the context of what happened Monday night. Those kids are two completely different things of one thing. Well they are but they're still. Penalties and are still tallies that we have to get out football and you hate to lump every. Incident. In a group. But even Jon Runyan Derrick Brooks Troy Vincent the league office. They have the discipline players whether it be fine or suspension. And they're going to be. Obviously. Scrutinize whatever their opinion ends up being but. I think all those infractions. We're worthy of a fine and if they deem this suspension and they deem this suspension but I think it's great. To put all those plays you're talking about on a training real and make sure that every level put all. Is clear and concise and their understanding that that's got no place in football I think all those players eventually laundry. I think and that's one they overtime players are no matter the sport if you change something in his sport players learn to adapt to those things and you certainly hope. That happens here as well are left on the field and other general sense. Taking kind of the giants' situation out there with the Eli Manning and and where you are as a team and who you're going to play. New coaching and York in a position dole like the giants or. The colts or the browns are the Broncos teams that are that are basically out of that with more games to play you still obviously wanna win on the field. Where is the line of a coach that says. And I don't mean just at the quarterback position even other positions of where you may need or you want to start seeing some other guys get more minutes to see where they are how much is that is that way you'd. You know when your team the struggle and I've been there before you that you still obviously chronicle on win the game. You that you have a lot of players you have a lot of people in the organization there. Depending on you win and you don't have a number of players on your roster like you do in college it's not like you can start peeling richer years off but guys and use. Know you've only got 53 man and you only have so many roster moves which you can make. And have a number of players that are hurt and our practices so you really are limited. With the amount guys you can look at I mean a lot of these teams only to eat eight or nine offensive lineman. You only keep five receivers you only keep or running backs so it's not like you have up. Lot of different players to choose from but. There are opportunities down the stretch to take a good look at some players that perhaps have earned their right to play given your circumstances. We should point to see what we have because we got to get our we got to get our ducks in a row for the upcoming season. A look at people around trying John to get their ducks in a row for the playoffs as a mom and a football analyst Jon Gruden joins us next Monday night New England will play in Miami. We are four teams right now John that a tenant to the viking Steelers Eagles and patriots. Which of these four teams do you think has separated themselves or has the likelihood to separate themselves. From all the others. Well I like that fourteen you just mentioned have the watch in New England here to say they've really group got beat shuts. Tom Brady's still at the top of his game and they have three running back served jokers they can line them up any more on the football field in her chair. The Pittsburgh Steelers proved a lot to me. Not to be interesting to see. What the future role with Ryan Shays here number one hour we're told he's well number two he is. He's not a good player he's a great player Christine. And I in the NFC. Looking estate about. The battles that are lined them up over the Philadelphia Eagles lost a couple of on the road ethnic delegate there attention. But to answer your question in all round about way. I liked it first dealers I really do. The Germans are for our show you can take as long as you want to those questions I would we are all good would that. All along those lines John how do you handicap at this point. The AFC west you have a surging team and the chargers are falling team in Kansas City and inconsistent team. With the raiders soldier cloture those teams how do you play it from now going forward as they also their deadlock. Well we walked into the team meeting. The first day at training camp and I says man. We're going to be in first place tie for first place. On December 1 to start the final war games of the week. I think everybody on the team would sign up for that. And all all of these teams had peaks and valleys. Everybody thought the raiders are going to be a great football teams from the very beginning. And everybody thought after weeks or that the Kansas City cheeks were going to be. Running the table and nobody thought this India and the LA chargers they should say we're going to be where they are after their start. So I think it's going to be exciting this is. Traditional. Division these are common rivalries that have been placed years and years is the division I can't prompt cease raiders in Kansas City was hurt late on the line. I gotta keep talking get to that game number one but when you watched the chargers. I said this I think last week. Their defense is so impressive this pass rush is spectacular. And they are very underrated on that side of the ball everybody talks about rivers and they should. But the defense has made a tremendous improvement. And when you play defense with bill rivers a quarterback. You can be in a heck of football team I think that's what you can't. Well look that bad tandem Russia boasts an Ingram is is just amazing and it's given rivers and tackler and you know Keenan Allen playing Jerry Rice level right now with the amazing things he's done. And it is ironic John that the only team ever in the history the NFL start owned foreign make the playoffs with a 92 chargers and now this charge is he started toward war. And they've got a legitimate chance of doing as well so obviously your locked into the NFL season we get that bad as you and I know we're all in on the NFL draft it's one of the most fun nights of the entire year. When it all sort of unfolds. Bomb maker mayfield is probably gonna win the Heisman this weekend the odds are very strong. A U he had been talked about a lot in terms of the draft and potential Indiana call on the same lines as Arnold or the the Josh is Alan and rose and read and Mason Rudolph. How much have you seen of baker what do you think about him transition into the NFL. I haven't seen enough poke film to really have a convincing opinion yet but I will say I Islam against Ohio State a did see him play against TCU Epstein played over the years a little bit here in the air. Because there primetime a lot. I'd I'd just love the the make up this kid I think there's a competitive drive in him that's gonna separate them. I think he throws the ball extremely well from the pocket and on the move. Like a lot of these up tempo no huddle shotgun quarterback BC transition but. He's got a lot of great things golds warm I can't wait to meet him personally. As far as your game come up this Monday new England and the Miami Dolphins how. How do you where we know from going inside how they approach it but down in Miami team that really is you know sit at five and seven right now. You there's a coach coached this week as they spoil alert I mean you know you hear about this and in other situations. Of trying to get a player motivated for the game is that part of it to say we can try and in Iraq at a stop that renewing a forgotten the playoffs but the kind of you know dented them a little bit is that a talk that would be this week. I'm sure the president Arnold thank you your Miami dolphin you should have any problem getting up for the New England Patriots I mean when you see them come out of your humble. In your stadium. If the juices don't pick on than some strongly. But certainly you'd like. Have a say in. Not let them have home field advantage but you also like to say you know what. We've beat Denver last week convincingly and we'd be all England at home and cry we're gonna show everybody. That we are dead and we are. And probably the most important question dug her own recently said. His coach drew post game meal is a baloney and cheese sandwich said he loves lead after the game just by himself. Did you have a post game meal that you don't remember Ochoa. I don't like them by the police say baloney ballot. Or he's OK he's guarantees. Daddy must be hard to work for a little bit but that's all agree on net ebooks at no red bombs strapped. We wanna game Soledad evident good time believe me I Natal I ate very well after victories. There ago did you hear anything after a loss. No matter of fact I went right back to the office my wife wanted no part of me out. Or lost the throttle and he's Smart. Well John now you're always welcome on the show no matter wins a loss is a middle Florida here in the call annexed a Monday night when the patriots travel to Miami thanks ray Cyrus. They let them have a go get. The podcast what do Dey wanna show what John bonds are a lot of great sports night last night no doubt about it. 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Security at fifty past Bob entry in motion sensors and for a limited time get a camera included and installed at no additional tax that's a 400. 49 dollar value in sold for just. 49 dollars for resources what was recovered Tuesday and today actually you who's your who's never answered Marxist lessons that we didn't get comfort users who were losing when you. Mile road to all day soon Herm Edwards joins us in studio giving us the straight talk brought to buy straight talk wireless best phones thus networks. No contracts Rory. First of all. Columbia I'm happy for Rea I'm excited for yeah I remember a few years ago you are playing golf somewhere you like now. I am done with coaching I I'm happy here Bob rob blocked and then it. We can go we told you felt like he needed to feel the grass and the feet or more time what what Cheney what what major wanna get back into. Young people. I think what motivated me is. The fact that the last eight years and in my coached team last year they're under armour game. There's a connection with me with a young people. I don't know if it's more than just football this developing young men and I think. In the first thing I'll tell young people what are your dreams. When your aspirations. In life I wanna help you. With that and I think you can touch people. I'm a football back you know we just all are done football I mean. When you get to feed only grass it it's it's it's a wonderful feeling because you've done and you on in you know this might now. Being in huddle and I mean you've missed you missed the huddle and you miss. All the folks that you deal with in the huddle whether it's players and coaches and and there's a goal in mind you know there's a there's this there's there's this marsh that you make in his starts now actually were recruiting right you know going and homes and visited with the parents and tell these young athletes and this is a program that we're trying to deal what do you say it. So you know sitting in the liver and her mother of an eighteen year old and his marriage are sitting there and so what what is what does Herm Edwards. Speech to that that family and why they should come there's a mistake was important for me is one of the trying to accomplish as a student athlete. In all those things are in place. In whatever you are as an athlete. I'll make sure. That you live up to your potential. As an athlete. Although on the one side of it and hopefully when you leave here you need you regret you graduate. You will be a well rounded man. So you can face of the things that are. Taking place in our world and a woman will build a program where. We understand that no winning is is is this very important. And I think. We will do what the right way and and they've they've already done that they they they have built of a nice foundation there and it's a place right now where. We wanna we went up Danny you know we wanna be one of those teams and independent. In the pac twelve that that is always talked about that top three Rijndael either I equated to do this that's it we think about Stanford. Seems like regardless of years past you know repeat every year changes you get new players. But their system and their program is always in the hunt. Right right it's coming and Hannity and when it did you know the toughest chips of every year. But they have talked about right we would be one of those teams that you know that you talk about that you guys are talking about eight. Men did you see that some doubles play look at that football team you know we wanna be. One of those that you guys in their one most stock Melissa. I'm wolf. Although Obama some sun double. You may remember I got aren't I got it back again and no worry for the next guy I let's start out we're down there and I'm first time I see out there to go to our ministry campus or hurts doughnuts and he definitely our donuts and their delegates that are here I will absolutely that your your press comes on Monday generate a lot of lot of buzz people were talking about things that we're excited about the energy. There was one little clip though that some people had some concerns of us let's let's play that clip right now. Quote Urbina doubles I just don't digest yes they are you located moment. Right here in Tempe good golf digest. Fumble on I'm Catholic now McChrystal wants out the double. I make is that we're good we haven't all over the plane ticket person. Though that it stated I know you're huge is that a good look at the people all of your Herm Edwards doesn't know they can't argue the how many come I I've followed that program way before somebody young people who look they recruited me via push recruited me compares with that they have won the best Slobodan well now as you all along those lines of what people were saying about better and we know Enron mess around that but there are those that are saying. You know OK he's been talking about football who works with the under our our armor kids in and. Security SPN but he hasn't hasn't been on the field and nine years what is what is your response to those that are saying mean is he out of date a little bit for this. Or not out of date if you're being on. I'm caught up me and that's what makes this job so relevant is affected you sit here. And watch more football game. On other programs. On the college level pro level I've visited colleges. I give. I've I've dealt with the young people that are coming out actually get ready gold cup. I've dealt with 1819 year old athlete gets about to commit to go to university but alas they years so I'm not out of touch by any stretch of imagination it goes back the old story. One of mementos with big permit. He stayed out thirteen years. One is a favorable came back if you get hot coach I mean look I'm a people's person. Or I can't confirm I guess I'm really I can't confirm I have two young daughters federal evident well OK so for. I've battled me always that. I'm betting that I can relate to these players there there's not will be a problem. Are all lucky you what you wanna see what a people person is going on with Herman moderate. You could be invisible you can do what ever you want our rhetoric is there's no one would pay attention to you you could literally anything you wanted. But army it's a different dynamic now. It in the college game where we see all these coaches. And I know you're not gonna do this. But you know they they get somewhere and then they leave after a year and then they're gone in in the kids have to stay. Because video they signed this letter that means they they're tied to the school no matter what approach does. But the same rules don't apply to the coaches right what's your take on how that should change or should it change well I think. If you have an obligation obviously is a coach especially when you. You're committed to these kids in your telling yourself on the program now you young people that understand that. You don't. You don't particularly have to go route to school because of Coke. There because coaches leave and wouldn't like you're gonna lose coaches when the head coach les obviously that's a little bit shocking. The one thing we have to worry about me am I going to Wear this is my job is as long as I can do it I'm not going anywhere I'm trying to continue to build on a program that's already been built here. It's going in the right direction. The lifeblood of a football period as players. How do you draw. Players to come to this university there are a lot of great things happening on this campus and I'm I'm gonna be Pristina when I'm going to be home. So who is a model you explain it in the terms that. How you are you can related to be able but in reading that the the press release about this it talked about a different structure was more like an NFL structure. In the athletic department for football than a college structure so you kind of elaborate on that and how it's going to be well. Doctor. Rose the president university obviously and in. Granderson is is it's knee deep. On its threefold on the head coach in everything kind of go through that channel where all the same page raw well we well connected. As far as what we do cop trying to build this program there won't be too cold chisel we're just go to football. Not how will always be in look. Their guidance in certain areas of how we're more about building a program I think is fours like the NFL we ought to be on the same page of the type players we want. No vision we have for the program. Especially a football team has found on the football coach. When you look at the programs there are they about lifted a lot of programs there and think about the basketball program Bobby Hurley of these third season now all of a sudden. They're one of those top ten top fifteen basketball team if that's what we wanna become. Well listen. You bet you I'm betting on you up. Don't know I don't drink you know me wherever I got I'm given that's exactly right that this could well look you're you're here after you took the job yes you took the job and you're here for one final week your filling a commitment here sawing. I think that speaks volumes welterweight that was to what they're getting in you're not going anywhere we gonna suddenly you. Can we go the fight. It was all sort of one big Julia jello mold the barriers to see where that went. What what what trait keys or is a big thing going on and I think it's only goal more last year the two big names on there for net. And Christie McCaffery they skip their bowl game bowl for the first from both producing well we've already have four players that we know of right now three from Texas. And or James the corner be defensive back from. Florida State has said he second play in the ball game there have been reports here and there are still undecided guy like Bradley child one of the top pass rushers. From our North Carolina State. That that that possibly may skip the bowl game. What would you what would you say to a player if it airs or a city comes up this is coach. Thanks for everything but I need to move the lid mrs. Paul gaming media ready for the NFL I understand that. I do. They have done that they need to do this university. And I just think you know. As long as a true fool me and I know we're at a time so we can plan that. That's important you know I understand about the the young man has a career has a chance have a career in the National Football League. And let's say he's gone through some injuries most of these guys have that if not opt to play nicked up they were nicked up during season and that that that's something you said because remember. They're gonna go through. So I have no problem with a player who comes into muses they go to here's my fear. Of worker brokers I see more players doing this and and I'm with you while I don't think I could have done in Delaware wanted to play I can understand the thought process. Now let me take you to a word word gets a little more gray what if with three games ago. Your team is. To win five run sixth and now players his coach. We're not in for a conference championship. Soul we're not really playing for that I'm they get it taken off now I don't know fallow up when I hope it doesn't but about that and I would advise. And neither do that then that is a bad precedent to set for yourself especially when NFL team to watch. Because are you are you gonna do the same thing all of a sudden tap out during the season if you're one of those teams is trying to build a program is to say you were to Cleveland Browns and are trying to. To build this program and you know where you sit or use San Cisco 49ers. Toward the end I got a little injury. You can play. Call to await the next. That's that's bad looking to do that you can't tap on team. At some point football players have to play got to let him do you play football yet exactly into the 11 reason your. You're going back at your heart your record your coach coaches need to coach. I'm from has been a lot of talk about what happened on Monday night game how we got taken away from the injured right trees here which is totally separate thing. And we certainly continue to wish the best the Steelers linebacker but the chipping is with which that game was played. On and some of them the fines and penalties have come out of that I'm. It's hard to sort of equate what juju Smith Shuster. I did with his bloc in Georgia wanted to with a sit in the play we saw when Rob Gronkowski exactly yet they all got the same penalty from the NFL how do you. Parse that how do you see those differently well. I just think. I think the first you have to try to figure out is who play areas is your repeat offender. In what were his intentions and that's very difficult because you look at that tape we know is an emotional game play with a lot of emotion. And then from there you gotta make a decision and as we know. Everything is captured on television now and everyone has an opinion. Which way they view it and that's what a conversation goes this is why we're talking mount right now right I mean when things like this happened conversation starts though. I just think a quarter what side you're on you're gonna take that side. The great thing is the people in the NFL office that is Derrick Brooks I know Gary Brooks that in I coach you're brought. He is a level headed guy he would do what's right for the best interest of the national football and now you can disagree or not be you know what he's the guy gets to make decisions. And that's OK I trust Derek Brooke I really do I understand where he sits he you know he's a hall of fame player on he gets it. And you leave it at that say you know what when you when you put when you put yourself out there for somebody to make a decision you don't have to go do that. You live with result. For players who are played a long time and you play a long time before you even get to the NFL on the plane in the NFL for number years you kind of set a certain way you played this game has kind of been set as a way. And while we always talk about players adapt. Is this a harder thing I don't mean the cheap shot after a play I mean. The plays during the play you know the cracked black and Tikrit FactSet are really allowed now he just catches a little bit the head so now it's a flag you know I look at trying to break up the past taken out but now he's he's hitting too high. Is it hard for players to really get that out of their game well for some guys didn't have. Transformed in other words have been taught yet now it is starting to be taught. And younger raged so the next generation of players that obviously filtered through college as well as. Pro football they'll be well equipped to deal with this some of the other guys very difficult because as you can as you said you know you start. Learn how to play football at a young age and there's a certain way you've been taught and we've all coached certain ways that has changed. Dramatically at all levels which is good for the game cause we talk about the protection of the athlete which is. Far far most the most important thing and so I just think the next generation comes along. It will be so difficult for the. It was hard to ask these guys all yeah it does your DNA you know it's a reaction sport it is just. I do what I do you know it's like this like eight mile road are we play a lot of golf writing too we're on the driving range we got to swing down Robin is really pretty it's gonna first do you like. Guy. Where do we showed come. In our bag on the brain cannot managers are bad. There's so much about muscle memories guys exactly right it's a hard thing to do and you know it's a hard thing to. It's our I think sometimes when you got a good like you had to have it here. To realize maybe there's something else that you need to be doing and then well there's a call and you know it's a caller trade you know Manny Mikey no it team in UC new deal with these guys yes yes I have. That's my passion and when you can when you can mold young guys because. I know what to think how we can those same thoughts when I was their age you know and and Inco is important you know coaching in the be better men better husbands better citizens and that's part of the deal was wells when I see younger players kind of pooh poohed the older generation I see. Five star athletes at that I'm during game hang on every word. Her master said I've done it for nine years to do it again today on NFL I think your best for our Gloria regular season. I only can window. Podcast let's not expect too much there's only one person out there that expect we'll wait to watch part of this guy surely we know that is its. My father. If you've been to the mall recently I'm sure you noticed everyone is coming down with holidays beaver. Luckily Makes finding the perfect gifted joyous occasion right now 1800 flowers is giving our listeners a special 24 for 24 offer. Tony for a holiday lights roses for just 24 dollars that's only a dollar per rose to order 24 holiday lights cruises for only 24 dollars. Go to Slash window that's Slash wing go Ari offerings Wednesday sorted now. Lots to get into just said Herman Edwards on great to see him on one last time your gold and we go out I'll be fortunate to work the next couple days on the left alive as he. Goes on and no wall hopefully do great things for Arizona State. Obviously off to college football news to get into this lots of NFL we have to give it really elimination game come up tomorrow. For the Atlanta Falcons as they take on the saints they can't afford to lose a game on Thursday night when that division no doubt about it. It they have the the saints two times in the next three weeks and their two games behind him so that this is this is money time right now for Atlanta. To try to get back where they were last year so now I've monster game oh this is what we are for the last quarter although a good and that's our coaches like to split up by quarters. Last quarter. We're in December that this is worse gonna start to separate you a little bit there are the teams that are out of the door gonna go about their business however they do to prepare themselves for next year. And then for some. At the top like Philadelphia Minnesota it's positioning on who can get. Home field throughout for others it's to make sure you're especially in the next few weeks make sure your healthy when the playoffs roll around. Again we'll get into that a little bit later with Damien Woody you'll join us at the bottom of this hour Jim both Fisher at the topic next they're texting and head coach lots to get into there about. The transition for him from Florida State to Texas a and M how it went down injure when James one of probably is best player at Florida's over personal yeah he I think he's played literally every position on defense this year. He's gonna skip the ball game and one of the draft we'll talk to Jim Ball about that. But there is something that happened in the NFL this past week in the coming up overlooked. For a couple of reasons one. The U I mean every story. Yeah obviously dominated the headlines but how that went down not only with the display of him not starting on Sunday but then the firing of the American to a Jerry Reese to general manager. And then what happened in the Monday night game with the injury to right she's here in the overall chipping miss. And the suspensions they came out of the game between the Steelers and Bengals. I don't know how much you saw of the Broncos game with the dolphins but the Broncos went down there or barest one more time. On their eighth straight loss there are three and one. And then they've lost eight straight games they had lost that many since 1967. When they lost nine in a row so pre AFL NFL merger so these are bad times for the Denver Broncos just a year and a half removed from writing Super Bowl champions. And they're gonna miss the playoffs two straight years after winning that Super Bowl but in that game that the dolphins won handily 35 to nine. The dolphins coach Adam case who at one point was on the Broncos writes that got will call for an onside kick. With ten minutes remaining. And they were leading 33. Tonight. So was an onside kick against the Broncos and they recovered it. Up 33 to nine with 1021 to left that that cause a lot of eyebrow raising the price of people in Denver for example. Our Chris terrorists bill. Outstanding quarterback for the Broncos said. By JC's mad at somebody in this organization. It looked like he was trying to embarrass us but I guess that what happens they M one too many games are big game for them Shaq bear linebacker blitzes sickly I was pissed yup. And then. Manuel Sanderson days is a savage he loves to win he loves to embarrass you that doesn't surprise you are your thoughts on gays going for the onside kick up thirty. I did the headliner this is Broncos take exception to gates is onside kick. Eric did and he said he restrict off. Chris harrick Chris Harris again he's mad at somebody and then from Emanuel Sanders to to marry is Thomas to CJ Anderson. No one took exception to Revere read your quote there like. That's Saturday's. You know as as CJ Anderson said. That's loose he sees blood in the water just gonna attack they didn't take exception do they said this is how it. Prominent pro sports but I don't care you know I'm not doing a bomb on the Broncos. Complaining that I'd bet that that onside kick as happened when I got my butt handed to me. For the eighth straight week eight so I'm real worried about what the other team is doing you know an end to these Broncos credit they're not either they're saying we know the guy. That's him do marriage Thomas says that Casey was my receivers coach. No way I guess you left the Broncos he wasn't satisfied he went outside he kicked the outside he got it he was happy about it he got the win and we're still trying to front war. So I don't. I don't think there's much of an issue with a bit worried if we are doing what they should do that case. What the water like to do that we need to worry about ourselves and to me that is exactly the point. You wanna try to embarrass me OK you were in that right as your kicking our blocks all over the field I'm not gonna worry about them. This sounds very similar to 2007. I completely different circumstances. Out when you know the spy gig for the patriots and Bill Belichick was like really. Okay both barrels goal without order guys' job there was a time I think it in a patriot and a home game against Washington and Joseph Gibbs was the head coach. Of the Redskins in that game and they were up by 2530 points late in the fourth and syndicate of Google. They went forth kept the drive alive I think scored a touchdown and dole was asked about it after the game. Ages that I was giving the opera them the opportunity to stop us and they did that and the identity still gives Freddy's that I don't have any problem what they did. Aren't I don't I I don't have a problem with that you know in the NFL you're always gonna cross paths so you know if you do something like that what you're probably set yourself fall for us. I met at VA dry was still playing in the moment what I'd be probably kicked off say hello they doing right probably word. But I'm certainly not gonna complain about it after the game when I just got might might took us handed to me for the eighth straight week. That that's a lasting and the world I need to worry about is the fact that they onside kick would 44 points ago worry about yourself. Where market to win by the way good for you for using tells us that I one of the great underrated words hello when I was were in Saint Louis blues game Brett halted a slap shop rite of his right cheek and I just what you're seven miles an hour balkanized right now not get a feel good idolize or with a map to the game first question was OJ took us. It's like it's fine yeah I think just doctors like brilliant says they got to move on now but here's the back story for this which is really interest and according to the Miami Herald one of the reasons. As gays did this said he believes per sources. Is that the Broncos GM John Elway bad mouth him too then GM of the 49ers Trent bulky. About that job now engaged in complained that time he's about Elway was doing this. So desire for the vacant Broncos head coaching job and that didn't happen so there is a little context and that goes into a bigger picture here with Denver okay. They get their butts in a duel they are and they have not found a way it's pretty easy why they're not winning. During his eight game losing streak they've scored the fewest points per game in the NFL. And they have the lowest total QBR width two up small forwards playing in Brock us Weiler and Paxson right now respected Trevor semi auto horrible game. Thirteen to 313 interceptions including a pick six. They have mismanaged the quarterback situation. Dramatically since Peyton Manning up. They found a way to hang on to win that's suitable to do and Peyton came back and short rallied them with just enough through the divisional game against Pittsburgh when they were without a both Levy on balance O'Neal brown and got by the patriot sank to that incredible pass rush. In the AFC championship game. But in the two years since the Broncos quarterback situation has been absolutely horrid they tried to figure out a way with us Wyler and Mark Sanchez and Trevor Ximian they drafted Paxson lynch. Look not giving up on Paxson looks completely but there's nothing that he seemed to give you the idea that yet. He can be bad guy and there's nothing historically. About a 67 quarterback to make to make. Yeah they can make it work so how much of what's going on now with Denver in this horrible quarterback situation is really on the front office and John a well listen. It all depends on how much are involved in the decision to John Elway is one of the great quarterbacks ever play this game you find it hard to believe that he's not involved. In looking at especially the quarterback position. Off for these teams but that's what it comes down to. There are GMs and our management that say by football people our hats are are are dealing with this weather be the coach or somebody else. Along with the coach that's involved. But normally GM is very involved a missing you have to imagine. John Elway is very involved in the so we absolutely. Deserves some of the criticism for this especially at the quarterback position listen when they took Paxson let I I said that the talk. I would contracted Paxson went to the first round the third round before I just I just didn't see the translation from the college game to the pro game now. Seat it's about time no fewer goes I didn't see it at the time. You got to seventh rounder you know beating out your first round her semi Al assault and many thought OK is Trevor gonna be that guy who gets picked later in the draft that has that. Great career. At doesn't seem to be working out that way so that's an area that obviously they have to fix. Look in the case of is a problem that's also manifested itself in Miami they've been shut out twice this year with two different quarterbacks starting march Matt Moore against the ravens. And once the Jay Cutler who and they don't other starter they don't tale about whether they wanna continue on with hammered out they'll have the choice at the end of the season so so that's the situation it would that sort of story from the Denver side. As for the Miami side Tony Kornheiser on PTI. Has had a very interesting thought process on what that means forget race. There are things that brand someone. Let's go back to Greg she Donna what Tampa Bay. When the other team was taking Indiana and she I don't think people crashing through a lot that's right and they look like a college told your not a pro coach what does is look like he's never gotten. A head. Coaching job in the NFL again I think this comes back at camp come back to bite case this this is is that yes it it. All right that's a Tony and and I gonna sing his petty and he thinks this will linger. Over Adam gays going forward included Missouri you know what lingers wins why is she out enough to coach in cabaret anymore. You win the landfill and wind is not because he had guys diving at the knees on on kill plays at the end of the game when the other team was in victory formation. If Tampa Bay was making the playoffs every year and she Otto was doing that oil be saying. Out of damn thing we'll be saying they may not like to play at the time of case wins in Miami that's the only thing that matters in pro sports the only thing. That it that this onside kick nobody would bat and I added if this team starts to win because you just brought up guy. What about a judge do that year. He blew everybody. Out he ran up the score I've everybody. Which you know what he's got hard work Beckett a lock you may have had a problem with that but nobody was saying. This is gonna defined dollar check for his career this is good at Bagram to have a tough time getting in a job there aren't other than had defined because that's exactly right. But you know what because he walk so that's the point. Gates and Shia no not this would define them if they win. Now if they don't certainly you remember this more and more but what makes you forget about things like this is winning that ultimately defines everything controls. Ports well what do we say winning is the ultimate deodorant perhaps a New Orleans look when you're winning you put up with anything and when you're losing everything surprise fifteen and thirteen in nearly two years in Miami that that eventually awarded two fired and people are remembering about to untie kicking when you're up 24. If that record in 28 games was 28. Or 22 and six. We've been having a different conversation about all of us right now nobody will be even caring. About that onside kick well I look that's a knee he's only in year two OK and they are five and seven he did get him into the playoffs last year it was messed with Matt Witten injuries to Ryan can I know it was Matt Moore. And Adam gays running that system and JA GIE. But CD now we get into a bigger issue okay. Not only is the decision for Jay Cutler to bring out of the Booth not look so great 'cause I'm pretty sure the results what have been the same its announcement ten million on him. And just run what Matt Moore right okay so then there's that then there was the decision very early this year to say you know what. We're moving on he said some moments he's had some moments in Philadelphia but you are you took away an asset James IE not vacant cut ten held by the way the only Omar four point six million dead money. So there's a lot of question marks now about not only the play calling which is supposed to be cases you know. Stroke of genius here and and that was his calling and obviously the relationship that one year in Chicago quarterback whisperer is exactly so now. But the bigger concerns are in terms of building an organization and building. A foundation for success. Are those things sort of becoming the will they be questioned a lot more. If say they finished five and eleven sure. Thanks in ten now about how much you sort of say I didn't have my starting quarterback to pat you know I think you get a big test for me to but but then there is how long do you get a pass for you have that you signed a guy now he wasn't there to the richest defensive contract. Ever and you're you're trying to build around that and are they coming in the end of that yup so you know he's going into his third year and and I. Listen these these used to all be five year deal right right and used to get some time you don't get time. Anymore so all you come into that third year guy get it done and the first decision he's gonna have to make is what quarterback am I gonna try get it done. Aerials coming back from injury in my stick or am I going another direction I have a feeling he's gonna say we can't help and trying gated John Mayer and that is getting the weapons around tail and fixing everything else this is really I think. Close to a make or break year for him out which direction he's gonna go. You meet 2018 or toll seventeen point eighteen yet next year next year not this year the only look you mentioned five years it was a patch armored and their calendar your daily when I mean he did I get three guises in five days laughable argue maybe sign a deal that long like you don't get. That law all the great John McKay was once asked why he had a five year plan and camping Suzanne fighter contract exactly what I said that's why exactly right that's why I had those guys that the contractor I 85 year contract for the top five your plans and all I mean as a coach gets sent home get paid for a couple of years Roy's not coach then mechanism. Didn't make it two through an organization that had made a coaching change in season over forty years these are indeed different times writes Gordon we go here. On ESPN radio and ESPN two we'll get to Damian what he'll join us here in fifteen minutes. Other seven straight talk brought to frustrate our wireless best phones does networks. No contracts and it kicked getting straighter than this now when the International Olympic Committee put all the way. Has had its own share of questionable ethics ya over the years but the one thing that they've been pretty solid on. Has been the idea of doping NASA putting and not putting up with it anymore very stringent things going all of Wada. The world anti doping association. Are they have basically told Russia get out you're out you're no longer allowed. In the Olympics and but there is a caveat here which I think is an important one without question because they're analyzing. The committee and the infrastructure. Oh the Russian government and how they set up the Olympics. But they're not penalize the athletes they're not the athletes consumer lord of the Olympics they can't raise the Russian flag they have to go as a new troll carbon control and that they're not associated with our raw. You miss but they can't compete and I think that's important Melissa we've been having our fund will continue to. Because they can't play it or you know if they win a gold the Russian flags knocking arrays in the rush in Russia and happens not gonna. Replied it's gonna be the Olympic theme song or whatever they decide so we've been having fun for everybody if you win a gold medal what would your song be. But on a serious note. First off you are right they don't mess with doping no they don't mess. With the steroids today they hold your samples for what can be eight years I believe they will take years that the medals away they won't bang you for years from your sport. They do not play and I think are probably a lot of people that love to see that in professional sports here that we cover all the time. That really may stop people from doing games but what do you see as I've always said you're never gonna get rid of it there's recent time and time again athletes still get suspended. Because they're gonna keep trying especially in something like the Olympics. Visits once every four years they load up for this thing sometimes literally you know not just not just figuratively. But obviously a lot don't and go to compete so I'm happy the athletes and again you're going to be tested out their dirty they'll get nailed. Most likely see you know and lest they they've they've. Are using something that that isn't detected but for the most part you're gonna get nailed. But I'm happy that an athlete especially the ones that are clean athletes get a chance to compete. Because the Olympics are different than the other sportsman and this is once every four years I know you have your world championships and other events in those sports. But the Olympics and that's it the Olympics are it. And you won every four years and a lot of times you only get one we see some the comeback for 23 or four Michael Phelps won those are more the exception than the rules right and and that's a low percentage that do that the higher percentage may get one chance and it. And I remember going back to the 1980 Olympics. When my brother Bob got draft of my brother Bob was a great college Russell. And when they get drafted in 79 and a lot of people had had asked him wonder about and he did too. Would would my brother Bob try and Russell on the 1980 Olympics. And be back then though. You couldn't be into professional you can be a professional. In a professional sport. And the Olympics now that change could reaching you know the Herschel Walker's right about Saudi plan for policies see others do it. Bob wasn't ought to do it's all he wanted to do that. You would add to skip the draft and 79 not become professional football player. On the Olympic today he did wanna wait dude wanna do that when the second round of the patriots so we couldn't be in the electric. But think about. Yeah athletes that trained. And trained and trained for that one moment in 1980. And Jimmy Carter said we're knock on the Olympics I mean I get. Again it all I understand reasons why I'm going again to be it to the athlete who just did all that blood sweat and tears as did all that sacrifice and that is like wait. What I qualified who were not going. So I idol got for me athletes that's why I'm glad the athletes. Are allowed to go all and still represented themselves if nothing else and at least get to try. And and have their fruits of their labor hunger for wish him. By by competing in the Olympics and then. Course set up another set of events where the Russians and come to us from the Olympics were there in Los Angeles right 1984. Up the deal and we sort of had some fun with this with a walk abuse but it is said because if you if you are. Let's say for example. Your medals or are. Reinstall later for example there was some that was found doping and you get the gold medal instead of the sober after that's nice at all. But you live for that podium lost that moment that's exactly all the will never come again in your life yeah and that's the thing that's that's that's disheartening. When this stuff comes up by the way there's an amazing documentary. Annette what's called a chorus which talks about the systemic. Systematic state doping. In dealing with the Russian. Committee that sort of got this whole thing going and got sort of a bigger right it's fascinating. And if you have a chance on Netflix and you have the time is it really is an in depth an amazing thing by the way we've been talking about this more happy be athletes are going our Jeremy shoppers wait in. And he doesn't think the penalties that the IOC put on. Other Russians are stringent enough. Because he's allowing. Particular Russian athletes. Subject to their approval to tee part of the game although. Officially they will not be competing for Russia the Russian national random amount he played. If they win gold medals Russia officially will wean zero metals. At these schemes and South Korea these big. But it's not comprehensive needs very similar to what was done back. In 2016 just before the real games after the first revelations about. The widespread nature this doping. And I understand would you re saying but the end of the day if the athlete himself. Or herself has done nothing wrong right you can't. Proved that there's something there they should be allowed lobbyists and I completely agree and if they've been busted and are gonna get suspended for X amount of time anyway than I can be treated and any. Any other different athlete out there are so. I understand we Jeremy same boat but I'm happy the athlete they get a chance to compete which means they're gonna be tested which means. If they're dirty they'll get nailed for now hopefully that they they would get nailed for. And they'll suffer those ramifications as well but medical IU. We we we know each other along time we haven't done the show I I'm an Olympic reply I absolutely love and I I was always asked because football is my sport would you rather won a Super Bowl Olympic gold medal time call the Olympic gold medal if there's two to me. Whether it's a team sport the Olympics or not or an individual Russ I also wrestled like my brother Bobby was a better wrestler. The Iowa sort of I would've won in a wrestling gold or any other type of gold just for a bat for that moment. You know Wallace represented my country in the world. And to stand number one on that podium and had a flag go up and anthem played with that goal. I can't even fathom that feeling I know we're having great feeling Nora super noble to me wrong. But it's not even a question to me if I could had that moment I would've taken that moment. Goalie makes me wanna vomit and then punch you square in the face and window holes he. He's so awesome today. We're delighted to be joined now by your own gold and we by the new head coach. Of the Texas a and M Aggies Jim both Fisher I Jumbo congratulations on the move it's been a whirlwind for you the last six or seven days. Can you sort of encapsulate what this is all been like you making the big transition from Florida State College Station. Well there that you decision because now their children displaced or that I love at L at this lady a tablet. An opportunity to come up a light that it is spotted something that it was very good viewed differently situation back in Carlisle there have. Great you know admiration for a state that is bank the bank or going out here expect air. Decked out but are there are certain current situation I think is not note that you can't do so early special called it art that. Talk and listen what we're we all know it's where we don't have to be rocket scientists understand that the money was fantastic did the deal is a great deal and nobody should know should be ashamed of saying oh you know it's not always not about the money. It's a lot of money you got a lot of money soul vet said what are some of the other things what with the other things that made you make this decision to leave Florida say gore Tex and go. I think first are great relationship with the athletic director not that it order steak but it we go back forty years. And we were together and LSU when we got that thing turned around a bit that aren't always direction he was eight deal Washington it. Well straight ought not get a great job got their program back on track and you he had he comes in here that there. Before we oh look look even more Forestar for a period are how I wanna look back orbiter is one of the things that. That I always had said when a coach Lisa schoolers. Or the one thing he's got to do one way or another is he's got to talk to the players in my opinion. And soda can you explain how that route went for you'll when you decided to go all and end talk how you do if you talk to the players how you talk to players and how that went. Now we had a game bailout why not go to able Friday and they'd. Got a representation started make the opera now decide those are cars are at it back at Beckett is a product RT best I want over bet with him. But 113012 o'clock. Somewhere in that range and we sit down and talked about it economic decision but we want want Obama don't know how I see I don't hear that. Then how would go directly to our team meeting at 2 o'clock it was the bill wire walk in and not told players and it. One that it somehow it got out about ten minutes before that was properly. I don't know word got out ballot going to tell the players and it was a very emotional tough decisions about Rudolph looked out we just tremendous state alone to limit hours. No it really after briefly that I wanted to at a team meeting at 2 o'clock. Detailed lawyers expect ups all are always the toughest thing to do the Karachi after Chris relationships. And you still want him to do extremely well you look at what ain't what we're OK Joseph they have tremendous success you. And that was it I mean that's how that all things transpired there. Did Jim both Fisher with a single can we go one of the reasons we ask that question obviously was the quarterback Dioner friend's father put some tweets out that he was upset about that did you get a chance to talk to him. Specifically. I thought. I called beyond your he wasn't in the me. So you tell you did call him a talked him specifically. I did labor that it Alan I went and got caught in direct the left out eighty. About it started about forty minutes later. Bradley bet you're younger and now coming up you've entered eat at the class nothing there eat what not in that directly to the cockpit to what played at eight. And that you know either great Q and you down at Bobby rehab or some kind of academic. But he did not know anything don't know what did I didn't know I'll let that we thought it rhetoric all the beating that do that at and that's lap and I laptop all the players that actually we shouldn't intact and let them and they got along the best that's why we're back. And I'm sure I'll a lot of players wool wool wish you well say thanks for the time their butt. I'm sure you're also understand if there are players that are upset not only the fact that you know you recruited a man named Emanuel left but then. They don't get a chance to do anything is all just kind of the whole situation so I'm sure you can understand that side of the corn as well. We do by the electronic I've got about fifty on that you know were very understood thank god gives the bank. Understand situations they make very similar situation you're in opera to like or whatever right now yet the late or the well. Have to decide whether the light of all APEC Eric here is great competitor you don't build a great young. And it's you'd understand that and in a mostly we have talked a lot of players that they're attacked back or that there had a good group or without that old scenario but don't foresee that support this bank that college back. Such a great point you brought up there and I agree regarding kids today understand these eighteen year old when you go on their leader. Yeah and they understand so. From a coach's standpoint when new goal in the living room now that it used to be this cell was I'm going to be there for your kids the whole time. Is that still a sell because it has changed a little bit or is it a different conversation. But say people out what went to god never people always look this is bent our coaching is this the beginning of time that I mean. All your great coaches that most doubled at Banc decision the low rent and today I think it much ordered the state forty years because. Pressures in the money and everything that goes with it the same time I have no it back down desperately better at don't plaintively air about the psyche abbate. I think this place is they can't be at her and the resources than the reported commitment they have to being great epic history does not that you can now report they they were just it just yet the actual life. Acute neurology don't plan on being your Euro dollar and it. That's deter. Look at NM is hoping you're there for all ten years there's no contest that they literally year old the maroon carpet for you when you landed in College Station and kimbo before you joined us I was talking a little bit I went to school in Texas down a Baylor when it was an old southwest conference. You know there there's two things now that you're sort of dealing with the competitiveness in the SEC. But there's also that instate rivalry in Texas which are so much to so many of those kids know whether it's taxes are Baylor. Our our Houston RAM. I mean it is a real thing to try it out Texas every other school in that state. No doubt that coming or somebody school somebody great school to playing great football any you know any I took a altering this. And I look at the association that they're unbelievable. What they do and how that the current players than it is an unbelievably competitive world better there's no doubt. Have you I've got we're I don't know have you met with the players yet there if you have what I say or at what so what what was the first message that you had for them. There we lead we expect to be great and editors that there's a way which it is saying yeah. And eight went one approach our business process but how well it is saying that or be committed to be accountable and dependable banquet which we do in that. But they they understand that they wanna be great also again. Not right now mineral creature out letting that echoes that are here there or coached ball game now or stay out of that let you guess they are they don't have it is okay but. I know they have in our great went in and out in Charlotte. Well listen dove milk number one thing that you feel like you need to do right out of the gate at Texas a and M. I had to get this program going in the right direction is watchable. Well I think first are you connect your lawyer Bert what they don't think you got to reach out the coaches. Dakota association in and make it felt incredible brought to thank the people value a value for rocket program and get their relationship with the coaches the players but they're the life. Let your vote. We appreciate your coach very much so you got a big wardrobe change thanks coming up for a hit different colors but shop same thing you're coaching football industrialized country will talk to go on the road. All right thank you. These scenes from the best of goalie can we go pot yeah. Be sure to subscribe on the ESP NF apple podcast to listen every. 6 eastern on ESPN radio ESPN UMBESPN. Yeah. Figure out have you done something new fiesta is using new Mercer as a nice it really brings out there isn't any. Cool down using lightning through stoop. He'll fangs and good gifts really failure really charming snake charmer surprising. 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