Big Deal or No Deal

Sports Daily
Friday, April 20th

Keeping the show flowing along with Shane and Jacob as they play a game of big deal or no deal, Bryan Price fired form the Reds already, Four international NFL games this year, Prime Time games will be moved slightly earlier this year, Jalen Hurts dad implies that he will leave Alabama if he loses the QB position, Brandon Marshall's negative comments about Dez Bryant going to NY then gets cut himself   


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I'll order out and got to Obama. Home Barry Parker this is widgets on sports. Rose hurdle and shame Denis school Sports Radio he. 12:40 AM 975 FM. Welcome back our number two ashamed despicable all Brock take you through Friday sports daily eight. If you missed any part of the show we talked to Mike Pelfrey gave me. First hour. Go back after the show go to KFH radio dot com listen to any or all parts of sports daily on the podcast as we are nice visit with. Newman jets volunteer assistant and the newest member of one of the newest members can't sports hall of fame Mike Pelfrey. In our number one hour to what's on tap strike you by. Side pocket where the Friday launch specially your choice of a quarter pound hamburger or cheeseburger with Fries for 595 or specialty burger with Fries. For 650. Today it corp Kellogg and Tyler side pockets to bring us what's on tap. Every single day here and just to debt Jake and I'll play big deal no deal. Also the NFL schedule is out we'll take a look at it. Wichita State in Houston that's where I am in Houston the shocker in cougars in College Baseball have a big series starting here tonight. Game scheduled tonight tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon. Also. Let's see here it a couple of managerial. Notes to bring up here I don't know. Exactly. What to make of Brian Price getting fired here Jacob Allen turn this into Cincinnati Reds talk. But any time we bring up Cincinnati Reds you know that probably. Is not good news Brian Price after eighteen games this year. Has been fired. The red said the statement Thursday that. Pitching coach Matt Jenkins has all are also been fired so now for the rest of the way or at least the foreseeable future. The reds will have bench coach Jimmer a moment as the interim manager. That we looking for a permanent manager quote later in the year unquote. They also. Had AAA Louisville manager pat Kelly. Promoted to be bench coach and double A pitching coach Danny Darwin. And for the Major League staff to replace Matt Jenkins. I certainly don't want to compare Bryan Price with Ned Yost because I think capped price is certainly. In a much more. On enviable position they lost at least 86 games. Every year. Under. Bryan Price but 32 reds players made their Major League debuts the past three season. The most in the majors past four seasons they've had a rookie start in 254. Of their 504 games. The reds lost. 98 games three years ago so you wanna talk about starting over. That's what the reds did completely 100% started over. And so if you're royals fan we talk about the royals last segment just a little bit it could be worse it could be just like this. So maybe thank your lucky stars. There and they're still a couple of years away but they've got some pretty good young players and pitchers and guys that you can feel good about I don't know why you fire manager this early in the last guys in that locker room. Universally. And gave management an indication that in an inning work and Mike were being held back by that seek only. Scenario that I can think of where that makes any sense whatsoever. These otherwise we would even a decent year bring somebody in there that also in terms of reds into a playoff contender consenting gonna happen this year. You don't mean but why now I'm the last guy. Well I I didn't see I I feel bad and normally I don't right right. You know feel as bad for him as they do for anybody to its final whenever it could see people get fired but. If it was you know if you've got that many young guys and it's. And they're not being able to grow that they need. To the way that they need to grow that's the only thing I can think of this had to be some indication. To upper management that. It wasn't meshing well and if you've got that many young guys in that much on the line at that point may be protect those guys that's that's the only to about Rick. Mean Ritalin walked out on his team didn't neither retread to start with that that may be bugged me more than anything more than price being fired and that's saying something. They basically traded everybody worth a dang except for joy of auto and Homer Bailey. And routinely brought up rookies especially pitchers before they are ready Rembrandt and Finnegan by the way former royal. Has been limited to one start this year due to a biceps injury. So if it hasn't been a bunch of rookies it's been the guys have been count on getting hurt so. I did feel bad for them but royals fans and always he could be worse just look at Cincinnati speaking out 8691240. Is the number Tommy is with us wants to talk royals happy Friday Tommy are you. That argument good morning. I got. But what I don't others agreed Dick vital thing they bought it and do. The stock as he was still out their particular that nobody got everybody so eight at. I say they'd like I say they locked they locked into the situation because he turned out qualifying offer for more money on that and they were able to get him for even less in the final offer which are almost certain other Bermuda. Then I'd have her conversation with my agent at that point because Mike. Got bored make those mistakes very often more. Yeah that's that's the truth. I don't. Ed Yost. I don't think he's part dynasty and it may not be retained. I don't think expired. And then at last Spain's. I think what the things that a lot of bad understand is that you're going to be young guys are buying out there arbitration years. So we got the World Series and then it just it's just a cycle back to it but baseball goes there with it. So does so much except. Thank you can't yeah in order to end this to Jacob in order to be good you gotta be bad. And if you're small mar if you don't have all the money in the world troop troop. And if you wanna do a threat like even the Houston is a huge market team and they said you know look. In order to be good we've got to be bad at doing the cubs did it do so but. It's it's C. It's a vicious cycle when it comes to small market teams in Major League Baseball and and Wilson will see how off policy bottom out necessarily has the right word but we'll see how. A 100% all in Dayton Moore. Gets or how close to it he gets when it comes to work were completely starting over we're we have to deal weigh all of our chips in order to try to. More quickly build back up. The farm system which needs it and you know the the blueprint was certainly. Laid out by the cubs in the Astros and that's an extreme. Example but that's what you can tell you fan base every. I mean who he beat who do you build around if you're Dayton Moore right I'd argue Salvador Perez with mayor feels wit half. You probably. And you don't have a choice and Alex Gordon that's that's you know. That's probably at. Or is still there I mean you wanna get into swing give him every opportunity yeah he might wanna turn into something. Or actually date might. Want him to turn into something sooner rather than later. In order to yeah you're gonna have a certain out of favor that you've earned thanks to the world title to got three years ago but. Or what you were you know what they gave up to get them right. I would just caution people not to give up on anybody that. You know that talented young and just you know not I'm not comparing him to players and I'm comparing him to situations look at. Jose Batista and Nelson Cruz to two guys that were pretty highly regarded that never got to go until they were in their late twenties. And Erica Kane you know NDP candidates are if you've got him if he's under control he gave up a lot to get him and he's talented he got to give him every opportunity you don't want. You don't wanna be that the team that didn't you wanna be you know with the Rangers traded Chris Davis too early. There's those examples are out there everywhere but Josh Donaldson got treated too early. Even though that was even more bone headed but. Absolutely and that's. Literally who else are you gonna put out there you'd trade forum. The seasons go on the way it's going to elect elect lawyers think and I like that cuts and maybe. Talk and Jorge Celera haters off a little bit spoil IC may stink forever and you know it was pretty and it doesn't matter to be does it mean. Yet everything to gain enough things to look at it matters now because he you you know he gave up a would you all don't know I. I don't need in retrospect I mean I mean moving forward to like what a court case a layer tonne gold and I think you but I think we'll go matter residue in peoples' heads as is culture get out of there if you're sorely your solar never ever does anything but yet. Then there's winners and losers and every trade. Her spoiled big deal no deal NFL talk now change Jacob with you here on sports daily. Four international NFL games this year have been announced three across the pond. In London October 14 through the eight car to the 28 in consecutive weeks. The Seahawks and the raiders. To West Coast teams will play in London. The chargers and titans. And the jags. And the Philadelphia Eagles and also the chiefs will play the rams. In Mexico City. Big Deal or No Deal for the NFL especially London they're they're forcing. The London saying big time I don't happen to. Really. I'm not real crazy about it other than we get NFL football at 8:30 in the morning for some of them which is cool. But I feel bad for the especially the West Coast teams that they send over their quality do that. And now I know it's economically viable or they wouldn't keep doing that but I'm not a fan of international football in the NFL big Deal or No Deal. I like it I like it I know that it's not that that's for the teams that to do it. But I like it I think it's cool I don't know why it would ever. You know it's going to be in the NFL's best interest Tran. Gain international popularity. Don't you think yes I'm a bigger fan of the Mexico games and and the London games you know not what that what is one thing about that Mexico City that some people don't realize I guess. Is altitude. Like total it's really over Iowa off here is out but it was his pretty apparent that last year but guess second air. It's not gonna hurt anything I think it's cool to generate it the one thing that the NFL doesn't have to me. Is. International interest the way that it should do is for his popularity is eighties here. He would be. Popular around the world with the right kind of exposure. To long process. But you Q I'm sorry I am I know that I am biased and I in here here's gonna come soccer guy that you can't tell me. They you throw a football game out there and a soccer game out there in I you know I don't need terminology lessons here. Football can't Talladega you put it at credit to people that have never seen either in their ever gonna pick soccer. The only argument from me there. I'm Mikey I I get it if you grew up with that magic game and whatever but. You know like Hillary let's just let's you know let's bring up the kid that's never seen either got to watch both in what which when he think they'll they'll prefer. So I get it. I get it well there's room for both Evian and nothing will overtake soccer internationally ever. Nothing well. But that's that doesn't mean you can't try to Nikkei get a little piece of that hi is there ever gonna be a team in London no serie B team owners so. No no he's you'd never get guys to go play there. If you are gonna pay free agent much complaint force in London and he gonna happen hate free agent lunch I mean it does you know it takes a long time to develop back cat. You know you'd have to travel so far every week to be brutal brutal nobody ever play there but we can't do is add. More games I think and I think you know. Maybe. Maybe you get sixteen weeks maybe get a full schedule with a gain each time in London may be a Super Bowl over there one year have a kind of cool same in Mexico. I mean not all negative right not a super ball maybe not a Super Bowl Mexico right now is currently stands but you could play game each week. In those spots it just becomes a part evident now you're still growing the game internationally over there everything I mean. I would keep goal and one that I think until you get situations where nobody showed up to the games which I don't believe is happening I think they're doing fine and getting people out there. And he got to keep it goal. Well the NFL doesn't keep anything going adolescents. Good for the bottom line. There are only by the way three teams now who have. Never played in London can you believe that everybody except for the Packers Panthers and Texans. Have played in London already at least wants. An impediment cal always plane over there. Crazy I know it's crazy at that sends a surprise to me Texans have played Mexico City and Seattle is played in Toronto. So they've played internationally but. Green Bay Carolina and Houston the only ones who haven't gone to London. A little surprising that they haven't sent the power the pumps are. I can't believe there's not a team in Toronto. The other kind of is in buffalo. Well I guess I mean I watched it when I went to the this is totally off topic when I went to the world that ALCS in Toronto by the way. They were football NFL. Crazy up there is it was it coincided. And you could make bets basically on an ATM machine thank you walked Downey put in whatever and you pop in your bets on a machine it was. I mean ultimately are somebody that's into that I think it was awesome it was so cool that. I didn't partake but I talked to guys that were due and it and it was you know I would totally partaking I think if timbers an option it's fun but. You know not mature in Las Vegas right. Right speaking of NFL your boy Dez. It's a free agent and Brandon Marshall a couple of days ago. We did in essence. Quote no room on quote when it came to Dez playing for the giants. Brandon Marshall then got cut. Which assistance. Has now kicked the door open for Dez to actually go to New York in theory. A big deal no deal Brandon Marshall gets cut in order to make room for Dez Bryant. As big deal. It's a big deal was just gonna say you'd think I might cut did did you watch him play last year I -- wants to play in the east he's trying to I'm telling you right now that Dez has spiked more on his mind and he does a championship there's no doubt in my mind reporters talked like that make up for what he's lost though to be a viable player against the cowboys or anybody I mean he's got to be better than Marshall was for the giants last year detonate Marshall was nothing rated team now as wasn't really an inning for the cowboys either. It does does is never going to be what he wants what's right like says. My cowboys stand. Days is overrated. Yeah he was really good for a stretch of time but he is not. In the same category. As some of the elite receivers in the NFL. He was. Really good at catching touchdowns. In a certain way but but when when you're talking about elite receivers in the NFL in your you're talking now about. Guys like Antonio Brown 40. O'Dell Beckham or. It Julio Jones does does breast nots that is those guys are. So anybody that thinks he's gonna go win in like make this massive impact on teens are gonna happens got to be in the right place got to be the right fit I I don't know that. Look guys like bears are my expectations for. There are quite different than any that they're not Antonio brown and Julio Jones. Well I mean I guess you want any player to think they're that good don't kind of wind player and yeah that yet I don't want a player that thinks they stink. But that's the reality Evan that's when cowboys were willing to let him walk mean it. It is he's he's a fun guide media have in the game to watch play and he was really good for a for a few years. In Dallas but he has never been as good I think his people make him out to be any his personality. But the spotlight on him a little bit more Dan. They just sheer rock talent and ability. He's put player on the Dez guy but he's not can maybe impact anywhere now like he has made us in spite impact he could he could make some revenge in paktia scalpel is no question if he has the right fit. So giants sign it doesn't move the needle for me at all I don't care it as as you know is it. If time and like worried about the defiance of what does lab at Emory Healthcare quite a going to be that what did Jason Garrett ever move him to the slot just fine out. What he would be like there do you think there has his I don't think he has that skills that. You don't I think debt knowing that Dez is jump ball dieting you've got to have an accurate quarterback can put one up for him to go get. I don't think you're not ever been you know are you not run in every play in the red zone you can't always does little right and then got a problem you. Well the problem is first on deck press that's not accurate enough to tell highlight does his skill set anymore so if you're building around back as you should does is it the right fit. But he's not gonna go get open and inmate can. Those kinds of plays right into O'Neal brown does or. And trinity great slot receivers or. And all the or does it work yeah what yet what those guys that Ditka a cold easily and we CoBiz Asia article usery. Yeah I don't those guys excelled not because of their athletic schism because they're you know shifting this everything else says is the sheer like go get a guy like. You put it up in the year and a good spot he'll probably go get it in those guys have always had a place in the NFL. They've always had a pretty good place. But it it was never gonna work with tech attacks on accurate enough for that he's ever gonna drop back in the pocket and put one up high in the right spot for Dez to go get. He's a move around in these again like Colby easily. To be able to get opening creates space because he's probably gonna throw a little bit off. And then make a play afterward that's what that's what we saw I mean exactly daddy go to elite. Really really benefited from Tony romo's actors totally more than more than a lot of us and certainly cowboy fans know that that. Realize or would wanna admit I may be doesn't wanna admit. Com speaking of the giants. Peyton Manning apparently would rather run a team then talk about one on TV. If you believe the rumors he turned down fox NE SPN's. For an analyst position. I do and some got. I don't know large part. He would eventually a tattoo that criticize his brother right do you think. He would and do a giant. Do tell the truth yet exact line right. That beats out Peyton doesn't strike me as we look at it doesn't surprise me he'll run and he'll run up front office I think I I think you're right he'll take DL when I don't think you'll coach ready you'll take the only path. Will continue NFL talk a little bit take a look at schedule and some of the can't miss games for the NFL schedule brand new. Released last night Jake and I will continue its exact wolf forty you can do sports daily here on Friday.