Best Of: Warriors Parade

Golic & Wingo
Wednesday, June 13th
Jason Fitz in for Trey. The guys talk about the Warriors Parade, break down Fitz thinking Bruce Springsteen is overrated, talk with new Pistons HC Dwayne Casey and more.

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Your batters a different look pitchers throw a changeup you're I'd give it didn't look his sunglasses now through but like Canadians and Swedes is really taken a different look thing to a new level. Actually a Major League makeovers starting with a bolder brighter lobby full comfortable spaces so much a settlement or chill are in front of a big flat screen like the wind solar you know. It's a changing linking to looked help you get in the zone and look sharp when you hit that big meeting prepared to win the business with like can't get into into each book now don't you Dhaka. This is the best ability and we go podcasts. It was the day is celebrating until coach yesterday. Capitalism warriors both getting their championship parades in like any great party. That means you get tons drug people haven't been much fun. Guests of honor and yelling like maniacs in some cases and as always. In the NBA some new was worthy trash talking in petty shade throwing we're idiots all of it yes we are until it can only go on he has the radio ESP into I'm Jason bits and portray sit next in my Gillick. And Michael juniors. My how we do and while duel well it's good to get funny give him the courage because there are some different things that went on. That's of other team that's won three in the last four years to a team that won their first there's certainly a difference in celebration and kind of how you act through the whole thing is pretty interest thing. Also just the inherent differences between the two leagues right now because one is just full of the purity of celebration that we all imagined and the other can't help but. Leak shade at any given moment that I just seems to be out there operation you can always. Kind of smell it out there it smells like someone is saying something foul about someone so realistic isn't it realistically is that why we're paying attention to the NBA all the time amid the NBA has figured out away especially has social media. But even in their party's word look and and it would date him five steps to deep trying to figure out what these guys are also in about it. The NBA offseason last year was a we keep talking about the NFL would be year round and their their offseason is incredible the NBA. Offseason last year and then again looking forward our this year with LeBron. You know where is LeBron and ago they have been they have been on fire her. They have absolutely been on fire from there you know for their ratings whether they're flatter going up lament flat nowadays is great yeah obsolete. Anything but down so they've been flat or up some and then there are off seasons have been fantastic even if it's throwing shape I don't care we don't care that's it's called contents. Or you create and create that interest because you create personalities and you've got drives that are different you've got guys. They're doing all these humid days it's sports is always called the yield great soap opera and you just did soap opera with more compelling characters were better back stories. We've got all these inner personal beat between guys that have played together now playing against each other they can't seem to keep their names out each other's mouths at all compelling theater. And it's a reminder of why this one league seemed to continue to be on an upward trajectory has been discussed here about the people call while you're watching the bachelor bachelor reality shows we are watching true reality Inspiron pro sports' I'm just saying our worlds are all that difference whoever commits wannabes watching trash reality TV you're just watching reality TV were better paid actors I don't think it's a fact as you watch reality TV it's the fact that you lots of Basilan the Basilan specifically like. Below deck medic training classy show right now of Baja. Not last at all that there are every got to ask straight out you have a Jersey god you're you're wearing his Jersey. I Wednesday morning with the Jersey and LL national lacrosse league meant the Philadelphia wings. New team get excited man does that. That is speaking of which show. We'll be following the lacrosse isn't like is it the war. Who called the World Cup in lacrosse were more aware because in the work World Cup and soccer were not in the men and Woodward to welcome good material but there there's of the World Cup or whatever it's called for lacrosse that we play yesterday I think the US played yesterday around we get we gotta find out that may be the team we have to follow since armed armed men aren't in the world. We'll wrap ourselves in the flag for somebody it's basically gonna end up being announced first Canada the jerseys for your dad nine I'd presume around the hole really and other governing yeah I want it over my das did you clients I'm moon get out of my way let's get a little bit to what's trending. Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper left Tuesday night's three nothing loss to the New York Yankees. After being hit on the left foot with an 89 mile per hour slider in the eighth inning. Also in the fifties got hit man in the shoulder and hit the deck so you walked twice and got hit twice. Now looks cut it looks like he's going to be fine been a lot of talk about Bryce Harper lightly again Lehman nationally were nineteen. Home runs but is hitting he struggled. Hitting the ball they didn't struggle hitting him yesterday as I said. It twice rule woes in the shoulder of the noble order to do now I think an NFL ball and then in the fort. So all he left the game looks like he's gonna be fine. A lot to play tonight though. It was yankees in the three nothing warm regards got the job. Two home runs in the and that game for the three ship when the nationals do give Daniel Murphy back for the first game his first game back from injury was all for four but. They could get him use him to start witness as people are talking about this as the possibility of the World Series preview of these have been two great teams all throughout the year and for the bats a little bit of a setback it's the perfect information you know the perfect dump day for something like that well you've got the caps victory parade going on this for the Yankees it was all good news you know why did eager Gore's they commented as weeding and was that runs per game leading the league in home runs as well. You get more good news for them the nets a little setback right now but Ed Daniel Murphy resurgence into this lineup is going to be I think the best thing you can take from this going. Forward strong pitching effort to CC sabathia with five and two thirds scoreless innings had a nice nine and mound. Overall for the Yankees they they they get a big win. We're confident harbor will play tonight confidence being brought to you by national mortgage lender Quicken Loans apply simply understand fully. Mortgage confidently. Staying in Major League Baseball for the second straight game angels outfielder Mike Trout. Homered twice in a losing efforts. Manageable we will do you think about that for the Mariners ended up kittens two home runs apiece by a couple of players they win the game six of three. The last wired have multi home run games in back to back losses were Jayson Werth. Back in July 2013 for the national salt truck continues to do what Trout does in this hit the ball is and I think 310. I hit home runs it's that they're 22 and 23. Home run to the year leading the league doing his normal MVP stuff now but unfortunately the wind doesn't come along with a tepid because he had a Muslim one by the with a couple guys at Maltese. Yeah a normal a normal bear bit out of the abnormal here's Seattle now what a half game up on the Astros in the NFL west that and I see the NL west the west. There's a fine. Vienna last week at Seattle continuing to sort of define rice the top this year somewhere now a a lot of happy colleagues of ours is Seattle the Kenny means and mean it kind of the worlds that are your itinerary. After Iraq they'll wash over Houston angel's son six and a half back. I have been out Los so yes Seattle backed up on top again. Our researcher rallied to mariners fan and I go right now yeah. Feelings in Seattle right now Roland. Has a half. I do it's it's pretty remarkable too when you look across Major League Baseball as a whole. In the EC got yankees Red Sox and in a battle mariners asked are you mentioned. In the NL yesterday the cubs brewers that series is is obviously uses that they're separated by a half game in the same price. All the way across it feels like there's really actually there's a reason a watching double zine is. In every division so it's really compelling tight baseball so pharmacies and not event being the all star break your trade that lowers us from Paula that's all through her growth. Well we'll stay in baseball but it doesn't it's not as much fun here. It was a rough night Miguel Bermuda Brett package talking Miguel Cabrera. Let the tigers. 64 loss to Minnesota this is how it sounded. He treats money nice numbers all around us we need to miss the Mickell just. Dropped his bat turning grabbed his left our. Oh yeah. 97 won the ticket on the call. He had jobs is back key Tenet of that turns and no walks off and look psyche is he's gone for the ruptured biceps that's one you know that's the thing about. You know athletes are so tuned into their body when you hurt something you know he knew what he did and you know first you know the thought was that a strain it wasn't it was a ruptured gonna have to have surgery for that. 35 year old signed this deal. Levy he played fourteen and fifteen Riley current mayor from wrong and is old Dylan knew when kicked in in sixteen is that correct her mouth by year. I kicked in sixteen kicked in and 68 that was his last all star parents. By the way in sixteen. You don't you get is thirty million dollar cell salary this year after this year he still owed. Another 162. Million dollars as this deal before we start getting to options. Runs through 2023. Work next church 3.000003000003e+1932. He's 35 years old right now so Vilma a lot of money for a lot of years and that lasts all say year been 2016. Now is going to be coming off the surgery them. I think the buyout is that wasn't eligible told 20/20 four nothing like that I mean. We're try we're talking simultaneously. About a bunch of young stars in the NFL struggling to get paid meanwhile you're gonna all 162 million dollars to a now injured potentially forty year old down the road by the way that buyout 2001 force fifty million dollars. Hi me. Yeah. That is not mad money while getting you know you talk in silly money small when he signed that deal LeBron actually treated out of the time while should've played baseball when NBA players are basically look at an accident played. But there's a real life affected his for the team right now this is what Detroit manager Ron garden higher. And this afternoon and there's provisional chain. He's a special player special version of around here in good. Possible for a partial truth wanna song do you shall disclose things you took this morning the small when. Think. Recession. Televised nationally it was a pretty pretty grieving. You can say we left Israel started walking into its initial took control to pump and. It's an excellent. Gotten this one out for the year but you also missed 26 games in a hamstring strain misses a twelfth game he's played since missing those 26 games so. Beating injury bugs that men and you mentioned 35 years old model for a lot of years Andre is coming up I'm still stunned clocking dot com knows. You rupture your Bayh said and he just walks off the field like I stub my toe are my number twenty minutes in the apartment I'm laying them don't full Peter Griffin feet he rubs his by that is why he didn't hurt his legs why should we walk offer what I wanna know I don't know I visited Augusta casually he's got yep now harmed by his old his arm a little bit like I'd be rolling on the ground screaming in agony for now it's would need the full Paul Pierce wheelchair all out of revenge for the shoulder really every time he delighted I I get up from this chair and I'm like you know I don't that's that's where we are. I'm proud of its leading and I'm proud I'm not so the raptors to be proud of this one. The final NBA head coaching vacancy filled the raptors expected to hire nick nurse. As there next and codes nurse was the assistant coach there for the last five years and are doing case. I mean. I'm trying to figure this one out. Other than more than were firing him because. We need to show like we're doing something. Nick nurse has been worth. Under Casey went for about five years now a me go back to where this guy start out over a decade in the British basketball only words a two time champ and and coach of the year. He won two G league titles and then for five years has been working under Kasey based on the offensive side. And you're gonna hire him for a team that fits we're talking about before the show is no caps based no draft picks. Basically have what they have for awhile now. And you got routed doing Casey and you hired his assistant. I don't really get it hold it on there. Ideology I can think of is that idea we hear all the time in points Bennett in sports but maybe that voice has gotten stale in the room there may be new leadership is necessary a lot of people credit. Eyes some of that offensive change that we saw that new style from Toronto this season. With the what he had done and with him being sort of the offensive coordinator for this group. In nurse so maybe there's part of that just saying you'll we like the direction it was going with you at the Helm as a key portion of changing this offense let's keep it going that way while also just giving the guys in that room a new voice to respond to really the most important offseason move the Toronto Raptors to make it's getting LeBron of the Western Conference yet. But I thought it would and oh by the way did may have 59 wins this year I mean we're doing Casey is a head coach. I mean I know that the post season didn't go well I get it but the regular season is pretty darn good no not live and on your regular season and it's been. The fallout especially to do the cavaliers put. Man that that's still feels like I get what you're saying Michael Mann is still feels like we've got to do some justice they were doing something in the news. It gives me like there's is by any year right because they got DeRozan Lowrie to block all third contacts third 1920 team controlled by trying to. 92 when he sees as of this gives them. A year to figure out you know what they're really gonna do when they rebuild the entire franchise from the bottom listening to Kobe Bryant school championship building just figure out last figured out how to pass to figure it out since he figured out well figuring out what they're doing in Indianapolis. You know it's a Wednesday in June when an NFL quarterback throwing a football. Isn't news but that's where we are. And your luck on not not not normal full ball based on little football and that counts here now or organ again I know more to this put. I remember last year when we're discussing this through now saying earlier hasn't thrown out elect who cares and be as informed as have to worry about not throwing out just about camp and then. We obviously saw what happened. Mike I'm amazed at this we have seen injuries last for a while and a residual effect of an injury. And then coming back from injury I'm amazed at this one. And just what is wrong with that shoulder how long it has taken to come back. And the lack of actual trust in knowing or you we know is we're gonna play the sound at some point to him saying he's going to be back we'll talk about not being able to believe anything. Coming out of Indianapolis and you actually see this guy trot out onto the field in a regular season. The ultimate boomer boss team in the and I know and in this season right it's I mean does it all hinge on one player. Anymore than this you could argue a couple of other teams but. Carson once come back from injury you've got the nick pulls guarantee either to Shawn Watson coming back from injury Houston you've at least got returning stars in the defense this side of the ball they're gonna have a marquee effect. Andrew Luck is sold the sun in the moon for this team bigger right until I see him in a regular season games I seen him walk out of the field. We won against Cincinnati and simulate a really. Well and even when he does walk out on the field there has to be some. Rushed right there has to be some concern about the fact it has been so long since it played a game no matter who do we have any idea what it looked like his court. Roster and I'm trepidation of him hurting and again I mean this isn't important word this guy was throwing privately with a coach frank Reich and telling frank please don't tell the media. You know all of that I'm throwing right now I mean it's so find out Stein it's unbelievable what's going on. Where there's throwing all the past suggested they were short one you know five yard passes and such it's it's really been amazing. It's a guy who's been so beaten back by this process whose sole freedom another setback becoming part of the story that he wants to avoid having it come out at all costs and you mentioned boomer bust I think that's sort of a concept in general for the AFC south presenting this year's one of the toughest divisions to predict because the somewhat to we don't go back I look like. When he comes back from injury we don't know what Angela tunnel like the titans have a new coaching staff that it's hard to tell. What they're gonna look like and Jacksonville is still late portals all while sales throw shooter player or the lack. I'm just say it. Thank you thought about what's threatening a big problem that I needed barely they'd listen legally can window will present about progressive insurance would more than thirty unique coverage options available. Progressive no small business learn more progressive commercial dot com I'm Jason fits in for Trace at next in my goalie Michael junior. And all of before we get and all of the football on the the Angela talk let's let's have a little fun with rates and a there was. There is is tailored to different cities yesterday and two different styles really right. As you guys mention the capitals in their first they get their first parade Washington gets their first championship parade in 26 years. And as a result and not unexpectedly given the weighted Allen Alexander best in his imparting with a cup. It sounded. Low light like they were having a good time checked us out. Your captain and playoff MVP. So we'll lose game. And. They'll want their mom thing. Before they hear I said not needs it's it just Allstate. Went on. It. Okay. Honest moment that's what you do sound like every day we find out I'm sitting in Angola to window rock. Just like that all I get bigger what I hear that sound as I flights for me yes hot hot hot and there are no. Are those guys I do like that. That is the first thing that comes my mind that. And he is also ready for the World Cup I know were nominated by a lot of calls like that over easier bright bright for offseason where he can go just immediately start pong game summit just happens group called goal yelled roll and I just don't know goal and his hand I'll be here. I love the pure joy of that the screens at the end. We're just I mean. Pure joy of of rape of a first time mourning the copper for that team and that the hump they got over in doing that. Met I love the way they have been celebrating I absolutely love the joy which they've had been doing that's when you think of. The number of pictures we've seen of Avastin specifically will the cup and alcohol in the last. The crow days. And the fact that he was still able to speak that coherently but I can't make it through Saturday night in my house and sound like that in the end of the night he still did it it's impressive arms are. It is it's great and it's this Giordano we can appreciate that data are no you can appreciate this you're a man of simple taste yeah I just good after I go ahead being fully charged on golf making sure that all the cable TV works in whatever home Mirren at the simplest joys simple joys of life simple joys Furl because he is worried about where his next beer has come a project owner hears about. And then we get the NBA. It seems like motivations are always in question at the forefront. Pay your inner personal beefs and relationship with your teammates current and former all seemed to come bubble like console much more complicated. The same time cutting interest and for us. Dad and any nothing was more insisting yesterday mean. Obviously dream on dream has thrown some shade that that we expect from Jamont but I did the funnies moment from the parade actually came. From not from a player in the NBA but from Bob Myers Golden State's general manager sent this little nugget out. I heard you talk Kevin Durant you can do whatever contract he wants next year and it was just the that you can't have anything. It's. A hole behind closed doors because I sure it'll still have to get wanted to contract he must do so do you have those different. Yeah. It doesn't look like you know the only four days he's a good. Okay. That moment of of everyone pauses and then goes. At all. All mean that is priceless I think he's looking for the stent the headline SNL I'm not an easy way trying to kick out the joke you know try to figure the jokes enough. And that order that order sure is going to be played awful lot today did you know what Bob Myers voice sounded like for the last few days you know this guys made a name for himself first. All the way it was all the Kevin Durant love and Diego made it seems like a long time ago at this point now. Now add not value put yet you put it was stuff was good years through the good times and the bad and he's earned it and I mean. Listen do I think it was anything more than joking around I don't I don't Ayers and any more than that. You know there was nothing serious about that we lose doc and I understand Kevin Durant earning the money in getting the money for being the second best player in the league. That he's going to get but. Your right the differences of that type. Dre line green has walk when they want he has three championships in four years yet he's still gonna Wear a shirt with an. I mean at what point do you just say. The chance no word word. Comes to us we we don't have to send any messages anymore yet that's always happens is is message and the big insurance. When you have a chance to start. Sun devil wears the fine line between and this is a difference being big boy and little guy right. When you say you have a chance to do it. But then there's the flip side and as I've well obviously there in his head right and you know there's a little moment like. If you are in your championship parade and that's your moment where you're suddenly gonna use it trying. Trash LeBron and delayed interest in Thomson I don't understand. LeBron amendment the same day we remember that Halloween party when they had all those 31 cookies and Merrill just what you guys do we enact reform. Each other. This we talked about this the other day when Alonso ball release that distract for Kyle crews mopped. We talk about this is just the language big guys speak in the locker room work Dirk constantly just throw barbs at each other that's how most new friends especially dire friends always say. This is just the way that we show affection well. It up this session this is just the way guys operate I'm one on one another I don't mean guys in general like never I mean not since let's say you people would snort settings that's the way you operate in any locker was male or female when you're in these athletic settings competition is such a firmly ingrained part of your being there when you've got the chance of someone's face and you know you're good enough to probably do it again next year or the year after that if you want to. I'm always here. Well we'll get in later in the show on why the Golden State thing could be coming to a close faster than some of us think. Goal would simply go. Very lingo and Michael senior. Yeah yeah man classics we're seeing. Myself who have. What kind of retired I don't know accelerated. Spray stayed. War spree seen overrated you know what I don't busy when I know everybody's going to be out on the result of Bruce Springsteen as a whole overrated. Overrated. Seat. My my co host there's main news and murder me for saying that she went to see is a broader. I got some good songs but we we make it Alec he's suddenly this. Like the greatest thing since I know I take Bon Jovi ever Springsteen and yeah now the full band not just not a lot I don't I listen I'd love Bon Jovi I want my real Sambora and easy and not move out. Only a statement like that because I have said I think The Beatles are overrated too which everybody yells at me I I like all of The Beatles when they've done done individual songs I think as a group. I understand their cultural significance but I think overrated event. I sold. Do we have to take yours were little more still call knots. Well I think it's like anything else like we heard Kobe Bryant spousal a lot of opinions you we disagreed about yesterday in the realm of basketball and we still got to. I'm more concerned about his safety in this environment because. Well documented at this point that. The majority of those ordered his old white sports writers really worship at the altar of Bruce Springsteen and you're in their den right now. I'll have Illini did not see this and number and a number of my close friends here and elsewhere that are now deleting my number I'm just you believe this whole catalog the whole thing is over a no no no but I think you can have wondered do good songs and it doesn't make you Nikes and why I'm so one or two good songs you think Bruce Springsteen has had. I mean I I can't resist the app. I can't go do not because I I as I said I think The Beatles are over okay do you want to tell meanwhile have you ever meant to Springsteen concert yes I'm gay you wanna tell me at some point you didn't check your clock and think oh my job when I was a handsome but does it that goes against the narrative that also serves about diseases unbelievable. Are you going to be I I I hear he's played for three hours and I'm thinking oh god somebody killed a man in the back yeah just me or. Ours too long. The other side of it we all are always about eight Melanie get my money's worth of this or money in north of that. And all that expensive. A concert tickets due punishment for hours to get tomorrow. You really musicians I don't ticket prices all he's got. Got a lot of hits Joey can play for three hours you know what if I play no NFL game for three hours would you wanna watch me do that. I've added he's really good at what you guys doubt he's literally. Okay he's okay yeah that was coming out. And he's okay that's Imus and he's a day is a word people hate when they love her or hates of the legs bracing. Okay I may get off Twitter like ours I did last night it was. Okay and yeah I mean why all eats it all all. Because it's our starting by the way yeah I really put a lot of a lot of shrapnel gonna come away of your former band needs to do det Jeff David already to band Perry is overrated team now well hey I totally agree with that a thank you so much I underwent that. Quartz. I love when people come back and they say like somebody's asked me the other names if you had one hit no like. Well I personally that no hits I just played in the band had won the mega agent but you know first for that birds are well I'm but I would never put I would never put. The most country bands on the bill treats him Springsteen overrated please remove him from the studio he is totally discredit himself as a musician. Many middle and ask you this not ask everybody this before you attack me too much. Which one. Has sold it and not even just sold records which which of these two acts his had hits on the radio. Relevant to current radio play every decade since they started Bon Jovi. We're Springsteen is when's the last time Springsteen put out anything new that anybody wanted to digest and in the 2002010. Until we was still putting out there were on the raid the word of Backstreet Boys to get on the radio right now I did The Backstreet Boys over springs are well I'm now on the screen a lot of are. I turn anybody in there. Talking about is he relevant now okay that's not the question the question is. In his in his heyday eight are still say he was an overrated. The promise the promise he can put not music Diddy wants is like everybody puts out a case of years ago you mentioned you like the solo guys I was that. Or hard music does a lot make is we played it and Paul McCartney was plain and I was so excited to get to sit and watch Paul McCartney. I was sitting next all these massive Paul McCartney prince and I'm not kidding about fifteen minutes and Paul McCartney's set reload and we got. What is he doing he was playing on new Paul McCartney stuff guess what you want nobody wants new ball McCartney. So you know that aren't that happy with Third Eye Blind. I would off Florida after awhile blues and Chicago they're playing a smaller venue and they came out right before it started said we're glad all the real fans showed up here we know you don't wanna just here's the normal hits. Or play enough amid deep cut Third Eye Blind now what oh boy. So I just took her bartender Ben. And that's another reason springs into play for three hours did you know every single water they saw do you know. I rightly so I know doc how many top spot to number one top five top ten hits through Springsteen's and it may take you walk as opposed to realize post nineteen and not just this question isn't how relevant is today is like when he was in his heyday how good was your what you're saying in his heyday he was overrated and so I would take Eagles and harassment and their over Bruce Springsteen and has an okay well Barbara was a perfectly through our lever leave us a message that 860. 50655. All five Jason fits formally of the band Perry musician ten years earlier that the Juilliard school of good. People that play music and he says that have fun. Tonight they're says they're right next to Derek Zoolander schooler you can't read it is three times the size arm so you're saying. Separate things and this is going to be a recurring themes as somebody somebody says go look of Woody Guthrie learned something. Guys I'd I had been in the music business for twenty years that's I. I had I will say this I've been nominated for roughly fifteen grammys I want one so I think I know a little bit of a I can I can still listen to music. And not like the same thing like going. It tells I don't know vs Ryan. Well now there's I'm donut Twitter guy fairly well 8505065505. Telus artist used a girl overrated right now were airing yeah it doesn't work I'll tell doing on Jason it's. Trays sit next to Mike and my junior presented by progressive concerns all of our fungus on the sub turns over more resigned from I thought we were gonna get is this Madonna World Bank. What did the NFL quarterback good thorough football yesterday. Also little creeped out I found out that goalie seniors have a bath guy in the opener of this segment so much to get to today. Let god tell you what a great sports night last night no doubt about it and lingo what are The Daily Show what kind. 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Geico expect her savings and a whole lot more. Because Jed mills and a lot of these guys the whole year from I have been smarting answers are a lot smarter than me you're pretty sure you probably the smartest ornaments shows and don't don't start saying you're not that's markers that really hurt strain or pull over. Like he just wants trainer eligible. What I what I would have an IQ test later determined that drew you got your phone number hacks I mean c'mon it's goalie. Finally go. Dispute Bruce sting Springsteen's. When it comes to choosing tires like Goodyear dot com help you choose what's best Goodyear more driven. Gillick a window when he is dear radio ESP into I'm Jason did tempered tray inside the straight talk party by stray dog wireless best phones best netware snow contracts we'll get right Andrew Luck in just 12. Before while we. Her yeah you know let's let's again let's did this happen simply by cliff playing some music coming back after bright who played some Springsteen led to. Jason just sort out the lines Springsteen is overrated and here we are I mean just within massive. Discussion again 86050655. All five U wanna chime in on this. He thinks Springsteen is over I said I think The Beatles are overrated other overrated bands out there were every one a goal and then Mike. Throughout that the point that that he's one award away from the. What an Emmy yet Rosie is an Emmy away from the wasn't voted on they gave him an honorary and Tony and and I don't know this but that counts toward I don't think you should I mean if I did an honorary doctorate from a school do you do you have to call me doctor Elizabeth and I all the southern University of Phoenix on my call me I need to I'm laying out an operating table looking up and seeing you because you have an honorary doctorate degree beyond doctorate no make no mistake and I did an honorary doctorate which I am pursuing at this time I'm getting ready to go after my honorary doctorate. You're a 100% calling me doctor I a year grad school I still wanna make your car. So I mean I'm we're looking at a write a Barbara Streisand. Hasn't he got blocked the she has a special. Tony award who. Satellites all lifetime achievement act as that court it is a lot of achievement for what what does she do like you should get that's like getting a lifetime achievement. A war from from the NFL the makes me a hall of fame member just because I talk about football so you think a lifetime achievement orchard county overdoing something that actually wins an award if you wanna bunch of Tony is usually get a lifetime achievement award from the town and good emerged partly agrees with you and about that's the specialty award not counting and that entity you can't swallow that now I got a lot of good enough to elect media members and contributors to haul fares rightly Doris Burke skidding into beyond basketball right elected into the hall of fame for lifetime work and in that particular or feel Barbara Streisand getting an honorary Tony. As did she didn't win any town so it to me it's like. Would be if you sing. If you if you play if you sing sing if you Barbara stars and he's saying. But you never won Tonys for you weren't how connect does is come your lifetime Denver for the there's a lot I don't know him and I I oddly understand what you're saying. It's a stunning memo you know your General Jones is a lifetime achievement award from Tony's. Now he's the voice of Darth Vader so I'm not gonna question and it got tough. That's. That's sort of a comes out there I promise will give us more serious Andrew Luck threw a football and it was a tiny football not not a normal football blog and not whenever I need her the ball well for him it was as it was a college I had a bailout that Russell's when you are low I do love the whopper junior a football so he throws the junior bacon cheeseburger because I'm Wendy's I remembered he throws that of football season if I was a college says the ball. 1825 times. Everybody sees it for the first time. And Ed and now we are all just of an arms and jumping around in. Doing and doing all sorts of cart wheels this is what Angela had to say about throwing his tiny football. Yes it's a little it's a lighter football it's sort of a Brit I've I've I've flown a little football the duke where there aren't I I picked it up and I've thrown it. And it felt great and as I say there was a little mental block to do and I had to do it sort of by myself. I had coach Wright come out on a day that number of people we're here and I'd swore that we are bigger and so where to me that he wasn't allowed to. Tell everybody else about it there was Meyer's story to tell slowed told him a hard time you feel like fitness blogger that knows how does a good program to offer. All of couple couple weeks ago for two weeks ago. I listen I. I said before he even last year at this time it doesn't matter if he's not throwing the ball only matters in training camp and in the season we all know what happened there are so. I'm kind of at a loss for. Where this is and how long this has gone on with a shoulder what it means for his future and he says he's going to start the season. He may have the best protection he's had in a while Ryan Kelly coming back the senate he was a former topic from Alabama up. The accord Nelson in the one of the most talked about alignment we've seen in awhile gonna play guard for themselves. And that's protector right at the middle. Where where is so important nowadays. But I I don't know like any more what to what to say about him until we see him actually fire a regulation ball. You know on a fifteen yard out route that you know instead of you know smaller ball doctorate you know to army's quick five yard passes which is. All part of the process I get it but you know there's a there's a whole lot of wait and see going on here. It Orrin toll takes the subsequent hit when you talk all about the protection but the reality is still at some point he's going to get it in the past that ended up being part of his undoing. I'm just amazed at what this is done to confidence because I mean you rehab the injuries were all seen the processor rehabbing it. Coming back we know there's a mental hurdle to clear especially once you get back out there for guys recovering from knee injuries all these different things. To make sure I can be the same as I was again. But the genuine fear here of the process of another setback. Number Jim Irsay coming back and talking about Andrew looks time I him kind of pushing back at some of the expectations they're now what he told frank Reich. I'll throw for you in privately you can tell anyone about this because god forbid it goes wrong I'm sure is the fire going through his mind. Well isn't it different and difficult when you you go into surgery. And you going to rehab you expected to work. So when no one can figure out why hasn't worked and no one can figure out why you weren't getting stronger known to figure out why you aren't getting healthier. How can you Entrust your body is fear if your engine luck. How can you sister bodies get the coaching staff how can you trust we're where he is in the process because they did the surgery they did the rehab. And the fact is no one can still tell us why. It didn't pork and took to the Mike to your point of the psychological. You know the doctor could sit there and tell your you know your knee is fine if you blew me out for running back or somebody so he brought there and you do some drills but until you. Do at full speed cut. You know you get it sold for for locked in to me it's not about the long pass that you could arc you know in the air it is about that ball you got to port on a rope odd man out rob that along our route where you gotta you gotta put it out of line. You know when he can unleash that one with the confidence. That he can do it without anything gonna happen yet confidence works all the way around here and asking why they call should have confidence or how they can have confidence because that's their only choice. Like without this guide their machine doesn't go anywhere for all they've done this off season none of that matters. And that's straight talk but you buy straight top wireless nationwide coverage. On America's largest and most dependable four GL TE networks and that is going to be the great question would you lie down throughout the course of the summer. So he starts taking its online time on the Unionists know what to expect from this. And going down it was all sort of one big Jaya jello mold very similar that's why. Fred in my Rosie brought to you by discover card you'll match all the cash back new card members earn at the end of their first years learn more. It discovered dot com slash matched limitations apply. So we have Brett does research and Reilly does research and they switch off and it's Reilly's who's been doing research they're a great job issues and does but Brett because he has to be on air. Has come in for a his special segment of about a Knology you have never done this before now he's in so what he's going to do it for those that are neuter Rodham Knology. Brett will give you a phrase it phrase everybody knows. If it bought. You may not know is the origin of that phrase so we have a phrase. It give you the real origin and a fake origin and we have to decide which Israel which is fake. Right now Ryan Hollins has gone four for four win go to 44 for 36. Mike you've gone nine for 6917. For 32 so this is your first attempt that this Jason so Brett. Thanks for coming in I know you want it to closure on there so let's go. Our first off Bruce Springsteen overrated Bob Marley overrated and Bob Dylan is bat. Why are first rate. All that glitters is not goal all that glitters is not goal just doesn't recognize doesn't mean it's. Is it from a friend of the program bill Shakespeare in his 1596. Play the merchant of Venice quote. There is it written scroll I'll read the writing all that glitters is not gold often have you heard that told. Originally the word was blisters but that has since been replaced by the more modern litters. For all of our. The from the twelfth century French monk and poets are land alien who wrote do not hold everything gold that shines like gold. Thought to be originally line in one of his many lectures in Paris. Am. I rarely wanna go away from my Buddy Bell. So all I think I'm gonna go one. You're too long to go on too long to it. It's the French guy. Yeah okay. Smoked. Ark on to praise the die has been tax guy's been cast and changeable vents or choice has hurt. Die casting the music form. Of metal casting characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity and technology which was invented in the 1830s for use in printing presses. It's you can't as you can't get the molten metal out of the mold and to lose solidified saying the dyes and cast literally means you have started your process which cannot be un done. Or all of Julius Caesar as he crossed the rubicon river with one of his legions to sorority civil war that would bring him to power. Crossing the river in commanders soldiers was an offense punishable by death so Victor was his only option. When he said the die is cast he meant to pass the point of no return basically you can't on rolled the dice. While I almost won a gold jewels and a knock on Roland Warren. Well and I notice how no one Mike's going to number two Cesar. Did you meet different temperature and I'm really getting me. Over to. The third phrase and this is this is the weirdest research that I've done a whole or any phrase. Grand pooh bah Greg. Someone with an important title but no real. It brought may 1695. French fairy tale called lay due to which translates to the two skins. In the story king's beloved donkey supplies the kingdom with all of its wealth by literally whooping goal. But when the queen dies the kings the king turns through which to bring her back. And she tells it the king he must treat two skins for one the donkeys and his own so we kill the donkey lets the which changed his skin to woods. When the wife comes back she returns to husband she doesn't recognize the kingdom which has lost all of its wealth. She takes her own life. The king with wooden skin or French leg Ron Paul Bloch lose the rest of his days. Perilously holed up in an and to castle. I have no idea why this is Rupert while. Or a hole and 1885. British comic opera called the macondo one of the most popular musicals of its time said any Japanese town with a bunch of goofy character names like cocoa yum yum and Inky blue include Bob. Who Baas a town official after all the other town officials resign the ends up holding every title in the grand portion of the name was not added until later. Are eligible for gold number one I I I checked I didn't take my read and I checked out met with her number once I have no idea what it is I'm taken to different wanted to Brett may. If this up I'm convinced he's a serial killer now. Number two the British are. Yeah. Favourite here that sounded well and and I'll Stew got a real pummeled for three what's the last one. Beef last phrase keep at bay keep at bay keepers to prevent something from advance. Is it from an all English translation of a French word I bag meaning to bark. This was largely used in reference to hunting dogs sniffing dog was at eight that would mean the dog be barking at something but not attacking. Or horror. As we often do we're gonna take it to the high seas. And originated as a nautical term most frequently in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in relation to naval warfare. If they ship was being prevented from entering new report. It would remain in the act it to remain in the offering at bay which was the part of the water which can be seen from lane. So you were defending a port city keeping an enemy at bay it would mean they couldn't get all the way to the city they were trying to attack. All that while goto the water I like or go to the sees no one knew too. The barking dogs all my. Got shut out. Smoked. How did you get Jason three out of four to really look like much reduced amount. To over four how about that IQ test target we did that story. That well the one in the loop obviously is smartest. It's not expect too much there's only one person out there that is effective ways to watch how this guy surely we know that is within his father. We are joined by Andy North two time open. A two time US open champion you know joins us on the show opens up performers like. It simple acts of protection for optimal engine performance which Selby power nitro plus premium gasoline. And eventually given us some time and so much conversation about tiger in your mind does he have any chance of actually winning this thing. I absolutely does. If you watched the way he striking the golf ball right now. He's. I think personally I watched him play and outlawed golf world last twenty years much of it. Tons of balls like you strike unit I was walls I've ever seen. While these. As drivers gotten. Remarkably is improved. From the first after the of this season. And it just struggle but potter a little bit at memorial and in it looks like he's got that trigger pac go to get so. I'd be shocked if she wasn't in the mix on Sunday. Maybe I approach watching golf the wrong way Andy and I apologize to you all for that that I love seeing the guys in misery that's why I love the open so much in the pothole bunkers in the horrible weather and and here in the US open playing such a tough course. For the way this course is going to play for my enjoyment where are we gonna see most players struggle on this course. It's going to be on the greens Mike and I appreciate you thinking that way the way I was approached the US open I thought it should be that. Hardest most difficult test we have all year long. But on that particular golf course this year they've made a decision. To make sure way is much much wider than they've ever been here in the past. They're probably Europe and am an average fifteen yards wider than you were the previous three opens. I'll so that changes kind of the way you look at it other that the key to this golf course is going to be the greens the green complexes are very difficult. On Kramer on the greens is good and the and then he combined a lot of little. The bumps and rolls and and mounds in these greens it's going to be tough flooding so if I have to get the ball fairly slowly put the ball in the proper spots on the greens so you can have some chance to make. Makes our secure getting really long clubs into the greens or playing other rockets we talked to all the right places I think it's. Huge advantage for the period of very good. Long drivers that we out. And Andy North on the shell Pennzoil performance line speaking of long drivers Dustin Johnson the odds on favorite to win the turn meant. But he just won the saint Jude classic last weekend we read this that no one who's won a PGA tour event the the week prior has gone on to win the US open. As a player I mean that's a book pretty well known stat that's getting thrown around as a player how stock do you take any hearing something like that. Absolutely none the fact that it happened is is amazing that somebody hasn't won but I don't think of all people. It would affect Dustin Johnson at all he's thought you're just trying to play golf a lot if you holes yesterday he's hitting the ball beautifully. Oh she regained some of his putting magic. That we saw over the last couple years as last week so I can't. With what is distance you commute plan a lot of wedges and nine irons and short irons into these greens and because of that he's able control all these hard circuses. Put it in the right place and he's got a chance to make some birdies so I think it's going to be a different type reveals opened then. Might you would like to seat and probably I'm in that same category I like to see guys struggle as much as possible I'll I I'd love. That way of playing golf. But I think it's really a huge advantage for the longer hitters that can put the ball in the fairway there are quite short shorter clubs that go ahead and get the ball. Where they've got a chance to make some birdies and I think if the wind doesn't blow hole. Over fifteen years to see some good scores. We're talking a two time US open jam bandy nor does so depends on performance like Andy educate me. And I hear so much about a of course that is as difficult as they say this one is how quickly does somebody adjust their game to sort of whatever they need to four course like this. That takes players about fifteen minutes none of these cadets at these guys are so good that going from different kinds of grass is different type of our style of play they can change so quickly. But I think it's the courses interest and let the player of today. Doesn't play as many practice rounds those guys do it maybe 162025. Years ago there's a lot of guys that. World will come in and play nine holes on Sunday nine holes on Monday I polls on Tuesday to try to be rested on the term search I agree to. But it a guy like Justin Rose he came and simply wait three days last week. We got a lot of work and tiger came and played a couple of days are a couple weeks ago. So you see different wind conditions there's nothing more difficult on a course like this the new play the same wind on Monday Tuesday Wednesday and it changes are another direction not. Thursday you have no idea how to play some holes so the more practice rounds you can play the more time we see the golf course carefully. I US open course you only play once every. What 101214. Years whatever might be there's a lot of guys in their later they have no idea how to play this golf course in the north when it. They just kept you know they better hope that they don't get a win they have loosening. Are any nor two time US open winner and and along those lines Andy from the mental side of this. In 78 I believe you work you were. Actually you're leading after the second third and you're up one going into the last round and then an 85 when you won you you were. Never leading into you one that you were there as far as Roger were down two going into the final round. So which is more mentally tough. Being up by that one going in the final router being down to chasing in that last round. Mike I think it. Matters when you give that lead. If if you you know just kind of gone wrong all weeklong she's nice round on Saturday can only think that's a lot easier then. Having newly announced Sunday having let Thursday Friday. Every night. Arm you know just just because you've got more responsibilities in the media center you get. You're finishing later probably you're not you're probably not eating in and sleeping quite as well as you check out. I mean I I would suspect that you had a lot of trouble sleeping on the night's soccer games new you goal in your head I should have made this player I could have done this circular and on that. We do that in our sport you have to get three more days in a row. And you don't sleep very soundly by the brakes on its sometimes you just much fumes and that's why. The guy who's done a whole lot to Tiger Woods story rap chorus cubicles and they're better equipped to handle one day having gone through quite network. They're younger where it's such as no experience and you're so worn out into the leaked sometimes you know you don't. Speaking MB advantage older players have we talked about Tiger Woods but what about Phillies famously finished second at this tournament six times and at that experiences certainly helpful what point does. That burden of knowing I haven't gotten over the hump but this one start to weigh on them. I think probably he's over that that part of it but the fact that. This is the golf course that if you have experience that still really could've maybe should've won here. You know for argue missed a couple of short putt straight at the end that he had its ups but he understands how to play this golf course and the fact that the Airways are wider. I think that helps at all watt. I'll east he's so good around the greens pitching chipping that's gonna come under way this has no matter how well you play your best. Doesn't salute to fifteen greens you have to place some miraculous take shots. Dot com and 1520 yards off the green as they roll off the bridges so I think he's got a great opportunity. And he's playing. Arguably the best golf this year that he's played probably five years I think you know hills home probably use a little bit. And I think there's a great opportunity for him to you know there are very weak. Andy let's get to the really important thing here we find that tiger's stand on a yacht. Can you get us on the operate out party I mean you can just talk us not just into the out party. I suspect this we couldn't be really good chance that. Sad that's fine that's fair give us sort of be sorely CO give us a winner on Maria's example this one out. Well I think I think I think this is open I think there's a lot of different players ticket when you're just a way to golf courses set up. I really like the way Justin Rose is playing at an unbelievable eighteen months to play every single week. I know we use in your last week and played a bunch of practice rounds and conditions and the way he's been playing and I I think that. Are you got a good chance as anybody. Well we appreciate your time guys take about ES being golf analyst Andy North. Andy thanks for joining us thanks Danny guys they. Only makes me wanna vomit and then punch you square in the face anyway yeah. He saw c.'s today. We are joined by pistons head coach. Dwane Casey coach thanks for some time this morning congratulations on the pistons job what was it about that job particularly that you wanted to. Well Warren you know you've got to think of really good core players. There that. No the organization has put together and Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond is great news Jackson's star within. It's just some shot exciting young players they only missed some place else last year by. The board games and unfortunately. I think helped was huge huge issue for lashed out both. And then Gundy did an excellent job move. You know putting the foundation would do well and you know with the teens. What his time there. So that was very attractive. Ownership group. Tom Gordon. In the front office suite it Stefanski and are the two element forward to loses another big part. Although the reason but it. You know again I enjoy coaching opportunity. You know until I knew that it was tell that you promote safe because you know young family. And you know. In the in the fact that could take a year off and try to do the family boat. The Obama white was pushing the outdoors you're back here than I expected to go hand in it so no it was it was a it was the decision was a lot of truth basketball tradition in Detroit. You know you go back to the bad boy incident. They've done an excellent job with these new live at downtown renovated downtown area. So that would be our you know very exciting times went into La and Detroit. More into before you made that decision because as I said you coaches are crazy you know I mean a good way you guys just I mean you do work ethic as a coach. In before the players out after the players. That nowadays you seem more and more guys that were in your position. Take can't year maybe do some media worker warn the networks take a year to try to take a breath with the family and all that. How close were you I know you mentioned there a couple times or how close you're actually doing that. Well you know we're really do a good duke close because united did that the media swing Yahoo! yes you know not think on Friday. No different Jones there. Did not not a matter fact. You know I knew it was close because I took the child to love it to Ganske up since Saturday morning again. You know it's all about and then toward taking a year altered and also at all with Tom Gordon Tom called him. Baltimore why can I throw a long time and just have all the positive things that you know playing to do. The organization with the team. And just convince me that do the right thing to do so there's a lot of good coaches got in my view it's you know there's a lot of folks it. All of Derrick Rose there are so I feel humbled and and let's just to have the opportunity to jump back and you know and didn't do it still does is that it's out there for awhile but. Again not I'm lucky to have the opportunity and excited to be there. We're talking a distance like coach Dwane Casey. Coach mark walk real movement through that process always find it amazing when. All of a sudden you find out now you're going to be living in a completely different city you mentioned family a wife and and just trying to to figure out how to live in Detroit how do you balance getting worked into your new job. And also working life in a new city for a family. Well you know right now out in LA is here to meet its players in the entire move to. All the players who live on your California so. Used to it's a whirlwind because no one of these two guys and you know there and then watched him work out. And that complaint. Oh why is Leo how are you looking for houses and kids' attention that some of us are part of a vote in the professional baseball football whatever the repression news. The coaches that were players. You know especially good coach you've been in this in you know kids get blocked it's sort of grim and concerned community. And did all the work they have talked route. And I think you do you trust in his or were offended. Can you know to retrain the low one to arbitrate very special dinner and a you know build communities like Ronald. And you know. You know you couldn't lose two point seven years in each and great people and you know Charles de grace please let go another way you can look at it is an exciting he gets you going to know if you beat nutrient. I've been named the new teammates sweet kid that. So it can be is this so excited I'm also so. It doesn't really believe this. Total in the Stanley. Ending this war or us who's grown ups and and the people who don't like you don't condone is also looking toward to dive in and and work every day weren't there once you really have made do. A tremendous sacrificing. Would move. Aren't doing great at doing Casey knew coach for the to Detroit Pistons formally of the raptors is that for more than a few years there and that's why. Of players and coaches wives of the ambush you because the players and coaches don't have to do their thing otherwise have to move everybody in take care of all the business so no doubt they are the MVPs are so you leave the team and you leave a city where you had been a while you certainly had some success there. And a guy who coached on do you get that job in in nick nurse so. Tell us a little bit about him and what did Toronto can expect from a guy that worked under you for five years can do there. Well I would not make did you really go I remember are called normal. I didn't didn't really annoys me is certain in the back. Another colleague in the distance and edited. So he came in and did its job you know without incident by end. So he did their job and he'll he'll do a good job. Or Toronto or you know they're cute he's coached overseas than in the year in the league in run a community. And so if he brings some some experience there is he'll he'll build good job with the team that it's a good opportunity form. No coach no nobody likes to get fired I don't care what you do is there a little bit of why did they do this to me in Toronto or your thought things have been goal while logged the playoffs where we know what we're going on there but reserve a little bit of Namibia in out I was wrong here. Well you know you can you can't that are out until our toward that it. There's no good thing about dressed what you guys know. You know eight it is the trust totally you know you don't get the job done an art to the level that. And ownership and management and watch YouTube and they have the writing you you do remotely so. I it to calculate from that standpoint. Well we did do a good job then and opposite beta they ask you. You know perhaps a change up things pitching and defense we did not include and number two in the NBA in offense and number forty defense. A race or you did a good job deepens the parent. Are we did that they had to develop young players we develop the best bits which. We're all young players in the NBA so we did that so let you know again it's still in the NBA and NFL his Major League Baseball. You know owners can and embarrassment can do whatever he wanted to do and aren't so it's never good to be called it. Again I understand I understood when. When I got in the discretion of long time ago is not the first rodeo. Not immediately hit it surprised me. You want. Coach for a quick before we're let's go do you have a plan on how you want utilized Blake Griffin. Oh yes I think Blake as a very very talented young man. The way the league he's going out it's you know explorers and the big concern an update and state securities records unions on our body vehicle a career years shooting three last year. And that's the way religious or not you bring the ball down the sort. Initiating. Our opinions or trigger and our pinch from the top to move the ball side to side vacancies and make it hasn't. Also on our big larger German you know average student aptitude last year so. We're blessed with the a couple of days starting big they're really do a good job on the perimeter. It's great itself larger Jolie excellent passer decision maker from the top. With this. And passing skills really should open up options. And again you know from you in transition. And it's a lot easier didn't die and then you get stops on the other end. On the deacon in Salt Lake brings a lot to the table. Nobody in everything in all the defense you can be one of the top leaders on our team. Are allowed excited about that so. You know we're excited about in the key without any healthy. From top to bottom. And make. Surely you know it Lloyd can maximize that talent. On the court that not the most common strain and I think that's been that they wouldn't hurt them more than more than anything else because. In that group would healthy they're they're they're pretty effective game that you play now. Guys laces on the new opportunity because we've received time when Casey head coach of the Detroit Pistons coach thanks for joining us thanks coach. Thank you got so much thank you might say you guys got a little. And the best of goalie can we go podcast. You can listen or subscribe on ESP NF. A podcast boy. Just ask your smarts they could play. Like kindling Dell plus you can check the guys out live weekday mornings from 6 to 10 eastern. On ESPN radio and on ESPN news.