Best Of: Celtics Go Up 2-0

Golic & Wingo
Wednesday, May 16th

The guys talk about the Celtics going up 2-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Cavs with the help of Amin Elhassan. They also play Bretymology and more.


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This is the best ability and we go podcast. Gets going on Wednesday morning glad you're with us go doing go ESPN radio and ESP into presented by progressive insurance all phone guests join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Michael would Michael junior trailing go their first and foremost for those of you that lived in the northeast and glad everybody yes hopefully rose OK we had some wicked storms up through yeah where we both live tray and I you in the same city might nexus we didn't. We got a lot of rain we did I get some of the damage like our good friend Rebecca Lobo oh my gosh reports that a man like golf ball sized hail the sale and I saw a couple of threes on house's. And trees on power lines as some of the other city it was bad to hopefully everybody. Save itself Mike I know Alley hoops on our show working on the shoulder and and the producer for your show those in the basement would no power and and instant. So I'm sending this out early as I sit in my basement on my phone with no power in the dark it was one of the better pre show notes I've never Sally saying don't go auction galleries are getting things done dollar earlier so we got a lot to get to we've got the second in the Western Conference finals tonight Burton we will have a deep deep deep. Peeked. Into what went on between the Celtics in the gavel while last night yeah plus we will answer the burning question V burning question of today. Yoni more that is the burning question it is unreal. The things that take over social media. That are completely and utterly meaningless useless it's the best version of social media I'd rather have bet on the social media divided on political racial or social life. I want the social media and it's tearing each other apart over something that we will forget about. Probably talk third day this is basically the audio version of blows at the blue and what color or gore gold gold dress went out which I saw blue and only bloom the entire time so it's all book but this is the audio version that will get to as well because it is setting social media on fire well as have always said about Twitter outraged literary just a Larry is because they get so angry. Until they see some ails the next day that makes him more angry they forgot what they re not exactly right that that's what it is and we'll get and all of that again that we got two great guests coming up much of what brought apology yes we are of what Ramallah do a bit later on today because it's been 24 hours and spread took over the show so these these guys are looking forward her reclaiming his rightful role he smokes as you wanna get back does we got amino Haston coming up a little later on Jackie Mullen are fine NBA annals will join us as well. Whatsoever newest teammate open letter John Fox just we will have a coach Carroll at the Denver Broncos in Chicago Bears though newest member of our NFL team will join us a little bit later. But let's get started way to watch. And what's trending is the Celtics at home very good at the Celtics shot toward the cavs by twenty in the second half. And the and out a two nothing lead in the Eastern Conference finals despite a forty point triple double game from the project yet he grossed 4210 and twelve in this one and Kmart of the gay. Just like we thought he would 21 point in the first quarter nobody shocked at that at all. What was Mike was getting to have time they had that double digit lead nick got down to seven restart I think an okay. And we'll talk about LeBron got stung guy got hit the jaw. And senators and extreme I think there's more than a few people think there was something different than that. But then we're all you'll get it through just through all of that the bottom line is how you come out in the third quarter. And in that second half Cleveland was absolutely garb barrage. In the second quarter not only what they're shocked but it seemed like with art and a half second half. But with their hostile as well in closing outshot we have all kind of numbers figure to go with that the show all the open shot and uncontested shots Boston have but what a difference of other team that was right in position to get a split on the road and just absolutely. Rocketed the sec. Half it was embarrassing there was an embarrassing level of effort and I usually don't reserve that level vitriol here because. People watch this kind of stuff they do after all the time and they're only here for the money they don't care about this the we did enough locker rooms collectively to see how much guys usually care. Last night on the court you could visually see a lot of guys that seem apathetic. It seemed lethargic and it was honestly embarrassing to walk and let me put it this way and watch you'll of that second half I was reminded of myself. Over the weekend Saturday. Playing in our member member tournament when it was 38 degrees and raining. Not a lot of want to let me wanna be there not a lot of ought to ought to be Saturday morning it is certainly didn't seem like there was a lot of I think the cavs know who they are. And they don't with the Celtics are and I think that sometimes that realization can slap me across the face like a fish and said look your life well. Dammit and it's certainly seemed like that was sort of go go way it sort of went for the gas in this example get in more of that as we continue but as she's. Normal what's trending the rockets. Hope to avoid what just happened to the Celtics although art to the cavs but it would be much worse because if they could out do nothing they would lose the first two games of the western governments finals. Apple that's exactly right intern you get a read because I am music second spectrum sad reality show our ID bill or. You want official change because going into this we knew what it was about we Newark Houston did they were isolation team. And certainly Golden State moves a ball around incredibly well. But I mean almost overboard in that first game the next at 45 isolation torturers more than double. The average of the regular season and James Harden had 26 isolation. The most he's had in any game this season so. Thank you very much if that doesn't have to change some of OK we know that kind of team but did you go overboard with that does that need to change in game two. You can understand maybe where that comes from because James Harden the guy that we talk about the narrative around him is that he is a lot to prove. And this big stage that he's got to go out there and show that the disappearing act we saw last year it was not who he is at his core of what that seemed to come at the expense of a better version of this team they've got to hope for that I don't believe that's common and we've seen now what Golden State looks like when they're locked in impair. Kevin Durant and its us staff Corey when they've been on the team together have lost two collaborative play off game now. I think that trend get a continued this series I think could be sweet very I think it more likely we see it sweep in the Western Conference in the eastern now. Amazed when it which is ridiculous aging about how well the rockets and what we've been waiting for this matchup saying this is the finals and our finals looks like we're gonna get. I think what a lot of people think well a pretty. Did these are on the way Boston is playing right now walked away in sync again you just sort of gloss over that but I I think that can't be overstated. We have to expect now that the rockets are going to win four. Of the next six games against the warriors. And they have lost to post season games with those two poignant eighteen into again let me just say bad math for you if you're you're due to rocket man good. That's like for spectrum math more than anything else. The speaker of the NBA barring a trade to Phoenix Suns will be have the first pick in the NBA draft for the first time in franchise history. They did so by becoming the fourth straight team to win the lottery. The NBA draft lottery entering with the best odds public and they got so that it happened yet again but it was akin to the real winners last night they landed the number two pick. After entering the lottery were just a five point 3% chance. Of doing met until they end up with a number two pick and so I mean really improved these draft the lower part of it certainly kind of went. The way we were supposed to go ahead a lot of the report read to the cavaliers pick and a number eight wedeman you traded carrier ring. You worked all these these trades after you got made that trade. And you've got that Brooklyn tech it was number eight and yet carry on the hook for two more years to our you're there be some relief revisionist history going on right now. No as we continued to greed out that trade degrades seemed to get lower and lower and lower despite more homework getting turned in and we heard Jay bill at some point of our analysts last night quote just they're talking about the depth of this draft but. Sitting down there eight for what you gave up doesn't feel like you're going to get the return especially when you think. They might have to compensate for the loss of their best player in franchise history that would be LeBron James who suddenly I wonder if that cold fish slapped him across the face since well when he realized OK this is the way it's going to be going full. Odd was that don't the last three teams standing last night it was Sacramento it was Phoenix and it was Atlanta you know and for sacker arrows Keyaron Fox neverland RR for Phoenix is Josh Jackson ever land Jamie Jamie Gertz V actress Jamie urged. How wild it was back to know what these things is not like the other and that that yeah I I I was four got a Mike is big news is that is that Jami Gertz from all the classic eighty's does that does then that might be gently and it Michigan movement you've got a day. I'm not a lot of little that I had to Google like OK I understand why she's there are married to one of the owners of vote. Of the about a mile gap so that OK I guess it makes sense of like I was trying to put this together in what scenario. If she wasn't married to the owner of of the hawks would she be either what was the what would be the possible impetus. And that I like she has been married to somebody I go I got an algebra and general player to. Either way gates who did mention it's suns one Sacramento to hawks three Memphis for Dallas five Orlando say Chicago seven. Cleveland's eight knicks nine and the 76ers the other. There's ten yeah and I think the big losers there are vote the next yet and Cleveland I'll blow in the latest marked the first mark dropped out there because you know we we are doing you'll have a lot of these Michael Porter LA that's actually an interest intellectually and now that's actually very interesting select a more just a gentle breeze if you go to Cleveland has LeBron going to be in Cleveland that may lead you may well that's that that's the most important. Discussion. On the next by the way you'd hope they would have some sort of chances but they just now not now most of the number nine. But meanwhile on the ice politely took game three from the capitals improved to four and one on the road this season scoring two power play goals. Tied a franchise record for consecutive playoff games eight would at least one power play understand where these playoffs have gone gang. Home teams are now. 33 and 39. In the playoffs Paul Weiss what the only year in the post 1968. Expansion air or home teams had a worse. We're in percentage is 2012. They were 39. And 47 the the away team as won every game in this series so far so who knows where this thing is going it is absolutely amazing you get game three tonight. Jets in Vegas against the golden knights put. Man on home ice means nothing right now. Fans have to feel like every superstitious fan and a party where you leave the room and something good start happening for your team do you stay out of the hopes that your good huge cool pollute that environment and in the minute you come back did bad things start to happen again that is the true definition of the life of a capitals fan in the Alexander Ovechkin air now they should've expected this though they're now warning areas all time in game three is on Europe to zip. So basically they just got to show up we don't really show right after you think it was any time that this was gonna flip this this postseason is felt a little different. For the capitals and they won the first two in Tampa Bay hey guys we're back on our rice let's slam the door go up three nothing and let's just make sure it happened. And then no world we are who we are one and I went up to enough spin zone during the western got the final of a conference finals for the first time Eastern Conference finals they wanna make you feel more like home beta. Although Mario nice drive and oh by the way that one and eight record one leading to nothing to best of seven is the worst such record in the NHL history. Minimum of three games and caps fans ever like yeah we know thanks for sharing. Well it has been a rough week for the Mariners and second baseman Robinson Cano was placed on the deal with a broken hand on Monday. Before being suspended for eighty games on Tuesday for violating the Major League baseball's joint drug agreement. No it played the most games in Major League Baseball since he and heavily in 2005. As three or five home runs second most by him. Second baseman in Major League history vinyl Jeff Kent but eagle Beagle on for a long time. Eighty games is a rough stretch where you clearly see and this morning adding Major League Baseball does better than every other league. Mainly really going up against the NFL's not and we tears on of suspensions for these kind of violations handed out the NBA. What they do it discreetly like the appeal for this happen before the season going on and then finally got laid out. When it came to this and Robin's egg you know stands up he takes his medicine but he also makes it very clear in this. Why he's doing general Pedro Gomez called now you are. More into this one it was it was a happy Deere is a diuretic as a masking a dual explain to more bottom line though is on the DL server while he's on the DL I'll sell. He's gonna lose twelve million dollars basically extort four million dollar. And eighty games just right at around half a twelfth. No going by advisors are never going in your pocket I should say the first like debt that is a tough road accent and he just dropped visit to drop that said let's let's start server that Missouri is your recitals and that's a big months of gather up more to get into that or what will jump into. And just real quickly so people understand. Yes he tested positive for a masking agent right but the way it's set up and made a baseball does a great job with us if you test positive for masking agent. Then they have dual record and prove that you use the masking agent too high aid out PED. Our performance enhancer right so so basically yes he got Popper resting agent but the way the process works they went and showed him exactly why you did this. To cover this up so technically. He tested positive for masking agent but in the process of Major League Baseball used. He really using B Reich as he did appeal that he was going through the appeal and then the league showed him hey we got this info on and you said OK I am no more no appeal and the way he's responded just trying to make sure the you don't realize that second part of that you only figured out all the nice things he says about based. Not PEDs yeah ended except in the fact in this case and capsule analysts are gold doing go presented by progressive insurance commercial insurance through progressive protection business. Injured drew you choose wrote thirty coverage options are progressive commercial dot com and if we're actually being progressive and forward thinking. Let's be clear about one thing through 2 games of the Eastern Conference finals. This much is sure. The Celtics. Are younger. Faster. Stronger and even a little bit tougher right now on this first typically do crap cavaliers and that's somebody that our analyst Jeff Van Gundy. Could easily spot after watching in dissecting game to. They've always been the better team they're more talented they're quicker faster or more depth. More range shooting from more different people so to me they just have. A superior. Talent base. After you get past James and then they also have a superior toughness right now and it togetherness. Of that that was an outstanding response. To the onslaught that they face to start the game from James. And real quickly about onslaught was LeBron in the first quarter scoring 21 of the team's 27 points he was clearly in the zone brought Dubai AutoZone get in the zone. AutoZone so he was in the over the first quarter right but in the second half the Celtics just said enough moralism I mean. What we heard there are we all knew Boston has the better team all around team but it's always well. They don't have LeBron and LeBron was going to be trying to be as eighth straight finals. You know he's he's always gonna be the team coming out of east even if you didn't have a great team around him always found a way to win so he always. And get the benefit of the doubt and it does look like it's going to end this year because that help he's getting even one who hasn't been great he's found a way to pull them through but it just not gonna happen. This this Boston team is just. Many good players. Too many good player and young players are more athletic players and and I know you keep apologize in Al Horford because he's playing well and you had in the last pick. Of the of the all star when they are horrible person which is that what she probably was an expert on the Posey actually have it so saying Boston is better than Cleveland people organizer rule but everybody's picking clearly yes we're doing that because. Oh LeBron James and and we've done so and he's over at every year that he's a team coming our he's going to lead the team coming out east but. Just not enough help here outside the Kevin Love who had 22 points fifteen rebounds there's just nothing from anybody else. Of the four new players one didn't play in Jordan Clarkson in the end between the other three there was five points. It's me it's just not getting it. Imus starting backcourt of George Hill and JR Smith combined for three point. Do you Tristan Thompson I'll give him some credit especially to start the game was a great catalyst for them. A lot of energy going to work on the offensive glass providing some spark what we've seen him inserted into the star lineup but. It was a tale of two halves for this team who couldn't hit the broadside of a barn of LeBron James wasn't scoring or setting up the shot and look it it just goes down the depth OK LeBron got his that we all the what what would set the over under 38 yesterday. 3535 to five your record set by seven he got 42 we had a triple double and Hannity over to head authority over at. He's learning books. Kevin Love got his at 22 points but after that you had to get odd couple threes and Kyle Korver have somebody else in double digits every single starter. The Boston Celtics had double digits and Marcus mark had double digit. They had six players in double digits I don't know off the Cleveland Cavaliers can win any game. Against the Celtics if they're gonna get six player in double that well and. One of the reasons they do we start now all looking at that we're looking at effort look at a hostile world commit toughness. In the second half. The Celtics contested 92%. Or Cleveland shots. 92%. The cavaliers contested just 58% of the Celtics shot. Leaving them 20/20. Open looks they're not closing out on the shooter they get open looks I mean what is that I mean if anybody. I I that team including the coach has to mention the word toughness or hustle. You should be embarrassed. You should be and stay at this point of torture playing for that that term or word would even be used. But that's true the cavaliers have been. Defensively all year so why to stop myself from getting that hot and bothered about that decided because that's who they are they're the basketball for dummies we just got to score more points than them. And they weren't able to score more points are shots. In the first half put a shot better especially when LeBron most ridding. The difference was and we'll talk about the LeBron injury in the nature of how people received it but the bottom line is he was different the second half and just start at four got more votes he was not attacking you was not creating and when the cavaliers other guys were forced to try and create for themselves are creative that offense they'd peek down their legs and he's got awful to watch. I'm that your there's two things will get into we'll get into what really went on the LeBron and how it's perceived differently in this sport that perhaps in another sport. And what would've happened in that others said sport and we'll get into that what you were talking about. With with toughness because. Hi Lou and others it's mentioned it and sought it was pretty easy bridges know this. History says this series is open with the Boston Celtics are 37 and oh in franchise history when they go up two games and on their best of seven series. And oh by the way they have yet to lose a game at home this postseason. Goal is simply goes. Great way Bjorn and Michael senior. But I true look at this and hope you're still be able feature breakfast gold and we don't dispute radio he has been duke. Presented by progressive and turns off the longest joins on the show pencil performs line. Let's give us some straight talk now brought you by straight talk wireless best phones vest networks no contracts so watching the first half of that game I'm like all right this is exactly what I expected. A cab to come out LeBron is going to be dominant they've got to find a way to maybe squeak out this thing go back tied it one and then they played the second half. Well let me amend that and the Celtics played the second half. The second are being played by the cavaliers. Kind of debatable and this is what tiger loose said about the way things went down the cavs head coach in the second half. We gotta be tougher. You know I think plan tougher and we are we see that they're being physical on Laguna and game up and we got to do the same thing so we gotta be tougher mentally and physically. One year old coach basically says we've got to be tougher mentally and physically. He's basically saying what it's. I harder let let me tell it as as any kind of professional athlete not okay in the sport when you when you're challenged on that. And when you when your called out on that by your coach I mean their people it could sit out and analyze instead but when it's within your own locker room. You know a player you know went here you know when you're not closing out you know when you're not hustling and I know clearly is not known for great defensive scrap penis like debt. But still there's the personal pride of taking care your business on defense which we talk a lot about with effort. NBC twenty uncontested shots twenty wide open shots. It's the word I uses embarrassing even though and as I said I know they're not known for it. But man I mean that is that is a tough look in the mirror is what that is please suited to. Turn this around the second half and how they turn it around they put the clamps on on defense these are and I can't control the shots not going to. But I can control there's not going in bright if I try hard enough and that's the cavaliers are never able to do. They can't her defense and offense. They have to just drive on offense and so if the defense starts to go over the often aside for them. It's an overwhelming negative and after you saw last night the epitome of what the tab zephyr was who was at JR Smith push on Al Horford right that was the cavs defensive effort last night it was lackluster it was cheap but it was. Those flagrant you know and then you know he gets in the pushing match and there's a double tech there was a Smart market Smart GAAP and he got they got the tactical but it was JR who got the flagrant on that you're right. You're right about how we played that and as I said as a professional athlete or any athlete to hear those words said about you within your own locker room as its head when you look in the mirror you know it. That's a that's a tough call well listen it was pretty obvious to everybody what what's interesting here is junior you brought this up what's been the problem with the cavs all season. All during the regular season was their defense right I mean they would score occasionally they find ways to win. But their defense of problems have been there all season long so do we think they're magically going to be fixed as we go for vital election Russell in the game three. No and it wasn't like. They played stellar defense in the series against Toronto. But they did have more energy on that is the flora that came from the confidence of knowing. They were better than that team into your point was all the fish slapping their seems to be a lack of confidence. With the reality that they understand they are not a better team that they've got a really well coached output on the other side. And net for the guys that are named LeBron James when they're trying to initiate and all the sudden. Jalen brown owner Jason Tatum or markets mark are putting that length and athleticism and for what it's frustrating these guys and it's forcing them into bad turnovers and bad shot selection and just overall clarity off. When the other guys had to try and ignites something one was a LeBron it was a struggle with a spark in that second corner was Kyle Korver. And a couple NS that came out he goes a double digits it'll lose to a double digits there down eleven points. Any had a by halftime and didn't score in the second half and they lost luggage can't create enough without LeBron being the creator. It wasn't years ago you is that set realize that we played that didn't care about the other cats rather play hot potato offense you know like between jobs and LeBron passes the ball past the right back. In watching Korver shoot some of those threes I felt like he thought the ball was on fire now I don't know I've ever seen a guy catch the ball and shoot it fast in the Korver couples odds. Mean it was barely got his fingertips and it went down and just before it was yeah it was crazy how quickly he got that shot up and down but you're right. They didn't have anything an appeal believed tight loop. You take a listen to Chauncey Billups who was Mr. Big shot in his career he knows exactly what it takes two and achieve Egypt and he saw the exact same damn thing. Called shouldn't have to try to rev you up and make you compete harder and play harder you can't control of shots are going to jail. Was gonna always control your effort right so. And always read through the lines well here Kos who say. We need to be tougher we need to you know our mentality needs to be you know we need to hang our hat on defense abandoned. In the polls are will like that's something that's in you or is not. Completely agree. You can breakdown x.s and knows he can break down fundamentals you breakdown for work you can break down switch you can breakdown coming off squeegee your breakout all of that stuff. And players know before anybody else. If you can't do some of that stuff what you can do is you can hustle. You could die if you could make a movie you could spread to something you could you can make up for with effort that's what a lot of defense can be with watt to. And man when you don't get that especially when you blackened the other parts of it well Mitchell was just like last night. It is just not fun to watch especially after a Houston Rockets and warriors first half moral like this is passing up now what it's supposed to look like. How much the fourth quarter of that game were the Celtics were playing great to start the fourth. I was like we have to watch this side by side that triumph in the world a basketball this racket. Horrible it now it would lessen once you've been fish slapped it's hard to come back there in your a lot of fish and other slap to the finish it's a it's a video game that or someplace yours ago it was pretty funny I got slapped in the face of the official I had governments often heard Mel but I did see some actually pick up on a deficient or broaden its money in the face very ego so that's right so you see some it's like I have just as the ultimate sign of disrespect or don't slash across the face well fish earned and a policy of the day cavs game. Get back from big fish left and that is straight talk privately. But you buy straight talk wireless nationwide coverage of America's largest most dependable forgy LT networks. OK now we get to be the urbane the silly the ridiculous yeah it's the audio version of bluegrass blue dress gold dress white dress whatever. Johnny. Or moral one when I first saw the southern forum like this has to be joked I don't understand how anybody can hear anything but the other than one thing. If you haven't been on Twitter or you have been doing is here is the sound and the question is. What do you hear do you hear the words Yani. You do you hear the word laurel. Yeah old Loral Loral. You know I hear. I hear laurel ultimate laurel moral. You guys are high. There is no way that has nothing to do a glaring error separate you yeah why it was so official app because there's not an L in there it's Guinea you any easier and the list goes again. I. Completely laurel is completely inning and we're which goes against what we thought might be going on that. Everybody in the same room maybe years to same things all played again. Parts of the front of us and literally trying as hard candy here Laura I don't hear saw the three of us are in this room you hear Yani I hear oral Mike junior Laura Einar laurel Rhett what are you here. Her laurels you're laurel Devin. Moral cliff. Here laurel and trays line. I'm dying I'm not lying OK let her go through everybody else firfer what are laurel are resemble yours Laura. Only lawyer here your I don't know how you can hear anything but yeah we all I'm just. We're all here laurel and there's not an L in the air. I certainly you don't read it doesn't say low you can hear it because there was no weight debate from the show for C here's here's the amazing. Thing about this is people like we're doing here and a lot of a joke around. All their life. Get mad at other people for thinking they don't hear and they think their life itself I mean pool I don't know what the reason is I mean it's the same reason. We looked at the dress and some tacos blew some but it was gold. I mean that's it you're getting magic's junior Johnny I don't care but usually just all hiding out there and I'm a liar here and added I am so. Team has the NBA and reason and that's what I wanna know C superior intellect I want to stay. Now what's printed now this is the good news dogs that there's an article printed its science printed for you I don't know what act I don't wanna read all of a lottery that anyone know why is it in the article like this going to miners sticks it's a second Spector step. A class okay prairie look at what's my window this is a really easy I have never been a contrary in my life normally like our leaders are now. The secret is frequency the acoustic information that makes us here you Annie is higher frequency. Than the acoustic information that make sister Laura. Some of the variations may be due to the audio system playing the sound. But but also the mechanics of your years in which are expecting to hear pop. OK I heard higher frequency hearing is associated lower intelligence and as makes a lot of sense well bring up that IQ test you'll put that yes we're going to do that here. But it is amazing everybody. Everybody okay here's we also called under. We also called on Barack's Chandra turned actress on OK go to professor that are part of communication that science at the University of Texas. He told us that half is ladders any. And half his lab here's laurel but he also blames the files noise for the confusion. It's a little bit noisy so that itself causes perception to be a little more ambiguous because it's noisy your brain is filled with what it thinks it should be. We'll see it has to be stuff that I know I don't understand because the first two tweets I got sent to me were people heard again now okay. When I did it on my phone yesterday sitting at home I heard laurel when you do that might this morning on first and last. I heard you and now I hear laurel coming out to hell's going on. Well there's not a power and there. There's a during the lore there's now right at the beginning right at the end of laurels but there's at least US and I want to know who L 2000 the losers that you guys are for entering into you have to do I get a job or why didn't. I'm yeah. I know you guys that I don't act cliff I would be the limit July yet. It allows you. If the guy calling me a writer guy he wanted to fire Brett brown and important rid of Jay Wright of Villanova. I feel like I'm on pretty good grounds to still be downloaded the idea DeMaurice and one more time. Out loud. Out of here. Not say what a great sports night last night no doubt about it and doing so what are The Daily Show what he's done. 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Arturo derived Dow all made is small business month and thank you and don't want to say baker thank you all the hard work. Higher birdies doing out there and Dell is offering now to 40% off select PCs with the eighth gen. Intel Core processors what you do is call 877 by Dell to speak where they small business technology advisor today that 877. By. Dell why there is caught doing a broad broad apology brought you by discover card will match all the cash back new card members earn at the end of the first year learn more discover dot com slash match limitations apply again researcher Brett. Or come up with a phrase we decide what the meaning years. Officials dailies on 15124. Write your 12124. Juniors corporation Jeff Saturday the want to replace one for four OK are you ready by the way you called dressed up today. I yeah you know you got when you when fame gets the dog job right our idol treated fairly dealt with the first one top first won the bee's knees. The bees and he's it's quality. Is it. The wife of militant allergist HE Hilton she's an author named Carol help ensure children's story about his work in 1924. Entitled the bee's knees. Which was a reference to bees carrying pollen on their legs. Ironically it was her story the color most americans' knowledge of bees for decades in the prisons to the test time. For. All our. The bid is originally had no meaning at all it was just a rhyme that people decided to say yeah. And it didn't pick up any positive meeting until it was appropriate about flapper culture in the 1920s. I am absolutely positively going number two. Ya look that's you that's that's what I associated with the 1920s in the fibers I'm also going number two. Is fibers are correct yeah. Yeah yeah. I often run into that second break his nose to the grindstone guy asks. Hough. In medieval grist mills Miller's would grind flower between two grind so to the stones were too far apart the flower wouldn't be ground finally enough. In that there were too close together the flour would burn. Nasser Miller's would get their noses close enough to the grindstone to smell the flower as it was grinding so they would know if it was close to burn went to great defense is great if you made that one up and kudos to you swore Aurora. Blacksmith in the Middle Ages used a grindstone to sharpen blades and when they were really focus they would get very close to the grindstone. There is an implication that having your nose to the grindstone can Wear you out and that's because of your nose actually touches the star and it'll really mess of an. While to equality day one of those you've made up I'm going with one line I'm goal of one. It sounds great and just because I need to catch you I'll differ and I'll go to. Blacks this number two of golf. And sang. Knowledge I just think it's very catch up with you when you mess on devil's advocate. Hall that's let's Dinara movie gods that values you know real you know hundred. From the Latin do you have a lie out of congress. This is an unofficial we usually that again. Yeah I believe it out of a caucus. This was an unofficial position appointed in the fifteen hundreds by pope's six this the fifth. Is this the fifth. Yes sure when someone was nominated for beatification and canonization. Devil's advocate was passed with stating the arguments against that candidate. More are more. From the book the shepherd of Hermanson in early Christian document published around 150 AD. The 22 angels overlooked men in the story one of righteousness and one of inequity. Later adaptations of the story referred to those angels as the guardian Angel and the devil's advocate the first version of the neutral and double on Herschel. All I can think of and that is the animal house Costello a question us because I thought about what are your I'm going one farm grown to fumble one. And I. Guys out there you go two out of three lest you all you are we got we have about a minute and a half hour there were I don't prayers slush fund. Slot on gruden. Or in the British navy slosh was another word for the left over that in the meat cooked on the ship. The sailors kept the Fed and barrels in the it would sell it when they got to port giving them extra money to spend. But not necessarily in an affair. Or videos or. Awesome sludge for use interchangeably and eighteen hundreds in the phrase slush fund that was first used to denote dirty money. In the New York Times accused John Wanamaker funneling money illegally to Benjamin Harrison's presidential campaign and which defeated incumbent Grover Cleveland and 1888 the spike Lieberman in the popular. The summoned question was 400000 dollars the equivalent of ten million today and Wanamaker was an appointed postmaster general. I love the first definition absolutely love it but it's number two. I'm going number one just to be very popular. With the fact. Yeah. Out of a bag. Would you go. We update those stats for me please let's slush fund dissent tasks I love now while the fact that you went through that much detail to make that one up now is what makes it great. Right arm eighteen for 28 your fourteen for 28 jury we gave the collar of who wasn't here. Just Saturday's once before by the way just said he should never play again coaches always be one for four. It was all sort of one big Jaya jello mold is very interest in where that's why. He is get a different office insider amino hasn't is there with us and golden lingle presented by 100 flowers dot com what special events call for beautiful bouquet from. 100 flowers dot com right now when you order doesn't go birdies he's from the 299090. Revised. Pretty deals go to 100 flowers dot com slash ESPN. So I guess the question becomes should we be sending flowers to the cavs saying hey it was a good run but I think DA we all know how this is going. Well I mean if you're LeBron do together zoo where away happen they won two out home now we go to playoff series never starts until someone loses on the but. You know. Boston's defense turned up to an intensity yesterday that you know there there was played Austin with a jump crew and we watched. Terry rose who gets screened and then re screen and refuting and he fought over every single one of them harass the glamour. You know when you have guys young and athletic and willing to put in the war like that. It can be tiring and I thought Cleveland really did not take advantage of getting easier baskets. With LeBron either being off ball or in the polls are LeBron. Making passes to guys cutting they'd had a lot of dribble and around and it spent energy you could tell among them LeBron was sold gas now. Com desk has yet to work so hard to three quarters. And we're certainly gonna get to LeBron and when he took the shoulder to those who knew ahead in the first half but is far and I am. I'm always one of those that I always wanna be careful of saying professional athletes or athletes read anywhere and say they're not trying what was your effort level. But there was a lot of that Golan after this one of the Celtics 120 uncontested shots in the second half no doubt Cleveland's not known for its defense but still. Part of defense is one too hostile what did you see so I would say. Four you know third quarter and a lot of fourth quarter it was just there was an effort it was just sloppiness and again this is why when we sit around and they do you. The regular season matters because it's where you build your defense of habits we don't make these mistakes in the when you get to this point. Muscle memory we know what to do and that's been a problem of the capsule regular seat all regular season and people he could just turn on in the playoffs. There's you know LeBron that great. The brawn was right there making mistakes just like everyone else getting beat on backdoor cuts on switches. Horrible miscues occasion Yemen DR Smith twice in the game. We're supposed to hand off. They didn't handoff Dave Ball went with the same guy the other guy popped out and hit a three as a result. And they get blown by there are a lot of tough man he'll rise whip around LeBron didn't and when that happens. Where these scores are not is irrelevant it's that you start to put the cavs defense into rotation. And they're not good at anything more than that first rotation which is. LeBron got beat I'm here to help. The ball goes out wait a second we are close are we or America or swings to the top of the key and now no one's there because we're not disciplined. Enough. They handle second rotation their rotation. Like a team like Boston right you do that well and they can scramble and get out and no one's rotating to known is no one not rotating the not rotating to the wrong guy so is it deceiving that is really not lacked hustle it's just lack of lack of I don't I thought it was I absolutely. Third quarter and middle fourth quarter of I thought it was just lack of execution you're not good at doing that because you have been doing all year long and then at some point. You know when you know Boston realm of Kabul then it looked like they do is give up in the lifeguards used games over. As I said over the got slapped in the face with fish and you can bring the greatest side wants this a guy. It proficient chuck it in somebody else's but it's a bad thing is what that is. Haven't the Braves are disrespect of Evers he just picked or visit the root of the net a it right the face so after game one LeBron said he had zero level of concern where his where is his concern level right now is amino hasn't as well. I mean I've the only really consider adjustments put good that the laser goose. You know Korver was better have a love those really good for them but again. I can give you the cats. You have this do you think you have to address one is we have to make this easier so. LeBron almost what do hardware to the other night which is yeah I saw his allies who durable drew drivel like okay you're doing great. But this is wearing you down and by the end of this game you won't be able to keep up. The energy level it takes. To basically overcome. And then the other thing is they've got they've got to get right defensively and got what I don't know they can do that's one of those things were. You can't kind of cram for the exit the final them the night before you should have been doing your home local or your long. On and so for me it's almost like no we got a good offense right. Because if you only chance we have is to just obliterate them from the perimeter. And how LeBron pick them apart what this hasn't which he did the crazy thing is. There were a bunch of times that LeBron and the and the high post sometimes with the goal it above the three point line. And you know Kevin Love and Kyle Korver green for one another and local populous slid to the basket yet a couple of and ones there the first play of the game they were and whispered was JR Smith asked me my guess you missed a lay up but just 2000 the tablet. Those great offense is set because it forces. Boston's defense to make his way bush threw him into a Stew him who'd you got Lou I got. There's that in this direction there any time worthless drivel drivel durable pound compound interest and co hosted a screen. That's easy and now I know OK Jeff Green here I'm gonna come in to help and if they keep an eye dipping in and make that three god bless the price or actor or what but I'll give you that while the world were prepared to get down because I know what the options are what I'm giving a what I'm not. With those screen goes off ball screens yeah it's a lot of weight Reese was just not seuss' in this a lot of even if you switch it. You get guys who have mismatches tonight and you've got guys on there have what again Kevin Love got a bunch of polls felt like that. Solar less than four minutes ago and a half Tatum runs through LeBron and claim nothing dirty about his shoulder catch you LeBron in the jaw kinda snaps is have a little bit LeBron down on a knee. Makes one or two free throws they followed the stops play he walks to the locker room come back out. And starts to play says is an extra what did you see what did you think do you think the rhetorical fall you don't. From our vantage point are you were behind the basket and high so we just saw LeBron kind of glance you know I at first I didn't know right there with a flop or not but luckily I had my iPad open and we had the they've been good games during his own analogy you can download right now is likely favorite of nice hold on nicely done. And soul on the replay we saw all know that wasn't the right animals are right there does like a punch to a number yup punched. And went to locker room and came back and everyone said man if he went to concussion protocol now's the quickest conversion brutal reverend. But his credit I didn't the I didn't feel like he was out of sorts in terms of not there he seemed he got a great pass to Justin Thompson out of a pick and roll we slipped a pass between three different people I mean if he had a concussion. He was doing some things that you know a dial in his bell rung theoretically should not be able to do within your with a bronze they didn't do it differently the second half you go to the first is below the rim as he looked tired I don't think you look. Out of sorts like where am I think he just would hire my goal man I don't want to a lot of those jump shots or just like on the gonna go tool that I write wanna get to fill. OK so meal passing is with us were recruiting him to be in the family feud says JR play you love Georgia we just played broader mileage which is our. Version researcher Brett owed these levity are we can god oh god there are that we are gonna talk about Western Conference in game two got to let that. Okay so if the rockets win tonight. What Chancy and still to take three more from the warriors who have lost two games when stepped Currie and commander in the policies noted yeah hurt my team right that's. It L Austria at two in two years they've lost to give those guys little one in the one more event if that hasn't been out there. I mean. Again anything can happen and and that's why we play the game and all the cliches we can believe whatever you start with anything can happen we know where this is yes and yeah. I mean look he is a good girl and I. Putt particularly that the listeners who are familiar with me are always gonna point to 2062 dollar thing. Meteor alien abduction that's only when they're gonna lose but. You know there is a set of circumstances where the law the sun in the moments of all aligning note that cruise on a 100% to among green is rejected the suspended right Bogut interpreter Reza there theories Andre Iguodala pulls his back. Harrison Barnes is on a milk carton for seven straight games right and then LeBron makes the greatest defensive player of all time Tyree is one of the biggest shots of all time and then. You have a Kevin Love slippery I saw a pillow gets the stop on that and I told him and think all those things can happen in the seat within the span of regaining yourself. No come on that's way too much it's a what if if if if but I have been highway have been because Cleveland was with all those circumstances on the Golden State side happening. They were good enough to take advantage and often standing by Houston. If the circumstances lineup work on his vulnerable. Houston is a team that's good enough to take advantage now the next mart is do I think those circumstance has gone up probably not. So when all is said and done and the NBA finals how many games is capable state to be Boston. I'm gonna to eventually go to good question. I'm proud I'm given this a way action has to do this but I did this in January wrote down a piece of paper primitive bat when a producer really on the jump Steve Martinez. Who was adamant that I was crazy and I said the warriors won't drop more than one game and any of this series on the way to championship is you're not always and everywhere and you don't use general. Yeah now I really like. MI has been pretty good that neighbor might make it on TV that he asked the force is strong with human eyes now I'll have done. The real ass and I NBA front office insider who we are actively recruiting stealing from Georgia that's just lose those were bidding war. What's not expect too much there's only one person out there that expect him way too much harder this guy surely we know that is ridiculous. His father. Old doing you'll join me has been radio ESPN news okay. So the big story I think no matter what happens in sports well you never know government's two days but the biggest story. Over the last three days has been Supreme Court decision to allow sports gambling right in every state just not Nevada. And every commissioner of every sport is trying to figure out there way to deal was that no one has been more progressive on that front and NBA commissioner Adam silver. Who in his tenure as the NBA commissioner been progressive on everything you see whether it comes to players in the social issues that they speak out on putting advertising on uniforms that. People absolutely flipped out already dead which I could not understand how I mean look look look gore goes on in in soccer around the world are more in race IA international basketball and it's it's. Everywhere as I ended now it's here in the NBA and as a judge you get used to it you know I get used to it more you know you make it die model admit to die motto and your big you still looking at it and playing he'll be. And discount at Baylor to. I mean people's heads were exploding out of that I never understood why that was such a huge deal. So now everyone is trying to navigate this way up now that they're there is a potential. We know that several states including New Jersey who wanna have their books up and running by the NBA finals right by the way. They're trying to figure out what how to we do this and how do we get most importantly figuring out a air quotes how to keep the integrity of burly right but really a air quotes. How to we keep money I would make a dime on this thing exactly so this is NBA commissioner Adam silver. By the way there is some nickel the draft lottery yep so this sort of been a bit they sort of embraced this for a long long time. This is Adam silver talking about. With Kathy Hubbard at the draft lottery last night speak nor casting Robert. About what this means the sports gambling going forward specifically. With the NBA. So the next move is to work both on the federal level. To try to get congress to adopt. A national framework that would be our preference the NFL has said the same thing publicly we think there should be. A common. The sort of framework that. For all states and then allow states to opt in or not because of course we operate. And fifty states and it concerns a little bit to have a hodgepodge of regulations but if that's what's gonna be that's fine and of course sports betting is already legal in Nevada it's legal outside the United States many jurisdictions so it's not completely new to us but there. I think in terms of the integrity of the league which is Paramount we're gonna have to take a fresh look at everything we do and just make sure everything's completely covered how we disclose information. How referees are assigned to me things we deal with already but we realize will be met much more scrutiny on everything that happens around we've. There will be scrutiny there's no question about that. We don't really know. Listen NBA and NFL. Kind of coming out from through several ways to a common goal yet has always been fighting has been a YNBA. Adams over so listen is gonna happen were going to embrace it and we want our 1% now they wanna both and they wanted to embrace it as Adam said the same way the NFL does they wanna go basically a governing body right there one have to deal with. If it's fifty states. The talk is maybe 32 states in five years whatever it is 650 states. If you do different set of rules right right to go that let's give universal set of rules and let's go there if you have to deal with the states individually leave me they're going to do. Salt now that's exactly there's sole many tentacles to this thing from now until god knows when. Do which includes networks like our own it's obviously casinos to what Vegas has done to watch all the other states are gonna do awarding an a model them after. But the bottom line is exactly what you said how can you get your money. And I thought it had to say when Adam so it's over said what kind of information we give give give out there. That's their leverage that is how these leagues unless states just want to work with them and say you know what. We feel it's best to be in bed with the teams. That we can got to remember New Jersey. If you're you're there you can bet I'd Daniel local colleges right and selected that are in state there. But rose a different game salt may be some states will say you know what we wanna get in bed with the professional sports so. Will go ahead work out a deal others are gonna say listen Nevada has never given you guys a dime on how we giving you a dime. So when you start talking about information. That's what leagues are talking about because that's what legal it's all about leverage what can the league's stayed to the casinos. Add that that says you should give us money it's because what can we withhold right here that we're giving out now. What do we withhold for new that you need desperately from us that will let you give us a piece of the pie but it's. Actually what we have here are two separate issues first and foremost everything that's being said either from gaming commissions. Or states. Or the league's is now negotiating. That's what they're doing they're all negotiating before they actually have to figure out do we gonna go to battle over this over a lawsuit. The other thing is. Do we do we think that there's going to be congress mean. I'm not the greatest tracker and getting stuff done OK we just have the Supreme Court strikes down. And overriding federal law. For all states so basically the Supreme Court just said they states figure out on your own you can if you want do or you don't have to. Now both the league the end and MBA in the NFL is saying. We want there to be a federal law in place well there was a federal law in place. And the Supreme Court said yep probably not so much and I get a that was from a band but you really want the federal ought to cover everybody has it sounds like from the Supreme Court ruling. Davis was very states. Do whatever yeah we're gonna that's an exact opposite of say we're gonna among new legislation that covers everybody yeah so what do you think is more likely to have. I eyes congress wrote wanna wait in here I really wanted to that well it depends on how we colossal election timer you know we have mid terms coming up in November they wanna be you know they wanted to and health insurance after a wanna be headlining ya do wanna be headlining don't get involved in this army with the don't ballots Mac program. Seen that before if there while little publicity. You know all of them then maybe you will see that you know who else is gonna be interesting to me is because you know the professional leagues are going after the dime down. According there. A college about the NCAA will be a really good disabled and poor what you NCAA gonna do. They have all this is gonna happen it's it looks like it's going to happen the NCAA as an entity trying to do exactly. What the NBA's going to be doing. The NFL is gonna be doing what baseball Hough you're redoing trying to get their piece. Of the pie and then the players and every person that's screaming the players get screwed all those are gonna say. While. Another revenue stream right for the NCAA and nothing for us I think it would be absolutely. Certain. So look at this of the NC it was going to currently look. There's a reason why wouldn't billions of dollars for the tell me why would I would if I run out and aiming up for Hillary are there now so I'm I'm going to I'm going down that road pretty easily now that the NCAA also wants their share of the pie as this thing plays out. But that's the look. It's going to happen the question then becomes do we really believe that federal stuff federal lawsuit was trying to legislate this thing again the Supreme Court is that he states. Figured out on your own. The best of broken window podcast. You can listen or subscribe on ESP NF. Apple iPod guest boy. Just ask your smarts they could play goal. We're doing go plus you can check the guys out live weekday mornings from 6 to 10 eastern. On ESPN radio and on ESPN news.