Author of in the Name of the Father Mark Ribowsky joins Sports Daily

Sports Daily
Wednesday, August 15th
Catching up with Mark as he talks about his new book, his experience covering the depth of the Manning family dynasty 

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Saturday September. Sports network on 1240. Lord know we got to Obama yeah. This is what you call. And shame that. Real. K12. 40 AM 975 that's bad. I welcome back. Wednesday's sports daily Shane Bruce. Here with you on Sports Radio KFH. Still action on the offense locker room hotline the last segment we will get back to it but right now we got to. Get to Mark Ballas he's highly decorated authors a new book out called in the name of the father Hanley football and the Manning dynasty. Fascinating topic marker appreciate your time first of all thanks Goran. It. Win now what was the impetus when did you decide that this needs to happen because the honestly. Eli and Peyton and Archie all probably deserve their own books but the the fact that they're all related makes it even more fascinating right. They're the typical real yeah yup that's like that are well I mean. I don't remember it like northern port but may not never but never seen a dime to direct them Durbin barbarism sons and Brothers and you know. Their group even approaching Don Hewitt would Buddy Ryan in the opening round. But there's never been anything like I mean if you spent the last 47 years it's been a Manning. That's starting quarterback again it opened birdied the real. And you know it took her and who knows how long Eli overlap there needs the other way of fooling everyone. You know you think he's done and all of a sudden he comes back with a great these are some who knows. But the real story you of their family I mean it's great that they've been individually. But manly bond is really what makes them or. The Fed by the spill is still intact there are all these years. Even though they've gone their separate waves there's been in a strange blue in the family or both or. It could attribute to the drama that they they have the brand which I call Manning inked. Confirming that there are they make money hand over brisk even patent three years after his retirement is like the third top selling Jersey. In the NFL or you probably see a lot of him what the students are on these commercials approach while they're all new batch waiting. Well you know you'd they just they they never leave this team. And I just figured you know what but don't look that door real badly targeted New York which incorporate speak. Amid growing and legacies and heritage of the outlook could become a New York VoIP but tell me. The battle literature of the bench music from about sports drama had come from the dial but a lot of books are people from the top like Tom Landry who knew little. There are but muted people like Otis Redding and Hank Williams and that fascinate me and I did just spoke almost sort of oh what a novel. Good or Tennessee Williams play. Because they're so many elements that are what do Sam Wyche flu aside did beat. Leading up a victory and it's just it's a threat that explores. And didn't ever been poll properly edit and the other. Margaret bass he's the author. The name of the father. On the story of the Manning family who you're talking about a guy. The patriarch who won Heisman Trophy two sons that one between them. Four super bulls and I AEA is very simple thread of greatness that runs between the three and I'm not trying to. Obviously pushed the rest of the family a sign I realize it's more of a collective thing but with those three. What what's the commonality what what's the thread for greatness. Beyond the fact that they just have the talent. That it remains during the Archie. Or two handed down his athletic. Ability who frequent political per hour or the older one who spoke via the back to. We're gonna quarterback but he would agree Bieber high school complete with a cornerback Nate they planned on doing that retrieving that. Role at all mentor pupil school where he made his maiden. Legendary programs and but Cooper would guard not a vital but no to America play game. And that sent Payton put pelt spend and he didn't even go to Ole miss which crushed Archie. In what the Tennessee going to be chemical or quarterback there obviously. But then came Eli. And he called good circle by going all men are reaping any seems to work out of these guys but beyond that talent I think origin test down as. The ferocious than I mean that the guy who refused to quit. They take a lot of power obliterate our patent laws first seven games but Tom Brady below fourteen out of 21 to Brady. Put you in the way of meeting that they had the the AFC championship. Two years ago he beat Brady and the anywhere they are Super Bowl or you wanted to hold a minority had very little door that the Broncos beat regularly winning that. Allowed him to go out on the storybook ending. And that's sort of what happened to have all these Manning now even argue that such a terrible pro career not early bulk of the loan. But it was with a horrible pain in the paint spend. You went out. How anyone looking a couple of years before having worn an and that's the player of the year arm with a terrible but he. Thought they know their perseverance they just refused to quit. It's almost like a a matter of family pride when they when they blew. It quite agree musketeers you are now poll toward that but come back. And Ed get just the cabinet happily you know. And I think that's degrade the quality of that Archie it and the door. And the name of the fathers the book family football on the Manning dynasty marker Belsky author joining us here on the cavs locker room hotline here on sports daily on. KFH. Mark as far as you know was there ever a point where. Archie really had to push his kids or was it born into them and he was just kind of a rudder. I. Never pushed them he will mediate told he admitted he wasn't the greatest father. Because you lose he was an absentee father much of the time you know with any any any athlete as. And any divot any needed. For years. What I'm saying to our board kept things very wasn't re what they're really rattle the marchers aren't the real. The power behind a broader Israeli. Argued why Bolivia no cheaper wanna brought up that the boy. During a very tumultuous time you know aren't in the business studio. I'll go women's roles but you know the whole thing. She will go to kept everybody saying that they bored I Eli you were bought had thought I hadn't learning disabilities she was oriental learned very shy. It's five years younger than patent six years are gonna Cooper Soviet trying to own world and you Korean word. And I wouldn't Olivia who got him out of that shell. To the point where he'd do became a great quarterback and was able you'd better ferocious since they intended down by Archie sort it all plays and put a family thing. Well Archie never really push them deeper Cranium from wanted to coach you have to dictate what might get caught yet limited space. Target teenager. And start doing what you've been that's what you do that you know he was a very rambunctious obnoxious. Give a lot of people put it that way as a pro do what's right. You know do the things that make people winners. And they are by narrow path to that. Independent very consciously independent Archie they never wanted to apply on his name. They don't want to make their own name and the arbiter they did you get RG now a bit sort of you know been more roll over and fathered. The two quarterback not ended all numbers don't great that's what seems to be forgotten more and more each year. No question he's an incredible player. Mark we're basking. In the name of the father the story of the Manning family. What's one thing that surprised you as you entered into this I'm sure that there were some preconceived notions. There's they were certainly a family did that it has been well chronicled the we've. I've known a lot about them and see a lot about them over the years but as you really delve into things. What what can what surprised you about this exercise and about this family. I think it looked like that surprised me the most global war basically what had been covered up. During Archie Archie time in real time which was good food items are the which put through before report. They are regard to who can power on his blog body came home. It was over the summer of 69 you didn't you eat there at almost one year they've assault with a farmer he came home this father of bird that's from this ridiculous contraction. What do they can restoring and you know who's getting the angle right we did you shouldn't open ahead it was a horrible are horrible story. The Archie found him and and and I think. Buddies this blog are. Obama wanted it before we knew we would go to find him if he knew the family without further de Archie would be back first. And I think there with like I didn't. Torrent area pride in his bottom. But he but he Oprah may have I didn't resentment can never could get out of drew never could you don't have a lightbulb. Which by the athlete of his own so there may have been penned in like that. That played into it and Archie would evict Bulgaria the car won't find it and because he did he got to become a man on the spot at nineteen. I imagine living without direct the July which he's still bugs live with that note that holes but I got the pricey because in real time it was almost like norm wanted to touch it. We would like very you don't get to report there would be talk now over you know. You know pregnant so I would argue that such father committed so got booed out of the tenor of a dime bag that was mostly in small town so that America. That really open is the key in the ignition throw a lot of them the Manning family and very distinct but not surprised me a lot. I mark about he our guest says the author of a new book out has to do with the Manning family did he ever Archie I'm talking about Markey. Speaking a resentment present the fact that he's drafted by the saints and they were such garbage that basically. The only thing we can remember about Archie Manning as he got destroyed is the same crap and maybe if you dig corn up back he was a one man wrecking crew at Ole miss. They probably regrets you know that almost number one of our national startling he never won the Heisman nude it needed to patent needed idealized. But you know. They're worried about you know the a cargo plane to go. Now what you want the data normally here they try to delay mystery what the Green Bay would have been thought it was the best thirty. Equip our young. He was in back to world aren't gonna game ones that are well you know Olivia couldn't come to the stadium because of the Boeing you remember the food that. You're the bastard heads up. You know remember I mean it's. There were run at one point by the astronaut. Dick Gordon who had no no experience and help or business whatsoever. Put it to a particular men. But Archie no one of the lead. You know normally he wanted to say tournament to win our. And he's gonna take pride in the fact that he let collected so long that it so much for that team. It seemed like ability of this family is always to me surprising we live in a culture. There's so much where people. Liked it nitpick in terror down and especially those that do who have been very very successful. This family whereas tough line in that regard it I it it's a universally respected. Seems to VA universally celebrated. And universally enjoyed. Family. On why do you think that if so why why have they been able to avoid it. Similar because yeah and it's just it's just amazing to me that. I think you've got this group that continues to be so really adored by so many others. I agree with your rejected. Out of bottled but I can't bet on her ingredient that. An end and you're right I mean the finger at the Olympic patent patent dated. Well whatever when it really destroyed a number of god I mean you know the open net with a trainer at the Tennessee in the locker room incident. The mooing implement that it's called. Could have destroyed area and any number of quarterback. You know and and what made it worse was let Payton made worse quite twice. Violating the gag order the original gang of order in the case. Which made him have to pay the trainer Jimmy no right twice two more news in all good in damages. Because he couldn't leave it alone and I get awed I pocketed that there was availability of expects that rate the that he never would have done that had a trainer than a male. You know we Riyadh just natural hostility toward her which are which are disturbing. Yet it never became a big story just like the the did Al-Jazeera of doing what the drug in you know right. Does that whole bit. That could have moved back to really destroy the band's career total but it never did not take. Port generally would the end of his career soared really when the matter. But you'd ever held to account for about that. Double our little water and apple put a lot of questions about bedroom door and answered yeah but nobody let's give him but me I told him at all. There's different sort of built in Tampa on there have been that makes a bulletproof especially patent. And I don't know what it is but I you know you've worked hard to do it when he was a rookie with the cult hero ordered that if you already have dug out a corporation together. He knew exactly what he wanted to do we had majored in communications he knew how to communicate with the press. You do worry was going and you get any spill going somewhere that don't know where. Most fascinating book and now appreciate you I think it's time good good finally catch up with you in the name of the father. Family football in the Manning dynasty mark about is the author. Thanks for special time of the same mark appreciate you. Best luck with the book to not that he needs it.