Arkansas made it back to the College World Series

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Wednesday, June 13th
Voice of the Razorbacks, Phil Elson, joins Sports Daily to talk about Arkansas’ trip to the College World Series. It’s the Razorbacks 5th CWS appearance since 2004 and their best finish was 2nd in 1979.

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I'll order out and got to Obama and current partner for this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shame Dennis Sports Radio he. 12:40 AM 975 FM. One down one to go here on sports stimulation against whose brutal with you here on the FH. Baseball talk now as we go TV. Dad's locker room hotline baseball of now are talking Omar hogs as he Arkansas Razorbacks are going back to the college World Series they're ninth all time. The best finish came back in 1979. Kind of hard to believe Arkansas has never won at the finish runner up in 1979. Moiso hogs fell Olson. Joining us right now. Phil listened to the last party your call course it was on ESPN two is anti climactic the fourteen to four victory over South Carolina in the super regional but. I've congratulations to you you're going to the college World Series and and act as he did ES four coach van horn in the hogs. I'll welcome the show how you do on that you your feet back on the ground yet. Yeah well yeah I think it took yesterday the kind of come back down a little bit from. And it has been abducted and change always a pleasure talking baseball you're a matter what variety it is. Yeah I mean the people at it you can congratulate me if you want because I remember a year ago. Is that the FCC tournament and Hoover bad batting practice. It never they've been art that we lead down our pregame interview and I. Just looking at it through there. I didn't even know much about that recruiting class that was coming in the next either. Special but they've New Year's going to be pretty darn good next year and he looks at me and immediately says. And that doesn't even count a recruiting class and then the next thing you know couple weeks later. You get on field in part chatty with the draft a couple of the other freshmen didn't sign that they ought bikes buying contracts. Italian. Expectations were there all season long there's been even army even though I tried not to beat you vocal about it. But it does a terrific baseball in the that a lot of undercover. I'm excited back. You've been ordered before this season because. Com Arkansas had been such a strong presence not only nationally but. Well I guess you could probably with the other way around it the SEC and nationally I mean. The but obviously you're good in the SEC you're going to be good nationally. But but there are some diminishing returns had there been any grumbling about about where Arkansas was in terms of their baseball Rollins says before. Obviously. Things started to turn back away the way they have this season back to a to a college World Series trip wouldn't. I think for the most part it pretty well understood and and an expected that they've they've been org program. There is one of the most if not the most successful on campus that maybe maybe the track program to be the other that you know has had more of us. Sustained success would owe their forty bust national championships dirt. I mean it it ever since they've got on campus I mean really go back most of coach Brian kinder. If this has been a very good baseball program you know people. Might be disappointed there's not a national championship but they also. No first app that you know more most years that they have our shot. They get to Omaha. And and then you go from there and I think Dave van horn is. Some people you can do it could use the term revered because they respect that we got in fact I think I'd go more with respect it. And and envelope in some case. Because he's kept this program that at a certain level for a long long time now but I mean I don't know I'd also be remiss in saying that. Haven't spent one national championships they do you know I mean you heard that about coach K until he finally won one with duke and then I ordered in many one cent. You know he unit about a lot of coaches until they finally quote unquote win one and that's supposed to validate that but I don't expect the case that they've been more. Phil Phil Elson the play by play voice the Arkansas Razorbacks took one back to the college World Series he joins us here on sports daily. And SharePoint into the point about Dave van horn and Arkansas. And we forget that when he left Nebraska. That pretty much sent tremors throughout the the College Baseball world because they've just gone to the World Series Nebraska did and Arkansas. Basically said. We're tired of just being pretty good. Throughout the 1990s. And they bring in Dave van horn and since then. There are profile is has has elevated and I don't think it's any any coincidence that. When Dave van horn got there that there was it kind of put not only College Baseball but the SEC on notice would you agree that. Thanks so. I've I mean I think everybody also. In the SEC at least we believe the program under norm divine as ever Brett. But it it's been more I think of a consistent. Threat in the west division and two to get to all the how really out of the SEC. More hundred days and I mean I proved a success expert so. With coach them or anti yard should be outlawed national title where he coached they're actually very good division two national championship the bank 1994. You take him to do division one programs to a national title back. Or to hurt so Omaha yet I should speak for itself through. The and one of the great places to play or watch. College Baseball as of Baum stadium no Wichita State fans. Know that all too well not always on the positive side played regionals down there there have been near misses that. It's just an absolutely fabulous place to play in it's a fabulous place to coach and I would imagine to recruit. Com but you steady yourself though that that there's and the expectations. On that program with one arm may be as and a minute ago as soon as severe as any on campus at Arkansas outside of the track and field which is obviously naturally are renowned. Com but what do did the fan base is second to none. The following is second to none. And that's a program that maybe doesn't get talked about as much as it probably should be. In terms of the national spotlight. Because it's an unbelievable place to be part of College Baseball. It is a note I hope that that if if most people across the country are getting their Q what are Arkansas based on it like from. Popped noxious expand that was on ESPN in Europe rep Allen all the umpire for five and he's great in their bird like thirty year. That very seat that he never you know he's he's probably most famous band but it is it. It is they had to lead this is they took the closest that I've ever come to calling a Major League. You know and and that's because of her passionate because of I mean besides the network or aren't quite some stations is just statewide program. And then when you go to that game it has. A mini Major League electricity to it. You know it I think about this Saturday and are you could kind of compare. Remember when the Braves really got going in the in the early nineties sparked a opt trouble every thought about the amok drop. It's still with the penguins beat the fire out before doing it on copy all the ones that had to be a little bit intimidating just a little bit. So I mean a bomb you get these 11500. People all calling the hog at the same kind. And again you can think about that would you want that it ought summon it really kind of mixed but they air on the back here next and that. I didn't open about the idea that. You were route to Baum stadium yup that's one of the things that you bring it here for and it's it's because I think of that mini Major League feels even to a point where. I didn't realize this until I've finally been a crack gets you beat now there and but so if you're a College Park and blog stating the only stadium that at all natural served as. There's not an they have not announced the artificial heart on the putting circuit board in the bullpen. And at least a most of the interest there's you know you get that artificial turf warning track or in some cases abandon the whole field including the mount. I mean that they get big leaguers out of that but that's not big league and it didn't it that's just one of those small things. That makes it stand out like that and that's what happened and that's what make state special he talks and coaches to those small things. Even in the game itself the fundamental you know outer outer around the bases properly I mean. These are small until guy and that's turned it into a big country. He'll also in the voice in the Arkansas Razorbacks the hogs are going back to the college World Series to play Texas from old. Get together from old southwest conference rivals. Full disclosure Phil and I both were in the Texas League. I mean for not very long Phil for quite awhile for the Arkansas Travelers. And now you made a comment on social media not too long ago fill that. At the end or toward the end of pretty much every professional baseball season you see the finish line no matter how good or bad the team's doing your ready for to be done. College Baseball when you're Colin. Opt successful program it's not that way. Tell us why. Now is it one of my what are the what are they what are comic somebody put on that was that. It eat oil would get out of the mathematics of 140 in my early schedule. 86 or however many of my later college season and expect suspect looked that should wait he simple way to look at Hewlett-Packard. It is another remote. Because of the because it feels like Major League Baseball I mean the SEC season. And you know Wichita State players would say the same thing about carpet. At every other kid that plays out based both feel the same way. About their conference beat him specifically. I just like one huge. Play all these that. For a Major League team that actually involved and I didn't mean to more than a Major League regulars he. Just the waiting game is played the waiting game has coached it's called it not about. It's not about. Development development board the majors specifically. It is about about developing young men and learning. But it also about winning. And winning game and when it boiled down to that. When that them Dana. Reeve and you're there at the ballpark that day instead of you know trying to make sure you get your four add back in one on end and not get find in this Matt and look I love my league baseball I've. But but it XP did the majors or reason. So the Major League teams went. College the college he wanna win otherwise the coaches get fired and to me that's why. This deal so what's different in my early days but liked that the dot Arkansas. I'm from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania I didn't even know it had a thing for now but I want I want the pirate I listen to the pilot. Nobody knew about College Baseball up there and they might just now be started find out about it could fit in the ACC. And they made a little run in their argument but at the big leagues and he looked at the palette you'll hear more confederation backs are really you know. When. Bracket to pretty darned interesting in that you've gut. If essentially an SEC big twelve kind of challenge. At bio I've that a lower part of the brackets mis. I think is loaded up pretty good. It's going to be hit that should be an awful lot of fun and didn't just going to call games in Omaha it's fun but then you start looking at the competition and things of that nature you gotta be pretty intrigued by at all and obviously in Florida you know a lot about your opponent. Well I don't really plan on missing a game as long as I'm there I mean the hotel at two blocks away. I know there's all sorts of other stuff going on great restruct but the most there's two game that day. And all that easy to sit there watching back and they're two games to date derelict you could escape. Let. Yeah I mean it's a great collection of base that's one of the reasons I would love going to be SEC tournament even though people. You know kind of operate as a as a tournament it's not meaningful but it's pretty darn great collect a half what it was but I expect. And that's what out world here people will be like he'd been the game obviously we'll meet a lot more in our darkest our nose turned chiropractic and they played everybody on that side. If they beat access to erode all. Before the start of the conference season actually was. It but I thought Texas was that on stadium. Today the Saudi garrido passed away and that was the first they have that theory then. And you know I mean. That that's a whole other story in and of itself. At Arkansas beat Texas attacked they were scheduled for a two game series slowed it rained out then we get to play the red one into that Gainesville. They expect period came down to the very last pitch. On the Sunday it was it was there are two great games in one blow out the Arkansas lost the one time they got their butt handed to the good bad or seventy people in that series that could I think Hamels started the heart didn't tell anybody that would. Bump and then maybe they beat Florida in them. It Hooper of the game so they've seen everybody on that side. They went oh and we against that was series that really turned anger stark bill that was just series it really turned things around for the bulldogs. So we see almost everybody here. And I'm excited to see what Oregon State has I mean you read everything about it to watch the minutes of like a mini major leaking out what all our lack. That this is gonna be great yeah I don't I might it myself butcher their expert to meet. Early game on Sunday at Arkansas and Texas and then I'll later on that night. He'll be Florida and Texas Tech talk and no it feel Olson the play by play voice the Arkansas Razorbacks. You have unit your phone follow on Twitter obviously and for all things Arkansas if you care all about Arkansas follow Phil at Phil Olson. PXP. He'll pop up there but dead during the season you you changeup you or handle. Periodically. How often and what are your three favorites that you've you change your nickname to during the season. Well I've been clueless about once reached. At all and I just do it is also is yet on little bank. Try to keep it to baseball terminology right only. Not including out. At private account yet yet this column are less well alt a pull up my note article. That it did you did you have arm side run and was one of the could be. He'll be repertoire. And that was the first one I didn't last year which was that orbit. That makes all in it though you are still that first gained it won't. Experimental replay review else and because I liked that idea that eventually the experimental reviewed in a mandatory brought out baseball post these. Sure. Saying. You know at last but we're really go to the that it picked my opinion between light all of that there is the one that I just switch out of and limit parity is OL which is the extreme that sent out. Arm side run Nelson I think maybe should do entertain. Perhaps. Or. You're that went I think they use that unless you are yeah I think so yeah. I bet he has that little there was there was split finger grip Nelson. Ed you know we get any ideas that go my way at least earlier that are run out of idea. Well there are plenty idiotic baseball terms that you could run up the flagpole and there's no shirt no. No end in sight when it comes of that. There's tons government that would be that that would have a blood but one day do a play by play broadcast by expense it it yeah. And some of them actually are but I can't do it. Even some of the clubhouse terminology that I think you may remember. Yeah. Well it should be an awful lot of fine coming up this week and give me one thing that you really love about this baseball team obviously with the gaudy record they've been. Did being good all season long they've been tough they've been consistent. You can set your watch to this ball club. We all understand that you don't get to Omaha with smoke and mirrors so what is it out this team that you really like. Beyond those things or maybe the thing that says that creates those things what would it be about this Arkansas baseball team. It's the fact that you can't point to one I think there's such you know they they are they are a completely Ari. It looked to meet typical of games is that they leave men on base. It's pretty typical of motor through that line about you know I think we we basically better pitching in the college World Series than it once now. But it's pretty difficult it just burned through this planet and dominate and keep them away from opportunities to score. So that and it's not that that the hole in the book that they usually do sport. One of them being that great about them is that the lineup 19. There are a lot of opt out but there. And if somebody is what I remember a couple of games are not performing well more often than not there's one or two or even great guys that aren't. That will be something that hurts the opponent and that's what stands out but there's there really are a lot of it being about the I think Victor complete. Phil they'll get packed up and I enjoy your time and Omar will be lots of money. But it's out here but okay Phil Elson the play by play voice of the Arkansas Razorbacks it'll be 1 o'clock for them. Against Texas that's on Sunday he'll be the second game are the second day of the college World Series and then Florida and Texas Tech will follow at 6 o'clock. And bracket one on Saturday. It will be Oregon State North Carolina game will be at 2 o'clock at Mississippi State and. Washington will be a night game Saturday night at 7 o'clock. That's what's on tap courtesy. Side pockets what's on tap today it's why not Wednesday. My strategy to quarter pound cheeseburgers served with Fries he's 595 today morning Kellogg and tell outside products. Today what's on tap later on tonight on the air at 631 at 715 of the final game that three game series between the royals and Cincinnati Reds. Coming up next will check some news and notes and headlines. A former major champion is coming to leave Wichita open. And the US open ponds and picks are out we'll talk about that much more get to Chamber's few unfortunate.