Are The Numbers Or The Eye Test The Way To Determine Who The Better Team Is KU Or WSU

The Drive
Monday, February 12th

The debate rolls on as to who has the better team WSU or KU with this portion of the debate revolving around statistics or the “eye” test.


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Bo loses. It's you liked him before. So he's. Back room. I'm and I. I dealt with the music this week he fits in trying east. Listen guys go all that Brooks and Dunn brand new man music brought to you by a bomb in the lead he's 45 north and belt and what. 45 north looked on in Bel Air. You'll have for the best Italian food you'll. Find in this city I guarantee it here's what's particularly. Discouraging about this Brooks and Dunn thing. They have Tony number one hits so on the country charts. So I was gonna play all of whom this week though we only have two songs tomorrow orally here till 530 tomorrow will give way to. These kids these. Terrible Kansas basketball team of course I'm kidding Kansas is a good team. But they don't have the depth they don't have yet this year. In my humble opinion do you think's going to win the national title this year just Villanova. Villanova is gonna land even though they lost the other day. Everybody's loss Virginia as a threat they always play defense. They lost if I won in overtime ride but at BE it's it's a tough fear. Michigan State I suppose although. They've shown signs about the box. But guy's name and get home court and give him credit Chris Hope linking coach. I can coach. Until is that those expectations. Of start to happen well here they are they bloody eighth in the nation I think all of the expectations of stardom Terry American coaches Chris beard is that is name. At Texas Tech. Bagel and a Manhattan the other night in what looked to be. Three quarter full Bramlet coliseum. What do disappoint you don't. K staters are is sick of being disappointed our stay with there at all. What what is the deal. I mean if if you cannot get more people to go to that game. Against nationally ranked Texas Tech top ten ranked Texas stacked in a big game. I mean Kansas State. Has has some nice wins this year but they laid NA. Terrible now Texas Tech is very good K state. Folks get really up for K year that might be about it I thought I was of the bad shown their nonconference schedule I know this isn't part of have been it is it doesn't really entice people wanna get used to going to break off I don't know about that they did they don't get in every teen early LC Gardner-Webb. I don't know battle all of that prairie view that has been weak argument in my estimation I mean I'm not arguing it I'm explaining it I'm thinking now might be a possibility. I don't know what I know what I am what I thought about all their lives. Looked at numbers and I've I've crunched the numbers as you've. People like to do what those numbers tell you that he tells me that everybody thinks Kansas is better than Wichita State. By the numbers but by objective don't know what are the odd ball side. But the eyeballs aren't as reliable as date and may not ever ever ever will I. Disagree that it's UK doesn't deserve it does state played ten times on a neutral court who'd win. But let's go could be five to five. You're reckoning argument for Kim and kotsay in the he's neither of these teams. You can't argue one way or another there's nothing that suggests either team is better I think expressed or 73. More leaning towards 73. The Wichita State that's Rahm leaning because Kansas won and has a good shooting night might win. Well they can have seven of those together Wichita State wins when they have good good shooting night which it does say it has more wasting my dad I send him except Wichita State's good shooting night sky against temple and I'm not well are gauging the center of power says and I'm not engaging this. Against conference on not gauging against any thing. Except what my eyeballs Tellme. As a long time watcher. Of college basketball that's what I see you can disagree. But I'd I think you're wrong. Are well Wilson will find out because they Wichita State out of the game at a SMU hopefully. Jake Milton plays and they have to against Cincinnati so far against the other top four in the case either too into they've beaten and lost to Houston. They've been lost to Tulsa. When they lose to Tulsa. You're trying to get near. Found it right I can't clone saga about bad my bad. They hate to be wrong guy I am pimple they lost due to get you can be run on a guy that is letting go or not this guy I got the same way and I got that Iran not the guy. But the only thing I don't know I had it in my head that they now make it to one miss step around me and I'm all over yeah. We didn't play that great it's a great trade I have the last three or whatever but we will find out. Still. Not temples cumin and their team to beat Wichita State. Let's get to Twitter for a second Sally. Because. I put up a couple pulls today with Valentine's Day coming up. I've put up a couple polls about leading men and and good looks and why because I did have for the layman yes because I think our armed female listeners deserve this. So to polls today. Two of these is the most handsome old school leading man. We give you four choices Marlon Brando's Steve McQueen Paul Newman Robert Redford. Right now Paul Newman in the lead early on at 46%. Don't we go more contemporary with the second poll George Clooney. Leonardo DiCaprio Ryan Gosling Brad Pitt. Clooney. Out to an early heads with 38% of the vote. Easily handsome man. Is on the David Letterman net. Flicks program I wanna watch that I enjoy them the Obama interview some nexus George Clooney yes I'll watch that later. Follow Obama allow lot next month. Rally yes interest he's getting some peeps. Here's Bratt Brett you're on the show are you. I Bob outburst of Arctic ice that the Smart first time calling I'd won that state urged that I hate to ensure that. There radio show and I think you're hilarious. New mayor thank you Brad anyway on Bob and Bob. Thanks to rental I have I have that same night less than other Debian achieve K used up all the time. And I'm I'm not gonna be okay you homer but. Can save it one through thick thirst that the players. Burst KE vs bad the issue you can't sustain that in near the top I respect players. Is more than a push between the two the only thing that the issue has put more debt. You can't argue I don't think very accurately that that the issue is better at any position shared even in a down year for KE. And Bob again I have bailout for Bob. That you ruined all credibility when he talked about camp let being an MBA all star and having a better NBA career and John Wall. Well listen Brad you you you're not allowed to call the show again after. That's not the personality I think it's funny I don't get a break and everything's great Burton number Brett. Jeff will never live down the fact that you think on the funny one but that's neither here nor there and I respect your opinion. I still not counting Landry sham and out as a potential NBA all star some day he went through 45 games slumped. But this guy can really play and I'm I'm I'm not back and offer my is there any way that only going to be a better MBA player than Fred mentally. Sure howling there's anyone taller. Now. Brat I love you but yet the have anything else. Yet one more thing we have live in such a what have you done for me late piece bit by. We're having that discussion after K you laid an egg at Baylor. And deputy chief started to play a little bit Baylor hit it better in their last game we would not be happen the same discussions. Yet the last game didn't happen. I agree Brett well. OK but the last game did happen. And her case you look pretty bad. If they don't make shot they did but every team if they don't make chart book that thanks Brett. I don't know this is right away to see Wichita stating in Cincinnati. That world tells us telling Gaddis such a barometer and unfortunately. This first games on the road so we might not learn is quite as much. Oh we will let today's split. Now the game ARCO Arena on March 4 if Cincinnati has a four game lead at that point may not mean a whole lot. And the soccer's may well on senior day in and hand Cincinnati its only loss in the American. And won't go on Al billable on the conference by three games. And and Tony there's nobody will remember but I they're trying to go undefeated in the house anecdotally it's not Cincinnati goes to Houston a lose lose. And Wichita State happens to go in there and beat them the night game on March 4 could be for all the marbles. So let's wait to see. Right yeah but. That's asking a lot we sure drafting a law. Cincinnati's. Big is is Claire cut. The best team in the American this right so and ask them to lose twice before. March 4 is is that Cincinnati's has not played on the road in Houston and hasn't played Wichita State I guess now they haven't played. The power teams and the comp for their president made it beat Houston at home. But they did allow seventy points to Hughes their resume is an overwhelming except that they don't lose what they have a BI and the power broker up and I am there have read the may. That's no wonder guys that's far better let me go I mean it's just slip event. As far as wins go now Cincinnati doesn't have a whole lot of marquee wins but they don't lose. Wichita State has lost games that it should win. Now that what ever used that went wherever you're gonna want this I disagree. With tears in her the wins that Kansas that's okay against power. Fives. Obviously they've got some wins in the big twelve and and some of those are nice the big twelve the tough conference. They beat Stanford. Which is thirteen and thirteen 76 in the pac twelve. They beat Syracuse six and six and the ACC seventeen and eight overall. They beat Kentucky which is six and six in the SEC. Seventeen and made overall. They beat Texas and a M six and six in the SEC 717. And eight overall. They beat Texas pan am. Which is six and they'll just say that yes okay so that they're there you have it that's our body of work outside the big twelve. One other immense size small ever done OK it's better than Wichita State's. I will put my. Reputation on the line. We don't say. That can't Wichita State. Goes farther this season and cancer tomorrow we'll see in Kansas is gonna get apply at what's in what's it time. And Wichita State's gonna place somewhere. Relatively close to them as a I don't know Lennar he has an in Dallas but Jerry palm hasn't gone to Pittsburgh well beat Cincinnati and they can fix all that. Hello Chris you're on the drive. That's. I'm not gonna have a popular take care and I'm gonna god had given any like what I what I see is. This shock airs every year. As soon as case you'd at least tumbling here are they're just not near as debt debate no debate starts its estate and very. But they'll be etched. Are your are you saying I'm inferior. The bit what do my inferior to Chris. I don't care about either of whether either of these teams went one up what's inferior about me I'm stating an opinion. All I'm saying is I thank PSU hardcore fans as soon as KE stumbles during the year whatever year might be it was not very often they. And the debate starts are what matters and am getting you know pop rock but it just say that they're just. I'm the one on the one that instigated the debate today nobody else did nobody called the so on that well the debate is trying to buy. Here at the time to eat here every car that there's college and over the years. But it is just a ticket but it is eight. WS unit and apple like this and ominous in his case it gets it gets mediocre as they are this year. The last time K you was great Chris. It okay thank you you know look at my list the last time Kansas was great. A great basketball team. That's an interesting question pretty subjective. Well yeah it's subjective but what what's sure there'll water TC every year in the term what every year I'd all I'm asking I'm not listen. If you wanna take this a different direction I'm just asking the question. Can you be a great team and not get to final force. Yes you can yes because those are one game. Well NCAA turn him as much as thick as much a crapshoot is anything. Interest thing. Let's see do have another caller let's get operate on the show robbery are you. Robberies there. Bill for an robbery. I don't candidate and the candidate Arnold and I bet everything I hit a you would fumble with a hot and I'm good at art art here about the batter. That it didn't play only masked gunman and double A tournament hair back out. Well that's one exam that's one season and I think if I think and in most years. I would probably say Kansas has a better team in Wichita State this year I think what's tough states better. Absolutely agree you know how to put it back. You love it's not count on it would attack and like dead or. I appreciate and Omri I think there's there's certainly a vote. Point of contention. Between Wichita State and Kansas though love not taken advantage of that today on this show. You darn rye maybe a little wooden because I like talking about it clearly and talk about this Piaf on how ought not well I got a lot more interesting things that are willing. Just being one of them. We'll take a break you're listening to the drive on camp faith Jesse Newell. From the Kansas City Star is up next he covers Kansas won't get his thoughts stay with a.