Are The Cavaliers Now The Team To Beat In The East

The Drive
Monday, February 12th

A discourse on the new look Cavs and if they are now the team to beat in the East.


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This is good for. Talk back it's time for God's sake of face for radio Bob who's up who's with a few second hour on Monday fell. Remember tomorrow will be here until 530. Giving way to K you basketball pregame. There on the road against Iowa State so I went back and look. Since Gregg Marshall arrived at Wichita State eleven season. I said what is K you've been great they've been great a few times. What do they've been better than Wichita State they've been great more often on Wichita State here's why yes my assessment is that they've been better. In those eleven seasons they've been better than Wichita State. It's. Six times. Wichita State's been better three times and I've got two of the top side. All right. The tossup seasons our last season. When the shock is worth 31 on five and K you with 315. K you got a little farther in the tournament. I got Danny Kaye is probably better last year close. I'd probably be okay giving me heads to Kansas. And then the fire the other time when I got a there's a tossup is actually Wichita State's final four year they lost nine games that season. Kansas went to the sweet sixteen what 31 and six I'd probably be inclined. Before the eternal started to say Kansas with a better till there was no question about it Wichita State and lost. Evansville they got in the nine. But as far as outcome of the season goes of course Wichita I'd probably be inclined to give an 83 cans that's why it's hard to say eight team is better than a different team just based on tournament resulted that I play each other in the turn ML based on my book on tournament well eyeballs failure. So our goal is though through what my perception is so since Marshall arrived Kansas better eight times. Wichita State better three times. That's that's what we got. They have you liked that's fine but the great lead right plant a sounder that's all I got for that it's fine fled Tommy. And always liked. I fear looking for something to get your significant other this Valentine's Day. And apparently I'm not because my Valentine doesn't give the world com home or not apparently. Tried. 2357. North maize road chocolate covered strawberries they have cakes cookies. Give them an order. By calling 72100. 90. Eyed shock the baseball opens up later this week. At the knees state I want you to name the three do woes. An impossible I don't know who is playing together at the same time we do those who have combined to drive then 200 or more runs of the season. Ted Woodward got this he did the I don't know who played together Russ Mormon and Phil and mark Stanford now they didn't play at the Seattle though that arrests more and until Stephenson. Yes but they don't really count why. Of the two guys and have the most RBIs that season. And we're talking about 1982. Where Ross Mormon and Charlie O'Brien and Russ Mormon and Charlie O'Brien that's due Ali meanwhile more now you need two more. You said there's three to enlarge just play the game stop being difficult not being able to let go or alive. Here's are not being difficulties said there were 3-D ROK Libor is a name for it. Well. Joseph Carter and Rick Rona. That are dumb guess why. Rick Rona. C'mon man you play in the big it's serious. Darren Dreifort and Toby Smith now. Drilling now. Pat Magnus and do as the guy Jeff Ryan Ding Ding finally. If you think about things before you pop off you don't do why bank if you think you can talking down one. Give me the year this is easily one. Joseph Carter and fills Stephenson can we'll get. I let me ask you this. It's. Who are the shock heard do those. Two combined for forty or more home runs a season. Probably the same there's only 12345. Of these Carter and Stephenson. Forty they had forty in nineteen boardwalk. And deferred and whoever. Who another guy. Amendment. I don't know who play and then house like this late eighties I'd I have nothing it was a it was they. Buoyant or went more PS Andre and Michael Wentworth I don't know. Oh mark Stanford and Eric Wedge had 39 home runs that year was Stanford getting 28 of them thanks a lot they've really offshore. Really others with forty or more home runs of the season. Do wells. Big guy. Who's the guy who had a bunch now I can't think of his name. Not too long ago why or why am I blame your helmet it's terrible effort here who's the guy who did amount like ten years ago. Whoever it. A jury room off foot yes drew Moffett and Brandon green dried off put in Logan Sorenson gay. Combined to hit 36. I got nothing. This given to me. That is too bad that Magnus and Ryan probably did to listen Ryan combine for 44. Jason Adams and Darren Dreifort. Well Darren Dreifort and Toby Smith. In 1993 combined for forty home runs good. Tom the others. Eric what might McDonald's Ford at the run in 1989. Now Wentworth Magnuson Ryan 44 and 1999. Stanford the words came close. Carter and Stephenson combined for forty. In 1981. Why are we talking about do those because Wichita State has. A highly regarded offensive duo this year in Grayson genocide and our ball. Like heavier numbers they'll combined for 29. Home that's debt. That's fifteen and fourteen that's a lot. In today's column let him play more games back in the day for sherbet. Would fifteen last year they combined for twenty home runs and 81 RBIs they'll get 29 homers. Well that's a lot and let's say. They'll have way more army guys let's say a 131 RBS a 150 more RBIs he had negative 71 and sixty. Well they need something like that Wichita State does. That's a lot of RBIs and only like sixty games that they've you play well they used to have that the weekend. Back in the day didn't thank you have opened a lot of numbers there they're both gonna be awesome how about we just leave it at that day go. Shocker is that the police state this weekend come home for other season opener at home and X stadium next Friday a week from Friday the 23. Against Omaha. They play at 3 o'clock 2 o'clock and 1 o'clock then they have Nebraska coming yen. The following weekend for a three game set that that'll be interest thing. So Omaha and Nebraska the two soccer's first two home upon interesting schedule as it always is with which to us a lot of good midweek games. 8691240. It's the I gotta have locker room hotline you know the job talk is reserved for collars listeners to get in your thoughts. You can take to show any direction you like we can talk about handsome leading man. We can talk about a Hansen host of radio shows if you rather. Knew would be some. Me Jim Rowe about the beard coming in about well it's a little better. Visit visit start mid pack I didn't. Trim the arrest and never does grow at the same time Adam. I don't do things like that what I do. I do things in my own life proudly. Cavaliers yesterday now a lot of people with a knee jerk reaction to oh my goodness they did go and Pope Boston. They do they looked a lot better they were highly energized now they they went to Boston won on Paul Pierce today when they. Retired his Jersey. The cavaliers are better how much better. As you watch the game now I want to I told Dow watch the Olympics I'm watching what do you do on the Olympics. You wanna get on and talk about. The I was pairs figure scanning so we could talk a little ski Athlon. Also our society and I think the cavaliers for a minute and I watched. The bears look like the style snowboarding here's what I came away from Washington Cleveland slide George sills a good player. Rodney hood. Could be a difference maker Jordan Clarkson. Had a great game are all really narrowed got to lay out what it I don't think Clark is gonna shoot like that every guy is a good play and Larry Nance junior is a man on the front line they plus they got this rookie from Turkey. What's his name and you are worthless on this show any Osmond yes. My gosh come all came up with it you are there bro we're safer and I noose from Turkey. Fantastic looking young player. They're gonna you're just starting out. And look Jeff green is a good player. These are JR Smith made and I'm believe did you happen to see the shot he made I saw was dunk. Okay well he made a shot from the three point line on the baseline cut the ball as he was basically. Going out of bounds. Got up and I shot. From the left baseline. Made it. Doesn't. Can they be Golden State probably not. They have they've used they've made this season much more at plus they got better as a shooting team they're much better from the three point line George Hill makes breeze. Rodney hill makes threes Jordan Clarkson makes there kudos to their GM for going out. That's the GM of the year. I mean those trades fleet in name to I didn't feel like I gotta let me I didn't I don't have to get us started out to get DR Andre Jordan backing it. Three guys base of four guys who basically our role players but you fill roles that we need in our mistakes billion star power. I don't they have enough. Well what do you mean nobody got the best player other endlessly without star and they've got Kevin Love is great. And it could be especially great now that he's now part of a trio of greatness just part of two great players. I think you bring more out of Kevin Love that when they win the east. I still think Toronto is gonna halves of the strongly strongly never amount to the talent. So down here they are well so you're saying this is our year. What makes you say that. It's like their team they're very I had a pretty much the same thing they write their season they've been together for a while isn't they've got stars they've added some pieces they've been together for a got Serge Ibaka. He was there last year then they've got good play and they didn't put up any five all to no woods played this year. I I disagree with yet they lead the east so a lot so that means they're really got to let these last year. And gave Cleve. Little bit of Barack DeMar DeRozan Kyle Lowry Serge Ibaka that these guys listen Fred van fleets a nice addition to them. But they're not they're not going to be the cavs a best of seven we'll see. You know that I don't know that. You could not be more wrong about your basketball takes today. I am completely on fire with mine just because Gordon Jordan Clarkson had a nice game for Cleveland where. I'm not saying they're going to be Golden State but I do think they'll win the east and I still think there are. Two teams at least on the west. That are better than Cleveland in Houston. And Golden State. Could it could could you put. San Antonio and amount it no now there are. There for father five act. Five teams that can make the finals. Boston Toronto Cleveland Boston's not gonna make the Houston. Let's be real. Boston's a nice team. Why am I gonna make the files why they don't have enough. They just simply don't have enough. Brad Stevens can coaches they should've gone out and gotten. Hoosier guy from Memphis. Tyreke Kevin that's a team that should've went out and got him they need more scoring may need more firepower. There aren't they they are not impressive offensively. They're not they're not gonna hang. So I've got it is from Brett I have I have let us three teams that come when the final. You going to run a go and I don't I don't really in the finals I did say when the fire I don't have them because Golden State and I don't really have Houston. Those his Golden State its Golden State in Cleveland it's not you really can't win the finals then it's killed and say one team five out of 55 five can make the files of course Golden State's going to win James can make the finals. One five and one can imagine the pond five can make it one gill went to retain. It's Cleveland go and Golden State legal is not a good enough buy your ticket to do that yet. Buy your tickets sorry. There are significantly. Better than Bob -- bit acted like Rodney hoods is great matchup against USA a good play is good news better Hibbert Klay Thompson. Klay Thompson well viola. But they have now the kind of depth the kitten listen Cleveland's gonna lose that there is little b.'s six game series. They'll want a couple games they improve themselves that much and how they improve themselves enough to where I believe LeBron will stay in Cleveland. We'll see he can go anywhere BO stand clear of the U wanna stay with a Rod Hood. Robby does a good player he's our guy he's a good player and he's getting better he looked good yesterday I was impressed by Cleveland. Very glad I two and end of that game. And you know it was fun to listen to as I'm not breaking ground here but that three man Booth to Breen Mark Jackson. And Jeff Van Gundy. Is outstanding. They playoff of each other Jeff thing again these great. Okay. What would you ever have an opinion because I necessarily guy news. Got his hands in his pocket I've never cared about broad gadgets I'm not in all that you thought you wanna talk. Snowboarding. That's really what you want to say did you watch the slopes style everybody felt because the wind was blown a thousand miles and feels horrible they canceled the Alpine skiing event will they canceled the qualifying and do one of their runs so they got two runs. The gum ball. While fast is the only way to figure actual for a guy said he Osmond is is more interesting than the greatest athletes. In there in both Edwards in the world of our listeners a peg get tunnel what you wanna talk about and a few and happened. Know how to Olympic I love the Winter Olympics I do too who why wouldn't people would still what I want to have to be cynical about another cynical but a lot of people are a horrific I filled in for Jim wrote I've watched demanded of the winner. What rule why is that like 861 at 1240 he got a Winter Olympics take. Jeff watts a lot of it. See. Kudos demeanor you don't watch a lot of ailing sports related. So I'm glad you watch the when there are a lot of funniest stuff but I love the Olympics and I can't wait win at. I've always loved the Winter Olympics Summers all right. I've nothing against them round mountain and invert moment in my give me ski jumping give me down hill any day of the week we'll. Let's shocks me why our guys never been skiing I have great memories of Watson the winner guy who's never Bennett and the tears never been on ice you know I've ever played the MBA either but I sort of enjoy that. Marks up on the drive mark you have the Winter Olympics on. The quality of the Olympics going in the NBA is the world watched and until they get there. So the oil anyway. I wanted to tune in and see this new look cavs team mark. And there and there are. Going to be the same moon when you watch it tomorrow and next week. To make sure that I had not yet available watched some other. Illusion bobsledding in exactly. Not a bridge figure skating guys but. But again caliber of athlete so. I'm all for the Olympic. That's that's if that's your take. Yeah I take let's go to great Ted did nothing specific about. Whose balloon guy for the United States to won the silver medal give me as well I did watch that today they though and today. Over the weekend. I know more about the code as they do. I don't know OK at any don't know. I he has family there I think did he was coming back and I watched yesterday was the ski and thought I want dolls all of it. It took an hour to forty minutes. And why are out levied namely that skaters skating. That they're trying to this is not over yet Noah there while the day more one more day out watch that. Wants this is much Olympics as you know how lots of law the law yesterday shot snacks on the drive check. Our user. You can watch the Olympics but you gotta love on the job some on your side the moguls were great. You know we took the silver in the lewd act and wait for. He got no value out the moguls to. I didn't want to lose I'll give I'll admit it was a highlight. That that there was great partner and I love the Winter Olympics so in this case strapped somewhere yet. Thankfully platoon through I don't umbrella and time would throw out of jail late to get home and watch him and I. Why Kim denied. Your voice cracked the good. That's good I'm happy why are you so he and I like the Winter Olympics what are you looking forward to watching tonight whatever is on. The you really. I love you if you beat everything you know what do you mean. Used to say that Barney five used to say that they and the its unifying I just love the Olympics. School give me and indeed you could even name eludes guy by the loss solution can miss that par out of that way I think you wanted did you see. Tell me what eventful happened in the cross country skiing race. The guy fell. And one then a very good but country Norway and there's no way to finish 12 and three in the race now your top Norway got all. Now I win a little like an expert. What I want to lose ought not gonna sit here and try to comment on it but I watched the moguls as chuck mentioned. Another favorite event and a mile he jumping. And I think there was on that this afternoon so I hope they replay it. Well I'm sure it'll show you some ski jumper I love it. Those guys and girls this goes so far doesn't mean they they go so far are you don't have really any. Anything to compare it to because you're not there if you're there watching it. At the take off side which I happen to be for a little bit not for not for long I probably saw six or seven. Olympians. Bennett's really impressive but on TV they all seem to land on the fame player. Right and it's fun to watch it dislike for some reason this Vietnam was fun to watch these guys trudging up hills. I don't know why it's entertaining but I was fixing well good I'm happy for you Dennis your next. I will not be why didn't you one girl and they tribe will be what UConn and Louisville women go ahead tonight. I'd I'd prefer the Olympics minister beyond us. Well I'd tell you what. I've got to see that UConn team and got. Or final. Auditors starting lineup for the wooed known ward. Can you believe it well. Bless them if you look at their scores nobody can even play with them I would suspect that's going to be the case tonight with blue oval certainly. We'll have to talk to keep that on about her experience leading Wichita State in there on Saturday only to lose. By 81 points you've come on another level and I don't think that the next level is I think it's a ski jump a way to put it didn't. In term of Jeff would lie. There you go out with UConn now against Wichita eight. I don't remember ever heard that the U 71%. From the field. That Natalie Robert and lob. I got a call you out Bob on year. Assessment of Justin Timberlake. I went back and look at that brutal mar first twenty or hear and speak. Kimberly can I try Bruno Mars as Mandarin. That's a fair point Dennis I would probably. I would probably agree with you there. I haven't thanks let's take a break Tom. We'll be back in a moment Bob was Jeff pollutes the drive OK okay.