An Allocation On Century Two’s Future With Wayne Bryan

The Drive
Friday, August 11th

Wayne Bryan, the director of Music Theater at Century Two joins Bob & Jeff to talk about his 30 year career at Century Two and the rumors of Century Two’s future.


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Bob loose. So you liked him before. So he's. Back when. Wrapping up right. One ball and they move song. Lane Bryant joins us from music theater of Wichita in its 46. Season. They have their final show of the season starting tonight through August cornea it's called news these and it's a century to win worked. The thankful for you joining us here today. Thank you for inviting me it's great beyond. You bet that was a look at it your bio and you have haven't. Incredibly distinguished career in theater and as yet how the housing gone for you right now you've been doing this for a long long time. I know this is tight during a summer I still am learning and still loving the young people get to work with every year it's still gorgeous great thank you. Well we we know that century two's been in the news is Sun City leaders in the community. Are are grappling with what to do without building is so certainly an iconic building and what's atop. And you're not building as much as anyone how to housing and functioning for you in music theater of Wichita right now. What century choose the only place we've ever been entry to Britain knew in the late bank in that. East and they were trying to figure out some way to attract people to it in the summertime. So music Peter was founded in 1972. With the idea it would deal locally producing theater organization. Did big musical every summer and would train students say has ordered that it would build its own sets and costumes. And that kind of Peter doesn't exist much across the country anymore but we are still right being. Eight in part because we were signed in to a facility. Had to chop and carpentry shop the rehearsal rooms and all those kind of things that most new performing arts center don't out. So the only place they've ever been and it works fine for a we're used to its quirks. And eat it works well for a that's not to say it replaced couldn't also. But we don't really have the problem with that and I think some folks do. Where where then that does the problem come from my guess a year dead obviously main tenets of that. Building have how much have you heard about what others are saying about some potential problems or some realistic problems with sentry to right now. Oh my goodness stereo we're certainly get as ever all of that we hear all this and then there are some very genuine. That's feelings at it that the F building has. Has built in. Challenges that are not as convenient for some of the touring shows French banks to deal with the way you have to load. Touring scenery into the building is not like you'll barring any means. Since we build our own debt mutant as much of an issue for us. But we certainly understand the concern that other people out. When Bryant of music theater which what should Todd joins us you've been a century to as you've said since the inception. When when this thing is discussed in and really there seemed to be three options. Kind of leave it alone. Renovated where it stands. Or. Complete overhaul terror down. Bill may be on that side or somewhere else. Have you come to any realization of how you feel about that wind. We have blacks have strong feelings about it but we like that -- we're progressive people at music here has always worked with innovations every year world would trying new technologies. We helped create for repairs and upgrades the building over these years. But it's there were in new facility that was proposed and that they could find funding or there could be built. Don't we can move into and still do what we do we'd be in favor of that and we help raise money for. We just you know that there are certain things we need as an organization. To continue to do what we do. And that includes carpentry shop Cain train Herschel rooms so those kind of stinks. And it's unusual to see a new facility built with those items. Our city leaders have said that if they are going to build a new facility would include those things. So until there are some specific proposals. On the table. Instead of just discussion about all the options we really don't have a standard to take weird we're hopeful there will always be. In the discussion with the folks we're making decisions to the fact that so completely. Yeah I surely want to feel like you're in the maximum these discussions are pat correctly and have some say and the final thing. We'll talk about this this show that new diseases SARS tonight. I know you've you've done a five shows set here that our productions of began in some the most adapted to the stage this is a good one not tell us about the show. Exactly right all five of our summer shows that you're based on movies Disney's. Showed communities that they are 1992. Movie it was not expects both. But fair and rode out there and get demanded that their bench would be extinct bird and other government brought to broadly. Well. They've really improved it enormously it's a very athletic and very exciting children watched. A lot of gymnastics and a lot of crowd really amazing dancing on stage and it tells this story of the 1899. News police strike in New York City. When JJ Pulitzer raised the price news boys would have to pay their papers to sell customers. And they went on strike and they shut down the Brooklyn bridge and it was a big big event. That started improving America's child labor law so it's it's that important story that mostly stole two very entertaining songs and dances. Already people participated. In music theater of Wichita you've done a bunch of shows obviously this summer and not only just with the cast but also. Behind the scenes what's here what's your population. Well we don't. We have eight people who were here year round but in the summer we're up to about 300 people who are working in the building true this summer. And in the show news he's we have 75 people on stage. Plus Serb backstage crew are orchestra are. Lectures everybody else involved with a. Well it's an amazing operation in your you to be a thoroughly commended for what you've done that elevate some Wichita went out thanks though I'm there are serious that unity this week is a great part of the community you'll get. Thanks when we appreciate it will be back in touch took act thanks a lot. A lot that's so blame Brian for music theater which style one of the talked him for a long time never have. He's. You know I need to be more cultured. Sure I've been to a few of those may be three over in my lifetime. Let's start let's go next year to meet my water it was a tablet and oh yes here's my wife would love it. Here's something that now that. Well nevermind no go ahead. I don't know how to. Quite bring it up. But you go and don't tell now now that says now that I'm about to say something I'll feel less inclined to do it because it will feel less personal. And will be out there. But I can't help all your neuroses until they say I'm thinking about going to an audition for a like you know. Plays with what is it set up. Not music theater just theater. Grilling yet and an audition yet. And and how do you see that work and a I don't know I'm not Demi god I commend it I'm not that I don't need a lot of this outside of their comfort loan who would you go to. I would his goats didn't go and why don't care where do they audition but we're look beyond that shouldn't be too so you know and I this yes. Are you know I this ninety the week from tomorrow what show. And I can't remember and where is the show they'll remember. The marriage that field will have a loosely and what what what what you thought the market for impulse savage. You work and is his understanding artistic feat Sudanese in these plays and he said he can go to an audition with me some thinking about taking them up on that. Relish via. Let us. There's so there's so many reactions to that. One is I want to say that I commend you for I don't know I was and I don't think he'll good seat now I feel like I'm governor. Now that I think it appeals to you on some level. But eventually you are no rose sees that the second time my views one word. Will rise up and does he have that acted met all sink my teeth into that's where my neuroses drives. Acting. Brian you could be an actor maybe. I doubt it but maybe do something now and than Todd tell me something in all seriousness. That I've got some news. No. I'm leaving for California in the morning. And I'm never coming back. At that without that Alistair Alice. Pretty good. I was terrible that is acting. NBA history. They have the 29 worst record in the playoffs and gets you ahead of only the Minnesota Campbell's. And it's close by our Charlotte is 23 and forty in the playoffs. Minnesota's seventeen and thirty might argue that wasn't that the hornets are again. It's that almost everybody. Is irrelevant in the M other wizards relevant the wizards have won 96 playoff game out that Charlotte back Ronnie thirty. Right they've been around a lot of well there's certainly relevant right now with Bradley Biel and John all of course they are that I ever gonna get our files are women course are relevant. But I thought much about other Charlotte I'm not arguing that I'm saying they don't matter the wizards as good as they are. Really are just that that team they're just a team. And I think most well I disagree with you the wizards are good team. The wizards RA could potential Eastern Conference contending team. Cleveland's gonna step back this year. In my opinion they gotta do much turmoil they still might win it. But I view Washington as well as the team that's going to be continue to elevate I don't view Charlotte in that way now and I can't name yet or not hiring or Charlotte is ged or as good as Washington. Or as good as a team like Memphis. I'm just saying some of these teams. Fine got a nice little year and that's about all we can ever say all I'm saying is that Michael Jordan has done a terrible job. In his whole card got Dwight Howard. You may like him you may love him the Michael Jordan has not done the job. And I feel bad for the good city of Charlotte that of course is a basketball. State he'll figure it out. You would like for Charlotte to be better. It's just not it's just not a good deal. Not a good deal at all this army news got to go play in Charlotte. They're never gonna attract any money. On a Charlotte the great city Iger I love Charlotte but it no one's got to go there to play I'm just. And that no one's gonna sign there is a free agent which is another problem for most NBA teams. Yeah that's why Charlotte's never get because they're always 37 and 45. And picking fifteenth. Well that's different than no one's been assigned there is a freeagent well these guys go the money is and this money's not in Charlotte it's with Miami and the lakers and the clippers. And the warriors in Cleveland it's it's just not. Cleveland the only reason you don't watch it. If somebody came to me today and that you can live in Charlotte or Cleveland. You wanna know Lampe just that's more than my kids you wanna know what town I'm pick you just said it's where the money on it victims Charlotte though you can't argue both things into whether money isn't a better city. I would I would be dragged kicking and screaming. My horse in the city of Cleveland that's your problem. And nothing against you there's nothing wrong with Cleveland I need to go there when the sun shines Cleveland they've made that today Cleveland is way better have a city that pits. Merck I love to know you don't pick on her side I loved Pittsburgh Pittsburgh is I didn't I spent several days in Pittsburgh. And but outside of not being able would. Get around right. I love kid drive. Yemen ground ball ferry boat. And ride over to the ballpark it's an unbelievable. Town notes and I love Pittsburgh it's not in the way you're wrong. Yeah OK yeah everything about this guy except PNC park the best park and then ask that again that hill that that. I love Pittsburgh I honestly did and I didn't expect to you on another town I don't like in this is again nothings and halo is halo like sainthood is back as can dead do you love it. No I don't like getting Eli know Obama Alabama. And and I'm acting because I'm my own man. And and what I've found that you like Saint Louis. By god I'm gonna not fly around out. I think Lewis is an incredible sound. Bits and it. It absolutely is you haven't been around Saint Louis I've been the Saint Louis what have you done in Saint Louis everything have you been to the hill. Yes. Tell me about it we drove on it but tell me about being at the hill did not did you go eat yes we were there we went where. At that and Italian place. I took you there yet you're speaking like this about coming out of their assailants. And why is that silent doesn't do any thing for me. Wow. Doesn't do much for wow. Nothing personal why do you hate Cleveland. It's dark. It's gloomy dark it's cold. It's not that place is very north Carroll and the winner. That there's just that I didn't like it. It it was depressing to me. I can't imagine eleven there are you living in some tropical paradise and had a fine. Not that he is fine yes Cincinnati much better than real time we got to go a little longer here. Tommy misconstrued my hand signal when we can we go back and talk and then go out not only do it that way. And I think it's bell on this show I think it's best that we do it that way no. As we gotta we gotta get a call the guy calls to make. I'm driving up oil that we got to do a contest of some Tommy's fine but you're way ahead together. I know you wanna trying to handle this thing I don't wanna handle it but he's making me nervous but the Tommy should never make anyone nervous. What do you have on the big cubs. They now have Wilson contreras out he's injured he's another catcher of higher regard. And there are a game ahead of the St. Louis Cardinals Milwaukee seems to be tanking Milwaukee's done. Pittsburgh still in there. There there out a good good round. What's gonna happen in that division. I think the cubs are gonna win but. What is going on why are the cardinals a game out wise it was same reason the twins are of like three and a half out. Has known as grabbed at Enron limit. Every team has had a decent stretch. Same in the jail centro. Which is as god who's the best team in the National League central. On paper it's the cubs. I'm not talking about on paper both the cuts. What makes you say that they just have a better roster. But what's wrong with them their pitching has been terrible. There late davis' says. It's been good at times but he's shown signs of of not being away Davis of old. They brought Justin Wilson over he's off to a rocky start although he's had a great run with the pirates. And Edwards Carl Edwards can't throw strikes. There bullpen blew a little bit in disarray JK area out of seems to have found it. And is pitching well play. But I don't well. Alter the morality card it's gonna take over the cubs maybe but he's there or take the cubs he said their game out. Our game out that that can happen by in the end of the weekend maybe. Always have the possibility. YA in baseball. Are weeks. I would not giving new Nichols. First the cardinals' chances. And until these last six games. When they've looked good. Why are we so reactionary in baseball and I've been this way in my entire life I can not hold out hope. The way I should be able to it's a long season but he may hold out hope Walt over a 162 games. Anything can happen. Your team can find it magically the cardinals of. Done that but over a 162 games it evens out. You're gonna be what you are typically. Over I'm instead what about over a 120 games are over a 110. Over a 115 games the cardinals were blatantly mediocre. Then you can either take that at face value or a regular revert to being mediocre. Hard to say probably not I don't know what their schedule. I don't they're out of their fragile every time the Indians have had a good run they reverted back to being media cardinals are done planet Dodgers Diamondbacks Rockies. They're done planned the nationals. So they don't really have. A tough schedule well they've now made time's left to them the cabinet to series against the cubs. Remaining Milwaukee. They have to use there is against Milwaukee remaining. They still have to play it. The thriller I know they played the Phillies both at home in awhile. Though they play Atlanta this weekend. They have to play the pirates caught a bit out of my counties and handler Alanna. Miles but may be alone we don't know that's what it's it's so difficult to predict baseball. You don't know what's gonna he'd fit on paper Saint Louis and Atlanta. Would be like it'll go back to the NFL let's just pick like the chiefs against the chargers the chargers are bad the chief surrogate. Neither of them are great or horrible. That. Do you think did a good team should win the cardinals should win nation when two out of three but they might get swept in mind we feel very. You just don't know it's impossible to know I can't wait to watch the game and I. We'll flip back from a watch from home fought the cardinals we have a good night in Duluth found. Let's take a break and when we return we will get without a tie sure. From We'll talk about the cheese. They play the 49ers exhibition opener tonight at Arrowhead Stadium. We'll be back without a tie assure you listened to the drive and KF eight.