All About Trout And The American League MVP Race

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, August 19th

Jeff & Jamin converse about the Angels Mike Trout and the possibility he will again finish second in MVP voting inspite of them seeing him as the best player in baseball.


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Oh. VC US senator and we've ever been and Jamison on Sports Radio or hey you have any child. Quarterback art ever do. Just stay in Jefferson James and we've gotten through. Part of my game which took several. Deep two words. Into quite frankly. Realty. And all kinds of banality got David game who knows. Where that will go. Who knows if that's going to be two or at all. We briefly touched on. Jose L two days and the MVP type season that he is we have. You did earlier. So my question is it is who in my by William why who M high K the game. I and the 2017. AL and B I am Jose out to the runner up there. Amanda. Energy well. Given a small saloon in the second half he's not gonna finish second he probably isn't gonna finish so I am Mike Trout. All the way back from injury. Out for it I don't while I call. Here's that that is actually why I was gonna ask you this question as the debate becomes. Is. A hundred games of Mike Trout as good as a 162. Games. Well I was there he'll play about a 115 games. And fifteen. Yeah he's got 77 and they have forty to play assuming no injuries gonna play 116. And seventeen yet infinite game. It player his numbers are. On a believable. There are no better than anyone else's by such a long shot that it's not even funny leads the league. In on base percentage slugging percentage and obviously OPS is a PS plus is 206. Bill O stick I know I give it to a six. He will continue his string of never finishing outside of the top two in the MVP down right ever ever. He will win. The silver slugger award. For the sixth consecutive here. Make he already has made the all star team for the sixth consecutive year and you'll finish in the top two of the MVP voting in six consecutive years the stars Oscar. I thought Norm MacDonald clip this week it was from several years ago at least. You is that. At a press conference like a playoff for press conference. And yes Blake Griffin what's with the rookie of the year occurs no one has ever repeated. Yes I've seen at our beloved comic is very funny. According to. Hear may be the most phenomenal stat might turn outs in tires stat. Library. Tank day week you and I are familiar with Jed Japanese jaws score. We are if they're related to the layperson the layperson at John score is the score developed by a gentleman named Jay Jaffe who. It combines two key points. Basically how long did you play well. And how well did you play at your peak it takes the best seven years of a person's career which I was arbitrary number that's typically a peak. You know aged 24. To 31. And then it combines there the value of their career vs the value of their peak to figure out who belongs in the hall right here. My Travis 25 years old he is finishing his sixth full season. He's currently ranked as the twelfth best center fielder of all time. If this thing wealth the best here are some people who he is above. In this ranking. Andrei Dawson who's in the hall of fame he is. Billy Hamilton who's in the hall of fame Jim Edmonds who should be in the hall of fame Kirby Puckett who's in the hall of fame Larry Doby is in the hall fame. Max care generally roll also oral columns lots of hall of famers Hack Wilson. He's twelfth who's behind. But many days. Kabbah speaker. May have told group is the most stacked position in baseball history of course. Mays cops speaker Mandel Griffey DiMaggio Snyder are your top seven all hall of famers belt fraud and is eight. By the way all the fans if you come within a field are educated and Kenny Lofton is ninth. Such issue that he's out now Andruw jones' tenth. Richie Ashburn hall of famers eleventh and might try to Clara and Mike Trout by the time he gets to. The end of his age 28 season Mets today which is three more four years. He will have passed ash burn Jones Lofton belch Ron Snyder. And he will probably be nearing DiMaggio. At age 28 he will probably be the sixth best in a fielder of all time. Well he's amazing. Eight I got enough of that it defies. Description. Sometimes. Well usually second in the second. In the news to get a cat tells me out to bay on the team with the best record in the American League I think yet another MVP type season. Guy in 360. Who's gonna end up his age 27 season. With about 12150. Hit I don't those out today and he won't even have and might throw up more. It but by the end of his age 27 feet are back it. Outfit today has led the league in hits. This is that this will be the fourth straight year her. He's led believe that he is close to a lock barring injury for 3000 hits as anybody in base as long as his skills. Right right right at the at a similar to a type loans. He's gonna go so that's going to be a probably doesn't strike out is back control will not go way. My likely not so he's got to spray line drives all over the field he's gonna end up being a Tony Gwynn asked play Cody Glenn he's 530. But he's been hit like that he's tennis he's gonna hit a girl like amazed me use. Well Glynn got slow late in his career but he still survive because he hit a bunch of line drives where all the time. That's what held two days can do. He. He's happy he's you know he's going to be the MVP. Then 360 cute he's got a BBC is giving hitters Tony Gwynn. Well he's won three batting titles assuming he wins this one Tony glad to by the age of about 47 and I was out today is gonna have three and his career batting average is 317 he's every bit as good hitters Tony Glen Glen rose 335 by that point. But what via. What Glen end at 330 K okay so Glenn's average is gonna end up being bail and nine and 88 hits Thursday 47 season. Out to me is getting again have about 1250. Or more. Plus Glenn never hit and ended up with. Well over 3000 but Glenn never hit twenty home runs in the season. You did one out two days done it last year and he hit nineteen this year so far related dividend I thought he did it once but he is seventy. That I'll be up two days and better a better overall hitter going I would have probably agrees that are often have better offensive players good point. They're both unbelievable hitters. But traps the best player. Out two days gonna win it because trap center. I think that's what's gonna. Because there does air because of the team there's a narrative that some people. We'll still attached themselves to the angels are are in line to beat second wildcard that are right there that Houston's in the dominant. And how he how insane is that in story for all of the season and say is that the people wanted them to trade might turn out. And on I don't get why they're good again well. He's certainly becoming a big part of their recent bush. That they treading water without him. And they're not really good demeanor 62 and sixty Europe Cain. That's pretty good tricky with nobody but I'd rather than one best player in in our lifetime. Com. I hope they make it I really do of all the teams in the mix for the second lock our spot apologies to royals fans I hope the angels make. I wanna see Mike Trout and now I wanna see them lose the wild card game to yankees but I still wanna see. You know my child in up on a playoff team the real question is. Where will end groups and Simmons and MVP race. With six war second homes there and hope I tour if you wanna know why they're good. And opened seven is having a phenomenal seek I don't know but who would have bunker right but do you remember how hyped he was coming out. I upgrades so it may be just takes people longer. To. You know how old resembles something not. Right. So it just took it more Ali yeah there is defense was always. And only didn't ask for an anomaly steal bases the word is he finished. This probably people pay attention to that stuff that people pay attention to defense in the war I would say probably fifth or sixth. If that doesn't go out to make Trout judge something is wrong would you agree probably want to carry. Who else even in people sale. Actually people that have started to budge sail into the conversation. Where it's gorgeous he finished Bloomberg was elbowing his way into the calculus. Top ten in the war. The only American League players are off to day Emmons. Fail and it's. Went Trout will get there. Yeah it's right on the cut if you so believe GO Gonzales his fifth invasive Holland war you don't agree year I should you know I'm a fancy things when he lost more. I. You wanna fell high and the idea. The heat. Scherzer Strasburg be healthy and Gonzales. Is it is a pretty darn good went to relatives. Pants and that cement it and saying he's 27. I think summons probably will finish like twelfth. But deserved defender like sixth who'd finished ahead of him although put her body in their dog ahead because look. He's hitting 293 with twelve home runs that does not stand out as a six war player defense is still going to be undervalued. It has it just well so. I don't. I'll think Simmons and get the credit he deserves. So give me give me like and in. In the NB people. Although that sale up there they'll put. Oh gosh who else is gonna get votes. For the Red Sox that he. Haters gonna get any votes thinks it's spring era gets them votes may be years some that are Correia says in other Astro here in the league and adjusted batting runs okay. I'll do they turn out judge springer Cruz Perez smoke in the olive options go it takes a while to get down to end groups and so right. But I hope and a springer. Array they'll be up there. I'll say I'll say finishes fifth I hope. That would fix it beat fish is that the six that shows people are paying attention to defects. All right should be an absolutely should be tapped the game. But I'd I don't think you will I still haven't I don't have an us enough faith in people that they'll vote for a pitcher. Before they'll vote for and right probably sail we'll get more votes than him and he'll finish what wholesale finish fourth. Third. I'm like I had a judge if the Red Sox. When the division and he ends well where you stand on the Ottawa pitchers MVP award are getting votes of winning. I don't mind you don't you don't mind and a database your valuable player. But in this case they're not. This year. Probably not but fails as an argument you know last in the league in batting average on balls in place Todd Fraser. I don't surprise me. Does Mike Napoli. Frazier has been pretty unlucky I he's only hitting to twelve but he's a better hitter than. Not a surprise to me at all what else you got a wealth well we did as well that was to me that's like up close segment side. I was happy to let it sit in combat can go let's do that. Who if you had a bow give me your MVP one through five if you had about run. A two day hearing to. Trial hearing three judge. For. Correia. Five. Thin and thick springer fail. And again seven saying okay you put him way down the list aren't. Eighth I gotta I gotta admit I got a name tan OK Asia and nine cougar he had nine Cooper ten. That Eric Cobb. And the delegate here navigating that they make the playoffs so they'll definitely get some theaters. They have I should make you do nationally I don't wanna do that let's it's and it's taken to what's going on in my brain you wanna think Iowa combating bull crap we'll wrap my guess I'm at a think now I'm an ethnic and I that's clear. Ninth umps though continue your gamely got up there only one that's. Par for the course in an entire thing par for the course they look this will continue. They get to the end of the show for all intents going back it my game was underwhelmed. My game is typically. They let us just and Devin Davis were re okay FA.