The Aftermath Of A Loss In Raider Nation

The Drive
Friday, October 20th

Raiders fans come out of the woodwork to make it known that the Raiders defeated the Chiefs. 


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This is good for. Owen. Hello it's tough to drive father's death Bob hot here today. This Turkey his duties as always. Jason did it with me on death without the gun today Jason. It I woke up this morning. The offing it's getting worse not a good array bonus so much too easy if you start there every morning you'll be just fine. Does he get worse than that though well you'd be dead and easily you'd probably be dead because you know up your sleep and if it's worse than that then you don't know what's going on right I guess that's. So I guess that's that makes sense yes so that that's right start my day eighty can only go up from the IRA you can only have a good day because if you're dead you don't have a day at all that's right. And you're not that's bad because you're gone right and you're not involved and anyway none whatsoever no decisions and only now. Maybe I mean there might be at this isn't narrative but it could be you wouldn't be making it but I guess he's so ask your hand if I had nothing to do the night here get abbate is 691240. The phone number this is the drive. We have Bob and Jeff it's October 20 Tony seventeen now is give the date on our Saturday shows though. Basel give the day here the date. Today in particular. Relatively important my five year anniversary Jason Null and you believe it I I was lucky enough to meet your life. You have she went away like they have to have Bob very lovely lady house he's putting up with you for five years I don't understand it is beyond me. But congratulations nonetheless is I mean yeah I guess I really I was about to say there's not a whole lot of putting up to do that then I'd dot. For another split second and realize that she has a very badly yes because I'm only what you want to offer couple hours yeah and I can only imagine 24 hours and days and living with me and haven't again use tall my peccadilloes and that's your weekly big word that I have given I was just gonna say you know Alan you know yeah I tell how many times I have to tell you on the show. Well don't use big words final I understand a like be on the show it to help you expand your vocabulary little bit that's very nice kind of sarcastically I feel like that is my responsibility you. Brought me along as a sportswriter aha I did sports writer give me some you know the highest the ins and outs of the game of hockey I didn't give me and tie with that coach Kevin McClellan album really helping nurture that relationship. And now I'm repaying you by turning you into Venezuela media person yet but at the what's peccadillos what does that. This you know like paying out some minor hang ups flaws though that means yeah well as far as I know off I was a look at word for me back and I believe. Freshman year of high school out of Wichita north well I went to school in Canada so we didn't use Edwards and not so everybody pass and I probably put it QUE at the end live and now all we do is probably pack could billow are now oh no I'm from the western Saudi Canada and there's not that's not that now the French language didn't no fear no we got to take French in school though but. So real quick marriage. Marriage marriage we can talk about anything on this show I've been doing it for five years. I say it's stink I would probably recommend that. I think right I think my life would be a lot worse without it my life would be much worse without my wife do you feel the same way about you're attached. All I'd be amassed he had vitae I really I'd be amass I was amassed that's why no why would still be amassed. I was a mass until we have married and and while that I got older yeah right they are doing is it when he married usually a little bit older not all the time by right either wake Ingle. But you grow up a little bit silly and all these start to realize his little more things are more important than. The families more important my kids are grade and that some that. I'm happy that I have there's no question ball that not sure is Lotta people their full semi. Yeah I would again I would reckon I would recommend marriage it's it says a little bit of archaic institution. We're not really using it for the purposes that they used it to when it was invented and it was thought this kind of you know I gave convenient staying in a note and the cat had to do it. So Craig you know weird concept that I don't even really understand anymore but this day current day present day. Marriages gay and I would I would just as strongly advise people who are thinking about it to jump in take the plunge. Yeah as long as you're not just getting married to get married not undo that leg don't get me to get a green card stuff like that. Yeah that's not gonna work I Geary and they did for me but it's he shouldn't for most people is that why you got there are no it's not a (%expletive) After we tied her life right now on on all right I'd hope not let's not Iger he's so big show today a pact. So five questions at the end we're gonna bring on Dave Phillips. Form earlier partner at Kate channel ten he was formally on the debt but I guess from. A relative of these airwaves he was on what KN assets along time back in the day. The same dial those 1240 so I guess we're good. They're real racer he was on 1240 though kept up with Dave Phillips for five questions trying to keep it to collars and he calls occasionally. So that count. So I think he calls me a little bit more and Bob Bob just doesn't take up really I don't know for sure. I don't know wow I'm not I'm not certain date not the way I knew I I'd be very disappointed as since he's a friend of mine. I'm thinking maybe that happens once one well we we welcome him today with open arms of course we do is my body yet. So he'll be our guest of on five questions for 25 today we'll talk to the head football coach at cape and Mount Carmel. That's Dan Natal hard they play bishop Carroll today. Outs. In a big city league game will give equal time dusty trail. The head football coach Carroll Ileana 525. Were busy yes hey Jason. At 445. We'll catch up with the new basketball coach at Newman University. RJ Allen takes over for. Mark potter the legend mark potter what mark was there forever or was he not. You got time and RJ was his assistant for up I think seven years he's now the coach. It'll catch up with him of violently I got skating always promote within I liked I liked the way that we're let's go to AA I got the tabs locker room hotline 8691240. The number. And if this is the Bob that I think it is he has some answering to do Bob what's up. Well first of all. Let me ask you this why in the world are we talking about mark potter and not a day after the Oakland Raiders. Defeated the Kansas City she said no I'm so. Mark potter as much as anyone would be Oakland Raiders. You don't get to talk about the Oakland ray bottoms are you you're off of them for awhile and then you know even their players like I believe and our fantasy draft that you dropped a Mari Cooper for the jets deep for the dead zone defense that I jets' defense. No we understand why you told us. Why things work. A Mark Cooper the minute I dropped them. We're gonna have a great game against the chiefs. These things don't happen by accident you know even cooler. You people need to try to understand. A higher level of banking. But the problem is is that you on how many more and somebody else has them sitting actually right outside Jeff Federer winning fantasy game to. Oakland beating Kansas City. And the but here's what I like more than winning a fantasy game. Begin to see what you can do both Bob. I don't need to do both byline is not wrapped up. In my fantasy football game we see that lie is wrapped up in being an Oakland Raiders and. So you're definitely an all ordinaries yet you didn't switch they're your stick with them for the rest of the year. I love these. They are there as much a part of me out of my life. OK but he's saying you still denounce the question you're gonna stick with them for the entire year are you. Today who know Baltic why a well well we got to go try to come on here before running track records until. We got to go we got a bunch of calls they get paid. Now I am not I am a cost. The raiders. Beat Turkey did you watch that game or did you watch the baseball game. Are the baseball game blow will cease being interesting early. K so that was the reason might turn the channel. And I and I hope I guess are so it's probably more. Between them under the next provided the base all last flat and today of them it'll well game well and let them that they want they beat its gates. So they congratulations for the first time in seven meetings he got the job done. You're still looking up at the chiefs in the standings. The chiefs are probably well matting and say that. You're probably about on the same level as the chief says the football team wow think that drew you didn't really you Derek Garcia threw. You think that's true it's like Derek on that you think Derek cars back everything's good do you think do you think they won because Marshawn Lynch got tossed. You know what Marciano is a beautiful man. Good bye coming to dinner tonight. I don't know I'm so I'm so hyped up by operators that you know he had you sound like it. If I come to dinner Coby on the to do to cooking don't tell him Blair. Did buy it lacked. The dude want botany I did that and thirty other wells we have to go I got I got a house tournament gone. Along. Right we have 29 teams out here. We're draft need would lose Lopez from members of big and there's shortly. And and a great event we were thrilled that you're saying creeks station. We're happy that talking about the qualities and creek raider nation. Colony to colony time Bob thank you Thea a kid got back. Speaking of which here's mastermind. Hey that's the Mike I don't. Hey forget. Were evolved packet PLO is. Definition of very minor course like in Europe and yet they got to play ball that's funny you would know that's there but not by accident about a and you know what you over under elderly bubbles they would rate is zero point five. Now must now go like for me because you may. Never make it apart under and then you'll. You'll probably won't jump off here a couple weeks ago. Pastor Mike you're a big cheese then obviously right but picture you would never in your life to prove a point dirt to reverse some weird jinx say I got dug out the raiders for all seven confidence points would you ever do that. Now know I'll be our collective power Betty Davis then was in my adopted in the face in the based on the world. Packet moves. The movie that was 6970. And it. Rader a bucket and they don't Obey the rebel. In the about her but that's what they exactly a father and person I've heard a perfect comparison thank you can't argue the attic. Recollect her wedding was beautiful wedding and you're glad you're there well. You got invited pastor might because I didn't I am not in not only get invited he is the only reason we arm our people are there armed service yes. Congratulations sir yeah. It's always good to know that you eat when you perform that and they made it through five years ago you gotta fill get. It not that the thing erupting like about president yet. Now I see many couples very happy about east litter on the on the blotter of the but both the oh we're doing okay this period you car you are here. Other dog if the pastor Mike have a great birthday weekend yeah yeah Robert is Sunday when they're. Yes and big thank you I've perfect thanks for the call fast lap enjoy what they which Kobe that think the newspaper. Exactly. Thank you I appreciate that. I feel it. Let's. Get to stand in shedding great another raiders guy who haven't called in weeks but hey wouldn't it be that seats I guess she got to show up what's up CNN. Cutting not opened with the raiders beat me she read it we don't we didn't go lynch said that we did know when we set up the show that's what we're Dylan are. Good grief Bailey got two hours relax. This is Tina this is that this is the top story. No way it even near the raiders fan. I'd pick the cheers went thirty to seventeen because the raiders hadn't shown up they lost that Baltimore it was a San Diego and then they'd be achieved the way they did. All wanna say it's been very quiet on FaceBook. Except for the crime. About how are going to rep I think the rap game to game the raiders. What they there was a little bit of USA basketball version rest of their how many chances he get to win a ballgame well. Quit holding our receivers I mean they called the pro shop on Crabtree. And you know what if we would've won all of that. I would have said. That's wrong that's a push shot got past and repaired. I think they complained about Cooper's pass interference. Watch that tape. The guy's earned an aside on its cannot displayed. He's bald down while he's only down Cooper pushes them away from Toledo the ball around touched down they won fair and square don't want eagerness crying about the wraps. Help the raiders win big we we went both ways that they had called a vote. Believe it or not Santa the first thing Jason do this said when he came and he says the other raiders won because of the reps as Briggs is exact and are not true. Just button words in my column let's be careful there. Our case we didn't written all. Anything we get a believe. And I want I'm a few bad Bob can I know he's had a good place right now where he's going to be. Too bad he just couldn't be here for the the day after the raiders yeah that's a tough break we all know what. We don't know what's gonna happen in Kansas City there's no way the raiders beat the chiefs in Kansas City but we're gonna enjoy this while we can't. Then I'll give you this I don't really care about the outcome of that love last night's game but those raiders Munis were suites. I would would've gone why haven't why it's great. Thank god a black even when better look at not I've fair enough thanks Jim appreciate it or let's go dude Jason 8691248. Jason. Eight date and credit hearing on shelled out eight chipped and graduation of five years thank you act like a mile so. And that's why don't why you took out on much you have away like he does good date Phillips. I I was hoping it was a different Bob but it wasn't I took my chances 5050. It just happened to be the Bob we didn't wanna hear from. Now you know divot did you imagine him today with you in the show for two hours we I don't know and once you know did anybody who hung in there for two hours. I ate him in gloating. Are being crazy. Archie is content. Yeah probably so thanks Jason appreciate via the phone call here's and I got to give him credit chiefs fans are shown up today. Pastor Mike dead and here's a girl you ready to take your lumps Earl what's up. I want you to picture that indelible image of Otis says strong with the steam coming off of a transpose that upon me and that's how I am as a chief slant. Now look. You know and congratulations on five years to the cattle like that often at the liberators and beat the chief doesn't help. But I I wanna save that's what cost us the game despite. Fumbles being taken away with phantom holding calls and push Austin. You don't get enough shots until they can win the game. Into Andy Reid went into a shell when their defense of the raiders have not stopped assault game. Everyone watching that game knew that our offense was a much stronger part of our game. You put the ball in the offensive end and you don't run three plays to run clock to give them a chance. Opens where Alex and candied. Don't give the group whose stick. Because every chance Alec has the chance to Bryant. Either doesn't change the port eight and called Andy's conservative crap. Or he does that make the throttle against Pittsburgh didn't make a. Don't wanna blame this on now he's I don't really early I agree again I. I am going down why there is no way in this game we should've taken the air out of the ball and tried BE Clark. When we knew anybody with any sense watching that game. Knew if we get up field goal glare on our last two possessions. That we win the game. Instead any goats ultra conservative and look at the big blue moon east. Torrent record. That is why doesn't have a Super Bowl yet because when he feels like he has nothing to lose like against New England first game of the season. The offense is dynamic when it'll little. Andy Reid. Dude did all tightened up people wait. What football army dump that and war. What I don't know that I like I think you got your lame hunt on your kid conservative for the chiefs. Has usually been as successful. I didn't hear it because they have the best running back in the league forever yeah but not this IA I now I agree with girl. Yeah you'd just you've got to play to the game and play to the strength of the game but he wasn't gonna save those last night the offense was the the offenses who took control of the game. You've got to play your strength and and AMD went to his NFL cornerback book 101 and he is coaching decisions. Caught does that game as much as the guy in the strikes. So Bob. Pseudo raider fan whatever is convenient. You props to you I'll give you would know tools which of the play beer would you cattle like you lowered the raiders put. And I think good faith or not. Thank there'll Thea. You feel good about that. Well like I I agree with the fact that I don't know why they're run the ball throw throw the ball a little bit so what's all the clocks stop North Korean where that's where it'll worst case scenario is that they scored you might have time now the ball back. I mean he can't just stop playing they were running all over these guys they're thrown the ball they're run the ball. Alex Smith is looked absolutely fantastic this year so why not make a bit why quarterback in the league law far. And maybe the running back in the league what do you do you have to balance that somehow but they weren't bouncing it that's exactly was his point. Why why just give it to hunt why it would not at all morning three times last night 23 that. And how many were in the second half that's the thing. Based need to throw the ball they can throw the ball and that defense they remove and it up and down I agree with Earl on the outside things. That if biggest goal and try to score points instead of just plan. Law law law allow lots try to get the clock Dodd hopefully don't have enough time their defense has not been good since February left AA is not the same. I'm not saying he's the only reason but it's not the same. Teams are scored points look at Hughes they had to be Houston Houston still put up what 38. Right. And they don't want to play and very dynamic quarterbacks and offenses but the defense has slipped let's get one more call in before we go to break in its. Hey Jared. I how we guard pretty good you. And I'm I'm a die hard to expand our academic chat you up my and I they'll tell us. I'm tired of everybody including our most immediate talk about a hour Ali are that out that back here after career. Nolan say anything bad about Smith now are they. Oh yeah of course they are all there are still haters they still want a steep patch or our own and that's a ridiculous. I would like to say mr. my arms too but I love Alex had always asked. And I believe he can't win a Super Bowl Ethier has a right create it around and and I think Eric Berry really bad and very really killed at this air. Here's it appears so there I lose I don't know who his friends already needs the different inner circle. If his people are then anybody I knew it homes that degrades the anybody that says that they wanna see more homes as obsolete able to launch what. What this fourteen enough and touchdown interception ratio between zero and eighteen in the San Diego police right now in seven games the guy hasn't thrown a pick. Right and they're visiting and their scoring thirty points a game this right if given the conservative they can dump Alex Smith lived. As the reason why young threw another bump last night to help like that guy can play. He stole the ball down field he's taken more chances. He's going vertical as they say they still haven't thrown an interception and not making many mistakes but it's okay please give wire this go to break give a good player. On the other side will start the day they'll heart coach of a cave in mount karma coming off a big win last week at saint James academy. But a bigger game tonight against bishop Carroll. We'll get his thoughts on it out of from cape been. Opens perspective stay with the with the dates and do the in provocative to drive a bottom yet.