Aaron AL ROY and Cody Bellinger NL ROY, both unanimous picks

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Tuesday, November 14th

The BBWAA unanimously named them both Rookies of the Year for their respective leagues. Both set league records for home runs for a rookie, the AL record now at 52 and the NL record now at 39.


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I intentionally seven NBA and bearing down on this day in history. We would be remiss if we didn't hit a little baseball because obviously the stove is starting to get. A little warmer debt free agency that's starting to make things a little bit more interest staying. Qualifying offers things of that nature are lots of big names out there. Especially as it relates to the royals and how they move forward in the meantime we take care of the awards that are being meted out right now in. Gee I was stunned to see that Aaron judge was the American League rookie of the year who could have possibly gas that. Four times now in the history of the award that each league. Had a unanimous. Rookie of the year Ballinger nationally. Judge in the American venture hit 39 bombs. And judge it 52 Major League Baseball rookie record. Beating. Mark McGwire actually could Dellinger ended up with a third best rookie. Mark as it turned out with a 39. But the only other three times that happened was twenty years ago. Nomar Garciaparra. In the American League can you Scott Rolen in the national. And then 1993. Tim Salmon might PI itself. And of course 1987 not surprisingly Mark McGwire when he hit his then record 49. Rookie home runs and Benito San Tiago in the nationally so. As easier was to vote on rookie of the year this is not. Not have an occurrence that we see very often so these two guys made history and duke. Especially with judge feel like Bruce it was a foregone conclusion after about a month of the season. With the way don't like goodness yes home runs in and course that captivate everybody when when a young guy and guys who looks like he does the Big Easy is. Hit balls as far as he does and that's the you're near natural reaction is does stoppage due on and and watch him hit and as it turned out they turned it into a historic season as did Cody bill under the nationally have managers of the year will be announced tonight. That now. I think it's. The guy would vote for is not gonna get it. Feel like. Team I think Paul Molitor has done more with less. But then you're also talking about a guy who I like music and also talking about a guy that won the World Series. As one of the managers and Terry Francona as Lola but. So be a little more of a quite a bit more drama on the unmanned managers of the year both leagues than there was in rookie of the year. I find it. Very interesting. And I don't know I believe it or not. But not a day after Carlos Beltran retires. He expresses interest in and its media apparently. Managing the Yankees. They can't possibly through sting they can't possibly mean that and then. Well I don't know I mean. Yeah I eat yet the Red Sox surprised me with Joey Cora. He didn't just step out of uniform though either. No. No I mean he spent some time on a year at least he is he just has some time on a bench and inside an office. Eight all due respect I love Carlos Beltran as much as the next guy but. OK let's say what if you're gonna go that route and when I don't know that we brought this up on the show but. Somewhat recently. Aaron Boone expressed interest in the yankees' managerial job who would you rather give it to Aaron Boone. Or Carlos Beltran right off the field. I think you're I read probably honey you're better understand would be happy with either one of one cute because neither one on the has. Giuliani John experience. But Jane but Jane here's the thing that's interesting and we've talked about this a lot over time. Baseball is such a such is such a place of managerial breached rents. In we'd laments war contest. Retreads in baseball. How many different places can guys go. And reinvent themselves so I mean you look all over Major League Baseball and then and then and kind of retreads as such as demeaning. Dane we got a lot of guys that are working on their second third fourth or fifth right you know. So. Are right on one side you've got all of these guys with the with this incredible baseball experience but they might be what around 500. In career wins and losses. Making you know obviously there's some that might be better but by and large. I mean. You'll of oh lead you'd I'll use Bud Black is a good example. But I think but I think most people would look at bud black and think. Pretty good pretty good manager. Does a pretty good job at an 82 win team in San Diego got Colorado. To their first playoff and seven or eight years. But he's about a 500 room. Kind of big career manager he's done it over ten years he's done it you know he's done it over decades or worth. You're our deal look for the young guys been the young blood nom and in if it means guys coming right up right right done from playing. And sitting on and taking over team. I don't know is it is it really. Is it really that that not enough is not really that much of I don't know. I'm not saying that. I'm I'm all for given new guys who shot and Dave Martinez gets his version right Gabe Kaplan gets his first shot that's sure that's fine. But. When you I just find it really really curious that Brian Cashman is not going to rule out. Saying that Carlos Beltran has no chance to be yankees manager the ones that either have interviewed or will get an interview. Our and by the way Eric Wedge is one of them. He is expressed doubt Chris they've already interviewed rob Thompson their bench coach. Eric Wedge. Former mariner and Indians manager. And according to buster only Aaron Boone will give Wanda. Hensley bam bam New Orleans the giants' bench coach is in the mix he's gonna get ornate. And if if you believe Brian Cashman Carlos culture on manned at gitmo. Why does that I'm all for giving them the guys who shot but I just cannot fathom. That Carlos Beltran would. Know enough about. And dealing not only know enough about being a manager for a 160 Cuba. A Major League Baseball club in New York to be one thing if he's get net and Minnesota. Or Milwaukee. But union and I know he's been their before the man is that that's buy enough of big chuck and I can't believe. Brian Cashman did Perez have the guts to do that. The well maybe it's a courtesy more than anything else I'm sure organizers warned the pins for I am in you know I mean maybe it is. So who's to say. Tom. I don't know. I don't know. But interest in all very interesting and and and part of the ebb and flow in the off season. Major League Baseball and in the meantime. All sorts of rumors out there about Stanton and where he may end up and and that's kind of interesting to follow that and doors were. But you know we're playing the game we'll Hosmer and whose stock has since particularly in with what with respect to the other free agency in Kansas City and it's always interesting it's interesting to me that when you hear about. When you hear about. Royals. Winning here about Hotspur and whose stock is is it just mean. Or does it sound like most stock is is out of a bar. Hosmer. You may have more of a chance to get back. And and it's not like I'm hearing anything from either one of them it's just that. With the stock as you hear so much about. You know teams boom this team this team where he might that boot it just seems that he might be a little further out of the barn then generic. Hosmer who might be more willing to come back to Kansas City maybe I'm wrong I don't know what's your view. Well let's be clear the reason why those three got qualifying offers is if they go somewhere else to royals to get some compensation for the right to be an idiot not bingo extend IQ go to these guys. There's a time where I didn't think any armor coming back in and that I didn't necessarily think. The royals won any of them coming back. Hosmer I guess maybe the exception. With him. Regard to run production and help he's you know it's if a little bit better history when it comes to help as opposed to the stock is who's ripped open the already in his nodded that. Most athletic guy to begin with a and probably fits in better in Boston or another hitter friendly type of place. If not Boston team you know New York probably in the mix there because. I think Todd Frazier is a freeagent but I'm just off stop my head but I like. If not don't come back they'll be fine. If Hosmer comes back. You gotta be Smart about what to offer him because of what we went through with and what we're living with now with. Alex Gordon it's a little bit apples and oranges that between those two guys when you talk about production because. I think. Eric Hosmer as a potential be a really productive offensive player for quite awhile as opposed Alex Gordon when royals basically bidding against themselves. This is gonna be huge contract how huge it remains to be seen and if the royals could fuel hometown discount but I just can't imagine it because. Both of those guys both those corner infield guys agent has the same guy and Scott Morse. And I totally the next time you have somebody hometown discount on work that would probably be the first time that that fell. Yeah it does not deliberately left out the world so. Yeah no no he's not and more power to own there's a reason and he is two years in the level of success that he's had. Know with players so now with all that. In mind we move on now to this day in history will take time out lots of interesting things happened on this day in history. Welcome some people into the world gone. This day in history pretty. Meaningful role in the world of sports. As we finish up another edition of sports daily it's Tuesday right here on these sports station came think. You have the.