5 Questions With Wichita Eagle Photographer Fernando Salazar

The Drive
Friday, September 7th
Eagle photog Fernando Salazar finds himself in the “hot seat” for this week’s 5 Questions segment.

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All right it's done. CNN yeah. Yeah. There is how they've all time favorite son. I mean we kind of knew ride the logical song by against Supertramp. Doing your four favorites come by that it is they Canadian. You don't understand bailout money Glover. Supertramp biological son Tommy is number one of my top 100 I guess we'll start next. I'm not gonna put all the fanfare behind it I'm just gonna enjoy listening to songs that I like verve a few weeks is that good enough yeah we can't wait all right we have. In for five questions today a long time Wichita eagle photographer Fernando Salazar Fernando. Is this your radio debut in the history of America and the world. I get my friend I'm doing fantastic are you done. I'm very gear but even up to lately you value it out to New York how life. New York was scared I kept from Jack Sheraton. Some Latin the Central Park and parked around the stadium didn't the little bit in my street photography. Terrible fire and and didn't cut piece of family. Put on earth orbit. Nine's Tommy it's five questions let's play the music. I am going to. Concedes question number one over to my co host Jason dude. This picture probably you've taken many many times as a Wichita thunder hockey player Fernando. I have I have that's probably Fernando because I was not fast it was easy to catch me right. Here are similar decrepit. After Utley kinda don't get those nice words on the show stay out of frame for a long time this is say that values the light lands also beyond that. Anyway for now and I'm and ask you want. Where would you goal. Anywhere in the world if you could go to take pictures. Well Koran why. I'd I'd like New York City where the scores walking around and are being entertained. By just walking the streets than. And not even tapped it you don't even have to do anything you can just walk mystery entirely be entertain all day long. The dark have to pick New York City. What are we in this at the my question but we do when you say street photography area IDE kind of negative. Vision of what that is but what is that what does that mean Q street photography. Just looking for interesting characters and getting their colors and and delight in New York pretty intense result will be. Yet and some dramatic chatter and analyze and lying and stuff like that. I just got a little bit of sperm you know I usually who will soon sport look at tackle worked so when I try to get away from that and try to get a little party. As a walk the streets and. So so kind of like you can like people watching. Different people out there. Everybody liked the people are turret. Most people yes. Tough Fernando Salazar guess for five questions he did a lot of great work for the Wichita eagle. Fernando can you just tell us and our listeners how you ended up in Wichita. There's actually Steve harper. In their cause report and that the at least settle back values and Mission Viejo, California. I get a phone call. And out at around ten men from Laguna Beach and it could just come out here and and you know have some lunch meat that guys. Let's go in and that the staff and where the struggle over though those are there and I thought this is quite secretary wanna work. Sure that all week later in thirty years later I'm still here. Did you expect it to last this long or were you looking for a like. A permanent place at the time or where it was this may be just a stepping stone type of place for you. I thought it was going to be a stepping stone and then almost certain guys you know look shut some final fours we used to cover can you pretty get back in the days and India the coverage at the paper was incredible remember the sixteen page. Special sections and stuff like that yeah. But quite moved by it I think they're right there in the first year. North to the college for a series on the socket when an 89 book about my first here now a suspect. Wear it Wear mine this is a sports Mecca here. So that the time is certainly was and we might be getting back to that day since your next question this is questioned three. Gave Fernando what is your favorite picture you've taken for work and why. ROR. That's Iguodala. Our power have to say that burst that those are a couple of pictures of when the the sharper when the college World Series. And I my. Doubt kind of like my first real exports. Cover. And. Reoccur every other Bremen and wedged in the arms of value. None that was I would. Just oh OK I was mine was. That would permit and where it was coming hard it was right before and and McDonald coming in from the outfield. And there's just like practice court it was. It actually. These harper picked it out our publisher flew the little tone back in his target and has started playing. I ran into the Stanford game that's only you slip back to Wichita and so. It could have in the paper the next instead of going to say you know that. Nice. That is airline I know that pictured talking about where where he's coming in with his arms open ride his glove to Gregory yeah. That is that's a separate fear and fear and here in the press bock and her. Democrats are accurate accept it yet you're right I know that picture that you're speaking of well Fernando Salazar guess long time. I Wichita eagle photographer. He knew tell us kind of the difference is in the challenges between the shooting sports and shooting anything that's not sports or may be taking. Less candid photos posed photos is that something and they you enjoyed or did you always try to kind of get to. People in in more candid shots firfer feature stories and stuff like that. I would try to make sure do something narrow like. Went through what you're doing to invest or you do best and I'll just take some pictures and hours and very. I do our block tonight I do and perhaps therein and but I can get a person being what they'd do an action I'd rather our etiquette. That's shut. Absolutely do you have anything else before return they had tables and let Fernando Verdasco I got a question have you ever been to Canada to shoot anything. I have great and if you if you could and where would you goal. I think that I can see similar. That. That salmon fishing universe and these terrorists from all around the ocean around that of course they'd be up there by Vancouver's. I was just gonna say that you need to go over to Victoria you would have a heyday out there. I bet it's beautiful. Our Fernando it's you're Terry you can ask either one of us that question and are both of us the same question or two questions that sits up to you. I a pretty obvious question on everybody's mind these days. What do you want in baseball team it didn't. God Null and no I don't end the week like this what do you think Fernando I don't know. Oh the foot that they've been. It is big topic on our show I'm sticking my guns sued the name rock hoppers. For obvious reasons it's it's a great name they got they do explain it. It has to do with the zoo we got a penguin exhibit there's a penguin breed called rock operas but loved by everyone's heard me talk about it. Rock opera as my name I've had just a deer did it because he hasn't taken a stand all week on anything like this. I think in the stampede. Back. And calm out there on state without the stampede or the stem Peters. And you could almost nicknamed the career IDS stadium a growl. Not pretty good actually our market is it better than Roddick opera at Cargill the name went up like regular target about what can be a it but that's gonna cut the river that perfect exactly they're exactly that works for me is steel works on many levels so now it's okay that it just don't cross the river when you've been talking about the penguins. For three days. You can take it every why you gotta bouncing ball the second base so let's rock opera to go to first he got them in time. They say you know there are proper action on Fernando but it zero tells the name do you have one of you thought about that. I have I'm I'm over them a listen and I'm listen everybody's. Everybody's content haven't decided only. And I have a live think about it let us know when you do attacks me and I think we'll put it open on the there are a golf course you will occur at a and that all poke holes and because that's an idea of Fernando it's been great talking with the obviously keep in touch you stand in Wichita. I'm still glad to here I'm sure will I catch up again soon we appreciate your time. Harry reshaped art in there aren't they thought they commandos Salazar. The telethon again. And did not have Fernando on the show before but he takes a lot of amazing pictures. As do. All of the photographers Jamie dream Brian corn in his day obviously Travis saying. They all do great work at the which are you taken pictures. It looked to see like a scrapbook that he would have you know these guys have done that for years and all the different pictures athlete in sports and guys that they've they've been saved caught in the certain pictures of of defeat in anguish when you lose and I mean I think that would be so cool to look through. Yeah I guess that's fast hasn't it hasn't even been published this stuff the just yeah I mean personal colon exactly. All right real quick your NFL bottom five we got to get to this we've been promising it just oh he is nominated are able we I was we're in no time to analyze Miami Oakland the jets buffalo. And Cleveland tenor of graduation. I hear my bottom five teams Cleveland buffalo Oakland. Washington. I think David is last in the NFC east side up. I don't know what stuff Tampa Bay and Arizona yet I had Tampa Bay on but I cross them off. I just don't think I don't think that a whole thought they might the court that quarterback situation in Tampa is awful. I mean there's certain Fitzpatrick an end of Winston comes back to even play am. They will but I know they will that the problem what a terrible PR look. For that franchise as in the as if anybody and Oakland as just all Oakland but what are they doing. Honestly what are they doing I don't know that they stuff car and Cooper and give it could manner we'll never know. But outside of that they are they have no defense is gonna help and Marshawn Lynch. Now nothing I'm not Dylan now all we're fat they're going to be bad. Failure of that so Miami and seed Miami doing anything. Now though they're boring but it says it's a division where they can win some games so it's hard for me to put them in the bottom. They could be maybe the jets they can probably be buffalo could beat the patriots released wanted seems like just about every year. Partly I take a break we'll come back to wrap this thing I think several prolific today. We'll come back so.