5 Questions With Ryan From Wichita

The Drive
Friday, July 20th
Jim Rome “Hack-Off” contestant Ryan finds himself in the “Hot Seat” for this week’s 5 questions segment.

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Bo loses. You liked him before. So he's. That's what. Heck of a job music today especially Tommy. And all week. Marvin Hamlisch and great composer with the entertainer. Rom Tommy the all time and number one tippy top favorite movie this sting. I'm familiar. I'm not. Coming up an apple want to now staying I don't I have I've heard of and I've no idea who's in it. What it's about when it was released when I wasn't released audits. That leaves our 404 bullet must have it on him why would we do go back a lot that I can lead because just Tom ceremony wasted a buddy of mine now check it out at the waste of our time now I don't waste your time both of our time of your time what is it a waste of our time is it's five questions we do it every week. We've got a little bit of the Jim Rome thing going on and we've got Ryan in Wichita long time you still call the program Brian. Now I haven't called him probably about three years diet I get yet stay on. Kind of semi retired so I I ecology and some days I I don't get the list of it is much I used to and I kinda got over the hole the very call them pretty stressful. There are now five Ryan Wichita our guest we're not gonna give away any year other information not only to know your last name and I'm not gonna ask when maybe I didn't. But Ryan in Wichita that's good enough he's our guest stuff for five questions Tommy play the music. You can just like your phone keep going often hang on and let's relax knowing I'm Emma and I know I'm a mistake I'm not in control that's a mistake this call in any year you mean not in control and turn it off. Trying to Wichita our guest Ryan a question number one. You you've been in the hacked off. That's day that's day. It's show it ran opposed to the smacked off. No longer but it's it was a show further not so good collars I get that you're being battle on purpose but did you take it as an insult that you're in the. Hacked off. I am not a dollar of debt and what that hack talk I kept current. Joke around what it batted out of Europe app popular or caller. What that hack talk at least in the first couple years Bayer there were too tight callers ever in it that they are either. People that really regrettable step on the air like meat or payroll or are people on there. There had hit store flame out on the piano. So I mean either you look bad because you just tore ged or you're like me you're an idiot. But that's how did you get into that and think and almond almond due to back off late goal. What was your thought process to jump in and out. Well the reason why they ask median half cocked I made a call I think it was bad year cute quarterback man. Where I was talking about mark mean chino and I yell out until burger eating which was that the hair yet when data when he was thinner either. Or leave it idle. And it beyond that I had in Plano caller I ever planned on on the shell it I get that call and it. Became at a regular down by on this show and then it out here and apps after that first that's when it hack cop asks you to Ian. Of course I want to be on and don't every night it originally called I want to hear my name but yeah. That's kind of cool was your question didn't know lies his eyes just but could have been. Well is that is modernized I really need it does well number one question okay. Fair enough Ryan who as you're a favorite current judge Jim Rome caller. I. Well. Probably by an Indy I don't know I liked it a lot in that. Before I start calling out. And you can send text messages that the show and back 37170. He had added it was free but they're pretty Twitter that a lot of that callers and email or techsters are at my agent. And am actually became current with Vick in now cal on the Arab. Thought like pick that prop I mean like in India every time he called. It may be lap I like let a lot the year I mean eight that kicked him awhile to coral on me aren't you think he'd. It's a little gimmicky sometime but I mean I I'd definitely like a lot better right east is. And you know they're probably not do well at Youkilis who showed today. And I yet it about skeptic might stand for daycare and I area yeah I am I'm a pilot that any earlier. Okay salaam and ask you this question to the browns make the playoffs next year but but but. He's. There are. I had a better shot and thank you very thought so rude so he's always roots is ripped his opinion and he's right it does mean he's being rude. Did you just now. I will say I really. I'm shocked at that Cleveland independent. Been down for the longest they have been you know I could he get the NFL certainly make for them to make playoff in the if you look at it. Yeah they leave the ground the Baltimore and almost immediately bought more when you cook all in. I don't I I hope they end up making the playoffs it's not lectures sometimes it is better. That branch out its current seven they need a lot more help than just being baker may feel. While they have Tyrod Taylor too who Jeffers. This nicely said that is the best one to duel in the NFL I didn't say that you believe that I didn't say that you. Tyrod Taylor a quarterback our body the body wash. Utility Iran and it's not a all right it's time now for the turn tables to turn. To paraphrase Michael Scott you get desk any question you'd like of either Jason or me or vote. Okay. Well I gave it a lot of thought and not have a question for Jake and and you know I I heard that so long time ago and I just wanted to kind of make sure checked and it is true and I hurt that. In Canada we know you're getting hit there are a bit it. You know popular. For. I don't know how to straighten. I don't know if you I don't know anyone who is he ready get ready on that button. That's a debt free hero and you're dot he can go watch the hockey game. Strip. But I don't think so let it could beat either of them back there in awhile limited gains commodities alliance Putin. I don't I don't have a manual buzzer Ryan but I think that's you you accomplish your goal there. In Beirut that I applaud what you got there and you can't share and I would not content and you guys. Yet they get work say. We appreciate that Iran I'm glad you listen. Thanks for your support. I will see if they're goes right in Wichita. Begun yet ago they got. The that I have is that a fair question for you. I Gaza said never had that question posed to me I told I told Ryan to keep your reasonably clean and I guess. He sort of did that. If you say so I mean you're always right so most say that or the east you say all the time. Yeah let me say that yeah I think you've read you haven't been wrong today I think you run that into the ground a little bit I am I am I'm bound Aegon. We have like three minutes left I wanted to ask you. But which of these quarterbacks are going to be future hall of famers OK and then there are obvious ones Tom Brady will be. Aaron Rodgers to Ben Roethlisberger Drew Brees Carson went it's too early to tell is it too early to tell on Russell Wilson. That's a good one talent can be tough but. I think he will. Because I think you Elliott for a while but it's it they'll be his longevity I think that'll be that the difference with him a few if he's starting a run around the pocket and didn't pop them. And and get some injuries I think second half permit he plays for. A few years I think I think he is often. Matt Ryan. All probably not Matty ice I cancer I'd I don't think I could say I don't think I could say right now that he is can't Cam Newton. No he's not I don't think so and I lose do you think Seoul if he's got a he's gonna have a good chance I think. I don't I just a relatively young would have probably 28 to Wayne Newton is I'm not a fan soul men and that's probably the way I Wear a sign over title iPad cannot finish cannot fish and and a yeah I know all I know that doesn't play into it but. Now Obama signal OK. Matthew Stafford that's a big now what about Philip Rivers. While that's a good one to it is getting he's like that's it that's really did 'cause he's got to have some really good nominees got great numbers of bodies one nothing. I mean I think not play in the Super Bowl. Course knowledge Super Bowl it would do you look at him could cattle like and I am not put them in the same camp elected Dan Marino who never won anything no I think Dan Marino's a much better quarterback than Phil Cooper and I agree a 100% I don't think I think that's night and day. Between the two of them. But he's played for so long he's got good I am a man. That's why he's got inside the top five of passing yards when he's done and I think a lot of that is era. There he played it offers there's a place they're still gonna look at that what they decide if they're gonna put a man or not. And he's got his numbers are gonna be. Up there with the best what about Joseph Flacco notes now right now even with the super ball. I don't know the long run he's gonna build up you know some some. Cumulative stats Eli Manning that's a yes he had to go to usual flawlessly against the patriots in the way they were one man. Yeah I say yes and then the last 11 you really got to think about this looking go either way Tyrod Taylor. If he leads the browns. To a playoff victory this year yeah. He's in Lafayette that they got to win a playoff game three now aren't I not I don't think so much talking about Tyrod Taylor. It and all I am not talking about Cleveland get narrow win in one but he talked about winning a playoff games they are almost your weekend bring Cleveland to win a playoff game this year he deserved I know you not been all thing daunting that they will be in the playoffs just by saying that. So basically what am I saying Jeff. That Cleve will be in the play Tyrod general Bobby hall fan a case. Well that hurts that's the little does that involve the little putts good that's good. You deserve a little pain here and there. OK thanks everyone for listening they'll come back and rapid updates especially the days and do the facility then. He's been great and we'll be right back.