5 Questions With Brett Harris

The Drive
Friday, April 20th

Longtime Wichita radio personality Brett Harris finds himself in the hotseat for this week’s 5 Questions segment.


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All right let's go. Okay. I. Okay. A lot of the Moody Blues says themselves and others. Only minute opening things didn't work while I just don't know what what they're one of the senate ways and change what blues clues as it starts. That is Moody Blues in your wildest dreams. He's come to the end of rock and roll hall of fame week Max power with the music next week we all look forward to seeing could be anybody clip. And coming up in June it'll be listener appreciation month you will yes. There's Brett Harris Brett Harris. Who's going to participate. In our five questions segment today. Men what have we done right Brett. How are yet. Boy oh boy I'm good I'm good thank you I don't know what the format is up our questions. Huge fan of the show. A little bit about how should it probably told yeah canonized. Gesture of Jeff to tell you exactly what you're getting into you have to ask us a question at the end of this Dorgan asked you for. We ask you two questions each and then you get to ask us one at the end. So that's kind of top five questions works Tommy's got to hit what music. And I am I'm gonna hit you with the first car. What is what era Scott really lies the but it. Here Scottish magical. Amazing. And love to shoot news. No oil that that's how you knew that but I think we all so it's all good. It is that I believe she's being highly Medicare Bork edition I'm not kidding pat corporal. Her ears and if it. Or you're cutting out a rat. But. Your as a longtime right. You guys you should never use the cellphone. On the east obviously he's on these calls. Go ahead Jeff. All right we are Brett Harris with those for five question we are a big my pillow guys especially that the guide in my left. We're making a killing right now off of those those segments. Is there a product they you have endorsed that you love to use or that you have product you would like to endorse that you already use. Up. Product that I'd like to endorse. That I'd like my pillow. Like I freaks me out I'll just tell you right now but urged it to. You're talking about the owner of my tone not mean I. No not the cut by a bomb in a minute there's no question I reversal on that but whichever comes on 3 in the morning right. Clip up but may not do wonders for my my pillow career but will go with the what the heck do I care. Brett Harris look those for five questions. Brett tells it mean you've had you've been on radio in this market for a long time you've done television in this market. But. Tell us about your love for sports then and and what sport you are drawn to men and why. College basketball you don't Bobby did you know first of all I hit two buddies actually today. Your shoppers are going to the united city I don't picket anybody's written that an open and I looked up basketball team. What an absolute passionate and first of all I appreciate you put up one KS sent. 40% of college basketball players were true that's where would you say or junior year of the month but it that's what I was. You know Egypt trance are often out. We pick up to various Burton today. And Dexter Bennett earlier in the week went he's gonna have a great year. It corked bat the ball and an IP and probably on a little bit about all I'm not I'm not either I don't. Did that. I don't give him the whole whole lot but. It's just as its coach pat all it really is I I I love our program I love our coach. I believe the brought brown and had a great year I think everybody panic you know over all the this girl who went off and a great that he had a great year. Out in Beckett wherever you land. But I belief in my coach Bob like you that I believe in this program it's cult that's all in it I'm pretty myopic without a really up. They go fair enough OK my final question this will be number four I guess. In as many words as possible defines the term adult contemporary. I want that adult contemporary. Wanted it to work Dirk knows he'll call. Had a day ago defense that he fits the mold exactly the death that I left the outcome. So you've done all you've you've done. He even worked it rev radio stations to do all kinds of music what's been your favorite what's what's been of your favorite kind of music. Well you. Kill. Or if there. Start over Brad thing get to higher ground your phone is still cutting out. Are there a call us back on around. 8691240. Won't call Brett back. This is a long list of the bulls veteran radio guy I don't know if he panic if he got a caller broken up like that what we did I can't even imagine. It be ugly I know that. Hopefully he'll call back or Max we'll get back with by with Brett Harris. Here shoreline of the its quest I want noticed question is still. Mean we do these five question that basing our what they asked me exactly and most of the people last few wolf mob life so he's crazy. Their blanket answer the reason they do that is because your answer is normally. You know to argue back with you know because as so why your attacking me today. The low low via thank you let me tell it's not people I loved it saying. Back to Brett Harris Brett I'm about ready to attack Q are you in a good spot now. I really I really am okay ready to go what can do this like a good idea that the military. That my radio Sean was right now it like being at dinner when the couple that breaks into an argument across commute you wanna tune it out. Each year if all our. Is the most would be wonderful. Local radio show I mean I would automatically get don't have any direction but I love it I now we haven't. It's just it's just turn on a wild bull loose every day relatives all of this it's great it's great I listen alternate got a lot. Well my agent that you're gonna tell us your favorite music your favorite style music. You don't want I I am and all that here's to an article like I'm a mental eight CPC span but I ride my daughter's not. In the house. Which consisted Diana Krall smooth jazz. Wow. That's the meant that that's that's I didn't expect that now you get to ask us a question turn the tables. OK number one off. What makes the ram that say the attack. A. I thought I answered that of what they uniforms don't her. And I like the rams uniforms but what makes them sexy. Is going out and get and players. Like Aqib Talib and down markets Peters and Ndamukong Suh and just say in the world. We're gonna win this year we're not worried about the salary cap in 2021. We're just we're gonna win. In LA where you have to win to be relevant and they're doing that and they're sexy. OK cue up your character your question okay jerk when you came down the floor. In New Orleans and that he basketball what you got shot. I actually somehow remember I don't. What shirt you just don't shy in my date book I was it was 81 years ago also thing have to put that into the equation. First of all there is a lovely Puerto Rican young lady. Sitting behind events she does make an eyes lit throughout the game. And then I checked in because this we are playing a team from Puerto Rico. That I checked and I got the ball near the baseline. Outside the paint. I put up a little. 1412. Footer I think it kind of bounced off the rim and and and it dropped in for my only two all star points in history. It it was epic it was epic there you go exciting stuff. Brent we appreciate it thank you for doing business. Appreciate it and small footprint they're called me today about all been stretched her final note to me on the spot artistic all my buddies who looked XP today in the past week or hours. Eric Stevenson. It is going to be a better stronger and help your basketball where my shoppers then the amazing Austin reached ever was. We're as upset and get them online. Gonna be just want. They it and thanks for the plug on KSM brown I appreciate that it got to get better that you really do. First and another guy I'll grab. Nobody's done the right for KS than dot com are you had to say that by the way what. I'm just asking what do you say if you're allowed to say they are writing for KSM because I know we do a podcast. And it's not with intercom that we can't talk about. I guess I nobody still Mac can't OK that I guess you can. I mean is that cast than a partner here with intercom. I'm proud to be writing for cancer allied. I believe in those folks over there that they're gonna build some them. Strong and listen. I appreciate the opportunity to remain. At least somewhat viable I know they have had this other column a week I mean it's it's not like I'm changing the world for them but I like. I like do a map that ged. I know they answered this question mom and ask anyway you wanna go to Kansas City on May 25 to watch Jason needy perform now. OK what day of the week is a Friday and fortunately and I probably can't can't go on we know had saloon that's where he's fine that's a great venue I've been there. But let me just say this if it's. During a week week night I know during our season I'm out. OK this lead is thought good I have more fun. During league 42 season than anybody's ever had watching Jason meaty. Now know about them a while yeah goes though I'm taken volunteers I'm watching fourteen so and I thought well I'll love. I'm I can't wait I'm happy you know slam idea of I've been highly energized today employs highly values started out not so energized but I think I've brought out of you and your welcome for that I've been energized from the get go even at seven wing when the lot alma Wal-Mart is upset with you though but when the lights go on when this little blue light switches from off dom. I switch with the it controls my life. What I hear that's been truer words never spoken he'll say a word during break. And I don't walking on eggshells I'm afraid did it start any conversation in the exact that's I want it that's a perfect life for me. Nobody talks to me unless I'm ready. Set. But of course that's not true that al-Qaeda for people to talk to me you're not and that's okay. All I want is for people we talked with me and in Iraq. That's what life's about to really is. Royals coming up right after our show today game two of the doubleheader. Day night double header they lost game one to the tigers greeted two in ten innings number nine in a row that's nine losses in a row for the royals. Who have gained irrelevancy. Quicker than almost any team member well we know it's coming up sat. They want a World Series if I know I'm like for the royals to be relevant end that way baseball's relevant around here. And someday maybe they will be again is it we may look back on this three year period as what that happened to the royals. They were they were horrible for the twenty preceding years and the twenty years after may be. Well we don't know that for three years or forty years to worry about it. You know I I've I take this stuff year to year. And then when I'm it was juror eight yes bind to look ahead toward 1020 years. Put them with a fairly so certain understanding that you probably be around. I mean the odds are good what are my twenty years for me. Okay we'll match it in there at eighty flurry here that thing. How bad nobody at Baylor 83 Bruno San Martino died at 82 this autumn good food and Jeff we'll take you home have a good weekend Jeff and Jason do will be on the show on Monday I'll see Tuesday. Later.