The 1987 NFL Player’s strike was so bad for football

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Wednesday, September 13th

ESPN’s latest 30 for 30 about the NFL Player’s strike of 1987 is must watch TV if you are a fan of the NFL at all. Interviews with the replacement players and the behind the scenes info can be seen in ESPN’s latest 30 for 30.


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Six in the AM Verlander is rolling on this Wednesday edition sports daily on these sports station. KFH. Jim Rome at 11 o'clock tee in tyranny to it the drive home with Bob and Jeff. At 4 o'clock this afternoon so chain them and sit down and got my baseball. Viewing organized to last night and and in before the Rockies and Arizona c'mon at. About 840. Your time. I switch it over ESPN to catch the the debut of the latest thirty for thirty. On the year of the scap and and I and this goes back to the what 83 season. In the the militant strike that the NFL players association had for the better part of new well they had for three weeks. Very interesting time but it unbelievably. Well crafted story. About the Washington Redskins that they did in a marvelous job zoning in on the Redskins who by the way went three you know. In three replacement games but one of which it was against the Dallas Cowboys who were essentially the real Dallas Cowboys. Don and helped. The Redskins. Off to a three you know start in the season that they eventually went on. And won the Super Bowl I thought it was an absolutely fascinating story these thirty spurt thirty for thirty's are generally. Extremely well done it anyway. This one really knocked it out of the park a thought it was a marvelous marvelous story and for any. A fan of sports or good film making two pretty good thing to watch and. I have yet to haven't seen a mall. I would say. 1990%. Of the thirty for praise. There aren't very many things on TV that I would. Deemed to be appointment viewing a must see thirty for thirty's are. How's that Peter to discover that we both thought last night and I personally cannot this this deserves more than one segment with what what all went hat went on but. In the this strike of 1987. That it kind of conjured up memories that I remember I watched a chiefs dolphins replacement game. I'm never forget I don't know who won and I don't know who was even on the field but I'll never forget watching. A replacement football. But. All think in of course this is part of putting together a thirty for thirty they're so many layers here not it's not just about the players. That starred in this particular thirty for thirty. There are so many subplots and different stories going on during that time period that this folks that he has piano the directors or producers. You such a tremendous job of uncovering. They not only talked to some of these players that nobody is ever heard of or wherever hero here from again. They talked to a fair amount of the studs you know Dexter Manley Neil local waits. Doug Williams. Yes they were all interviewed Joseph Gibbs was interviewed and their recollections of all this thing and I thought that and again this. I think this deserves more than just a few more minutes and we joked that after after Brian Haney of top of the hour but. Number 130. For thirty's are golden. Hear anything about sports need to watch thirty for thirty's maybe that's the one good thing to ESPN does anymore. But the good thing that thing gets stuck out to me. Is this solidarity. That the Redskins. Players hat and I don't know who's who got credit for this check can't cook. Or. Joseph Gibbs or whoever but they were the one team that stayed together and nobody crossed. I was fascinated to. Discover and I don't remember this but rainy quite crossed. Tony doorstep Tony rod at hand Roy green cross from the St. Louis Cardinals Joseph Montana crossed. Those guys. We're way too nervous about not get a paycheck. And it was all well and good for about a week than they were all. They were all in line and all thrown eggs that the buses and all. The picketing for a week. But after those guys were getting paid like they normally did now is funny. That Dexter Manley went on. Air to say yeah I'd I blew through my money like water I'll I missed that jackpot. My missed that check. And I wanted to do is have section please have a sexson play football now. That was the that was his quote last night I I was I've eaten. I've mean dude dude way to get it down to the most basic of things I mean today I get I got a huge chuckle. Out of that comment and we will will talk more about this because non. The on one hand the Redskins were. Commendable and and the way that it was set up it was a compare and contrast in some. To some degree about. The way that the Redskins did it and the way that the cal wells did it absolutely in the back yet and end and the fact that it was to a large degree and maybe they took a lead. On this that it was a precursor. To the beginning of the end for Tom Landry still techs ran in and those guys. In Dallas. And it and yet there was a very unsatisfying. I think for most people. Ending to the way that these players were treated in Washington. Even though. The way that the Redskins handled that and the way that they kept they're solidarity and all of that together in the face of all this was commendable. There was an on commendable kind of ended to that and we'll talk about that coming up after the top of the hour which I agree with you I think it's something to. To really look into and I'd be curious to see. Just how many people really remember. Replacement games. And how it went I ate. I was sitting there last night thinking. How long did. Did it go a month did it do what I no longer I couldn't remember the particulars. Of it and end. Enough that I even mistook the the date from 8387 to 87. Sony goes dead is so there I just had. It's just not a part of the NFL. Did you talk about a whole bunch. You just kind of you just kind of forget it and it's kind of like Ernie I mean you know you see the Keanu Reeves Jeanne hack and the replacements attempts. Attempt at a movie that was you know half. Funny tongue in cheek laughing at itself and whatever but there was a very real time when that happened and not an employer tell you that when you listen. To the guys that waited for those three weeks and the stories of the guys. It's particularly for Washington. There are some unbelievable story some talked about guys being brought out of the penitentiary. That's a play I mean I it's it it's see it's a pretty pretty damn good story in well crafted so. Not high recommendation I think from both of the host now to check it out it's running now. On ESPN. The latest thirty for thirty year of this gap. Tough pretty interesting stuff. We're back here to minute Brian Haney will join us as we get too little. I'm these sports stations gave me.