The 17 Year Rhetorical Question: What QB Can Rival Tom Brady

The Drive
Friday, August 18th

Bob & Jeff Shoot The Breeze on what QB can Rival the 5 time Super Bowl Champion, 4 time Super Bowl MVP, and the G.O.A.T. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady.


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This is good for. Colin. Welcome back. Friday addition of the drive. Bob it's different views until 6 o'clock. Next week we do our big twelve football previews yes it is that time of year already. I believe we have Texas Tech. And Oklahoma State on tap for Monday I believe I got booked the next two weeks have all five questions do. Who lit while Chris slam we'll do it next week going even there opener. Out in blood Nashville. And I think Danny Lynn well may act from the chiefs. Broadcast team will be on in two weeks earlier just isn't that amazing you it's like conclusive. Incredible. Bellows them. I love all of our listeners and never guessed we have it by the way the three things to report. My blue check marks back on Twitter is very bad followers are good it's going nuts right now. Yeah after all those like automated Justin Mueller who follow me. Well we have a man have a relationship. I don't care who follows me. Another thing I wanted to talk about. Was Jim Rome today. As I'm listening to him. And he says. These radio host who put up these polls on Twitter that's ridiculous. I'd never do it. I sat at Jim Rome a goal why some time Zimmer own. I like Jim Rome. Why does he do that part of C do let them feel superior to a flu your hands full that's what Jim grow our local guys out here trying to make a dollar. Will we don't live in a mansion Jimmy well we get we ordinarily you dead you've got to convert a syndicated show on the many many stations. And you can pretty much name your prize. Meanwhile. I'm coming in here on you know. On a shoestring though and it always trying to say and and trying to make it happen. I mean I I can. I had fisted guys love Jim Rome more power to you like him saying things like I don't care. What about the hack off Jimmy there's no hack off I know I how'd that go Florian. And did anyone else up the slack off and only does that kind of run its course maybe even as they were 23. That's just you know one that he still thinks that's a big. This pretty big guy listen you listened I adolescent in less now. The Terrence and Sierra and I couldn't careless about parents and Sierra Madre what I liked. Our our people like chuck in Wichita and and to give me some other listeners Dennis. Dennis Earl Earl don't leave any out and Orion run through everybody who's ever call Ohio Jeremy threads. Day ago. We have a pull up on Twitter first I wanna give me the results of yesterday's. Quarter pole which drew 504. Votes what do you think about that Jim. Amazing which of these events is most important to what's atop. The NBC World Series gathered at 558%. Of the 504 votes. The air capital classic of Tony four. The class six a state basketball tournament eleven and the prairie farm marathon at seven and I should've included the state track me so yeah Primerica. Well or because or instead of the six say because six they've only been. Back here in Wichita for a few years. That was the of them. A flawed. Poll below and we'll go than any wide and the NBC World Series wins going away. Today's poll. We're going what best describes your feelings about Monday is. Solar eclipse. You'll be at Wilbur middle school wool it well laid dismiss school. At some point fellow students to get outside. Hear your cloud I would imagine what it that's Monday yet. Will be their no students on Monday. Really wanna buy you will they have the the faculty I believe there will be glasses provided by how to lie get a mr. smiley clutch and I nearly as a Snyder we don't talk me in mr. Snyder will have really relationship whose mr. Snyder is a science I think teacher. Now there's Eli or higher and higher feature the just. Looks and doing but I've never worked with the looks into attest to whatever brown eyes of the student every time I log riser means listening to classic rock so I feel like we get along. He's also big time Oklahoma why not get in and talked hood. I'm elected just invite myself into others. Room where to lie go for repair these classes. I've been told that I can't get my dog outside during the food clips for fear that the dog will fire up at the sun. My dogs never looked at the slow when somebody's dog ever looked at the sun. When something's going on up there might Pique the curiosity and then dog will not be able to register that shouldn't look at that. Really you don't think my dog a link any smartest dog I ever would be able to understand. Misty generally outside right now but don't look at the sun correct people on ending in India that I can't wait for it well I guess I'm not gonna be at home bad. Man Moya very opportune time for an app. Really that's how cynical you can and I don't get dark area. I you just make her get her again conditions. Dame warning Liverpool. Not that. At that and Clinton. It's too bad what best describes your feelings about Monday's solar eclipse. 152. Votes have been cast 7%. Say they're going north to watch I don't several people who are going north. Toward Kansas City to watch this thing. They're having for three hours. To see the moon cover up the sun for fifteen I had absolutely no problem with that I have I come I commend them share but why. Because it's a once little literally a once in a lifetime of the last one I think 1979. Us. Of those still alive time pedaling guys' souls like 2001. Meters thumbnail want to go live time. Yeah. What is the next one here they're going to be four or forty to look for the next slower and then eighty would you please. Stop trying to be funny though not trying to be funny we your job is to feed me lines. Now your bad headlines the these past few back 43%. Say they'll be working. Tony 8% will be at home but excited. Tony 2%. Say get to me when it's over. All walk out the final pair glass from all walk outside look at after. They've they've got all these graphics like hey we just do is tell me the answer budget cut then what does the wind and solar eclipse. The next total solar eclipse over North American visits Mexico the United States and Canada on a kick on April late morning Tony for both. A seven years. I don't want to a lot of time it is. I can't guarantee also know that and born in the years. I wasn't born in 79 I'll be I mean you know it's. In seven years of vinyl and everything is potentially want them alive. There is a potential you'll take only one breath. No lifetime or who it why would you put that out there but 'cause not let it flip makes my point to horrible thing to say. That that's and that makes my point. I'd. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Are the clear cut favorites. Not only in the AFC bit in the NFL. Today our job is to identify. A team and a quarterback. That even has the potential you want me to say Derek Karr so there you go and how does that say Alec. We're gonna go through that you're gonna go there is quarterbacks and Jim saying give them kind of a rating Dennis would get you first Dennis Il wants the eclipse. I know we accept our own PC I'll watch it on TV I'm not cannot go up or Kirk. I'm not even gonna go out try it out most watched it on television. Why would you just step outside Dennis. Well I'll tell you the truth to the latter I think it's ridiculous. And didn't bat and go through the glass and all lab. You can actually trying to buy it right here on the. I'd try to go north but I'd probably get lost. Well I'd say you'd truth no matter if you get on thirty I'd you're not. Not yet they get all come on yet it did break. Hey Dennis before right before going farther I'm I'm asking our callers to identify the location. Of a Kansas town so all I ask you. Whereas Lansing Kansas. General the lack. Nor have. It is nor your current you know well adamant about react here to a question. All were under curry did a number of home run Kennedy give up and India to. Under. Really yeah we don't have are we don't have our a lineup out there tonight who's not in the line Jose Ramirez. Well what will it do all brands and will weigh in fort one. Okay now bet. Well O Lugar. Getting into eight why bike out to yes against the royals yeah. And then the last question that you ever in the answered do. What a YAM. Channel port Albertson Abraham. Okay. I don't. I had never ever heard at and never even thought about it on why does tunnels alone loses name Y yeah I got out what are you know why hey. Thanks let's have Gatwick Dublin. The flag hit them where I can name are we have a kid named one yea in the league 42 Y a Debbie I HA YY. Not and YA. I'd what do you thank about. One of our topic. Well I had Derek Karr AFC quarterback he's never gonna be flown brazen blitzer let's look at it. Buffalo Bills now. Tyrod Taylor now. He wasn't very good and I like this in game last night I like Tyrod Taylor. Miami Dolphins heroes are mass trying to and mailman I have high hopes though he did but he just turn in that he turned and Ryan ten now authority did in New York Jets cannot explain that comment all eyes now this is standard bear for average. I again Saturday determined really. He turned into Ryan tanning do we need to delay the show overlapping so Josh McCown in the New York Jets that'll be a disaster stairway to watch the jet Todd bulls who I thought would be. A really good coach. He's not long for the we don't know that he's not a great coach he's got the worst roster in the history of the game not a good coach how do you know that I just now the he's got certainly hasn't impressed me. That Trevor semi or what they Denver Broncos who is there a chance there now. Why do you say that it is not good enough 0%. What about Lance the back up duty potentially. See I love how you have all these of these for lot of opinions. Well not really even given anybody if I had to have both Sox led neighbor receiver on his team the LA chargers have a very good quarterback. I think the chargers are going to be one of the surprise he surprised they had AFC west. Is absolutely loaded. I think it's our lives are gonna be much better than anybody anticipates some being. I liked their roster. I like to have these same roster last well I'll I like the team. OK first of all that don't have Keenan Allen healthy would thank welfare is customary six or seven game again mr. cynicism it's not cynicism if you can never heard they have listening every team yeah OK so he's got a place sixteen games this year I don't know if he is an op but if he does they can be very dangerous. There's no I mean there's almost no chance help as we've learned is a skill Michael. Again and he does or not Dick. Nobody's learned that anti terrorism I I still have people. Who are offended by that ridiculous state that say it again for a list of health says a ski. Explain. It's something and they either have or you don't it's a skill. Some guys can stay helping some guys. Twist one that they'll either get their love Butler guy gets hurt twice in his twelve year career not a that's he's given he's healthy Phillies skillful and well yeah. The dumbest thing I've ever I mean literally. That is. The dumbest thing I've ever dumbest thing how do you get weeded out of the game. On on any level on the way out is probably because you weren't healthy. Where you are good enough you don't control your health and every area but they're connected skill and health. They're connected. Are absolutely not yes and there's no evidence to support that today none. Not won a bit of evidence supports that there I disagree. Find it I just told you know and I'll find it. Good American Medical Association website. And find anywhere that it says help those who skill. Talk to your doctor help is a skill. I think it mod my point being that the AFC west is going to be a dog find. And I think the raiders of the best team and a but give back to me and about six weeks. Anybody in the AFC north. And can anybody any quarterback in the team. Rival Brady. Andy doll we've seen enough to know that that's not gonna happen. Roethlisberger. And I've picked them to deny. Yes stance say that again I like Pittsburgh. And I like Pittsburgh. If there's a team is going to be up then doing on it and everybody's just given us saying to New England watch out for Pittsburg. That is a tremendous team. They are close to the level of new England and in my estimation. It's just I I I'm just lost the lead pack now. Well how can you how could you possibly disagree. And then go. Yeah well that's what that's my point they're not doing they'd play New England on Sunday December 17 in Pittsburg. Get your tickets 3114. Patriots get your tickets here's pat hey pat. I don't Bob. Just wanna be invited to Cedric where in school now. Homer Saturday well and so I gotta have a I gotta have a hook and I can't just drive over and decide to it although I love to I don't know but I have to have a place where I. Where I park my car and walk him all right come to that elementary school want to be apparent solar eclipse unless you can join us we're doubt. And contribution is laurel street here so welcome. The picture fat he's right about that vibration while pat 103 PM in these guys I'm about past. Bright man. Okay. The toast of such Hewitt if he ever calls me at my school again looking for you though we're gonna have a problem. You know it's up that didn't address you here. Did invite you said wonderful didn't even say it didn't even acknowledge your hair that's fine. I don't know what that means. But when people saw it all around help those skill which is turning tend to eventually drop out of society. Right because they're not healthy enough. Anyway I loved Pittsburgh. I think the Houston Texans. Have a chance although their quarterback. Tom savage. The shot Watson who starts. This Shawn Watson he starts the initial link yeah I guess savages the opportunity. That's just down they're they're gonna may have to be real and I don't think he's a terrible quarterback. I think he's okay they open a home against Jacksonville. Why not see how Tom savage. Because I game they're gonna win. And and then you know you play you want some a little bit in that game it's almost like a fifth. Pre season gonna watch my shots and if he's not gonna start but this go with him. If he's your guy I don't think the Shawn Watson will win the job out of camp. I do think there's a very good chance but also missiles the team that what makes this team that thinks it can get to the Super Bowl. What if what if they had. The exact same abilities only Tom savage was the rookie and this John Watson was a third or fourth year guy. The shuttle Watson would win that job he would have the job there would be no competition. So let's stop with the charade and just go with your quote I just wish I could trust what you're saying a little more. It's just so irritating like case Kato last year for the ring have not been shared goth ended up be any great shakes but for crying out loud he drafted the guy number one. If he's got to play their playoff was terrible I get that you don't throw him out there view he couldn't even look. He didn't know Lorena was KK intimately as done a few things and the NFL bad. He's play it and Tom savage is gonna derail Tom they will start the season. As the starting quarterback for Houston. Then you go to Indianapolis. From the top I've heard Andrew Luck is look at those but a better than ever you've got a Jack what are you talking about he might not even start to see out of Jacksonville team that's. Blake morals is terrible. Looks like he's in danger of losing him to go onto the Andrew Luck thing enough. If he's hurt the guy's apartment well I read about it and this campus and these he's not hurt to the point where it can't just participate. Well in my now playing the start of the season. And then at Tennessee your team. You believe that this is the team to walk it is that this is a team that could potentially. There are doing it. I'll just say are right now number two seed and AFC. Well it. Really you out. They've got the second best team in the NFL. You really believe NFC and AFC. Yes I do believe that. I am I am shocked. I mean early voting receivers. They got Corey Davis they got Eric Decker a gut. Delanie Walker at times Laney walker yet Delanie Walker possibly. I don't now. They get they do have a land intriguing they got to start Matthews at receiver and they're get they got DeMarco Murray they got the kid out Alabama last year. Heisman Trophy winner they're really get. They have an intriguing team. But there one of those teams that has kind of got not up the hill to a certain degree. They climbed the mountain a little bit I can see them taking a step back first season. Until there they take off. I'll say it they well great in this area as they needed to upgrade. There's there was receiving corps now has gone from a weakness to a strength here's what they have they opened the season. At home against so now tell you right now that you're gonna go on to Nashville. And EU will not believe. How good open looks in the per in the opener you won't believe it I'm just telling you that right now that may look good as they go looms. And that's not because I'm a fan. Then they play bad Jacksonville. Before they are home and against Seattle. Houston Miami indie Cleveland Baltimore. They could gathered there schedules not. Not that tough. There you go twelve and four next. I let's get today of Dave you're on the show. Acre partners and Auburn. A couple of irons. I got a back order talked about earlier about tell me oh what are your what are stairwell RL being you know I don't you I'm so tired of that. Well I mean I I expect what he's talked about it the guys pick you know like like Cory he's doing here as all hell I hit in the way it works out. So it's very. And what I'm talking about appropriate in your verdict it happened in body deputy. I know I don't give Jeff and some guides are I don't look is Gerri and on the other credit Dave and I'm shocked that. EG at. Well I bet the wearer and accurately and I are under I don't like or respect at bat being very here's where. Did it seem like bear bear I mean there are still aren't Oprah spoke up and let. But I bet you don't need the EUS sector reporter should. Is there at Tennessee Titans bar iron which it I'm intrigued by the day and I will say that there's Virgil next on the drive Virgil. Don't look Burke and debate archer picnic in the Terry Don and quarterback to. Does not contain it India match you don't. Getting get out thank you don't even believe it to your hanging on so tightly that ravens' thing you don't you don't even believe that this year. I tell you what he stands this year is going to beat it stellar. It slowed in the secondary and brought in. Pregnant Garnett brought injured reserve from her daughter and that defense is going to be really do it now I don't know anything about the offense as. Black daughter airplane appreciate it and that. That defense is going to be atop our defense. Well actually they play the patriot just about as good as anyone else. This let me let me tell you their number one guy on the depth chart at running back is Lorenzo Alfaro. Can not actually. Hurting and Manuel I'm looking at ESPN right now they've got they've got out. You've got you've got Baltimore Ravens next earlier this elderly though isn't a third tight end. I can't do it. Oh a court order. And let me let me just say this is not does that it's not as if parents losses and the great shakes but listen Baltimore I love your coach. I think he's one of the best coaches in the league. So if anybody can figure it out it's John Harbaugh. And the chopper and you didn't do that about I eighty. Yes that does that state yeah that's a great statement from 2007. Thank you bird count. We first. That's the last person to say that hang on Josh will be back the drive okay FA.