Shocker Baseball Breakdown

Sports Daily
June 07, 2018 - 9:51 am

Switching gears to Baseball as the guys give us an update on the 11 Shocker athletes that were drafted, what happens after the draft? still a process before going pro  

Alec Bohm                            1st          3rd          Philadelphia Phillies

Greyson Jenista                   2nd          49th         Atlanta Braves

Codi Heuer                           6th           168th      Chicago White Sox

Gunnar Troutwine              9th           258th      Chicago White Sox

Chandler Sanburn               9th           269th      Texas Rangers

Dayton Dugas                      16th         465th      Detroit Tigers

Keylan Killgore                     17th         497th      Philadelphia Phillies

Trey Vickers                         30th         911th      Washington Nationals

Cody Tyler                             32nd        951st       San Diego Padres

Luke Ritter                           37th         1,114th   Minnesota Twins

Jake Plastiak (Signee)         28th         831st       San Diego Padres

Connery Peters (Signee)    38th         1,154th   Los Angeles Dodgers

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