The Worst NFL Contracts Entering the 2020 Season

Jordan Cohn
April 09, 2020 - 1:19 pm

Every year, there are certain deals and signings in place throughout the NFL that make the casual football fan scratch their heads and wonder what the requirements are to be the general manager of a professional football team. Some of these instances are more legitimate than others. Some are purely based on anger toward a certain player's performance and a lack of a true financial understanding of the situation.

Regardless of how players' contracts and terms of service to a team are evaluated by fans, there are definitely contracts -- for one reason or another -- that are just simply bad. Bad because of an injury, because of a certain term guaranteeing too much money, because of the length of the contract and the age of the players, or due to any of the other hundreds of reasons that could make a contract go awry.

Here are the 10 worst current contracts in the NFL, along with five more contracts (denoted by an asterisk) that are incurring a ton of dead cap weight on former teams.

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