NFL Mock Draft 2020: 3 Teams Trade Up for Quarterbacks

Tim Kelly
February 18, 2020 - 11:01 am

Trying to predict trades in advance of the NFL Draft is an exercise that's scoffed at by some. It's a bit strange, though, to do a full first-round mock and not include at least a few trades - they are bound to happen.

In 2020, unlike many other years, there are pundits that believe each of the teams that possess the top five picks should be open to trading their picks.

The Cincinnati Bengals have the chance to select former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, an Ohio native, with the No. 1 pick. That said, there are some who believe that if the right team calls - specifically if said team is the pick-rich Miami Dolphins - that the Bengals should be at least open to listening, especially with two other quarterbacks expected to be picked in the top 10 and Clemson superstar Trevor Lawrence looming in next year's class.

It's assumed that the Washington Redskins won't be in the market for a quarterback a year after selecting Dwayne Haskins with their first-round pick, leaving them to select former Ohio State defensive end Chase Young, who is seen as a potential generational talent. That said, some are beginning to argue that the Redskins, who are essentially a blank slate, would benefit more from collecting a haul from a team interested in trading up for a quarterback or to draft Young than landing one player. From here, Young isn't the type of player you pass up on the chance to select. We'll see if Ron Rivera and company feel the same way.

The Detroit Lions may be wise to stay at the No. 3 and just select a star defender, hoping to upgrade Matt Patricia's defensive unit, which was the 31st ranked unit this past season. However, they could be in prime position to capitalize if a team becomes enamored with Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert, and feels they need to trade up to assure they land their future franchise quarterback. Ditto for the New York Giants, who possess the No. 4 overall pick.

And it's anyone's guess what the Miami Dolphins will do at No. 5. The Dolphins own five first round picks over the next two years, so if any team is capable of making a team an offer they can't refuse, it's the one that Chris Grier leads.

So, as we wait for next week's NFL Draft combine, let's have some fun. Here's the latest RADIO.COM NFL Mock Draft, with trades included for the first time:

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