Tom Brady Made Sure to Remind Julian Edelman How Long It Took Him to Graduate College

May 13, 2019 - 3:07 pm

(WEEI) Julian Edelman finally graduated from Kent State on Saturday. Edelman had been drafted by the New England Patriots in 2009 after three years in college. Tom Brady was quick to congratulate his teammate -- while also trolling him.

"Congrats on 14 years of college!!! That's got to be another record you set!!," Brady tweeted, along with a laughing emoji.

Edelman walked with the Class of 2019 and shared pictures of his graduation on Twitter and Instagram.

Kent State class of 2019... we did it! -- #13YearSenior

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The Instagram comments were open season for Edelman's current and former teammates to tease him.

"Who ever knew it could take 14 years to graduate college??," Brady wrote.

Rob Ninkovich commented, "Those finals were killer huh? I'm sure the semester was challenging!"

The McCourty twins' account wrote, "They were all graduating elementary when you started lol."

To which Edelman replied, "Dev what happened when Kent played Rutgers... I'll wait... thanks bubs."

By Lucy Burdge

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