On This Date in Wichita Sports History

Ted "The Sports Head"
October 11, 2017 - 2:18 pm



*130 years ago today (1887): Horse racing in Wichita! -- the first horse races were held on a track in South Riverside Park in Wichita, what is now Central Riverside Park. Newspaper accounts that day describe Riverside Park as "little more than a cow pasture and a meeting place for tramps and the semi-lawless element of society." Today, there's an oval walking path in Central Riverside Park, which is roughly in the same area as the old horse track.

*110 years ago today (1907): We all remember when Wichita State dropped its football program in 1986 -- but it was not Wichita's first time in that situation. On this day in 1907, the Board at Friends University decreed there would be no more college football played at that institution. Of course, football eventually returned to Friends, so maybe there's some hope for Shocker football fans??...

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