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Teen survives dramatic racing crash at 170 mph

November 19, 2018 - 9:39 am

(MACAU, China) -- A teenage race driver is lucky to be alive today after a crash that stunned everyone at the Macau Grand Prix in China over the weekend.

Floersch is scheduled for surgery Monday.

Floersch, remarkably still conscious after the accident, was taken to the hospital and initially diagnosed with a spinal fracture.

The crash sent five people to the hospital with serious injuries, and caused the remainder of the race to be halted for over an hour.

Sophia Floersch, a member of the Netherlands-based Van Amersfoort Racing team, flipped her Formula 3 car at 170 mph after clipping a Japanese race car. The flip hurled the 17-year-old's car backwards, slamming it into a booth.

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